Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage

Aug 4, 2010 Full story: www.cnn.com 201,197

A federal judge in California has knocked down the state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, ruling Wednesday that the state's controversial Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution.

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Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185011 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs wrote:
<quoted text>
who would ever take serious you or your party??
you guys think sharia law is invading the us, and hillary clintons aide is with the muslim brotherhood.
not to mention still being lost in birther land.
is obama a kenyan commo-facist?? or a islamo facsist...
could he be both??....ill bet he could, on the glen beck show.
Which party would that be? Islam has declared that it must take over the entire world, that the End of Days will only come when Islam resides in every house. I've lived all over this world, and have known many Muslims. Most are not the fanatics that they are made out to be. But, fundamentalists are dangerous, whichever flag they wave.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185012 Mar 27, 2013
Big D wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes even the economic part also was directly related to slavery.
I donít know if you are implying that there was not an abolitionist movement and that Lincoln was not directly connected to that movement before taking office, if you donít realize that you need to do some more reading in history
His involvement and election was directly involved in the first states succeeding as they know they would not be able to maintain an equal number of slave state with Lincoln as president
Yes, slavery was the target, meant to hit the economic power that the South held.

Since: Jun 07

Location hidden

#185013 Mar 27, 2013
Big D wrote:
<quoted text>

I donít think DOMA can survive the events today
DOMA has been unconstitutional since it was passed. It should not have taken this long for the SCOTUS to hear and toss it as nonsense.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185014 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs wrote:
<quoted text>
I forgot, rethuglicans dont do polls...
this was obvious when you guys thought you were about to win by a landslaide, last fall.
what rude awakening that must have been!!
the 538(nate silver) polls nailed it......
mabey you should pay attention to him next time, instead of piggy rove, or rush.
I don't pay any of them any attention, to be honest... I distrust any official media anymore.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185015 Mar 27, 2013
Big D wrote:
<quoted text>
No I am telling you something you are ignorant of, a majority of American are in favor of Same sex marriage and that means tremendous support form heterosexuals
Then, why (to risk more laughter from your side), when I am out in the world, and asking just anybody what they think of these issues, do I not find these supporters? Why is it that most people that I am around do not care at all, and of those that do care, most disapprove? Straight up, where are these supporters? I know that the idea of some random guy asking strangers questions might seem odd, but it is the best way I have of performing unbiased testing of these claims. And I do try to be unbiased in testing these claims. Believe that.
Locked Uppers

La Puente, CA

#185016 Mar 27, 2013
Motorist Followed, Then Stabbed at South Hills Park, Glendora, California.

The incident occurred at 8:54 p.m. March 26, 2013 Tuesday night in Glendora, according to some who call themselves authorities.

If this park was locked at sunset as all parks are required in Glendora then this wouldn't happen at all.

Both Chris Jeffers and the GPD are at fault for this and many more problems brewing in Glendora, California.

Both are involved in politics to further their pocket books and political careers.

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#185017 Mar 27, 2013
heartandmind wrote:
<quoted text>you may dislike their ruling. you may disagree with their ruling. but the laws will be what they will be.
You may dislike reality. You may disagree with reality. But reality will be what it will be.

Marriage is a cross cultural constraint on evolutionary mating behavior.

ss couples aren't.

Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185019 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs wrote:
<quoted text>
Im full of shit because i believe some of the commonly accepted things taught in school?
like evolution??
or that the earth revolves around the sun and is not flat??
you guys always remind me of flat earthers....because your always refuting the latest science on "religious grounds"
some of you are really deficiant in the history dept.....ricardo think the tories of the late 18 the century were liberals.
the first paragraph in any mainstream explaination of them calls them "conservative"
as opposed to liberal.
since then, the crown colony has been anything but a bastion of liberalism throught he years(NH, for instance, was one of the last two states to accept MLK's B day, as a federal holiday)
but they voted for Obama this time, so they must be waking up.
unlike you.
I say that because you claim that we are wrong, period. I have lived in the South and the north, and from what i have heard over the years, Both sides of the story, that is what it boils down to, and you call us "Lost Cause believers" as if that summarizes us. I examine issues with open eyes and mind, and that is the best explanation of the War that there is. don't forget that history is written by the victors, but rarely encompasses the entire truth. As someone said, it's always the OTHER side that is wrong...
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185020 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs wrote:
<quoted text>
Id say the 47% video had a bit more of an effect on the outcome of the election. mitt was almost tied with Obama before that.....
then he plummeted 10 pts in 10 days...
if you guys didnt get that amercia rejected your ideas??
then double down on stoopid, and ill hand ya the next shovel...
hint: minorities vote on policy just like white people do.
so trying to restrict their voting, might not be seen as the nicest thing you could be doing to court their votes.
America made no decisions, sir, the Electoral College did.
Mormon killers

La Puente, CA

#185021 Mar 27, 2013


Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - First Degree Murder, Armed Robbery

REWARD: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $200,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Jason Derek Brown.

Jason Derek Brown is wanted for murder and armed robbery in Phoenix, Arizona. During November of 2004, Brown allegedly shot and killed an armored car guard outside a movie theater and then fled with the money.

Brown speaks fluent French and has a Masters Degree in International Business. He is an avid golfer, snowboarder, skier, and dirt biker. Brown enjoys being the center of attention and has been known to frequent nightclubs where he enjoys showing off his high-priced vehicles, boats, and other toys. Brown was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and completed his Mormon mission near Paris, France.

Brown has ties to California, Arizona, and Utah. In the past, he has traveled to France and Mexico. Additionally, he may be in the possession of a Glock 9mm and a .45 caliber handgun.
None known
Jason D. BrownDerek BrownGreg JohnsonHarline JohnsonGreg Harline JohnsonJohn BrownJay BrownDate(s) of Birth Used: July 1, 1969; January 17, 1971 Hair: Blond
Place of Birth: California Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10" Complexion: Light
Weight: 170 to 180 pounds Sex: Male
Build: Medium Race: White
Occupation: Golf Equipment Importer
Nationality: American
Age Enhanced Photograph Age Enhanced Photograph Age Enhanced Photograph SUMMARY
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185022 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont know anything about the Bush family financing the third reich?? that seems a bit far fethched and something id hear from within your party, as part of a civil war, in your party.
those were NOt very nice words sarah had for karl at cpac.
now sHE is kinda a nazi.... the new new rethugs.
the Bush family is heavily involved with the saudi royal family because they are both more or less in the same business, energy.
JEb doesnt stand a snowballs chance in the primaries...
or didnt you watch in 12'??
the orthodoxy of your party made the primary season like a clip art web site, for democratic party, general election attack ads on the rethugs.
some of the wacky things that were said!!!! my goodness.
tacking back to the center(to win) from THAT loonacy, would be hard for anyone, even with all the corporate cash in the world.
mitt tried, ill give him that.
but during the primaries, as i recall it was "ANYBODY BUT MITT"
as four candidates from the far reich, made separate runs at the mad Mitt for front runner status....
...including religious zealot rick santorum!! I was impressed and entertained all at once...
santorum came out against college education, condoms and JFK, all in ONE week!
I swear, no one will beat hilly bags if she want the job....
all the political wind in the world is behind her run....
and that includes bush family baggage and how loony your party has become since the last bush left office.
ps; two wars, crashed economy, bad rethuglican, no whitehouse.
OK, try it. Google "Bush Crime Family" What can it hurt to try it? I'm not going to talk any more trash, just try it, ok? Tell me what you think? What can it hurt? I have no party affiliation. Call me "Independent" Not a TEA party guy, not a Dem, nor a Repub.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185023 Mar 27, 2013
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#185024 Mar 27, 2013

you are so liberal all of a sudden..


you are half right about the civil war, lincoln only used freeing the slaves in 1863... a s away of mustering support for the war.

BUT we were all brought up on "united we stand"

so a separate slave state didnt make that much sense....especially with the worldwide challenges of the 20th century.

you are right about fundamentalists, they travel under all flags and religions..

and background checks as well...

I think responsible gun owners would like to buy a gun that ONLY they can use(palm print recognition)

that is my favorite idea....

and if background check save 2o kids from being shot up with an AR15, then i think I can get behind inconveiencing all these freaks who are buying their 19th gun for afew hours or minutes that it takes to run a check on his or her record...

we dont want felons(who demostrated they can not handle firearms responsibly) to have eASY access to them.

Im with you, it wont save many lives, but a starting with a handful of lives saved, would be helpful.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#185025 Mar 27, 2013
Hell, I liked Ron Paul... But, then again, I liked Ross Perot...

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#185026 Mar 27, 2013
heartandmind wrote:
<quoted text>
how do you think straight parents handle gay kids? particularly "christian" parents the espouse the same views as you?
let me tell you about those ramifications as i deal with them regularly as a volunteer in my community....i see the teens that are hurt, emotionally and physically, to the point where they want to commit suicide - at the hands of people that are supposed to love them unconditionally and protect them. sometimes we can intervene in time and successfully save that teen, sometimes not.
and let me speak to the situation you point to - my partner & i are the parents of 3 straight kids - 1 young adult in college, one teen in high school and the youngest in elementary school. we have other friends that have children as well. there is no issue insofar as dealing with "anger"....or wanting to hug the kids, etc. the kids see us as their parents, know us as their parents and treat us as their parents. likewise, we treat them as we should - our kids. we coach them, discipline them, teach them, interact with them, listen to them, lecture them, the same as you do yours. you fail to see the similarities. throw into that mix is us raising them in going to church with us and being active in the church and our community. all 3 kids do well in school, have friends, are active in sports and clubs. nothing different from you'd expect in any other middle class kid growing up in america.
...and another thing you might want to consider - straight parents brought us homosexuals up in this world (if we're adults now) and taught us how to be adults and how to be parents. the successes and failures you see are from our raising from straight parents.
Skip the good guy makes everyone else a bad guy stories.

Your partner and you are not the parents of three kids. ONE of you may be to each one, but not mutually.

Those children are missing a mother or father in your home. That is no small distinction from what God and nature designed. You can never equate to that.

As to Church, here are the words of Jesus;

Matthew 19:4-6 (MSG)
4 He answered, "Haven't you read in your Bible that the Creator originally made man and woman for each other, male and female?
5 And because of this, a man leaves father and mother and is firmly bonded to his wife, becoming one fleshóno longer two bodies but one.
6 Because God created this organic union of the two sexes, no one should desecrate his art by cutting them apart."

You cut apart and desecrate what God has made.

“Vita e' Bella.”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#185027 Mar 27, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
No, you agreed with them, they did not consult with you first. Therefore, they did not agree with you. They're not even aware of you.
Whoa.....waitaminit here! They don't know about Big D? Haven't the been to the mountain to seek his guidance and wisdom? At the very least purchase a "Big D" t-shirt or bobble head dolls, the North Koreans love those, from,the souvenir shop located at the bottom of the mountain.

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#185028 Mar 27, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
But, KiMare does not lie. KiMare speaks more eloquently than just about any other poster, and put your side to shame. Your side has to resort to lies and insults, witness Chongo and its repeated insults about being aborted, Chongo has nothing else, it is why I enjoy stepping on Chongo, more than any other poster in here. Chongo calls people "b!tch", and other names, brings in peoples children, says shit about their kids getting pearl necklaces and such. Who could respect Chongo? KiMare is one of the best posters in here, and I enjoy watching your side produce evasions to KiMares posts.
Thanks Randy.

“Vita e' Bella.”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#185029 Mar 27, 2013
akpilot wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't need to, the court has already explained it. Again if you people would actually do some actual research instead of simply taking everything you read on a liberal blog and repeating it you might actually learn something.
"Plaintiffs' reliance on Loving v Virginia (388 US 1 [1967]) for the proposition that the US Supreme Court has established a fundamental "right to marry the spouse of one's choice" outside the male/female construct is misplaced."..."In its brief due process analysis, the Supreme Court reiterated that marriage is a right "fundamental to our very existence and survival" (id., citing Skinner, 316 US at 541)óa clear reference to the link between marriage and procreation. It reasoned: "To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes ... is surely to deprive all the State's citizens of liberty without due process of law" (id.). Although the Court characterized the right to marry as a "choice," it did not articulate the broad "right to marry the spouse of one's choice" suggested by plaintiffs here. Rather, the Court observed that "[t]he Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discriminations" (id.[emphasis added]).[FN2] Needless to say, a statutory scheme that burdens a fundamental right by making conduct criminal based on the race of the individual who engages in it is inimical to the{**7 NY3d at 372} values embodied in the state and federal Due Process clauses. Far from recognizing a right to marry extending beyond the one woman and one man union,[FN3] it is evident from the Loving decision that the Supreme Court viewed marriage as fundamental precisely because of its relationship to human procreation.[FN4][*13]"- Hernandez v Robles
Go AkP....keep it coming. Thanks for the legal lesson.

Since: Nov 12

Elk Grove, CA

#185030 Mar 27, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
1.) First off you try to equate the terms "sexual intercourse" and "coitus". They are not the same words.
"Sexual intercourse" takes place between two people of any gender. Do you deny that same-gender couples have sexual intercourse? I don't think you do.
"Coitus" very specifically refers to the "sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina." (from the on line dictionary "Farflex" http://www.thefreedictionary.com/coitus ).
You may think I'm splitting hairs. But it's important for you to understand that there is a very distinct difference.
Act in which the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract
Two faced Mormons

La Puente, CA

#185031 Mar 27, 2013
You can't enter a Mormon Church or temple just because your NOT a PAYING member, sounds very much like a CULT, pay to play.

On the other hand a Mormon in good standing or bad as per the cult Mormon leaders, can and are welcome in other denomination of religion in the United States of America.

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