I read the story in the newspaper. If Damien never stepped inside her grandma's house then how did he know which rooms she walked in? I don't think Damien should have been allowed to testify against her. He's angry because he didn't get out on bail because of her and he'll do anything to bring the worst to her. I don't defend Sygourney but the court seems to have really over exaggerated in saying how horrible of a person she is. I wasn't a friend but I would see her in school and although she didn't have the "oh so innocent" vibe, she's not the coniving, manipulative person they portrayed her. She's not the type of person to say that they would never believe a "sweet innocent girl" would commit such an act. Weren't the two under the influence of drugs? Why has Damien's story changed while Sygourney's stayed the same? She's going to live with her actions for the rest of her life. I just hope that people don't see her as the court portrayed her. Yes, the court finds her guilty, but she isn't a heartless girl.