henderson texas is a racist godless town
Business Owner

Tyler, TX

#964 Nov 8, 2012
are you serious? of course there are racist people IN Henderson. There are racist people IN NYC. There are racist people IN every city. You never hear white people running around talking about how racist black people are. We don't whine about how blacks mistreat us. Get over it. If people are consistently treating you like the n-word.. maybe it's time you look inwardly and see if maybe.. just maybe you are acting like one. I am white, and realistically have more black friends than I do white ones. Hell, my girl has a mixed baby. So from one white man to a group of racist black people, STFU.

Keller, TX

#965 Nov 21, 2012
We are all Gods children. Alot of horrible things were done to the Blacks back in time. You cant dwell in the past. there is alot of reverse raccism by the young blacks today. They have not experienced what the ancesters had to overcome. It was overcome so no one should dwell on it. The African Tribes capturedother weaker tribes and sold them as slave.
So blame the African tribes for starting Slavery not the white. Think about it.
A local

United States

#966 Dec 13, 2012
Is Henderson a racist Godless town?
My opinion is sure it has racist people of all races. What town doesn't? I don't believe Henderson is a Godless town. Nor can we say who is or isn't a God fearing man. We can't carry the weight for others that make bad choices wether it's by words or actions. Only God can judge.

Henderson, TX

#967 Dec 18, 2012
BBHC wrote:
<quoted text>
The plural of "country" is "countries."
You proved nothing except that Norway has a higher standard of living than the Henderson, TX or Africa. Once again, what does that prove about Henderson racism?
blacks don't have the mind capacity to do for themselves.In Henderson or anywhere else.Whites own the NFL.blacks are players...and on and on and on
Living in Henderson

Atlanta, TX

#968 Dec 24, 2012
I have lived in Henderson for going on 6 yrs and havent experienced any racism. It IS a good town to raise ur family. Doesn't matter what color u are, everyones got the same color of blood. Everyone hits hard times but u just have to get up dust urself off and go again

Henderson, TX

#969 Jan 4, 2013
Our country is going to poop because of sorry a** white people and sorry a** blacks. MY #1 tip of the day! IF you cant feed your first kid without my help. I mean the gov. check you get. Dont be a dumb ass and have another child. WE GOT TO END THIS CYCLE OR OUR COUNTRY IS GONNA FALL!

Seguin, TX

#970 Jan 4, 2013
The most racist person I have ever met was an old black man....... just sayin

Lampasas, TX

#971 Jan 18, 2013
Henderson is racist because of people like you , Jacksonville , you and your homies are the damn racist , so shut the hell up , glad you gone.
the white mann

Rowlett, TX

#972 Jan 31, 2013
We are white. We are not racist we just get the point across

Canton, MS

#973 Apr 13, 2013
You folks need to get a grip! Look inside yourselves and discover why you are lashing out at anybody and everybody...maybe a little guilt cause you haven't applied yourself or maybe you like playing the victim. It is easier to denigrate others to avoid coming to grips with the truth, you haven't applied yourself, set goals and aspirations and quit your overdone pity party. Racist has lost its meaning because too many angry people throw that word around to try and shut up anyone that doesn't agree and feel sorry for them. The old time families, the Baptists, the income earners are not out to keep you down, they don't notice you because you don't notice yourself. Pride isn't the same as belligerence, pride is standing on principles that no one can take from you and the respect you earn instead of demand. All the angry, hateful language only prolongs your situation and defeats your own positive image of yourself and that is the first step to living with others and pulling your own weight. Spew you hate and anger, go ahead, it only proves that you have not come to grips with yourself because, in reality, you attack others because you don't like yourself. Get your act together and then see if you can't look at others in a different light.

Canton, MS

#974 Apr 13, 2013
Pardon my second post w/o any feedback from the first. Kinda presumptuous of me but I have a little more to say. I've lived in the South all my life, in four different states. I've never witnessed any black people being harassed for no reason. At the risk of getting slurred in a major way, I'll say that black people, as a race, should urge their black men to accept responsibility for their children and actually be fathers/husbands that love and provide. Secondly, quit complaining about how hard life is when you've got all the opportunities anyone else has, regardless of color. Next time you see a very large black person getting out of their late model SUV, talking on their cell phone, wearing the best tennis shoes money can buy, flashing their long, fancy manicured nails and going into the grocery store to pay for a full buggy with food stamps...ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?"
Jim Crawford

Birmingham, AL

#975 Apr 20, 2013
I've seen and heard some angry, belligerent, hateful blacks and whites, there's no need for either. The person so convinced Henderson is racist seems to offer no proof. This person is operating on an assumption that blacks, as a whole, are victims of all kinds of injustices but doesn't offer to name any. Like most haters, this person is convinced they are being held back by everyone but themselves. This misguided mindset see their hardships and lack of success as always being someone else's fault. Most of the time, it is lack of education, motivation, aspirations and the ability to get along with people that holds them back. However, it's much easier to lash out at everyone else and play victim that it is to get out and make something of yourself. As for me, I pay no attention to hate talk, I believe in what I see.
Bulls Shizz

Mansfield, TX

#977 Jun 30, 2013
Sorry, but this post is racist. The people here that are claiming that Henderson Texas is a racist town are probably from the part of town behind whatatburger that everyone refers to as "The Jungle". White people can't even get out of cars back there because they will be shot. But God forbid that even be EQUAL to a black man getting shot.

Henderson, TX

#978 Jul 8, 2013
hey guys i am new to henderson tx (Texas) to be exact and i have not witness any racism yet. though i might not have been here long enough to lol. but so far people have been very nice from my white landlord to the white christians that hands out free food, But you guys may be right about the job situation everywhere i go i have not seen one color in a place of work beside taco bell which i dont consider a good job. please tell me more about the town i come to live in i am interested.
Grunt life

Arlington, TX

#979 Jul 12, 2013
I'm not going to waste my time trying to take a side on this issue, because we all know that someone is going to post something going against whatever it is that I say. I just wish two things:

1. I wish people would learn to speak AND write proper English. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. It's not a racist thing, white people are just as guilty. It's just called plane laziness.

2. People who call someone else racist might need to look in the mirror, because nine times out of ten, the person calling someone racist is just as racist, yet view it as not being racist.
equal for equality

Haslet, TX

#980 Jul 13, 2013
I wish you blacks, whites, hispanics would get over this racism crap. If you want to be treated better then live better. Get off welfare, it isn't an occupation. I bet 95% of you posting are on medicade and have a lone star card. While you were to busy being racist, you should have been paying attention in school and not living off the government. You need to stop looking for handouts. No one owes you anything! You should try working for a living. Some of my closest friends are black so don't pull racism on me. I had dinner at a black friends house last night! My black friends thing your trash just like I do, white, black, purple or green. Stop taking handouts. Whites provide 87% into social security and government funding, why? Because we have jobs. Want whites to treat you better? Stop taking handouts that you don't deserve. Disabled? Fibromyalgia ? ADHD? All a bunch of bull excuses for laziness. Injured? Unable to function in life? Yes I can see helping you out, but you are the very few. Most rather sit, eat, get fatter, smoke and drink on the government dime(tax payers). To be treated better, do better, otherwise, be under my shoe, and the shoe of my black friends that work hard every day.
gobment handout

Dallas, TX

#981 Jul 13, 2013
Get off welfare and handouts you losers. Whites. Blacks. Both. Your pathetic. You'll always be beneath me if you take a handout. Btw, I'm black, full blood black.
Forget the Past

Katy, TX

#982 Jul 14, 2013
Stop the Hate wrote:
We know that the Chambers of Commerce is one of the biggest Black Haters in town. Who has the Chamber helped thats Black? No, one! If you people are going to use this site ...Tell the truth! Henderson is the Most Racist place around East Texas. Whats with the run him out of town mess? Sounds like the KKK? You are just like your Fathers! And, if you think that this is going to end up like old man "Rusty" think again. Thats right Henderson do you all remember old man "Rusty" Bishop Guillory, let me tell you about Rusty... Mr. Rusty was with this white lady down town and he live in the country. He would come into town to go shopping, one day some 13 white men here in Henderson, TX shot him in the face. They took his body and beat it! Oh, by the way the city judge said his death was caused by a heart attack. Sounds like we have to start writing about the things that we have lived though in this Godless town! Any one who has true stories about this little town of hate should post them on this site so the world can Goole Henderson and find out about it!(smile) We want the world to put this Hateful city in a movie like the Great Debaters.
He had the Heart Attack when he was shot in the face:)
So Stupid

Henderson, TX

#983 Jul 19, 2013
This is seriously ridiculous .... WHITE is a race also & it is possible for people to be racist against us also. All of these people out protesting by burning down our communities & destroying property ARE WRONG!!! I'm not saying protesting is wrong but I am saying if you're going to protest do it the RIGHT way. Go through the legislature , educate your community , teach your children right from wrong. & If you really want to protest something how about protesting against rappers & celebrities that glorify selling dope & being disrespectful to women. If you want to make a change spend more time with your family , giving back to your community. And as far as the NAACP, AL SHARPTON, JESSE JACKSON & more like them go THEY ARE A HUGE, HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!! They promote racism & division between the races, if Martin Luther King were here he would TELL ALL OF YOU TO STRAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!! And especially you Jesse Jackson you were with MLK when he was alive & for the same things & look at you now? He is probably rolling over in his grave at you right now....im just tired of all this racism crap going on. It really isnt a racist thing its a human on human thing!!!!!

Haslet, TX

#984 Jul 20, 2013
I have lived in Henderson for the past four years. I haven't seen any racism since I have lived here. It is my choice to live here, and I am very pleased with my choice. Instead of posting anything else, I think I will make my town a little better. The past posts are sure going to make it hard to attract quality to our beautiful little town. If we moved our legs a little more than our mouths, we might smile a little more often.

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