Schuylkill driver to face court accus...

Schuylkill driver to face court accused of DUI homicide

There are 17 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jan 19, 2007, titled Schuylkill driver to face court accused of DUI homicide. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

A Schuylkill County man who police say ignored friends' and relatives' pleas to not drive on a night last summer, then crashed his car, killing his girlfriend, was ordered Thursday to face county court on ...

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Sparta, NJ

#1 Jan 19, 2007
Neil Hatfield deserves the harshest punishment that can be awarded to him for the haneous crimes that he commited. He knew what he was doing that night. His parents were following him home, they were together in a car behind Neil and Shannon, now why didn't one of them volunteer to drive his car? Did you know that her blood alcohol level was non-exsistent? This Neil shows no remorse for murdering Shannon, he still throws parties at his house, where many of his guests are underage. Considering what he did, if he felt any remorse or had any dignity, would he be throwing parties, inviting kids, yes kids, to come and drink at his home?
There are too many accidents involving young adults and alcohol or drugs. I hope he pays dearly for taking that beautiful, outstanding young womans life away from her. She had just accepted a position at a local school to start her career as an elementary school teacher...

Harrisburg, PA

#2 Jun 6, 2007
she got in that car voluntarily actually. and if her blood alcohol level was non exsistent and she was so perfect then why didnt she offer to drive? dont put all the blame on Neil.
A Friend

Bear, DE

#3 Jul 16, 2007
Neil was driving and he should have been the responsible one. I am sorry I have no pitty for what happens to him in the future. He took a wonderful person and friend from this world. She had more going for her then he could ever dream of having. "idiot" how could you even make a stupid comment about her!!!!!!

Noblesville, IN

#4 Aug 12, 2007
you guys are a joke.... i get in the car all the time but thats my choice!!!!!!!! neil can sspend 10 years in jail....shes stil not coming back
neil is a wonderful father and a good guy he made one mistake so lets take him away from him son ....his son will suffer then,...everyone makes mistake GROW UP he didnt do it on purpose

United States

#6 Feb 26, 2008
It truly is a tragedy what happened on that awful night. Both parties involved are wonderful people and I can't imagine how both families must feel. I understand my my heart goes out to Shannon's family. However, they are So many people have been affected by this but mostly, Neil. Not only is he facing hard prison time and losing his son and family whom he loves more than anything, but he is constantly haunted with the guilt of being the driver in the accident that killed his girlfriend. Neil has been punished everyday after that unfortunate night. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone tries to cope with grief in their own way, even if its not the most politically correct way. I pray that all parties involve find contentment. But I think we should all remember that no one is perfect and worthy of judging another person. We should all have faith that even though tragedies happen and people may not always use their best judgment, the legal system determines what is right and what is just. I hope everyone takes into consideration how much this has affected Neil who is a great young man, son, brother, friend and most importantly a loving father. I wish nothing but justice and sympathy for all parties involved. Please remember that this will be a horrible memory for all. I hope that the judge will see that taking away all that Neil loves will not bring that poor girl back. It will essentially kill Neil and in NO WAY is that just.
Pine Grove

Mountain Top, PA

#7 Feb 28, 2008
In no way is that just for him to serve time?! You must be delusional. Yea, he looks so affected by it when he is out partying weeks after it happened, and whipping the camera crew the finger at the initial hearing. I assume you, Molly, think we should just let him run free, so he can do this time and time again. You make me sick.

Philadelphia, PA

#8 Mar 3, 2008
I am not delusional, I am realistic and fair. How would you feel if you were in his shoes? I don't know any person who has never gotten in a car and drove after having a few drinks. Driving under the influence is wrong and yes, I believe whomever does this and causes an accident or some sort of problem deserves some punishment. But who are we to say what is right and what is just? And as for him, "Whipping the middle finger at the camera crew," I think that although that may not have been the best decision he's made, HE WAS JUST in being angry. The camera crew followed his FAMILY and stepped over their boundaries, maybe before you make your comments you should know all the facts. Neil is going to get the punishment that the jury assigned thinks he deserves. Stop wasting your breath and few brain cells you have left in trying to prove what a bad guy Neil is. Neil is a good person who made a mistake that will stay with him forever. Instead of trying to blame someone we should all use this as a lesson in life. Life is too short, and we should be thankful for the friends and family in our lives and all that we have, and be thankful that we are not in his situation.

Bear, DE

#9 Mar 4, 2008
A wonderful life was lost and I don't want Neil to sit in jail for the rest of his life but he does deserve a punishment. He took a wonderful person from this world and she will never come back again. She will never have the chance to get married, tuck her kids in to bed at night and experience the things most people do. Neil can still do all those things. Yes Neil made a mistake but the mistake he made was illegal and he deserves a punishment! Shannon was a wonderful friend, daughter, and sister! We all miss her sooooo much. No matter what happens in the next couple of days i just hope everyone can remember what a wonderful person she was! Losing a person like her just doesn't make sence!

Collingswood, NJ

#10 Mar 4, 2008
I love how some of you act like you were there that night. In my opinion they were both at fault, so just let the justice system take care of things. He will get punishment, but nothing is going to bring that girl back, so please understand that he isn't the only one affected by your hatred. Along with you hating him, his family members are also taking quite a verbal beating from people who know they are related to Neil, and like a good family they are all sticking together and are supporting each other in this hard time. Neil's family feels for Shannon's family, but they are not the only ones who are suffering. Yes, they lost their daugher, and friend forever, but do you think that taking Neil away from his family forever is the right thing to do? We should all just be greatful that we didn't lose both of them that night.

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#11 Mar 5, 2008
Both families have been affected by this situation. This situation is a hard thing to handle. But the finger cannot be pointed at Neil Hatfield for everything. Should he be punished? Yes! I agree. But through all of this, what about the errors Shannon made. How much did she drink that night, why didn't she stop him from driving, why didn't Reed's Inn cut him off, this situation brings up a lot of questions in many peoples minds. Was Shannon a great person? YES!! She was. I know Neil very well, he is like my little brother. He wanted to come front to apoligize to the family but what do you say to someone that you are some of the reason why that person is no longer with us and like everyone keeps saying, it isn't going to bring Shannon back. No one in this world can imagine how Neil and the families are feeling and some people deal with remorse in their own way. Neil loved Shannon very much and I think it is TOTALLY wrong for people to put Neil down and make the situation worse. It could happen to any one. Neil knows what he did was wrong and knows there is nothing he can do to change it. This situation is not only effecting the families, keep in mind Neil is also suffering for his loss and his mistake. So basically what I am trying to say is that until you are in the situation yourself, don't make things worse by trashing someone that you don't know how they are feeling

United States

#12 Mar 5, 2008
First of all, going back to "LYNN" get your facts wasn't his parent's following him...noone was following him! His sister came upon the accident along with a few others in her car.
This was a horrible horrible thing that could happen. It isnt' the first time something like this has happened to someone. They were both adults that night and made the decision to get into the car.
Shannon was a really nice girl, but she definiley made A LOT of bad choices...and who doesn't. You can't put the blame on Neil, just because this ONE bad thing happened. BAD things happen all the time...oh, so do you just always blame that person, the person who just makes one bad decision, i'm sorry but EVERYONE makes one bad decision, plus many more, I know I do! You have to look at the faults of the other person too...look at all the times shannon drove off drunk after partying with her friends, but noone stopped her and she WAS falling all over the place...she was in quite a few accidents before she even was with Neil, but STILL she decided to get into Neil's vehicle without putting on her seatbelt which would have saved her life! This just all upsets me how everyone can go and put the blame ALL onto Neil, but Shannon was an adult that night just as well as Neil was she didn't have to get into his car, but SHE DID!
I'm SURE that all of her friends knowing a few STILL are drinking and driving...LEARN A LESSON from this! Or maybe you think this will NEVER happen to you...

Carteret, NJ

#13 May 2, 2008
"Shannon was a really nice girl, but she definiley made A LOT of bad choices...and who doesn't. "

wow that's just inconsiderate. how can you make a comment like that at times like this; emphasizing A LOT. I understand you said she was a really nice girl, but it's almost to a point where you only said that so what you really wanted to say wouldn't sound so harsh. A life is lost, doesn't hurt to be sensitive. I pray for her family and hope they are doing ok

Scranton, PA

#14 May 4, 2008
One individual's stupidity does not afford another individual justification for even greater stupidity.

Tremont, PA

#15 May 10, 2008
No, I really meant that she was a really nice girl, she was a GREAT girl...we got a long great...but it just really upsets me to see people judging him that do the exact same thing.
And, yes...I know for a fact a lot of those things I said are true...I could say more, but I won't...Just because it isn't happening to them doesn't mean it won't ever happen....heck I did those stupid things in my days as well...but I started being "smart" about things and started having a "dd". I'm not putting blame on anyone. That was a horrible thing that happened.
No one is perfect at all, I just wish people would see that instead of just focusing on one person. Accidents do happen, and someone always gets hurt in the long run. Life is very cruel at times, but then in teaches us lessons as well.

Lansing, MI

#16 May 15, 2008

Indianapolis, IN

#17 Mar 8, 2009
You do realize this wasn't the first time she got into an accident from a boyfriend driving drunk, right? She needed plastic surgery after the first one. You would think that you would learn your lesson. Drunk driving = not wise. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame, shame, shame. We make our decisions for our own life, and when you screw up you have to take responsibility. Neil screwed up...and so did she.

She wasn't THAT nice of a person either (not saying that she got what she deserved). She was pretentious.

Did you ever think that maybe Neil was drinking as a way of relieving his own guilt or depression? Probably not. It's easy to point the finger and make somebody the bad guy, it's a lot harder to think about the reasons why.
my loving cousin

Brooklyn, NY

#18 May 11, 2015
Shannon was my cousin I only saw her ONCE I'm sorry people but this is Neil fault he shouldn't have been drinking I miss her so much and its hard for me to talk to her siblings

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