Man assaults kids at McDonalds-east f...

Bellflower, CA

#124 Aug 9, 2013
that's all i do
weed and smoke the dope.
that's why all the science and engieering classes are filled with Vietnamese kids and WEED SMOKER CRIMINALS will be lucky to sweep their floors.

at least these guysd make megas millions smoking not living in a romoland trailer park. word to your moms.


Bellflower, CA

#125 Aug 9, 2013
hello my name is dr. green thumb. florida street hawker gawker a stoned out flocker. gee, i smoke dope all day. blunt

long like this

Bellflower, CA

#126 Aug 9, 2013
The effects of smoking marijuana on the body and mind

There are many reasons why some people start taking drugs. Many of these are social. But with the very first use, chemical changes occur in the brain that may lead to addiction. Drug addiction is a disease. And with every additional use, the user increases his or her chance of becoming addicted. Drugs are chemicals. They work in the brain by tapping into the brain's communication system and interfering with the way nerve cells normally send, receive, and process information.“Marijuana has a chemical in it called tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. A lot of other chemicals are found in marijuana, too—about 400 of them, some of which are carcinogenic. Pot affects a user’s judgment, motor coordination, and short-term memory. Weed can cause increased heart rate and make some users extremely anxious or paranoid. Smoking marijuana also causes some changes in the brain similar to those caused by long-term use of cocaine and heroin”(.Marijuana: Facts for Teens, Revised, NIDA, September 2004). The way the drug affects each person depends on many factors, including: user's previous experience with the drug; how strong the marijuana is (how much THC it has); what the user expects to happen; where the drug is used; how it is taken; and whether the user is drinking alcohol or using other drugs. Some people feel nothing at all when they smoke marijuana. Others may feel relaxed or high. Sometimes marijuana makes users feel thirsty and very hungry—an effect called "the munchies."Some users can suffer bad reactions from abusing marijuana. They may experience sudden feelings of anxiety and have paranoid thoughts. This is more likely to happen when a more potent variety of marijuana is used. Marijuana affects memory, judgment, and perception.
You Needed Parents

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#127 Aug 10, 2013
smoke and fire wrote:
where's there's smoke there's fire. sounds like trolls vs. trolls. i am tending to believe the kids side as i was once a kid DECADES ago with a bike and i mouthed off to adults. but they weren't punks who got friends to do violence.
as for the 'no videos no charges'. try taking criminal justice 101 again and this time pay attention. gee, all those millions of convictions on eye witness testimony before the camera was invented. IMAGINE THAT! are you miller supporters retarded or is the person above a troll.
eye wwitnesses, hospital reports, circumstantial evidence and sometimes simply the judge or jury believe the victim. f'ing duh! you guys do sound like MMA tards. try touching my grandkids and see what happens. hint: watch 'pulp fiction' and da gimp.
Hey old fogy!! You said QUOTE I was once a kid DECADES ago with a bike and i mouthed off to adults. but they weren't punks who got friends to do violence" YOU DESERVED A BEATING TOO!! THATS WHT YOU ARE STICKING UP FOR THESE KIDS WITH NO PARENTS TO TEACH THEM ANY MANNERS. I hope this poor old man comes out with his side of the story. WOW
Very sad

Hemet, CA

#128 Aug 10, 2013
I guess this poor little kid has crappy parents who never taught him to respect others. Instead, they teach him that when you're 17, you're just a little kid and it's ok to be rude to others because you're a kid, even though many males his age are setting out on their own supporting themselves or even fighting for this country, not pretending they aren't fully grown up.
This 17 year old little boy is still riding his skateboard around being rude to people and having his worthless dad make excuses for his behavior. This stranger in the Mercedes taught him more of value in 15 seconds of beatdown than his moron dad has in 17 years of life. Namely, don't let your mouth write checks that your azz cant cash. But I'm sure daddy will do his best to help junior to unlearn the lesson that was taught. It's an even bet that this 17 year old little boy will still be a 30 year old little boy living at home in 2026.
to You Needed Parents

Bellflower, CA

#129 Aug 10, 2013
threatening someone you dont is a good way to go to jail dumbChit!! but since your a moval kid we'll let it go.

gay ray is now in a basement at moval while the gimp is hanging around.

we all protect kids

Bellflower, CA

#130 Aug 10, 2013
to my fellow breeders (that excludes moval boy) don't we all protect our kids? get real.

I love SYG.

don't be a rat if you don't pack jack those fo fo's breeze by and go touchy touchy and MMA ain't chit hence put it in your pizzle.

Moreno Valley, CA

#131 Aug 10, 2013
That McDonalds has had a long running problem with people breaching their perimeter from behind, knocking down their wall, etc. No excuse for a professional fighter to take out his uncontrolled rage on a bunch of stupid kids. I have two teenagers. We all joke about bashing in their faces, but we do not do that because we are supposed to be the adults. Wade, pursue this until those men are your bitches! Do not give up!
dang Kristy

Bellflower, CA

#132 Aug 10, 2013
dang gurl. you the bomb.
now these MMA girlie men are being punked out by home down get down hometown women.

effing awesome Kristy. finally someone with some balls round here!

Murrieta, CA

#136 Aug 3, 2014
well now the attackers David f Miller and his son David Miller, are attempting to send threatening emails to the victim's family for posting to websites regarding the whereabouts of these violent child attackers.
David Miller Jr was in custody, got bailed out by Miller Sr, didn't return to court as ordered. He is now back in custody. Now they just need to track down David F Miller who claims to be the CEO of a steroid company called Vita-trp, and works with MMA fighters in texas & Louisiana areas. Claims to have gone to, and work as a phd at Louisiana Medical College. Guy needs to be apprehended, jailed, and sued! An absolute menace and danger to society
Wat Haute

Buena Park, CA

#137 Aug 4, 2014
We need help to rid Hemet of WIFE BEATERS...On 06/22/2013 you were arrested for 273.5 PC.. Tell us all about the courage it took to beat your wife....
Wat Haute

Buena Park, CA

#138 Aug 4, 2014
Hey Wade,
Tell us about the night you were arrested for beating your wife....This kind of crap is acceptable to you...Well what moron would have a wife beater like you work on their computer..?
The business community will not work with a felon like you.. We will post and put up our website..Hemet's Wife Beaters..You will have front page.
Keep putting up this crap...It really helps us.
wat haute

Buena Park, CA

#139 Aug 4, 2014
SOGER96 wrote:
Ive seen that car before, like to see that fat ass do something like that to me, he'd be eating asphalt or taking a bullet to his back SOGER96 BSK*EF
Hey post your real name and go get him...Make him pay...You the man...Tell him your coming for him...Maybe you give him a heart attack.
wat haute

Buena Park, CA

#140 Aug 4, 2014
You beat your wife /22/2013 why dont we get some justice for the wife...?? How is that felony working out you???
You can keep editing these out ..but its the other site you need to beware of..
Hemet Wife Beaters

Los Angeles, CA

#141 Aug 5, 2014
think there is enough space for that url?? it would take up 1/2 the internet
Online slander is a crime

Murrieta, CA

#142 Aug 6, 2014
hey David Miller you piece of shit. Turn yourself in. I see you turned your son in to take the rap for what you started. You will get yours, they ARE coming for you, just keep up the stupid comments and lies, online slander and online threats are crimes!
U have no idea what your talking about, and obviously have no life other than spending time harassing people, and beating kids up. Don't start threatening, bad mouthing , and harassing other people to get off the subject of you being a child molester and beater.
worse kind of trash ever, is what you are.
they will catch you, prosecute for 5 felonies, convict and jail you, where you will be gang raped and beaten for being a child beater & molester.

San Diego, CA

#144 Feb 21, 2015
Unfortunately I've known David Franklin Miller 05-07-1957 and have to comment. He is a bully, a person adept at lying, swindler, a person who cheats, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility. David F. Miller falls under sociopath. First wife he beat, which lost the child she was caring. His second wife left him and went into to hiding in Texas. She left her two sons (Aaron & Davie) with him to raise only not to ever have to see him again. Well for me I caught him cheating with a young Hooters Girl, I stayed with him out of fear. his behavior often was irrational or extremely risky. David would betray friends, threaten people and harm people without giving it a second thought. I'm finally glad to see him in the riverside county jail. I have seen David hurting an animal and felt like I couldn't do anything to stop him. I can now sleep safe knowing he can't hurt me or my kittens.

Los Angeles, CA

#145 Feb 22, 2015
Shut up vic u pucci _|_ u want some cheese with tht whine those lil [email protected] got what they had coming to them we need more people willing to put these lil [email protected] in their place whenever they want to act like @ssholes in public to adults at tht i have no problem with what they did and frankly i think the parents of those lil [email protected] kids should feel ashamed of themselves for doing such ah chitty job at parenting

San Diego, CA

#146 Feb 22, 2015
This David F Miller is 5th degree CRAZY. He goes around beating up girl scouts and teenage boys. He cant be that good if he is sharpening his skills on kids and old ladies. His kid Davey Jr. is proof the apple does not fall far from the tree. I mean really who does this crap? I was in a relationship with this David F. Miller and let me tell you the guy is a moron. Got so tired of him telling me "it takes and tough man to make a tender chicken." Welp he is going to find out what that means in jail after beating up kids at Micky D's! This guy cant hold a job either. Both his kids lay around the house smoking pot and drinking all day long, well that is when they are not beating up girl scouts and old ladies.

San Diego, CA

#147 Feb 22, 2015
Hey "tellinitlikeitis" you David Jr.? Those kids did not deserve that, they were being kids. Just like your lazy juvenile ass. Grow up!! You will learn your fate just like your Daddy. No one deserves that. You must be a fragile flower if what they said to you caused you to do what you did. You and your Daddy are intellectually damaged standing out in the parking lot grabbing your crotch shouting at a couple of teenage boys. Calling them names, really? Grow a pair and take on someone your age and size. You afraid you might get a lung knocked lose? It might actually teach you something like not to pick on those who are smaller and weaker than you.

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