Man assaults kids at McDonalds-east f...

Man assaults kids at McDonalds-east florida on 7/12/13-still at large

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Murrieta, CA

#1 Jul 14, 2013
We need help finding this car and whomever was driving it at 3pm PST on 7/12/2013.
SEE photos at

We need help finding this car and whomever was driving it at 3pm PST on 7/12/2013. Our son and his friends were at a Mcdonalds restaurant in Hemet, CA and were riding their bikes cutting thru the drive-thru lane and peddled in front of a Mercedes c 230 gold/tan in color with Louisiana license plate XCF 450. The driver jumped out of the car and started yelling obsenities at the boys who's ages range from 15-17 years old. The driver of the vehicle a white male approximately 30 years of age about 5'10 170lbs proceeded to yell and cuss at the boys saying he was gonna kick their asses, even grabbed his crotch and made lewd gestures. One of the boys yelled back "what are you gonna beat up kids", which the guy said he was going too and told them to go to a nearby trailer park so he could beat their asses. The man seemed a bit crazed so the boys backed down, parked and locked their bikes then went inside the McDonalds. The man took off in his car. About 15 minutes later the man entered McDonalds with two other men possibly in their mid 20's and immediately walked straight over to where the boys were eating and began beating one of the boys 17 year old Daniel Specht, kneeing him in the face gashing his cheek wide open and punching him repeatedly while he crumpled into a fetal position. One of the other boys tried to help but he was punched giving him a black eye. With blood from Daniels gash and food splattered everywhere and with other customers watching in horror, the 3 men finally fled the scene.
The police were called and were given the photo taken from one of the boys cell phones showing the Mercedes C230 and license plate of the attackers, and police are trying to get video evidence from the McDonalds cameras. Two boys were taken to the hospital the one with the black eye released in 2 hours and Daniel released 6 hours later after observation and had to have 10 stitches just below his eye. The attackers are still at large and any help apprehending the suspects would be greatly appreciated.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#2 Jul 14, 2013
Man hell get what's coming to him.that's some straight coward shit INTEL WHY DUB EN KREW YOUNG WITH NO KONSCIENCE

San Bernardino, CA

#3 Jul 14, 2013
It's hard to believe with all the information you have and photos he wouldn't have already been caught. Shame on that bully. However, parents have a conversation with your kids, about bike safety, mouthing off etc. It just doesn't pay in this society when everybody seems so rude and ready to fight. If it were my kid, after that altercation he shoulda headed for home to tell the adults whats going on. Could have been a lot worse consequences. Good luck to you and I hope he gets jail time.

Murrieta, CA

#4 Jul 15, 2013
Thanks for input and of course a long sit down conversation has taken place about confronting strangers etc...
we are having a hard time believing the cops cant run the plate (license plate recognition works!) guess I may have to try to go see the major to see what's really going on to protect our kids?

Chicoutimi, Canada

#5 Jul 15, 2013
There was no excuse in the world for that moron to come in after those kids. Big man, coming in with his scumbag cronies. You can't speak to anybody these days it's seems or this sort of thing will happen. Also Summertime is the worse time for crime.
I think this is a serious crime. Could have been worse but still. Poor kids.

I live in Canada now but in the States I would be so careful. Stuff happens here too. Hope they find the perps.


Bellflower, CA

#7 Jul 15, 2013
if what you described is true and none of the other customers didn't do anything then shame on a bunch of weak willed coward hemetians. but three males doing that it would take an older guy to do something so it's understandable.

But they will get caught and they will do prison time potentially, especially with a tissue wound and assault on minors. and in jail everyone knows what you're in for while in processing. word spreads fast.

But, mercedes, trailer park, 2 younger guys in 20's.? why is that not surprising?

any objection if asked the race of the kids or adults. might be the zimmerman tension in the air or just the ordinary plain ole stooooopid hemet tweakers.

one thing, glad it wasn't my kids or they'd all 3 been laid - out bank on that. feet first would be their position.
Rob Whitey

Menifee, CA

#8 Jul 16, 2013
X 2

I don't know what type of customers were present, ie...Women and children, eldery.

But, if I was there and witnessed that happening....

Murrieta, CA

#9 Jul 16, 2013
Ive seen that car before, like to see that fat ass do something like that to me, he'd be eating asphalt or taking a bullet to his back SOGER96 BSK*EF

Murrieta, CA

#10 Jul 16, 2013
Thanks for all your understanding comments. Very stressed out on what the hell Hemet PD is doing. Every time I call they say I need to speak to the officer and he's not available, I've left several messages on his voice mail and have left messages with the Detective department as call backs. We have discovered on our own more information and now know who these guys are and their names!I'm trying to get this info to the Hemet PD but again no callbacks. Officer in charge wont be in til tomorow.
We don't know their exact location but we found their facebook pages (facebook's only good quality... in my opinion). Suspects are a father 45 years old, and his son, both MMA fighters and father appears to have a 5th degree black belt in some kind of kung fu...likely hands should be considered deadly weapons.
We are trying not to be vigilante's but with "ass scratching" police who apparently don't care a lot about kids being attacked, not sure what else we can do but continue to search for the idiots and we will call 911 if we find em...lets hope that works.

San Bernardino, CA

#12 Jul 16, 2013
Well for cryin' out loud. I think you need to talk to a lawyer! This is totally unbelievable that nothing is being done. You get a lawyer and things will turn around! Then you be drivin' the Benz! The photo makes him appear to be of foreign extraction??

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Jul 16, 2013
Post the names so we can all get a good look at them....

San Bernardino, CA

#14 Jul 17, 2013
Wade, sir please tell me how come the photo first posted with the assailant, where he is standing by his car, the background looks to show the B of A or something? It doesn't appear to be a background that would be in the McD's shot? Is this incorrect or was this an ongoing confrontation? Doesn't excuse that bully's response, just wondering? tks

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Jul 17, 2013
The reason it looks like the BofA is because it is, B of A is across the street. Why does that matter? It is a felony what happened to His son regardless. And now seeing a picture of the kid who did it I'm sickened even more nobody stepped in to help.

San Bernardino, CA

#16 Jul 17, 2013
GrizzledGringo wrote:
The reason it looks like the BofA is because it is, B of A is across the street. Why does that matter? It is a felony what happened to His son regardless. And now seeing a picture of the kid who did it I'm sickened even more nobody stepped in to help.
I thought what I wrote was self-explanatory. Doesn't excuse that grown man's action,(never said it did). I asked because I wanted to know if it was an on-going confrontation, that started one place and continued to escalate? I don't think that the angle of the B of A can be taken from the McD's? The very least a person can do is call law enforcement when a dispute is going on. This day and age it doesn't take much for the crazy people out there to pull a gun. There are a lot of shootings going on around us with no apparent provocation. In any event, I hope the children will be O.K. and those creeps get jail time.

Murrieta, CA

#17 Jul 17, 2013
Grizz is right, there is a B of A because there is a Bof A across the street!
The confrontation started right then and there at McD's,and that picture was one of the kids being smart enough to know this guy was crazy.
Guy got in his car and left when the kids walked away. Then he shows up with 2 other men in their 20's, one of which we believe to be the guys son, and they run inside the restaurant and attacked 2 of the kids.
Not only does the guy threaten kids but he also plays out his threats. is this not terrorist acts on children?
We are all sickened by the fact that the PD is reliant on us to find photos and evidence and the fact that hemet PD does not have Detectives as a resource to investigate, instead it's left up to the officer to do the investigation.
Not only is the poor beaten kid physically and emotional sickened, but as parents and family we are also emotionally sickened.

I need to go puke now.

San Bernardino, CA

#18 Jul 17, 2013
I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you find some justice and the children can put it behind them. You are doing your very best, and kudos to you for sticking with it.

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Jul 17, 2013
Have the millers confessed up?check fb pgs..lots of talk !

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Jul 17, 2013
I know this man and the attackers. Im pretty sure the P.D. will do nothing. Or drag their feet. And if anything becomes of it it will be a slap on the wrist. Betcha!

Los Angeles, CA

#21 Jul 17, 2013
Charles Bronson

San Bernardino, CA

#22 Jul 17, 2013
Ant wrote:
I know this man and the attackers. Im pretty sure the P.D. will do nothing. Or drag their feet. And if anything becomes of it it will be a slap on the wrist. Betcha!
This distresses me. Why would that be the case? What connection do they have to this Valley? Where is the benefit of having thugs roam around attacking people?

How do you find these people on Facebook? I don't know how to use it well enough to know what do do. TKS

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