Does Legal Incense show up on a drug ...

Ilion, NY

#253 Jan 4, 2014
As a nurse in psych unit, you don't want to do this shit. Try 4 weeks to come back to normal with some of it after your psychotic break. That is if you don't have seizures. Hell, some people have such an adverse reaction that they just up and die. It may not be screened for in most piss tests but it can kill you. Just smoke weed and take your lumps. No high is worth what this stuff can do to you.
Dat dude

Virginia Beach, VA

#254 Jan 11, 2014
How long does this stay in your system tho? Spice that is? I started smoking the atomic I think I was called bout a week ago for 1 week thinking I'm good and gonna start off fresh and find a job in 2014. Then come find out bout the dip stick test they gotta specifically request it for. and how in the world u know how many panels is on the lab work test if u gotta piss in a d*@$ cup, probably can't tell if assume. I would've just kept in smoking herb if this was the case if I'd known all this out b4 hand, real talk.

Dothan, AL

#255 Jan 11, 2014
Shhhh wrote:
<quoted text>
Definitly wasn't the case for me and I only detoxed from thc for 25 days and was a heavy daily smoker of 7 years. Smoked spice in weeds place.
I just want to say I smoked weed for 20 years, went to rehab sep 2, 2013, which was the last day i Smoked weed, but after one week was introduced to Scooby snax, was paranoid about thc, it took me 45 days to get clean of thc, but I smoked incense everyday, even the day i tested neg for thc, the reason it took 45 days was because i'm 240 lbs, and smoked at least 10 blunts between me, sis, and brother for the last 5 years, but before that when I lived in Cali I didnt have to smoke as much.
I also have never stopped smoking the incense and have passed 4 piss tests for court referral, they love calling my fruit. so far I have smoked lol, Cali chronic, fruit punch, and magic buzz, Its crazy, never could i quit weed cold turkey, but the incense keeping me from going to prison for having a 20 sack of weed!

I'm on court referal took

United States

#256 Jan 14, 2014
So will Afghan ice show up fora thc durg test for ponation

United States

#257 Jan 15, 2014
BABYNAYY22 wrote:
go to
45$ an oz
$150 for 4 oz (quarter pound)
got from them once and now they are the only I deal with.
they have am2201 for $15 a gram (basically pure thc)
50 state legal, not for human consumption!
My huspand is on porbation and he just started Smolensk that Afghan ice and has a durg test in a week will he pass it if he keeps smoke it or is there a time period u have to stop smoken
G the stripper smasher

Fresno, CA

#258 Jan 18, 2014
LoL wrote:
HA! too bad legal is illegal in NY now:P
looks like all you idiots might be screwed now.
yeah y'all are screwed... Unless , have y'all ever heard of this new this new thing, where they plug computers together and it makes this huge inter-web thing we can find information and buy stuff on .. And they might have it on there.. Oh wait, google says there is 436,952 selling it... ONLINE !!! So yeah.. Your prolly gunna be fine.
john des at herbalsshoppe

Clayton, NC

#259 Jan 19, 2014
Shhhh wrote:
I just took a probation drug test for my po and I've been smoking spice for 30 days now bc of no weed obviously. Everyone on here lies and says they will report back and let you know what happened but I am here to say as soon as I find out I will let you guys know. If I can help one person feel a little less worry than I've had to feel I've done something good here. I always tried to dilute my urine some (wasn't extreme though) to see if that helps. I've been smoking bizarro blend, golden Leaf and Gods whisper.
Where can you get herbal incense in north carolina?

Aurora, CO

#260 Jan 21, 2014
luvspice more than life wrote:
i was on probation for 3 years and smoked spice every day constantly I was so blitzed in therapy it was great. I've done all the varieties for sure never had a dirty test once
really im hurting n want to get high off something but i hear they now test for spice is that true

Aurora, CO

#261 Jan 21, 2014
So im on a 5 yr probation doing randomes on the nm 9 panle drug test if i smoke spice will it show up on my drug test

Arlington, TX

#264 Jan 24, 2014
Will it show up? Yes or no???? Just need an answer. Geez. Dallas TX area.

Chicago, IL

#265 Jan 26, 2014
Look's not the bag label ur smoking it's the contents, so no need to worry about Asking will this brand or that brand show up, thing about it is make sure ur not buying preban herbal incense then u could fail....possibly....if what up getting is keeping up with the latest rc's then I wouldn't worry, if ur getting old rotten bags that's been packaged for 2 years then ya it will have a chem in it that possibly they can find....I've taken 20+ piss tests even high too and never failed

United States

#267 Jan 30, 2014
Haga youre the idiot. Avail all day long
Really sad

Shreveport, LA

#268 Feb 1, 2014
Hubby and I have been smoking the fake weed for years now. Had never had it show up on the piss tests. Got a promotion and I guess it got sent off. Came back positive for k2, spice. He got fired. It's not worth it and we know that now. :(

Huntington, TX

#269 Feb 6, 2014
I am on probation for k2 and my po said that she is going to start hair testing me will it show up if I smoke?

Kennebunk, ME

#270 Feb 7, 2014
tex83 wrote:
I have passed dozens of D.O.T. drug screens while under the influence starting in 2010. I am currently on day 9 after taking a nail test (did urine aswell). i have not heard anything from the lab or the people expecting me to fail it for incense. ill update you if i failed.
I have never heard if a nail test! I am from The state of Maine. I'm wondering if u can elaborate a bit more on what a nail test is all about? I know they can tell from the root of ur hair dating back 6 months or more what has been in ur system, is the nail test something similar? Plz tell us more...

Baltimore, MD

#271 Feb 11, 2014
joshh wrote:
<quoted text> yeah legal isn't cheap it more exspensive then the real. Well where I live it is.
well you live in the wrong place. shits flooded and cheap here! time to move i guess!Lol

Belle Vernon, PA

#272 Feb 13, 2014
i smoked mr.nice guy 7 days ago i have a drug test with my p.o. in 2 days will i pass?
help me pleassse!
it does not show up. Way to expensive to test for.
Ex stoner

Ardsley, NY

#273 Feb 25, 2014
Hey HIHO HILLY you are an idiot.
Ex stoner

Ardsley, NY

#274 Feb 25, 2014
These people who end up in the ER over spice are usually kids smoking spice out of bongs taking way too big hits trying to impress their buddies. If you have a lot of experience with drugs and a good tolerance this won't happen to you. Just take it easy and you'll be ok.

United States

#275 Feb 28, 2014
I just had ten panel urine test for hospital position. It was sent to doctor. Will spice show in my urine.?

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