Waukomis, OK is a speed trap

Waukomis, OK is a speed trap

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Stillwater, OK

#1 Jan 23, 2007
Just a heads up for anybody traveling through this town. If you travel through this piss town on 81 make damn sure you watch the speed limit signs. When Interstate 81 goes through this town all you see as far as buildings is a little convenience store about 150 yards off one side of the road and wide open spaces on the other side of the interstate. No school zones or large areas of activity. It's the INTERSTATE!! As soon as you get into Waukomis the speed limit drops immediately from 65 to 45. These money theiving bastards that some people call cops like to wait right in between 81N and 81S and collect money for their monthly ticket quotas. I thing this speed trap is the only source of revenue Waukomis has. Do yourself a favor and avoid Waukomis altogether.
waukomis resident

Oklahoma City, OK

#2 Feb 16, 2007
you need to watch where you are going. Waukomis is not on the interstate. It is highway 81. There is a big difference. the speed limit signs drop from 65 to 55 to 45 if you can read. Thanks for paying a few of our local salaries.
Pay Better Attention

Blanchard, OK

#3 Feb 27, 2007
When you operate a motor vehicle, it is your responsibility to watch the road signs. Waukomis is only a speed trap if you are not paying attention. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Oh, and by the way, the local cows can't read the highway signs, so they tend to wander onto the road too. That's your responsibly too. Pay attention and we will all be better off. Sorry, no sympathy here.
Pete Maravich

Cheney, KS

#4 Mar 31, 2007
good call dover, Ive got a buddy in a wheel chair from hitting a cow, unfortunately that is not the reason for these speed signs, the reason is and it is plain to see if you have any insight into small town law enforcement, is revenue. Lets look at the wonderful example of Lamont, OK, Population 465 ("United States Census Bureau" as per 2000) yet they have the economy to drive one of the highest priced, and well equiped SUV Law enforcement vehicles on the market as of its model year of 2005, the average household income in Lamont of that same year was $21,917, that vehicle cost over $30,000.00, What amazes me is that "Dover" who has more than likely lived in small towns in Oklahoma for his whole life, still believes the retoric that his local hometown policin' men have been feeding him and all the other people around here who believe what they are told and dont even try to form their own opinion about what might be actually happening right in front of thier own eyes.
Take a look, small town law enforcement needs to be policed.
Oklahoma resident

Stroud, OK

#5 Jun 7, 2007
I have lived in several areas of Oklahoma and I am very aware of Waukomis speed trap and I am very proud of them. Where I live now it is no big deal to be driving 70, 80, 90 miles an hour in a 65 mph and there is no one that will stop them. Where are the cops on hiway 60. Good going Waukomis.

Wichita, KS

#6 Feb 8, 2008
Pay Better Attention wrote:
When you operate a motor vehicle, it is your responsibility to watch the road signs. Waukomis is only a speed trap if you are not paying attention. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Oh, and by the way, the local cows can't read the highway signs, so they tend to wander onto the road too. That's your responsibly too. Pay attention and we will all be better off. Sorry, no sympathy here.
Pay Better Attention I was paying attention and got a ticket for 61 in a 45 and what I don't understand in this area on an interstate the to drop from 65 to 45 without a reduce speed to 45 sign ahead. I do believe this is a speed trap after doing some intense research. I don't mind paying a ticket when i deserve it but when this appears to be a main source of income for the little 2mile annexed so called town.

Union City, OK

#7 Sep 5, 2008
well first off if u dont like the speed limit signs ...go ahead and speed ..and we will be happy to theive your money ...bitch....
you are retarted

United States

#8 Dec 29, 2008
I find it funny all these people that will stand up for any member of law enforcement in the county of Garfield. The only thing that police do around here is try to make cash buy ruining the lives of people.
We cant go out and catch a murderer or a child molester, but we can go spend our free time setting around trying to bust people in speed traps or simmular set ups. If you want to flame this post go ahead. PIGS btw COPS are an excuse for lazy assholes that couldn't make it in society or the military for that matter and can do nothing better but sign up for a job that involves shooting weapons at American citizens. The war is on the other side of the fence. And who gives cops in there patrol cars tickets when they are blatantly speeding ? What about cops that go out and buy sports cars, do they write there selves a ticket every time they decide to speed ?
Send in your resume

Kingfisher, OK

#9 Dec 30, 2008
If you don't think the police department is doing a good enough job then STEP up! I guess your name can be on a No Help list. You don't think they can do their jobs then don't call them when you need help!
slow down

Stratford, OK

#10 Jan 5, 2009
It seems that the obvious response to a speeding ticket is to be more of an observant driver. The signs clearly say 65 to 55 to 45 and it is a US HWY not an interstate. They don't reduce the speed to intentionally catch speeders. The speed is reduced at any point on any road in the United States to protect not only you the driver but other people that may be around you. If it was your child pulling onto the highway you would feel more confident in the presence of peace officers protecting the safety of the citizens of Waukomis and its quests regardless of their length of stay. Obey the law. It is your responsibility as a driver to know it and obey it!!!!
slow down

Stratford, OK

#11 Jan 5, 2009
By the way.....If you feel inclined to post a comment do us all a favor and learn proper sentence structure and take a spelling class.


#12 Jan 26, 2009
You can't make sh*t like this up! Some of you dumbas*es really think that is an Interstate Highway running by Waukomis? LMAO

You guys need another ticket for being ignorant!!!! LMAO some more!!!

Gladewater, TX

#13 Feb 3, 2009
First of all your right OKC the police have nothing else to do because there is no crime in Waukomis. It is a small town full of 1200 people who know the speed limit and follow the law.
In 2002 or 2003 there was a school bus crossing STATE HIGHWAY 81 that was hit by a crain truck. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was an eye opener. Many people cross that highway to get to school and work. It gets foggy and icy, and the town just wants everyone to be safe. Sucks that you got a ticket, but get over yourself. It's not all about you. Next time you go speeding through there, be careful. We would hate for you to hit a slow moving tracker. Then we would have to give you a ticket and kick your ass...

Gladewater, TX

#14 Feb 3, 2009
Oh my bad, tractor not tracker. I would hate to leave that spelled wrong.
slow down

Stillwater, OK

#15 Feb 18, 2009
Texas-Thanks for the spell check. However, "crain" truck should read crane truck;
The first sentence reads "First of all your right..." your should read you're;
"Sucks that you got a ticket, but get over yourself." This is a fragment sentence and you should combine it with your next sentence or, reversing its order.
No harm - you're trying.
You are right; the OKC police have absolutely nothing to do in Waukomis. This is not due to the lack of crime in the town but due to their lack of jurisdiction. Waukomis has its own police department to control its law abiding citizens and kick the ass of law breaking rebels that pass through the town. lol
scrooge mcduck

Lawton, OK

#16 Apr 18, 2009
of course, Waukomis could put up a yellow flashing light and people would see it and slow down.... but then they would not get the revenue. follow the money.....

Pauls Valley, OK

#17 May 13, 2009
Most every aspect of our society, simply comes down to making a bottom dollar. Just like salesman, retail stores, even Joe Blow down the street that just started a Lawn Business and almost will do anything to get your cash. I think it is just harder for people to believe that people that are paid to protect your life are at the same time ripping you off. The petty argument as to whether or not it is a speed trap is no significance b/c most groups making money off of us dont really give a damn if you like the rules or not. Most of us are just bitter because of a ticket and do not care if it is a speed trap unless that happens. It is what it is folks...
Old bubba

United States

#18 Jan 8, 2010
What was the name of the club,dancehall or bar that was just south of Waukomis and who were some of the famous people that entertained there? I remember at one time Ronnie McDowell was there. I think it was a quonset building.

Oklahoma City, OK

#19 Mar 19, 2010
amber wrote:
well first off if u dont like the speed limit signs ...go ahead and speed ..and we will be happy to theive your money ...bitch....
Well said!!!! All you have to do is watch your speed. The signs going throw Waukomis go from 65 mph to 55 mph. If your not paying attention you deserve the ticket..

Silver City, NM

#20 Jun 29, 2010
Well I know OK is a dumbass cop loving state. Where I lived in TX the small town cops were run off from sitting on the main highway all the time. Have you ever seen a small town cop that wasn't really a fat pig. Instead of sitting in the car they should be patroling the town like they were hired to do. Without their cars they couldn't run down a 10 year old on foot. These clowns aren't anybody other than the nerds that used to get picked on in school that are scared to death, that's why there are so many innocent people killed by so called justified shootings, when an innocent person gets shot it's always "justified" Give me a MF'in break!!!

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