Corruption in Frankfort, nothing unco...

Syracuse, NY

#509 Sep 28, 2006
mr pissmeoff wrote:
The people that are using this site to get attention need to go get a life. We are so fortunate to be living in Frankfort. Since you all have so much interest in village and town business I assume that there will be plenty of candidates running in the next election.It seems from past practice that people who win by landslides usually lose the same way. So what does that tell you, the games are the same even though the names change. So what do we do, we elect people just to get the current politicians out, brains or no brains. So who loses,we do. Start looking at the good that's being done vs the bad. You all bitched about bad roads, now you got all new roads. Go up the hilltop some night and look at the kids enjoying the facility. You can bitch all you want,try getting involved. To all the politicians representing Frankfort, I congratulate all of you. The good is outweiging the bad.
Good vs. Bad, come on. This isnt about some new roads. This is about corruption and people like you who would reather turn the other way than to speak the truth. This guy doesnt belong as our police chief, and the mayor is backing him. Story after story keeps getting printed in the media about Frankfort and its "Police Chief Issues". Yet the mayor doesnt seem to care about the law. He must assume he is above it. And you think this is all blown out of proportion. Read the paper more...

Sherrill, NY

#510 Sep 28, 2006
you people need to get a life!

Sherrill, NY

#511 Sep 28, 2006
That's some very professional talk there, spanky!
No only do you disgrace the police profession like Steve Conley, but you also disgrace the US Marines.
I won't come here and threaten anyone, not my style.
See you soon leather throat.
tsk tsk

United States

#512 Sep 28, 2006
<quoted text>LOOKING FOWARD
conduct unbecoming an officer shame on you
Pub Safety Commissioner

Fishers, NY

#513 Sep 28, 2006
I'd fire Steve Conley and the
thug ex-marine patrolman that likes to publicly threaten citizens of this Village!
They are both a disgrace to law enforcement and
the ex-marine is a disgrace to our armed forces.
I'll will stand over you!

Fishers, NY

#514 Sep 28, 2006
They are both a disgrace, and what's more deplorable, is a Mayor who doesn't listen to the village residents. Everyone can't be wrong!
Stan Dorozynski


#515 Sep 28, 2006
For those of you that don't know me, I have been a village resident for most of my life, I have served our village in the Fire Department for 8 years, with 6 of them as a Fire Officer. I have taken pride in our village, and doing a job here. I feel that since I have been indirectly mentioned on here a few times, I would speak my piece.

First off, I agree with alot said here. Steve Conley shouldn't be a chief, or even belong as a police officer. He commited a crime, and was fired from another agency. Reguardless, he is still here. I have never had any personal dealings with him, or care to. I was brought into this when my employer was questioned about "stolen material" from my store, being sold here to a village resident. There was no materials stollen, but rather sold. So here comes the question, where did that come from. Well I usually have the answers to the questions, before i ask them. I requested a copy of the "investigation", seeing that i was involved, and was told that I am not entitled to it because my name wasn't mentioned. Well behold, after 3 weeks, it was finally sent to me.(Freedom of Information Act). Granted my name wasn't mentioned, but the silent complaintant was. Funny how someone could sit right there at a board meeting, and play dumb to this.(you work there for gods sake, you knew who the materials belonged to.)

Second, I find it really amuzing, that the night of my wedding, Officer Conley deciced it would be a good idea to have a roadblock in the village.(figuring a majority of the Fire Department members would be there) Is this the kind of crap we need going on in this village. Why is there so much annimosity between agencies that should be working together. Why does our board, who oversees all of this not do anything about it. How many DWI's were written that night? I'm not bitching the fact that a checkpoint was set up... i'm all for it, my best friend was killed by a drunk driver... these things are the law, but it seemed to me like something was up. you people can be the judge.

Now, i am not here to run anyone into the ground, or railroad anyone. I have no personal gain if Steve Conley stays or leaves Frankfort.. or if Frank Morocco stays as the mayor. I would like to see our village get it's act together are start making the right decisions. I have always gotten along with Mr. Morocco, and know that he doesn't have good ideas with our village, but the few bad ones, have caused great termoil in this village.

I have stayed out of this crap, and was brought into it, only becuase of my involvment in our Fire Department (by serving this village and it's residents), and of the friends I have.

So let the comments roll in, and the digs and remarks, but remember... i have the balls to speak my piece and show my name. I have done nothing wrong, have proved that, and this crap keeps comming my way.

So to the rest of you, stand up and voice our opinion. Let's clean up our village.
Stan Dorozynski


#516 Sep 28, 2006
And one more thought, how about all this crap gets put away, and we start making positive strides to make Frankfort a proud place to live. Put the negative bull aiside... we have alot of potential as a village and community. There is a memorial park being built, beautiful ball fields, this place can be a landmark... let's make it that way.
quiet majority


#517 Sep 28, 2006
Stan I applaud you. now lets see how fast the Village Police start hassling you or start making remarks about your wife like they did to Tricia Lilli and Mary Grasso. You are right. Steve Conley doesnt belong here not only for the fact of getting fired from the UPD but also for the dissention this has caused in this Village. Obviously the mayor nor the two board members care one bit about the feelings of the majority of the people in this Village. They think it is only a few that feel this way. Perhaps they should have a Village vote and see how many people would like to keep these people as employees of the Village and how many would like to see them go. God forbid the majority should rule. Be careful at the stop signs. Come to a dead stop. Dont go over 15 mph on Canal St. or you will have to ride your bike to work like Joe Kinney did :):)
Fedup in Frankfort

Fishers, NY

#518 Sep 28, 2006
Stan Dorozynski wrote:
So let the comments roll in, and the digs and remarks, but remember... i have the balls to speak my piece and show my name. I have done nothing wrong, have proved that, and this crap keeps comming my way.
So to the rest of you, stand up and voice our opinion. Let's clean up our village.
Thank you Stan for a well put comment. I appreciate the work you do for the village, not that my opinion matters much. But you will not see me slinging any stones your way. I think that this is a great community, just wish the corrupt nonsense would go away. Too often folks would rather turn a blind eye to it, and just let it continue. Some of those folks are on here. They are the ones saying "great job steve", "great job mayor" all is well in Mayberry. The main problem is that when that happens, the problems dont go away, they just get bigger and bigger until all of the issues serface at once. Its a shame the police would try to set up some kind of vendetta on your wedding night of all nights. It sucks. And that is the kind of crap I hate the most. You are a fireman, even with that, you cannot compete against a cop. Even if they are wrong, they will get ya. And folks wonder why regular joes wont say anything at the village meetings. Rediculous...
Thanks again Stan for your service to the village. And congratulations to you and your Mrs.
Stanley Dorozynski SR

Fishers, NY

#519 Sep 29, 2006
First, I commend my son Stan for having the courage to speak the truth about what is going on in the VIllage.
Second, I am deeply disappointed that on my son's wedding night, the Village police department under the direction of Steve Conley would deliberately
set up a DWI road block to harrass the friends that attended the wedding.
Third, I am a retired Utica Police Officer, having worked 14 years on the streets and 6 years in the training and special services unit. I personally had a candid conversation with Captain Al Candido shortly after Steve Conley was fired from the UPD and asked Al what exactly happened and why the arbitrator ruled the way he did. Captain Al Candido is a very credible person who knows exactly what is going on within the walls of the UPD.
Fourth, I am a resident of the Town of Frankfort, and I attended Frankfort-Schulyer schools with Frank Morocco and his wife Deb. I've been here watching what has been going on within the Village and I can offer a lot of constructive advice.
Fifth, my other son Tom is a U.S. Marine who has served this country just as my son Stan serves this Village. Any one who knows both of my sons will tell you that they are well respected and are both gentlemen who would do anything for you. My son Tom, who has been to Iraq twice for this Country, would never embarrass himself nor the U.S. Marines like the one ex marine who is on the Village PD has been doing.( as I have read in this forum )
Finally, I know all of the Village officials, I know all of those who serve on the Fire Department.
You have a fantastic and dedicated group of men.
This topic ( corruption in Frankfort ) has received over 500 comments, although some may be ludicrous, I believe a lot of truth has surfaced and it is now time for the Mayor to make a decision. I would welcome an intelligent and constructive conversation with you anytime.
Respectfully, Stanley E. Dorozynski (UPD retired)

Fishers, NY

#520 Sep 29, 2006
To Stanley E. Dorozynski (UPD retired). First of all, this forum is not a family tree, nor is it a resume service. You state you welcome an intelligent and constructive conversation with our mayor? Impossible! You do not sound to intelligent, so the only intelligent one of that conversation would be the mayor. For you to mention CAPTAIN AL CANDIDO? That does not make you right, in your statements. Steve Conley did not commit any crime and was dismissed from the UPD! To slander him is with false accusations is the only crime here. I do not believe Al would want you using his name here. He has his own skeletons in the closet. I am going to the Village Police Department, and I am requesting to view Conley's dismissal. I know the truth of his dismissal, no secret, it was in the Observer-Dispatch. Maybe your so educated family can go and get copies of the the newspaper from their archive and read it to you. No crime was committed! You are worried about paying Conley honest wages through tax money. He should quit his job and sue you for slander. Further, while I am at the Village, I too am going to ask for a mtg with the mayor. Since I am intelligent, I can have an intelligent conversation. I am asking the mayor to act on this matter, that we have a fireman on our team, slandering and is totally dishonest! Any person of any position in our village, shall be held accountable for their behavior and dishonest slanderous statements. Further, I am going to get a hard copy of the facts and will try to have it before Oct. 5th mtg. So be there. And you know the saying, put your money where your mouth is. I hope Conley makes you. You can not sit around, violating other people unduly.
Village Residents

United States

#521 Sep 29, 2006
At least the two Dorozynski men have the decency, courage,and professionalism to post their real names.
Who in the hell is Anna?
Rumor has it that Anna is really Steve Conley.
Hey Anna,
Why would you go to the Village to obtain any information as to why Steve Conley was fired?
Would you, O Intelligent One, go to the City of Utica Police Dept to obtain that information?
You Dumb Bitch!

Manlius, NY

#522 Sep 29, 2006
The only act of slander commited was against Stan, when he had to go to a board meeting to rebuttle what Conley did to him. Anna, you are not intelegent, nor should you try to sound it. I would side with any firemen in this village... they are the ones helping you. They are the honest ones!
you are such a jerk


#523 Sep 29, 2006
ya know what you ignorant bitch. I wish you would put your name on here then we will see who is slandering who are you sleeping with someone Anna and I can just imagine the skeletons in your closet. If you look anything like you talk you are a friggin two bagger. you have shut up for awhile so why dont you go back into the hole you crawled out of and stay there. out of curiousity you idiot are you a long time village resident. I seriously doubt it. I think you have dreams of Steve Conley hahahah
you are such a jerk


#524 Sep 29, 2006
Oh and by the way, I have known the Dorozynski boys since they were little and were alter boys at our chuch. Two nicer boys you couldnt find anywhere and that goes for their dad. Family tree or resume service ? you wish you could have kids like that but coming from you they would probably belong in a cage like you
Concerned taxpayer

Fishers, NY

#525 Sep 29, 2006
Although its just my opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, I think Conley is a jerk. Why is the village making up a position to keep him when they keep saying they don't have any money? Sounds pretty fishy to me. How about you guys? Or maybe the village hit the Lottery?
Stan Dorozynski


#526 Sep 29, 2006
In response to Anna, at no time did I slander Conley. I am simply stating my opinion. I an not dishonest in anyway. I take pride in my position as a Fire Officer, and lead a very professional group of men and women in our department. You make the statement of "our" team. Who are you, and what team are you playing for.

I take pride in Frankfort, and am proud to be a resident, that's why a am now a homeowner in the village.

I spoke my opinion, to open the eyes of people, not to slam any individual. I wish we could look towards the positives of our village, and grow on it. We are a small community that has alot of potential. Put this place on the map for the good in the community.

If anything, my statements were made to make a stride in the right direction, not to have you (anna) make personal attacks against me and my family. I atleast have my name on here, and i'm not afraid to voice my opinion.

I look forward to continuing my services to this village, and do my duties as a resident and a Fire Officer.

So if you feel that you need to get defensive, everytime sombody states their opinion, have at it. It's the first amendment. But atleast have the facts and sound intelegent about it.

Like I said before, I'm not here to make personal attacks, or railroad anybody. I want what's best for our village, and for all of us to move in the right direction.
Concerned Resident

Fishers, NY

#527 Sep 29, 2006
It's people like "Anna"
why our village will never
progress past the stone ages!
Let me see,
The Village runs in the red,
The Town runs in the black!
Enough Said

Fishers, NY

#528 Sep 29, 2006
We've been following your forum and would like to comment on a few issues,
To: "Anna"
Re: Steve Conley
It's only slander if its not true,
Buy a newspaper, he was FIRED!
To: Stan Sr.
We miss guys like you! Hope you're enjoying retirement.
To: The Village of Frankfort
When you pull a weed out of the City of Utica Police Department and re-plant it in the Village of Frankfort Police Department,
You still have a weed!
Steve Conley is a weed!
Although most of us feel this way,
Politics as they are,
You know who we are!

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