Sounds like you are just jealous Dale. You really wanna fck this man huh. The good thing is after prison he might be able to handle you. I could barely handle you,you animal. Hey Speacking of which, if you'd give me another chance I would like for us to get back together. You rock my world DJS and I never stopped loving you! Think about it please. Did you finally get that jealousy btch out of your like? I have a feeling Kathleen dont like me much lmfao. Like I care, that btch can rot in hell with this man like they deserve. I dont know him but no one that sleeps with a mid is any good. Hollar sweetie, Ive been looking for you. Everyone knew Kathleen wasnt gonna change and never stop her lies and Im sorry to say but little Dani did learn to lie caught her in several but hey what can ya do. Lets talk, its been way to long. Time to out the rock back in my world. You still county rt 19? Im planning to visit in a week or so. Love you Dale. Yours truly,