Cityhood proponents gear up for June ...

Cityhood proponents gear up for June election

There are 19 comments on the North County Times story from Feb 12, 2008, titled Cityhood proponents gear up for June election. In it, North County Times reports that:

“We will be doing more outreach and education. We are trying to identify potential issues people may be thinking about and just not saying out loud.”

By: CATHY REDFERN - Staff Writer Voters in Menifee Valley, Sun City areas to vote on Measure F MENIFEE -- Those who want the Menifee and Sun City areas to become a city are gearing up for the June election with ... via North County Times

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Santa Ana, CA

#1 Apr 28, 2008
And I'm gearing up with other impacted residents of both Romoland and Sun City to oppose this Measure!
Ol Retired Vet

Long Beach, CA

#2 Apr 28, 2008
Unfortunately, the decision to incorporate has already been made. Now our citizenry can expect increases in local property taxes, sales taxes, and increased loss of revenues to the state & county. Add to this the cost of building and maintaining a municipal bureaucracy that will become inept within a year as more attention will be devoted to generating revenues to pay salaries and perks rather than attending to the business of the "city" (BTDT). There are powerful business and developer interests involved in this venture, which will adversely impact the community's small business and fixed/low-income demographic. No matter what the wannabe politicians and candidates say, there's a price to pay for incorporation. Don't be fooled by the political rhetoric - find the dollars and follow the money trail.
That's my spin

Santa Ana, CA

#3 Apr 28, 2008
I agree with you, however, we need to make our stand on June 3rd. As long as there is hope, however miniscule, I would like to think that we can still fight this as we have done in the past. This is not the first time attempts to incorporate the towns that wanted to remain unincorporated have been made. There have been numerous attempts in the 17 years I’ve lived here. Fortunately for me, I’m north of the proposed border. However, if they start chipping away at our towns now, who’s to say that the remaining areas are not stolen at a future date from the same or different city wanting to use our tax base for their personal gain?

Santa Ana, CA

#4 Apr 28, 2008
On June 3rd, 2008 VOTE NO on Measure F to incorporate parts of Romoland, Sun City, and Lake Elsinore into Menifee. End the political rhetoric, future increased taxes, and reduced services that will be in our near future should this measure pass.
Mike and Kris

United States

#5 May 1, 2008
While we have only been residents of Romoland for 3 year, we feel uniquely qualified to speak to the issue of incorporation. We resided in an unincorporated area of LA County, previously known as Walnut, and in 1989 found ourselves gobbled up by the incorporation of the city of Diamond Bar. The whole reason for living there for the 20 years prior was the enjoyment of the rural, ranch style atmosphere. Most residents had a strong affinity for animals, neighbors, and preservation of a small town sense of community. All of these things made it a great place to raise children and enjoy the finest of what brought many of our parents to California in the first place. Unfortunately, once incorporated,we found ourselves victims of a new municipal code that favored business interests at the expense of the pre-existing homeowners' quality of life. All of a sudden "fee" structures were implemented, that garnered the city previously unrequired application fees, permits, inspection fees, and a multitude of new costs which certainly did not benefit the residents by any means. Within a short amount of time, politicians turned the city into their own distorted visions that focused on business revenues rather than family values or considerations. The final straw for us came when we were served with a notice that we were in violation of the city ordinance regarding "allowed animals." We had to prove our rights under the California Land Use Laws (specifically the Laws of Nonconformance) that we were entitled to keep our goats because we were "grandfathered" by virtue of the prior rights we held having had the animals before the new municipal code was adopted. The whole ordeal cost us six months of our lives before we finally were proven right. This was just the beginning of what became increasingly intolerable circumstances due to the new cityhood. We as citizens need to realize that more government has never solved our problems, it only creates more complication in our lives and more money out of our pockets! We know if we have the opportunity to vote on incorporation (which would be the only legitimate way to present an issue like this) our vote will be absolutely not! Thank you, Ann for trying to wake people up. It just goes to show how askew our democracy has become, to depend on apathy and ignorance to get self serving measures like this passed without proper discourse. You have our attention, and our support in any way we can help, because we have already lived through it once.
XYZ-Myth Buster


#6 May 1, 2008
Ol Retired Vet,

Incorporation will not automatically mean increase of property tax, fees, or assessments. Prop 13 and Prop 218 requires any tax measures to be voted by the voters and 2/3 approval is needed before any tax measures can be enacted. 30 years ago, you concern would have merit but voters in California had enough with increasing taxes and voted on Prop 13. Prop 218 was approved by voters in 1996. This proposition close the loopholes of Prop 13. Therefore, the new city of Menifee Valley must live within its means.

The Comprehensive Fiscal Analyis (CFA) used by Riverside County Local Formation Commission to justify an incorporation election shows Revenues over expenditures by 25%+. The CFA was done very coservatively and throughly.

Ol Vet,please think of the information provide and you stance may be changed and you'll become a supporter of cityhood!
Ann - Realist

Santa Ana, CA

#7 May 6, 2008
Thanks Mike and Kris for sharing your story and shattering the myths of incorporation being promoted by those in support of Menifee’s city hood attempt! Your direct experience in this matter supports what I've researched are problems commonly associated with incorporation. And since you have personally experienced incorporation, you would know best what occurs to small towns after incorporation into larger cities. Although they have tried to dismiss by views, I wouldn’t expect anyone would try to debunk your experience. I personally saw the change to your former area as my Metrolink train used to pass rolling hills with livestock dotting the hillsides. Now there are nothing lining the tracks but many large pre-fabricated manufacturing distribution centers lining the cities of Diamond Bar and Industry. I watched in horror as they literally cut down the hillsides to ground level to build many large manufacturing companies. You cannot see the mountains to the North anymore through the buildings, and the South hillsides no longer exist. What was once a beautiful scenic area is now reduced to graffiti laden manufacturing buildings which are exactly what I would expect to see more of in the areas formerly know of as Sun City and Romoland should these measures pass. At this time, it's really important to get this information out to residents of the small impacted towns because this entire deal was done without proper notice to those residents. Those that live in Heritage Lake and are proponents are not the only impacted residents of Romoland. All Romoland and Sun City impacted residents should have received information of this last year when the bid was first proposed. I know many others who live in the affected areas that did not know about Menifee’s plans to incorporate (which Menifee residents have the right to vote on and choose for themselves). But they also were unaware of Menifee's plans to include parts of Romoland, and Sun City areas in their incorporation bid (which legally should be outside of Menifee’s scope of influence). The residents I personally know who live in Romoland, and Sun City (Seniors and non-Seniors alike) were not provided notification of these plans nor were they aware of them until I brought it to their attention recently. In fact, it was another Romoland resident that had concerns and brought it to my attention initially. I then began researching, and you know the rest. More information will be forthcoming, and there are citizens in the affected areas against these measures despite Menifee’s best efforts to keep this undercover. Spread the word! Knowledge is our best defense! Action is our Right and Power! Our actions speak louder than our words ever could which is why we need to show them with a NO vote on measures F, G, and H that we want to keep our towns free from City Bureaucracy!
XYZ-Myth Buster


#8 May 6, 2008

Where have you been for the past 11 years. The boundaries of Menifee/Sun City/Quail Valley has been basically the same since 1997 when Riverside County LAFCO designated Menifee/Sun City/Quail Valley as an Unincorporated City. This designation kept other cities from trying to annex any part of the unincorporated city. To double check my information with the October 25, 2007 LAFCO staff report, which this designation is mentioned.

Whether we like it or not, developers are already carving up Romoland and Winchester areas into Heritage Lakes type of developments. Without local control by the City of Menifee Valley, we are looking at a population of around 250,000. The City of Menifee Valley will be able to exercise more local control than the County. If you sit back and reflect the realities you might want to change your position and being a viable force in helping to insist that agricultural lands designated in the Riverside County Integrated General Plan (RCIP) remain agricultural.

Without incorporation, Romoland will no longer be a rural area. With incorporation, there still will be large developments (these developments have already been approved) and will be part of the next wave of building. However, the City of Menifee will be able to excercise more control and fight to keep number of roof tops down and work to simply enforce the County's general plan and not allow more general plan amendments from agriculture to urban type of land uses.

Quail Valley will be forever changed with
Audie Murphy Ranch of over approximately 1500 housing units that will border Quail Valley. Don't forget the large housing development under construction. If incorporation is defeated, will Quali Valley become part of Canyon Lake or Perris? The residents can choose their poison. Whether we like it or not, change is occuring.

With your passion, why didn't you run for City Council?
Ann - Realist

Santa Ana, CA

#9 May 7, 2008
Clearly your group did not want me to learn of these plans last year when your group started their planning. And your group made sure it was done under the radar to prevent any opposition from spoiling your plans from illegally placing this on your ballot. Had I known about it at the time, it would have never made it on your Ballot. Don't assume that everyone wants what you want. I'm tired of your rhetoric. I'm not buying into your statement that change is occurring whether we like it or not, and that you are the lesser of two evils. We've dealt successfully with change before when presented with the information as the law states. Yours is a typical tactic and sentiment that has been unfortunately pervasive in this country for far too long. This is the same tactic which attempts to scare your opposition into agreeing with your plan regardless of how bad it is. If your plan was valid, you would not have to resort to scare tactics. I choose not to live in a city, therefore, I could care less about your council. Remember I do not live in Menifee, therefore, Menifee measures and plans mean absolutely nothing to me. If Menifee has problems with crime, their schools, and overcrowding, those issues belong in Menifee with those residents. Your city hood bid should be strictly in your town. Menifee's current residents should be able to support their new city without help from surrounding towns. What does mean something to me is when your plans infringe on other's which they are. Running for your city council will not change the fact that I choose to NOT live in a CITY. And if I ever choose to live in one again, it will definitely be an established city in an exclusive area with low crime, many available services nearby that I can utilize, and the BEST CA school system. Hmmm. Do all those qualities even exist in any Riverside County CITY currently? Although all these qualities don’t exist in rural areas of Riverside County either, I'm also not currently paying city higher taxes, extra fees for services that do not benefit me or my family, paying for lawsuits against an upstart city with limited funds, dealing with noise, overcrowding, loss of views, and neighbor’s homes 6 ft from my property line to name a few. If I’m paying extra money for City life, I should receive the best for my money and have access to everything that real cities offer. I certainly would not choose to be a resident of an upstart pseudo city valley community that has no amenities.

United States

#10 May 7, 2008
Ann wrote:
And I'm gearing up with other impacted residents of both Romoland and Sun City to oppose this Measure!

Ann-Realist or Ann-Crack-pipe: Sounds like the same person to me. Oh well, I've been living out here since 1990. I'll vote YES on measure F.
Ann - The Real One

Santa Ana, CA

#11 May 7, 2008
Clearly Ann- Crackpipe is a plant. Look at the address. It's a Menifee resident!
XYZ-Myth Buster


#12 May 7, 2008
Hi Ann,

There you go again... For your information, I am a Sun City resident and many others living there also want to be part of the City of Menifee Valley.

Do not blame others for you being asleep at the switch. Under California Environmental Qualty Act (CEQA), all California cities, counties, and LAFCOs must follow notification laws. There are legal notifications placed in newspapers and also County and LAFCO's agendas are posted on the internet. As stated in an earlier post, LAFCO designated the Menifee/Sun City area as a Unincorporated City in 1997. The boundaries have been basically the same with the exception of Romoland.

As for Romoland and Quail Valley, change is coming. Large projects are under construction orwill be in the next year or two. In Quail Valley, the Audie Murphy Ranch a.k.a. SP 209 (2164) housing units)and Canyon Heights a.k.a. SP 272(469 housing units) are under construction. In Romoland, one fill find Menifee North a.k.a. SP 260 (2990 units), Winchester Hills a.k.a. SP 293, and Menifee Valley Ranch a.k.a. SP 301. I obtained this information from the County Planning Department web site. You are also able to access this information from your home computer. In addition, you can get the agendas and actions from the Planning Department,Board of Supervisors and Riverside County LAFCO. Go to these sites and keep up with the actions by the different review bodies. I will be happy to give you more pointers if you have difficulty in obtaining this information. The information is there. Utilize the information and participate in public hearing as they occur.

Have a good day,

XYZ-Myth Buster
Quail Valley Resident

Newbury Park, CA

#13 May 25, 2008
We're with you Ann. Leave us out. Quail Valley doesn't need to be run by Menifee. We'll take our chances with the County.

XYZ-Myth Buster


#14 May 25, 2008
Quail Valley Resident,

As you may know, changes are now and will be affecting Quail Valley. There is a 450+ residential developement under contruction with the area known as Quail Valley.
Additionally, the huge Audie Murphy Ranch will have neighborhood extending to Quail Valley. These new residents will want urban services and will rapidly want to tie into a city such as City of Perris or Canyon Lake, if the incorporation of Menifee Valley fails. The County will not allow for county pockets and will require all of Quail Valley to be included in any future annexations. So take you choice, Menifee Valley now or be annexed to Canyon Lake or City of Perris in the future.

Why would anyone want to have to deal with the County that have many services more than 25 miles away and only one Supervisor to contact whereas a local government will have more local controls overe land use and issues affecting Quail Valley. Additionally, there will be five council members for residents to contact. In addition, more and more Quail Valley residents are being tied more into the Menifee Area through the Menifee Union School System and its programs that will create greater social interaction with classmates in other portions of Menifee Valley. The residents of the 450+ development and the future Audie Murphy Ranch families will have more in common with Menifee Valley than other areas. This tendency to identify with Menifee Valley will also influenced the older areas of Quail Valley.

Do not be bamboozled by the "No on Cityhood" group. Consider all ramifications of your vote, particularly if you vote no. Changes will occur whether you vote yes for cityhood or no for cityhood.

You will need to become informed. Read the voter guide, the Riverside County Local Formation Documents and the newspaper articles. The No on Cityhood leaders sumply have a lousy message. As citizens have the myths mouthed by these leaders debunked, many are changing their positions.

Vote Yes to Cityhood and have better control over you future.
Romoland resident

Yorba Linda, CA

#15 May 27, 2008
NO ON MEASURE F. We have lived here twenty years with county services and taxes. We're doing just fine. Who needs Menifee?
XYZ-Myth Buster


#16 May 27, 2008
Romoland resident,

Times are changing. Perris is on the march easterly. I guess that you might want a Perris address instead of a Menifee Valley address.

The threat is very real in many postions of Romoland to be annexed, particularly in the western portion of Romoland.

Throughout Romoland, the large vacant properties are being currently subdivided into large Heritage Lake type of developments. At the very best, Romoland will be a bedroom community of surrounding large cities.

You'll be happily living as a sardine!

Vote Yes for Cityhood and Sensible Growth!
menifee mom


#17 Jun 2, 2008
Wow - heated debte here. As a transplant from Riverside (unincorporated area of Riverside) 2.5 years ago - I am torn as to what to vote. I know I should know more by now about it - but I think I speak for the average American and I think that MOST politicians speak a load of B.S. However, I do want better services, and we all know we could use some more emergency personel etc etc....but I also do not want my taxes raised. Say what you want - somehow - despite a vote, assessments get added. I think with the economy the way it is, it seems that now wouldnt be the best time to try and make a go on our own. People are not going to vote in assessments - most cant pay their normal bills right now. Im really on the fence and sadly - feel that I shouldnt vote for the simple fact that I cant decide. I have tried to do my homework and its gotten me no where. Do i take a chance....or play it safe and stick to what we already have???? Hmmmmmmmmm.....
XYZ-Myth Buster


#18 Jun 2, 2008
I support many of the points that the Californian mentioned in their endorsement of Cityhood. This endorsement appeared last Sunday (May 25) in the editorial section of their Sunday Paper. One point mentioned was that it is time to incorporate. In this endorsement, it was brought out that the 54 page Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis has been vetted.

Taxes will not increase because of Cityhood. Any increase of taxes per Propositions 13 and 218 requires a ballot measure for any increase of fees, assessments and taxes. To pass a ballot measure, it will take a 66% yes vote. I have lived in the Sun City/Menifee area since 1990 and I am not aware of any measure passing with a 66% threshold to increase any fees, assessments or taxes.

Anne Pica in the Vote Guide made the comment that the City of Perris wil go bankrupt in a year. Well, there will be an expected $4,400,000 dollars in surplus generated between October 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. During this period, the County will assume all expenses.

The budget surplus for ten years after incorporation will be more than 20%. You can read for yourself, the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis by going to Riverside County Local Formation Commission web site.

If cityhood is not approved, the surrounding cities are poised to annex large vacant parcels. The City of Perris can easily annex prime property between Ethanac Road and McLaughlin Road without needing a vote from Sun City residents. This prime area would be perfect for Perris to expand their commercial center and they will have good potential to reap the benefits of sales tax dollars. The City of Perris can also swoop down and annex approximately 1200 acres (about two square miles) between Goetz Road to Valley Boulevard and roughly between Cherry Hills Boulevard to Rouse Road. Again all of territory being taken into annexation can be accomplished without a vote of Sun City residents.

Much more can be brought out to show that Yes Cityhood is a very viable vote. Furthermore, all three Board of Supervisors, Paul McDonnell, Riverside County Treasurer Tax Collector, Riverside County Fire Fighters, Riverside County Sheriff Department endorse cityhood.

menifee mom


#19 Jun 2, 2008
Thanks for the info. Sadly - I think I was in a mail in ballot area (atleast thats what it said on the website where I check for my polling place.) I think I didnt get some paperwork that told me that??? I am still going to try and vote tomorrow. Does that sound right? Wonder why I couldnt vote like normal? I think Im toolate and missed my deadline

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