How about listing all the players: Chris Milam, the developer, Andy Hafen, Henderson Mayor, John Marchiano the the fixer and bag-man, lobbyist, Mike Ford and Bob Abbey the BLM insiders, Key Reid, son of Harry and in on the Payroll of Milam, Josh Reid, Henderson City attorney, appointed to that position without proper qualifications, Jacob Snow, Henderson City Manager, recommended by and a good friend of, Andy Hafen, John Marz, Henderson City Councilman, friend of Andy Hafen.

All these people are involved or connected one way or another, From Josh Reids appointment as City Attorney to John Marchiano financial assistance to John Marz and Andy Hafen for their reelection. It is all in the Review Journal. And Don't forget Harry Reid and his influence over all the people in this conspiracy . Fact is he just appointed a 34 year old Nevadan to take over the BLM position vacated By Bob Abbey, who himself was recommended by Harry. This young man was an adviser to Reid for a number of years. It goes on and on!

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