California Proposition 19: the Mariju...

California Proposition 19: the Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 7, 2010

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Since: Nov 12

Honolulu, HI

#16152 May 21, 2013
Bruno24 wrote:
<quoted text>
This can make sense in the long run, as far as tobacco itself remains legal, under the form of snus or makla, which are rather innocuous. Today,the prohibition of cigarettes would offer the markets to the criminals, and this would augment the consumption, especially of the kids.
I think the best we can do is to legalize all drugs, and tax them proportionally to the genuine statistically (with correct statistic!) observable problems or society costs.
True, I'm just tired of walking around here on vacation and being forced to breathe smoke, I should have the right to breathe smoke free air.
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Covina, CA

#16155 May 22, 2013
Smoking lamps lit.


#16156 May 22, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>True, I'm just tired of walking around here on vacation and being forced to breathe smoke, I should have the right to breathe smoke free air.
I have no problem with prohibiting smoking (whatever) in public place, or when doing some job.

In the private place we can only hope for love and courtesy, in place of aggression and disrespect.

With tobacco snus or makla, you hurt yourself infinitesimally, and you definitely stop hurting the others. That's what I call harm reduction!

Covina, CA

#16157 May 22, 2013
Muslim's are prone to religious fits and jerks that result in death to anyone around them, they are also prone to killing other's because their own religion tells them to and in the end it's hat religion that has failed them.

A British soldier, was killed by knife-wielding assailants on a London street May 22. 2013 Wednesday.

A bloodstained man at the scene carrying a meat clever was filmed, video taped telling passers-by: "We swear by the almighty Allah." Two men who carried out the attack were later hunted down like the dogs they are and shot to death.

Good hunting on the likes of them and anyone else too!
what ever

Phoenix, AZ

#16160 May 23, 2013
I vote yes

Covina, CA

#16161 May 23, 2013
News update May 23, 2013 - Corner moves it's team in, the city of Glendora has provided a Bobcat excavator with a front scoop and driver to excavate the backyard, that left and a smaller Kubota tractor with a backhoe has taken over 12:30 P.M. May 23, 2013..

May 22, 2013 - a news helicopter has been hovering for about an hour over the big dig area. The house in question is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, three owners have occupied this house since Robert Byron sold it and moved to Covina, Ca. we have tracked down the first owner to buy this house and are currently investigating.

Glendora, California 1978 a 24 year old lady went missing, now the LA County Sheriffs Department is on the job and digging up a back yard in the city of Glendora, California 91740.

The person who reported her missing was her husband, the house has been sold three times since then, her car was found in a parking lot of Ontario Airport.

Glad to see some real police department work is being carried out by the sheriffs department on 555 Essex Street.

The neighborhood kids like the husband, but no wife? Wonder what happened to her remains?
More insider information to follow.

According to sources the back yard of this house in questions was not landscaped and only consisted of tall weeds and hard pack bare soil, dead pets were buried in the backyard before someone landscaped the entire backyard.

A patio concrete slab and cover was built before Robert B. sold the house for the first time.

News; Young teenagers remember mowing backyard weeds etc. and finding a slab of concrete that was in the middle of the yard, made no sense for it to be there.

Stand back, the Corner has brought out the dogs and shovels to start unearthing something buried in this houses backyard.

“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#16163 May 24, 2013
Fridays wrote:
Just can't get enough of this BULL, the posters keeping this one going are still "brain dead".
Post is post, like the cereal ad says!
If YOU had a functioning brain, youíd have figured out by now that YOU are the one who keeps throwing the Ďbullí here, where your stupidity isnít wanted.
People, unless youíve signed the petition to legalize it on the federal level, youíre being stupid too.
If that doesnít happen, itís common sense that itís just a matter of time before the feds decide to crack down and everybody suffers under a police state. You have to start fighting somewhere. There is no free ride anymore.
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“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#16164 May 24, 2013
Best Marijuana Legalization Strategy

“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#16165 May 24, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>no kidding, Personally I don't smoke cannabis, but realize that it benefits many and is not the danger in our society as claimed by these money hungry DA's.
Actually, they're power-hungry, just like the feds. They keep pushing and pushing us from all directions until they finally have a population that lives in fear of protesting.
That's why I've said 'protest' thousands of times -- and that's what they fear, that we will take back our country.

“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

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#16166 May 24, 2013
checkitout wrote: nd-depopulation-rockefeller-fa mily/
Food and Depopulation: Rockefeller Family
The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones' Facebook Infowars store
Cassandra Anderson
June 8, 2010
Part 1 of 4.
The purpose of this article is to give a brief outline of how the elites, and the Rockefellers in particular, are using food as a weapon.
Bill Gates has teamed with the Rockefellers, Monsanto and the government of Norway in the Doomsday Seed Vault, in which organic seed is stored for some vague anticipated world catastrophe.
Since the Rockefeller family came to power (especially after gaining a monopoly with Standard Oil) they have manipulated our government into ruining our financial system by way of the Federal Reserve, energy through oil dependency and food with GMOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms). The intention is to rob us blind and kill us. Itís time to wake up.
The official name of this program is Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.
It the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control over America and the rest of the world. There is no question that Americans are targeted for depopulation: GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food has saturated American farmlands. GMOs are dangerous and the proliferation of corn crops (used as sweetener, animal feed, processed food, etc) in America is shortening our life spans.(1) Our water is polluted, containing over 60,000 chemicals, most of which have never been tested for safety.(2) Our air is toxic, and the US is one of the most targeted areas for chemtrails.(3) This is just the tip of the iceberg, the things we know about. The focus of this article is revealing the link between the Rockefellers and their intended use of food as a weapon, which is more powerful than military domination and energy control.
While Agenda 21 was introduced in 1992, the elite collectivists, lead by the Rockefellers, have been pushing population control on America and the world for generations. In 1992, this depopulation and control policy was modernized and given a name: Agenda 21, or the Agenda for the 21st century. The premise for depopulation and control is to preserve the environment. One would have to be an idiot to disregard environmental concerns, however, the solutions that Agenda 21 offers fail to address the real issues. The primary tools that Agenda 21 Sustainable Development uses are global warming lies, water shortages (like the man made drought in California, which also causes food shortages) and the Endangered Species Act (designed to take away private property, which is the base of wealth creation and freedom).(4)
This is valuable info. Iíve been posting this stuff for years, and warning that people better start working together to fight the ILLEGAL Federal Reserve -- a private corporation controlled by the worldís biggest bankers, the Rothschilds.
People, THEY are all working together to destroy democracy and control us under a one-world government controlled by the worldís bankers.
So, itís only logical that we all work together for our survival.
(next post)
Instead, the Elite keep feeding Republicans with lies that somehow convince them to blame liberals! How stupid can those people be? Theyíre the ones complaining about how liberals want more freedom to express themselves, so obviously itís conservatives who want a police state. The Nazis were conservatives and they also used propaganda to convince the idiot masses to blame liberals, etc.
Just like the Nazis, they donít feel any guilt about the people theyíre exterminating: the homeless. Where are the more than a million homeless? They didnít just disappear. Homelessness kills.
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“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#16167 May 24, 2013
'Federal Reserve'= Rothschilds' private company

Liberals & Conservatives Agree: We're in danger

Homelessness Kills!

No reason to protest? Nuts!

Republicans: cut the W.A.S.T.E !!!

N W O = extreme capitalism, then.....

Covina, CA

#16168 May 24, 2013
It's just a crime to see idiots still posting their stupid racists position on this matter.
kushed out

Dinuba, CA

#16169 May 25, 2013
Smoking on tha bud
Feeling kinda high.....
pink kush

Dinuba, CA

#16170 May 25, 2013
Spark er
rolling papers

Dinuba, CA

#16171 May 25, 2013
All for it

Covina, CA

#16172 May 25, 2013
GOV. Janet Brewer Follows Through on Threat to Veto Bills Until She Gets Her Way.

Arizona governor says she won't sign any bills until legislature passes budget with Medicaid expansion.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#16173 May 26, 2013
no. Let's just continue destroying people's lIVES over smoking a FLOWER. That's the American Way. Pot wakes you up- exactly what our keepers don't want. So stay drunk and stupid and vote no like a good little self-righteous martinet.

Covina, CA

#16174 May 26, 2013
GOV. Janet Brewer Follows Through on Threat to Veto Bills Until She Gets Her Way.

Arizona governor says she won't sign any bills until legislature passes budget with Medicaid expansion.

She must want to sign up very soon, herself?

West Tehama County, CA

#16176 May 27, 2013
Marijuana is nt ever gonna be legal till the feds legalize no.they are puting to many restrictions on our so called right to smoke for recreational consumption.then they want to tell me how much to possess or grow.they dont do any of that with alcohol.u can posses as much alcohol as u want and can get a home brew kit.dont grow over an ounce.

“ Soon: too late to protest”

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#16177 May 28, 2013
You should be encouraging everybody to sign this petition to demand the federal government legalize it:
(next post)

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