FUBU Clothing Company is Racist
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Toronto, Canada

#48 Feb 14, 2014
The original meaning of FUBU was five urban brothers united. People gave it the name "for us by us" as it started to gain popularity. You even stated this on your post. How can you call this racism? You contradict yourself buddy

Bourges, France

#49 Mar 23, 2014
i just wanted to let a mess for "fubu is racist" really in 2014 there is again some people who talks about this kind of topic !
i think that those kind of people are closeminder for themself and for other racist like them simply...
speaking reality

Antioch, CA

#50 Jun 3, 2014
In my honest opinion, the african american people can have whatever they please made for themselves. What bothers me, is that if a caucasion made the exact same clothing brand with the exact acrynom, the clothing brand would be instantly boycotted and thrown off the market. As long as it is made by an african american though, it is perfectly fine and no harm, no foul.

Rio Rancho, NM

#51 Oct 11, 2014
for reals ELMER wrote:
numero uno, your name is really Elmer. Elmer? swear to God?
y dos: you are from Perris or your dns is routing through Perris and you could be from Hemet but I suspect you are actually from Perris as most Hemet IP's get routed for only a short time and further away....
now who here would believe that a white guy named Elmer from Perris might be a bit prejudiced? LIKE MAYBE THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE WOULD THINK A WHITE PERSON FROM PERRIS IS PREJUDICE....?? YA THINK HUH HUH HUH?
hey Elmer Fudd, this here is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we have free enterprise or capitalism and FUBU can do anything it wants homey.... seems like FUBU FUBAR your little shell of a world...
I hope FUBU makes bank and plenty of it.... I can say with almost 100% certainty that they have more money than you... in 2009 they 350 million. that could probably buy half the foreclosures in Perris.
?Dude please, you African Americans think you got some kind of monopoly regarding wht the white man done to yo asses. Fo yo info bro, lots of different folk had a lot of shit done to their people. The problem is most of you stupid fuckers think your entitled to reparations. If that's the case then I want mines. Why don't you People stand up in a positive way like Daymon john and make a living fo yo self instead of filling up the prisons.

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 Oct 17, 2014
My god there are some morons out there. Please educate yourselves before spreading falsehoods. First, the "for us by us" does not elude to race. It describes hip hop culture. Was it targeted toward black people? Yes, but it really does not evolve around race. Look up quotes by john, you'll see. Second, the company exists mainly in Korea where it has become a trendy fashion revolves around music culture. They do millions of dollars in sales in Korea, which is the mainstay of their business at the moment. Explain to me how that is a racist company, you ignoramus.

Ocala, FL

#53 Jan 5, 2015
Hi everyone, are you not sick of every thing having to be race based, so what if he's proud of his color, that doesn't mean he's racist, I'm white and if I really checked into it, I'm sure there's a few other backgrounds mixed in there to, but to look at me, I'm white, nothing wrong with being who you are, and changing with what works, good for him ,and fubu.

Bronx, NY

#54 Apr 14, 2015
Anonymous wrote:
I have been purchasing FUBU clothng since its onset. It was never created to target one race. Anyone with any marketing knowledge knows that to do that would be the end of that creation.
Those of you that make everything a race, nationality, and/or gender thing must have sleepless nights. Give it up already. Don't you have anything better to do with your lives, ie., work, hobby, raise a family, read, etc.
I feel so sorry for all of you.
So BET has been on how long now? And the original post does have some merrit. Now think for a second how long Tommy Hilfigre would have stayed in business had the brand been Tommy Hilfigre FUBU knowing it meant "for whites by whites"?
left them in the jungle

Brampton, Canada

#55 May 18, 2015
I used to wear that clothing until I found out what it meant , then I thought black people are the most racist people , they keep throwing there color issue in your face , guess what I it wasn't for slavery you would being dying of starvation , aids or he countless other viruses, the more I am exposed to other cultures the more sick I get of them.....
who cares

Ohatchee, AL

#56 Jun 6, 2015
This is so dumb. black people market there product for black people. White people market products for white people. example how many black people are out buy confederate flags? You market your product to what your customers are gonna buy

Peoria, IL

#57 Jul 20, 2015
ELMER wrote:
FUBU founder and owner must be a racist.
FUBU is a clothing company, founded in 1992 by the Shark Tank celebrity, John Daymond. FUBU clothing is designed and created for the African-American community. The name is an acronym for “For Us By Us”, implying the product line was produced for a primarily African –American market.
However, the original meaning of FUBU was “Five Urban Brother United,”
Because of the racist overtone, all non-African-Americans should boycott the FUBU clothing line and not support such racist behavior.

Get outta here all of the odd the clothing lines from tiny Hilfiger all the way to Michael koris are racist but nobody wants to talk about that.But everybody wants to bash the black people for terms get something just for us by us.
A White Woman

United States

#58 Aug 6, 2015
left them in the jungle wrote:
I used to wear that clothing until I found out what it meant , then I thought black people are the most racist people , they keep throwing there color issue in your face , guess what I it wasn't for slavery you would being dying of starvation , aids or he countless other viruses, the more I am exposed to other cultures the more sick I get of them.....
You do know that starvation, aids, and countless other viruses happens in the USA too, don't you? Also, you may want to see who your ancestors are because every skin color has had slavery of their own. So before you talk about other people's culture maybe you should look at yours. Another thing is if you have Native American ancestors then you may want to look in other countries/cultures for them. The Spaniards came to America in 1700-1800's and took some of them to other countries for the slave trade.

Hemet, CA

#59 Sep 29, 2015
makes no sense if a clothing comapony does what it does or as need to put clothes out for us al to harmony

Oakland, CA

#60 Oct 9, 2015

Oakland, CA

#61 Oct 9, 2015
Black People can not be racist.
yo elmer

Wilmington, DE

#62 Dec 21, 2015
Elmer wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be illiterate or just plain stupid. You must not have understood my post.
I said the manufacturer of FUBU must be a racist. Because of what the acronym means.
I doubt that you know what “Playing the race card” actually means.
What do you call someone who designs and markets a product that is meant for only one race?
How can I be a racist if I make a derogatorily remark about a person of my own race?
Another post mentioned that FUBU should advertise what FUBU stands for. I doubt that the company
Would do that for obvious reasons.
----------at elmer----------
What do you call a society...that aims their focus on white people..
Mostly white actors...bankets..On shows..tv..movies...news...job s..
Then when wizard of OZ does an all black cast..white folks get mad as if it's racist-- & call black people racist..?..seems white people don't want people of color to have anything..yet america..Wasn't first all white..it was stolen ...!!! By the people that lived here 1st.. subconsciously they are saying..they want to see more white people then black people...hollywood..banking..r eal estate...
Money is green..bet network perpetuates making black people as Willie Lynch wanted....in the court system...white people get away with much more than blacks and latino..whether they have money or not...the young man that shot the people in a church wasn't tried as an adult..-?..yet another young man..black..at 16..with a misdemeanor was charged as adult and went to jail for a long time...every color comes from.the color black....test it with paint..
And even white is a color...so much for the water fountains that said colored...only...

Dallas, TX

#63 Jan 31, 2016
I have a FUBU originals for sale. Email me if you are interested at dedneal13@com. Ali, Fat Albert series, a towel. I clean out my kids storage and will be getting rid of some of them. In mint conditions. Thanks
I want my 90s back

Washington, DC

#64 Feb 10, 2016
In 1998 purchased Fubu shirt in local store for $40 and had the same for 5 years.Back then I really didn't care if it was for whites or blacks(I am Europian my self white).At that time racism was very low today it seems to be behind every corner.To bed,it was better then.

Houston, TX

#65 Jul 6, 2016
Elmer they are both wrote:
illiterate or just plain stupid. maybe not plain stupid but a special kind of backwoods itnerbreeding hemet texas or kentucky transplants who bring a little bit more to the meaning of stupid...

stupid exponential crackers who see their little majority being wiped out.. redneck stupid maybe, or just repube stupid. in a folksy kind of way though. repressed poor undereducated hemetian stupid, yeah that's it...
Many ignorant races in general in this county. Minority so callled people. I prefer male and female due lake of self control,no personal responsibility or have little to no control with a drink for their children and demand as every other self-reliant citizen to take their money Feed,clothe Medicate and educate their offspring .They're the closest thing to primates I know of but I digress. The in humanly breeding of every third world country/ culture does this and they come here with their substandard little girl violent Behavior So factually we are literally being fucking into poverty .I am responding to you after reading your enthusiastic remark about white people being wiped out . People who have knowledge and speak to other people who have knowledge your world travels this is one of the least racist countries on the face of the Earth you look at Latin America how they treat the African Americans the birthplace of this planet was in Northern Africa and for the last five thousand years to sing and dance and suck and f*** behavior and then a dismal failure and a blight upon the planet nobody likes the truth why do Latin Americans always goes north to another culture and bring their vulgar and violence and narcissism within their culture their language is south not at all African and Middle East leader countries instead of going south or west forgive me eat and head north to the Anglo country and plunder and do the same thing they did their country just for the Latin Americans say they want to take over this nation well in comparison to what they took over and all the Latin American countries look at them they're broke so violent many of them are no more than are Narco country but that makes people of color happy that they're destroying a formerly Christian and predominantly white Nation Cross that's why the britons want to pull out of the European Union. President Obama basically lectured by the European leaders and France in Canada at the last G8 Summit in Canada and was told not 2 don't go down the path of Europeans Multicultural destroys the host culture. This is a lftist movement l. There are no Democrats the leftists pick and choose what about Bill of Rights what they like the Constitution and the Bible . It is purpose is destruction of Christianity . It is the movement of Lucifer and make the planet in the image of man . If you do not follow God then you follow Satan and that's what it's all. This is not a Melting Pot
A Melting Pot forms one.That made this nation Great for immigation for years and years . It Simplicity ,it was easy to assimilate . One government ,1 money one ,language ,one military,one That's how you form a strong Nation

Houston, TX

#66 Jul 6, 2016
Forgive me it was mostly talk to text and it doesn't pick up my words properly and has little to no punctuation I think all sensible people get the chest of my message

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