Rainsville Police and Magistrate

Rainsville Police and Magistrate

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Winfield, AL

#1 May 3, 2011
" What is more important than tornado relief? Well apparently to the Rainsville police department its more important that everyone knows not to blow their horn at their secretary. My neice and her family lost everything they had, house, cars, clothes, etc. all they have left is the clothes they had on when the tornado hit. As well as her whole neighborhood, like many others.
Me and my family went to help her and her neighbors on saturday. we worked in the hot sun all day and did not realise we have not eaten all day, so we went to get all of us something to eat when we get behind a little red BMW at the red light in Rainsvillle. And she just sat there talking on her phone holding up traffic, so my son blows his horn to get his attention. well he did, she gets out of her car and starts yelling at him "Do you know I am??!!" To the top of her lungs. And let me tell you that woman has a mouth on her. She keeps yelling "Do you know who i am??" she goes to the back and gets my sons tag number and goes back her her car, and sits there for 3-5 more min. and calls the police. She finally drives through the light. I tell my son to go on and get away from this crazy woman. He tries to pass in the 4 lane, she steps on the gas and will not let us around her. So i tell my son to turn and get away from her, we need to get food and get back to helping the people who really needed help,(She needs help too but i can't give her that kind of help.) So he turns and she cuts in front of the car behind us and follows us. My daughter-in-law was getting sick from low blood sugar. So i told him to turn and go to the store at the top of Hyw. 35. At this point she is behind us blowing her horn and flashing her lights at us. We pull in at the gas station and start to get out and 2 of Rainsvilles Police officers yell at us and tell us to get back in the F***ing truck, and we do. This officer is tall and bald, he pulled my son out of the truck and yells "do you know who she is?" several times. We all thought as mad as he was it had to be someone important like his wife. But no it was the city magisterate. Well he tells my son he is under arrest and he is going to jail for running his mouth to her.(I didn't know that was a legal charge. what code would that be??) she comes over to my side of the truck and screams at me "Now your gonna see who i am!" She orders me to get out of the truck! I told her i was not getting out untill the officer tells me to get out. She yells at him and tells him to make me get out. He does what he is told. He gets me out, pats me down, makes me put my hands on the truck, durring all this an older gray haired man walkes over and shows a badge. The older man asked my wife and daughter-in-law if there were any wepons in the truck. They told him yes there were three guns, and they all had permits for them. At this point my small five foot wife must have looked mean and dangerous because the other officer pulls her out and puts her in hand cuffs. Then they get my daughter-in-law out and make her stand at the back of the truck all this time the officers keep asking everyone of us "do you know who she is?" They are still yet to tell us just who SHE is. My daughter-in-law tells the officer she is about to pass out the nice officer tells her to shut the F*** up and to put her hands on the truck. She asked for something to eat 4 different times all being answered by the nice Rainsville officer to shut the F*** up. I asked the officer if my wife could get my wallet and go get her something to eat she was about to pass out the nice officer pulled my wallet out of my pocket and dug through it and told me to shut up while he tossed my wallet on the hood of the police car.
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Winfield, AL

#2 May 3, 2011
Then the two Rainsville policemen and their magisterate proceded to search my wifes' walllet and purse and did the same to my daughter-in-law and they searched the truck. The dug through and got all of the drivers licens and pistol permits and run our licens numbers and all come back clean. So they told us at this point that my son was going to jail for wreckless endangermant.( all this time they were just trying to find something to take us to jail for)

My daughter-in-law collapsed in the parking lot. The nice officer, me begging him, please allow my wife to get my wallet and go in the store to get her a candy bar to get her blood sugar back up.They finally allowed my wife to go get my daughter-in-law what she needed from the store. Amongst all of this there was a crowd gathering around. So the nice Rainsville police officers lowered their voice and told us to leave. The nice officer did ask if my daughter-in-law needed and EMT unit to check her out. The nice lady that ownded the store brought out some sweet tea and some strawberries for my daughter-in-law to eat.(God bless the lady that owns that store)

But thanks to the rainsville police department and the Magisterate we could not go take my neice and the other people helping there any food. We had to come back home and get my daughter-in-law checked out.

So everyone needs to know who this woman is she is the Magisterate of Rainsville.

Thank you SO much to the Rainsville police department we can't go back out to help the people who really need our help but NOW WE DO KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!!!!
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Winfield, AL

#3 May 3, 2011
and now we know she can break the law by talking on the cell phone while in the car but the rest of us can not

Collinsville, AL

#4 May 3, 2011
Oh....but she was STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD...LOL guess she figures she doesn't have to pull over on the side of the road like us common folks!!!!!
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Winfield, AL

#5 May 3, 2011
borednbama41 wrote:
Oh....but she was STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD...LOL guess she figures she doesn't have to pull over on the side of the road like us common folks!!!!!
maybe it is not illegal to block traffic in rainsville either, the person who passed out in the parking lot should file a lawsuit against the whole bunch

Haleyville, AL

#6 May 3, 2011
Did you happen to get her name?? I'm sure she is checking her mailbox for a letter of apology, LOL! What a crackhead!!

Henagar, AL

#7 May 3, 2011
Her name is known..It's a small town...you can't go around acting high and mighty like you are better than everyone else and that your crap doesn't stink without someone knowing who you are. :) She's ridiculous.

Winfield, AL

#8 May 3, 2011
this woman needs to wake up and realize that she is not above the law just because she is magistrate of rainsville. I dont guess road rage is against the law for the magistrate either. This woman does not deserve to keep her job when she cares nothing about the people of Rainsville, and the police chief has no cocos to let her do this and get by with it. i think she should have been the one to have gone to jail for road rage if nothing else. I would like to meet this woman and give her a piece of my mind but i guess freedom of speech dont exsist in rainsville either. i would like to scream the list of people that lost their lives in the storms and say do you know who they are?!!!!!!!! This makes me so mad and disgusted that people like her does not have a heart.

Fort Payne, AL

#9 May 3, 2011

United States

#10 May 3, 2011
So, still don`t know her name?

Coopersville, MI

#11 May 3, 2011
So the Magistrate? What is she...like the Queen of Rainsville or something? LOL This is one of the most ridiculous stories I've heard in awhile. I hope that everyone files suit against her and the officers involved and get them all canned, especially her. >.<

Monticello, FL

#12 May 3, 2011
The cops, that woman, and the police chief should be gettin sued and loose their jobs forever and have the crap beat out of them, then charged for attempted murder. That lady could of went into a diabetic coma and died. This is crazy. People need to be lowered to society or be behind bars. I would of prob pulled my side arm on this crazy lady had she came to my vehicle actin like that.
Dorothy Colson

Austell, GA

#13 May 4, 2011
Still donít know her name. But you can bet your sweet patuti, if and when they have another town council meeting, I would be there. I live 600 miles away, but I would like to be there. So sorry y'all had to go through that, like you haven't been through enough. My Uncle, Aunt and Aunts Mother were killed in that tornado.
stephanie gibson

United States

#14 May 4, 2011
My prayers are with this family who was so terribly mistreated. Please tell me that those officers and the loud mouth who obviously thought she was somebody has been fired. Maybe even tared and feathered. Shame, shame, shame on you!
Jennifer Dudley

Birmingham, AL

#15 May 4, 2011
hmmmm.....so glad I got this message. I will be up there today!
mountain man

Pell City, AL

#16 May 4, 2011
That crazy lady and the two cops need to be fired! If I was the family I would file charges and they have every right too. You have plenty of people that saw it. Thank goodness for the lady in the store for helping the lady with sugar. You are very lucky cause I know what can happen when your sugar bottoms out. To the family this happened I would file charges against them so this kind of behavior would not happen to someone else.
Jess C

Tuscaloosa, AL

#17 May 4, 2011
I had a run in with an insane old man on a 4 wheeler in Rainsville behind Plainview the other day who should have been arrested, but this takes the cake!!! People need to realize that we ALL are going thru emotions, stress, loss, etc. right now. Get over yourself!!! I have been a part of and witnessed losts of love, caring, and neighborly friendship this week, but stories of hate make me so mad I can't stand it!! They may not get their just deserts in this life, but they will in the next!
Mom of 1

Rainsville, AL

#18 May 4, 2011
As I read this story I felt horrible. I apologize to you and your family that this happened to you. I work in Rainsville and live in Fort Payne. I ask that you don't let this be a reflection of the people here. I do not know the officers or the magistrate, but know that this story is saddening. For almost a week I have witnessed the lose that so many are dealing with and the efforts of so many people reaching out to help, neighbors and people from other states, that is simply amazing. I am truly sorry that you experienced this. If your family needs anything please respond here, I am sure I speak for the rest of the community as well when I say, we will do anything we can to help.

Henagar, AL

#19 May 4, 2011
I would send this to the newspaper and other media...this is horrible and they should not get away with this!

Henagar, AL

#20 May 4, 2011
Will it's a good thing that wasn't me behind her...I would have went 2 jail...I would have jumped out beat her butt, then told her "No I dont know who u r but u going 2 remember me"..I wouldn't let them get by with it. If u have 2 stand @ the red light with a sign! Time I was done they all would know.

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