Doug was one of the coolest people I ever crossed paths with.
Much love and respect to all those who knew him.
A hundred years ago, when I was working 8 days a week I walked into the Second Act In the Colonial Warehouse in Mpls MN and I was transported to another place. I told Doug i'd work Mondays for free and gave up a paid work day to sew and mend and clean and sort and ogle over the treasures in the giant space. One of the things i remember most, is how silent it was in the shop that was so densely filled with more clothes than, unless you've been there, you can. possibly imagine. He saved all the best ties for himself, which made my heart smile. He taught my abstaining inamorato how to dress like Gatsby, which still makes me swoon. Thanks Doug, for the memories. the few pieces you allowed me to buy/steal and the reality escape sessions. YOU are in my thoughts. Bless and God Speed my old friend. Thanks. <3