Why is our government preparing to ex...

Why is our government preparing to exterminate citizens?

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The Patriot

Sylmar, CA

#1 Dec 12, 2012
We keep hearing about the fiscal cliff. But most Americans don't realize that the term "fiscal cliff" is nothing more than a government slogan like freedom, liberty, and independence. They are just empty words that doesn't mean anything, but sounds good to the public. That's exactly what the fiscal cliff is. It's an attempt to hide the truth from the American people. While the ignorant masses keep talking about the fiscal cliff, the real problem is the 16 trillion dollars of national debt. But that's nothing compared to the 84 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities from medicare and social security. But that 84 trillion is still nothing compared to the 2000 trillion dollars in the derivatives ponzi scam that the banksters have came up with to steal the wealth from every individual and countries in the world.

The fact is that the dollar has already collapsed. The dollar has lost 40% of its value in the last decade and its decline is accelerating due to unlimited money printing by the Federal Reserve. People keep saying we owe China money and they own us. But this is not true. China and Japan have stopped buying US debt and have instead began stockpiling gold to hedge against the falling dollar. The reality is China is holding nothing but worthless pieces of paper. Last month 7 Asian countries have dropped the dollar and pegged their currency to the Yuan. Just this year alone 11 trade agreements were made between countries to stop using the dollar for bilateral trade. We are seeing the end of the dollar and a time will come when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world. And at this rate, this will happen very soon. When this happens trillions of unwanted dollars will flow back to our country and cause hyperinflation. Our money will become worthless and we will no longer be able to import the things we need to survive such as food, oil, etc. At this point our government will no longer be able to be able to maintain the system which will result in a total collapse. There will be mass riots, crime will skyrocket, and martial law will be imposed.
The Patriot

Sylmar, CA

#2 Dec 12, 2012
This is why our government has been silently, and incrementally moving us towards martial law. Most people don't know that we are living in a soft form of martial law right now. At the end of 2011 Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. This bill states that the whole world is a battlefield including the homeland. And any US citizen can be indefinitely detained without a trial or charge against them. Obama who is a puppet of Wall Street has been destroying our Constitution and the Bill of Rights to protect the scumbag bankers from angry citizens. Not only are we slowly inching towards a tyrannical police state but they are also monitoring every single thing that we do on our computer so they can detect any dissenters and label them as domestic terrorists. Over 60 Fusion Centers have been set up to monitor, catalog, and analyze everything you do on your computer.

Obama has also repealed a 200 year old law called Posse Comitatus which prevented our military from policing its own citizens. Now our government can set up checkpoints anywhere they want and search you without probable cause to look for imaginary terrorists. And they are doing exactly that. TSA, under the supervision of the Department of Homeland security have began setting up random checkpoints on highways in the state of Tennessee. They are also stockpiling massive quantities of ammo and emergency rations. Just this year alone the Department of Homeland security has purchased 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and 5 billion dollars worth of dehydrated foods. The purchase of 1.5 billion hollow point rounds is 13 times larger than any previous year. Our entire military used about 80 million rounds of ammo per year during the Iraqi War. Why does DHS which does not have to fight any wars like our military need 1.5 billion rounds of ammo? But if this isn't scary enough they have came up with a new bill called H.R.6566. Also called the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act. Our government seems to know what is coming and is preparing for it. Are you?

I'm interested in forming a Los Angeles Militia to prepare for the coming collapse. Anyone interested?

Sylmar, CA

#3 Dec 12, 2012
They said the hollow point rounds are for target practice. But who in their right mind would use such expensive bullets for target practice? Especially 1.5 billion of em. lol

Sylmar, CA

#4 Dec 12, 2012
Also be aware of where you are protesting. They just passed this new law where if you are protesting outside of the free-speech zones the secret service can arrest you and it's a felony. They're trying to make free speech illegal just like everything else in this country.

Sylmar, CA

#5 Dec 12, 2012
When I was reading this I was like WTF! But you're right. NDAA, Fusion Centers, and HR 6566 are all real. I guess the scumbags who run this country are realizing that people are waking up to the scam and are getting ready to kill everybody who opposes them. Well it's still 300 to 1. Bring it on bitches!

Sylmar, CA

#6 Dec 12, 2012
HR 6566 was created by the same people who came up with NDAA. That's the scary thing about it. And hollow point rounds were banned by the Geneva Convention. But that won't stop the Department of Homeland Security from attaining them. Really makes you think though. DHS doesn't engage in wars. Why would they need so many bullets? 1.5 billion rounds is enough ammo to shoot every men, women, and child in the United States 3 times. I also believe that DHS is taking over the control of predator drones that will fly over every American city. I've read they are planning to have 20,000 drones in our skys by 2020. I guess the millions of cameras we have already isn't enough for big brother.

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