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#125 Jan 22, 2013
After reading the 120 messages in this topic, all I have to say is Thank God I work for Renzenberger! I've been with them as a road driver for 14 months now. Believe me, Renzenberger is far from perfect, but compared to PTI, Renz is much better to work for.

Syracuse, UT

#126 Jan 22, 2013
xeno: ok, gonna make this simple.
* every branch of PTI around the country have two jobs: OTR (mileage + wait time) and DYV (hourly but at a higher rate of pay.
* I have given and re-given and re-re-re-given the steps that a driver (OTR and DYV) MUST take in order to get their pay they feel they have not gotten (rightfully so or not) and >IF< a driver does not follow these steps, then the consequences are upon THAT driver and to sit and bitch about it on here AFTER you have the steps to be taken, then please, tell me, who's fault is it when something catastrophic like that happens?
* First you say that drivers did NOT take vehicles home and then you said they did - which is it, did or didn't ("Here coach didn't allow for personal use of rigs. Only work related. Yes at times they were taken home by drivers.") The majority of CA drivers in all of the areas PTI took over (so far) have said the same thing, "what am I going to do now that you have taken away my van, it was my work and personal vehicle" .. so many 9 out of 10 branches allowed it, and, maybe yours didn't, point it...PTI does NOT allow it UNLESS you are a Branch Manager.
* So a BIG question.. if your Union Stewards have "finally gotten it right" ..WHY are you complaining you have not gotten 160 hours worth of pay? A REAL Union Steward would have told you, file a grievance and *I* will take it to the Branch Manager and if that doesn't work, then the Union will find out what is going on and correct it. So obviously, if you have not been paid, YOUR Union Stewards have NOT gotten it "right".
*PTI has certain things that are required, background check, a clean driving record and the ability to pass a drug screen. That stands for Toledo or any other place. CA drivers or driver from another company just transferring over to PTI, are not automatically hired because they WERE drivers. EVERYONE that wants to be hired by PTI has to go through these "hoops" and in the case of CA drivers, they are considered "new hires" and have to do it before they can work for PTI -- has NOTHING to do with "losing computer records".
*CA drivers got hosed. Well, this happens when a company takes over a bankrupt company and it is sad, but a true fact of life. However with that said, a Union Steward that is recognized by one of the PTI Unions, should be able to fight for your senority but unfortunately, more that likely, can not do anything about the pay they used to get. They have to start over like a newly hired employee.
*As for the money CA owed to companies concerning maintenance and repairs, PTI is not liable legally to pay those people the money they were/are owed. I am SURE the attornies for PTI have the ability to go back into court and force CA officals to reveal their debts if they were not revealed in the bankruptcy hearings which a court would want to see before they allow a bankruptcy. My guess would be that PTI does not have to pay those people but in some/most/all cases, they would make a deal with those places to continue working on the vehicles as a new customer for that repair facility. But.... maybe not...
*Finally, you ask ("Aside from your standard "if you don't like it quit" answer, what would be a legitimate course of action that you would suggest?") I have told you and all the others the steps that need to be taken, the people you need to contact and the PROOF that YOU need to have in front of you before you talk to ANYONE. It is all above (maybe this page or one or two back even). Get the CODE SET MILEAGE BOOKS which your Branch Manager SHOULD have in your office for ALL to see, because this affects everyones pay. Once you have that, so you can verify mileage allowed vs miles you drove and pre-figured your pay on, and take that to the up the corporate ladder as outlined above. There are no accountants going over each and every persons pay and saying, OMG..we shorted xeno's pay, lets pay him what is owed. It is your responsibilty to keep track.
Read and answered I think!!
aubrey davis

Bloomington, IN

#127 Jan 23, 2013
i worked for pti in chicago,il and i'm part of the lawsuit. that job was kind of a bust and it was ok when i wasn't working my other job as i do mosquito control during the spring-fall. what i hated was the management. they were out for themselves and there was a lot of "backscratching" between them. now as far as pay goes,it all dependended on how many runs you can do and if you got a good one. in chicago,the best run to get is chicago to toledo, if you got that run,you hit a gold mine. however,the run is RARELY given to a newbie and is given to someone of seniority. i got the toledo run my second week of work and in my one year there only did it 6 times. i was either given chicago to elkhart,chicago to whiting,chicago to one of the local yards,or the uprr runs. the best run i got was chicago to fort madison,iowa. but before i resigned i was given a yard and that was ok because it was more laid back. however,pti needed to be sued because they railroaded a LOT of people!!! the chicago east branch is a freakin joke,some of the people there are really cool but a lot of them can be real moondicks. my first day of training was in a terrible snowstorm but all my runs were local with my trainer. however,i do not discourage anyone from working there because if i needed to go back i would just to pass the time. also,i'm married with five kids so this job would only help out by a slight margin. one more thing and i'm done, the two worst experiences i had working there was they almost fired me because they thought i wrecked a rr employee's car and found out that it was not. the next was when i missed a day of work because i found out my wife was pregnant and my phone was damaged. the weekend manager (who is now the branch manager) gave me a bogus write-up in which i fought and won. so my experience may differ from someone else's. other than that,pti do need to pay folks back for the time they screwed them out of. so i am happy that lawsuit was put in place because people that work or have worked there deserve ALL of their money.
aubrey davis

Bloomington, IN

#128 Jan 23, 2013
oh yeah about that wreck i explained. i did not wreck or scratch the van and the rr emplyees overdramatized the incident. i filed the proper reports,i checked out fine but i did take pictues too as proof no damages were done. also,i passed my drug test and the chicago police and rr police shrugged their shoulders about it and moved on because the roads were icy and no damage was done. the safety board misunderstood my report and "fired" me while i was on a run to fort wayne,in. i was reinstated a week later after one of the people from the saftey board picked me up and i took him to the site. he was mad because the person who made the decision wasted his time. he was from the cleveland branch and had to come all the way to chicago to do it. other than that as i said pti wasn't all bad but they are committing financial sodomy on a lot of people.

Waterloo, IL

#129 Jan 23, 2013
I only have one thing to matter how much you have to repost the correct way to recover your pay that you did not get ..... it still boils down to this ..... we should never have been docked any pay to begin with. This GPS should work right nor take it out. We should get the correct miles and wait time from the start and not have to go after 10 trips of incorrect pay per pay period. I can somewhat understand one going wrong - but when almost every trip has a problem with it ... something needs to be done about that!!!
the great and powerful

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#130 Jan 29, 2013
jimim523 wrote:
I have not forgotten you, just trying to get some definitive answers from our union on exactly how to proceed. I have your E-Mail address right here on my cork board in front of me. I am going to be calling them again this week while I am off and hopefully, will have your answers for you shortly. Thank you for your patience ... Jim
dear jim,i have read some of your posts and was wondering where you fit in with pti,please email me at [email protected]

Glenwood, MN

#131 Feb 22, 2013
If Jim is a union offiliated rep., why hasn't any of the union representatives come out to meet drivers in Minnesota prior to threatening jobs? Very Professional. Not. I've been at job orientations were new applicants join unions, the day of orientation there was a union official explaining it all. Professionability is not something this company does a very good job of representing. Vehicle are dilapitated, limping and smoking down the Minnesota highways, and then we have this decal that says Professional Transportation Inc next to the driver. I am so embarrassed. But hey, I understand. It's the corporate dollar. I am surprised the railroad hasn't bad ordered more of these vehicles. Wait until we have a breakdown in the middle of no where in a blizzard. That will get the railroad's attention! Not very proactive. Reactive is what PTI seems to be more accustom to. Then they get what they get. I read their investment portfolio stating there are uncontrollable elements but hiring good staff members and drivers will ensure a positive outcome. Well, good staff members don't like reactive scenarios. Good people plan in advance and anticipate and are prepared to handle possible problems. We can't anticipate when the RR will order a run or where we go, but those that adjusted well to this lifestyle... efforts should be attempted to keep the drivers and managers. They treat everyone as though they are expendable and can be easily replaced. If people are so easy to replace where do we have drivers going to other hubs for back up purposes? I know of a hub that is going to hire four more people, but there are two to three drivers who plan to leave when they know there will be someone else taking over. It's a hamster wheel until they offer some kind of incentive to stay. Having vans in our own possession was the incentive. we maintained the vehicles. We never had so many breakdowns as we do now because by the time we get to that centralized location we have to leave immediately to get to the origin on time. The vehicle never gets a chance to warm up for more than 3 minutes. You can't do that! Not in subtemp terrain. Whatever. If I had a beverage or thought I could safely have one I would say, "Here's to Safety and Professionalism. Whatever."

Syracuse, UT

#132 Feb 22, 2013
"Frustrated" .. first of all, IF YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS BLOG, you would see I am an elected Union Steward for TOLEDO OHIO branch. I do not live in New York, I do not work FOR the Union OTHER THAN I am employed by PTI, elected by my fellow employees to represent them, NOT YOU, NOT SIGN YOU UP -- UNLESS... you work in Toledo, which you do not. So get off my FREE PAYING job as Union Steward and learn about the company you work for and stop just throwing out BS for the heck of it.
Now, as to the vehicles. The "vans" you Coach America drivers took home are pieces of JUNK. Out of Toledo, we had 15 drivers just from our branch, out there to take over the Coach America duties as we took over CA branches, one by one. They sent back photos of your vehicles that you took home and cared for like it was your own (cough). We did leave some vehicles out there and more will be sent to you as time goes on. The biggest problem is that though PTI did their homework on taking over the BANKRUPT Coach America, there were quite a few things that the CA Corporation sorta shall we say, "glossed over"... no, lets be honest - they LIED about their assets and their condition. Little business lesson here for your wanna be business types: if you are going bankrupt, then you owe money to A,B,C companies and you don't have any money (because you diverted it into funds for the top officals to have money when it is all done and overwith). Anyway, CA owed we will say, XYZ amount of money. If they sell it, for even TUW amount of money, then they can declare the balance a loss. But they need one thing, a company that IS making money to buy them out, some sucker to take over their "assets" so they don't have to eat the whole amount which the Courts would have them paying some of that back and CA didn't want to do that because they were scam artists AND didn't know how to run a company that deals with the railroad. So take the money and run and screw everyone else, which they did. PTI came in expecting to have vans running, drivers that were QUALIFIED by PTI standards to work for them and what they got was (being nice here) NOT what they expected all the way around. Yes, they kept some drivers but the VAST MAJORITY OF THEM... were fired but NOT asked to come back. Yes, PTI does see the drivers as a commodity. You can hire 10, if 9 don't work out, then who cares, there are 20 more behind them. Even your dispatch out of Bismark didn't know what they were doing and 98% of them were FIRED and the few good ones, the ones with potential, got moved to Evansville. The reason you don't have drivers to cover all of the shifts out there is because the majority of Branch Managers are from CA and they are idiots for the most part too. Keep turning down runs and as they hire more people to cover "you", you will find you might not drive today so instead of 5 days, you will get 2. See how you pay your bills on that kind of "money". I love how you say your vans never get to warm is a tip.. read closely now... GET TO THE VAN LOCATION EARLIER.. DUH...YOUR responsibility is to get to your van, check it out, warm it up, log into the computer and take your time to get to the pick up location ON TIME.. leave your house earlier... what is so hard to figure out about that? I can tell you this, from what you have written about and said, you would not last 2 weeks working for Toledo 40!!!
You would not measure up and you would be let go before your 60 days probation was up and no Union for you to help you.(see you have to have worked for PTI for 60 days before you are IN the Union on the 61st day for those of you that do not understand how that stuff works).
Well, I am tired of explaining this now and I have better things to do, so either shape up or ship out, get with PTI program (good or bad no matter it is your job and no one is forcing you to be employed there) or work at Walmart as a greeter (oh wait, they have rules too by the way, oops)

Syracuse, UT

#133 Feb 22, 2013
Alice - you are righ. Absolutely!! If you work, you shoul get paid. If you don't, then here are your choices, ONCE read people and understand what I am saying, I can also put it in Spanish, Dutch, French, German...if I need to.
1 if you are not paid what you think you are owed, file a Payroll Inquiry. 2. If that doesn't work out or no response, ask your Branch Manager to step in and help. 3. If that doesn't work, then call HR in Evansville (get Corporate number from Dispatch or ASK Dispatch to put you through to HR) and tell them what is going on - HAVE YOUR PAPERWORD READY BECAUSE THEY WILL ASK. 4. If you want, also ask for Payroll when you talk to HR and ask to be transfered to them next. 5. Nothing has worked, contact your UNION STEWARD and have the Union step in (AFTER THE STEPS ABOVE) 6. Contact your State Labor Board/Hourly & Wage division and at the same time, contact an Attorney with the little amount of money you have left because at that point, your reward via a lawsuit will out weigh your expenses!!
You are absolutely right that the computers/GPS should work in the vans. In a perfect world. Just a question though, how woud you go about testing a new computer/gps system to work in ALL areas of the USA unless you put it out and then fix the bugs as they happen in all or whatever areas it has problems with? Maybe you would just put one in a van and drive it around the country taking calls and making runs to see if it works right? Comeon... supposedly you are an adult and you don't need a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Business Management and Marketing to figure out how business runs now do you? Really? Hmmm... I wonder how Bill Gates makes that little program he writes work??

Newburgh, IN

#134 Apr 6, 2013
FYI Jim no dispatchers were transferred from Bismarck. None of them made the cut

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Bowling Green, OH

#135 Apr 6, 2013
I have looked up the company.... I have seen this blog... and I still took a job in Lima Ohio. I really like it .... it is a 3rd job for me ..... and I do it to keep busy..... to be honest I have NEVER even seen a pay stub. I have kept all my trip sheets .... but have never taken the time to compare them to my stub.

Syracuse, UT

#136 Apr 6, 2013
Thank you 'Youknow', I only heard that a handful of dispatchers were even being asked to go to Evansville out of how ever many there were in Bismark. I heard that the Coach America dispatchers left A L O T to be desired and just could not get onboard (no pun intended) with the PTI way of dispatching. This came directly from our Toledo drivers that were out there dealing with their stupidity. As for the ones that were good (very few actually) it is a shame they either did not make the cut or decided not to move to Evansville, Indiana. As for the others... we don't need those kind of people working for PTI anyway.. enough issues already, don't need "attitude" from old Coach America has been's anyway.
PTI-LIMA ... glad you are enjoying your job with PTI there. Though you are a small branch, you do "mighty" work there!! See you guys up in Toledo often. Keep up the good work!

Newburgh, IN

#137 Apr 6, 2013
jimim523 wrote:
Thank you 'Youknow', I only heard that a handful of dispatchers were even being asked to go to Evansville out of how ever many there were in Bismark. I heard that the Coach America dispatchers left A L O T to be desired and just could not get onboard (no pun intended) with the PTI way of dispatching. This came directly from our Toledo drivers that were out there dealing with their stupidity. As for the ones that were good (very few actually) it is a shame they either did not make the cut or decided not to move to Evansville, Indiana. As for the others... we don't need those kind of people working for PTI anyway.. enough issues already, don't need "attitude" from old Coach America has been's anyway.
PTI-LIMA ... glad you are enjoying your job with PTI there. Though you are a small branch, you do "mighty" work there!! See you guys up in Toledo often. Keep up the good work!
I went to the Bismarck dispatch center to work and they were not bad people they just had bad habits. They were the reason moral within Coach was so awful. PTI is like any other employer you get out of it what you put in it.
Rumor Monger 86ed
#138 Apr 14, 2013
Here is the dirt fit fit to print from the railroaders. 1) The contract in Gillette, Wyoming is due to be rebid in a few months. 2) BNSF is not happy with PTI. Gillette PTI says BNSF loves PTI more than Coach...REALLY? 3) RCX tried to bid last year and lost due to govermnent saying it would be a monopoly on crew transport in this area if RCX was granted the contract. Ask the crews what they have heard? I COUL BE WRONG. Okay everyone says yea I'm gonna get labor board on this. Well they want to have you sepeated from the company before they go in. Alot o people threatening legal action. If that were indeed true why have they not made themselves known. More drives in the legal action equals more money for drivers more money to legal and a bad reputation for PTI. A few mistakes on every check seems intentional. Sure they want you to keep it quiet and in house. When will accounting be accountable for now regular routine errors they make. SILENCE IS CONSENT. If PTI does loose the contract they will be gone. Get the legal set up before they are gone back to wheree they come from. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU HARD WORKING GILLETTE DIVISION DRIVERS.

Waterloo, IL

#139 Apr 14, 2013
jimim surely i understand what you are saying about the kinks having to be worked out but surely it doesn't take more than a year to work out some simple little kinks does it? and i am not seeing anybody working on anything in fact when you turn in a problem with a vehicle or gps in my office it generally doesn't get fixed at all. gps's go off if you turn off the vehicle, the just reboot themselves when your in the middle of driving and even if you turn them in as having a problem they don't do anything about it. get back in the van again and it's still doing the same thing. in fact the other day i checked the oil in the only van that was available and there was no oil showing on the dipstick. i ran into the office to ask for some oil to put in it and was given the last quart of oil they had. then i was told that the branch is only allowed so much oil per month and if they try to order more then the order actually gets reduced instead of increased. the manager told me to put that quart in and just take the vehicle as is. that quart only barely registered on the dipstick and didn't come anywhere near the bottom of the line. how can you run a business like this? i will say that the payroll has gotten better since i've been here. actually getting paid what i am supposed to be getting and in some cases $10 or $20 more on the check then i figure it out to be. i'm impressed on that but still not paid for any of the back stuff i turned in for payment months ago and worried about how they care for these vans. had a ball bearing going out in one told them three times about it. it should have been taken out of service in the very least not to mention fixed. lord knows what would happen if that thing decided to completely fail. i just don't think i make enough money to die for this job. the vehicles should be maintained and be safe. and i'm sure if the vehicle gets wrecked because this bearing fails then they would say it was my fault for not having the vehicle under control. bologna. unfortunately for me there isn't anything else i can do as i am disabled. and i do like the job it is fun. but come on, get your shit together pti, fix the problems when they are turned in. jimim you say the kinks need to be worked out? well then fix the problems when a driver lets you know a problem exists. i can accept the fact that they are working with new technology, but it isn't gonna fix itself. and doing nothing isn't fixing the problem. and i really can't accept this kind of neglect with the vehicles. i just don't understand what these people are doing in their attempt to run this business by the seat of their pants.
Ex branch manager

United States

#140 Apr 15, 2013
Here's my two cents....
Fist off, Jim sounds like your typical management robot that swallowed the "pti is great and wonderful and we never do wrong" pill. The problem is he shoots his mouth off without letting his brain finish engaging. The Indiana GM? I've dealt with him and in my opinion he is an incompetent moron.

Second, if PTI is doing so well, then why has there been upper level talks within UP upper management about dumping the contract with PTI. I stepped down to a Lead due to upper management eliminating Regional managers just so they could save money. I'm not griping about that one because I make more money since I got my road miles back. You seem to brag about the PTI way? I didn't know somebody could love utter confusion and chaos from policy changes every 5 minutes and knee-jerk reactions from the directors. But that's right, you're just a DYV and would never know about these kind of things. My advice to you is that you may know the contract and the policies in the blue book, but think about the way you word things, because its making you look like a pompous ass. Should we be impressed by you simply because you're a union steward?

And since when does a branch manager make 30,000 a year? I was a branch manager overseeing 3 branches and was salaried at approximately 25,000 a year. And I know for a fact that they offered a twin cities driver a salary of $500 a paycheck to manage both the bnsf and cp and up side which amounts to just over 100 drivers. And these are actual, verifiable facts.

If you think PtI is so wonderful, then why don't you go be a manager? It will be bittersweet to see you come back here in a few months and have to eat your own crow on the forum

Have a lovely day

Syracuse, UT

#141 Apr 15, 2013
Alice: I am glad to hear you are finally getting your pay and I hope that you are continuing with the things I told you before about how to get that pay and if not, then the steps you need to take to make sure you get paid. As for the equipment, vans, I know that PTI made a quick decision on what type of GPS to buy and the software to run it. I personally, did not have to deal with those units for long but in the short time I did, I know they would not come up (needed many reboots to make them work), the glitches in the software was often and the servers keep going down which makes the road drivers have to go back to keeping their runs on paper. If you use the GPS to get somewhere on your trips, you can thank whomever was in your region that programmed them (went to each location to set them) and if your GPS team was anything like the ones that did it in our region, they either did not want to do it, got tired of doing it or just didn't know what they were doing but 99% of the locations that the road drivers go, are NOT set up correctly. Oh they get you to the yard, but then it is up to you to use a divining rod to find the Admin Building or Crew Rooms. I used to use a Garmin 2790 when I was on the road even with the Crew/GPS's and I never got lost and there are now approximately 75-90 stops saved in mine and I give that file to anyone who has a Garmin GPS in the Toledo branch.
You might want to call Evansville and ask for the safety department and let them know about your concerns with the vans and see what they can/will do for you. For a company who's motto is, "the right way is the safe way" surely does not know what that motto actually means. I do know in Toledo, people were using the oil and windshield washer fluid in their personal cars, so they stopped putting it out, but our vans are all maintained pretty well but we also have 1 branch manager and 2 assistant branch managers and 1 office manager who are all on top of that sort of thing. This is not the case with most branches. You are lucky if you have 1 branch manager to do it all by him/herself. But we are also either number 2 or 3 as far as the most employees (160 road and yard drivers) and runs in the whole company, so we do need more help than a smaller branch. Anyway, call the safety department and make your complaint known Alice.
Good luck and be alert from your pay to your driving.

Syracuse, UT

#142 Apr 15, 2013
Ex-Branch Manager: well my friend, let me tell you something that obviously you are not aware of or smart enough to figure out. I am NOT a manager, was not interested when it was offered to me in the past and not interested now. The Toledo Branch Manager and most of the Branch Managers in our region, MAKE $32,000.00 a year. If you were only making $25,000.00 then it shows your worth and what the company thought of you. I have advanced degrees from the University of Michigan and just retired from my job at the local hospital after 41 years. So you are not talking to an idiot or someone that is not educated enough to understand what is going on with this company and it's management. I had to laugh out loud are your assumptions because like so many other people (not all, but a lot and ALL of the ex Coach America people) that posted on this blog you have no idea what you are talking about, no life experience to even put you in a position to manage anyone with an attitude like yours. I don't know what a "lead" is but my best guess is it is what you call yourself as a driver. There is no such position in any PTI handbook or Union Contract that I have seen. So glorify yourself and be proud of the level you have risen to and make sure to tell everyone in your branch how important you are and continue to love your job because obviously, you don't have anything else to fall back on. Pompous ass? Maybe I am to someone like you, better educated, older, wiser, more experienced in the ways of the world but also, you (well not you actually sorry, maybe I should just use the word "I" which is much better) get real tired of saying the same things over and over and over again when if a person wanted to post here, he/she should go back and start at the beginning and see if there isn't an answer to their particular problem or question so that "I" don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again. I have never said PTI is a "great company" nor that all of the things they say are either right or make any sense at all. I fight this company every time I can through the union and get drivers (that deserve it) their jobs back, pay they were screwed out of or any other thing that PTI throws at drivers to screw them out of pay either with days off, being fired etc. There is a reason I was elected by all 160 employees at our branch to represent them and that is knowing HOW to speak to PTI and that I will not just stand by and take any or all of the BS that PTI throws at their employees every day. Also what I did for a REAL living for all of those years, even the upper management of PTI has to give me the respect I deserve and they do.
So little ex branch manager, get your head out of your ass and if you can't be part of the solution, then get out of the way, which obviously PTI recognized in you the lack of your ability to handle the management end of the branch you were at and put you back to a position you would fit into much easier. But hey, management isn't for everyone so do not be dismayed, do your job the best you can and I am sure you will be "just fine". As to your remarks about the "upper management" at UP railroad. I take it you are on the board of directors there and have all the inside information. Of course, if you were on the BOD, you would not be talking about company policy or decisions that the board would make in an open forum like this, which just goes to show you why you couldn't make it even as a PTI manager and because of your "inside information" that you claim to have, how people like you start spreading rumors.... but then again, it is what I would expect from you from your letter above.
Have a great day and be safe out there driving your crews lead driver. ;)
Ex branch manager

United States

#143 Apr 16, 2013
First, I was not demoted, I stepped down.
Second, ask your fearless leader mark Nichols- yes, lead driver is a legitimate position, and I still get a salary to go along with my driver pay for my lead driver duties.
Third- you claim all of this education yet here you are stuck working at PTI.
Fourth- I didn't step down due to lack of ability to do the job, I did it to prevent my bosses job from being eliminated, an act of compassion. Something you are clearly defective in as a human being. The only thing you've proven yourself capable of doing is flaming people on a forum. I actually do know what I'm talking about from firsthand experience around here.

I would attempt to match wits with you, but that would be stooping.

You brag about all of your wisdom and experience. In the crew crew transport industry, that's like bragging about being the smartest retard with Down's syndrome.
Ex branch manager

United States

#144 Apr 16, 2013
As smart as you claim to be, you obviously have no skill in reading comprehension, as several posters have had to repeat the same things over and over hoping that something may sink in between those ears of yours. Perhaps we should resort to drawing pictures and breaking out the fuzzy board that kindergarteners use so you can finally understand.

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