I do not understand why our government,it seems, is always ready to act quickly when there is need outside the US from storms or other needs , but it takes weeks or months or longer for response to our, within the US, needs. There are people homeless in the Hensley area and still no word from FEMA. The state and county representatives have been around, but must wait for FEMA to respond. According to the Governor's office last week, per a phone call, FEMA was to announce today. I haven't seen anything or heard anything announced today. At a Hensley community help station, they have given out phone numbers to obtain information, but, when called you are referred to someone else and on and on. There are older residents in need of financial help, under insured persons, that need help to replace their homes and get back to living their lives. Someone of authority should take charge of FEMA, a department that is totally not organized to be prepared for these storms or other emergencies here in the US for american citizens. I think FEMA should announce that they are or that they are not going to help these people so the state and county can step in and help these people who are displaced from their homes. They at least need some hope, some news. It is inhumane to keep american people, especially old people, feeling hopeless that they will not be going home anytime soon. Lets get a plan people!!!!!!