Does anyone care if I use the name of...

Does anyone care if I use the name of the city of Porum in my book?

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Daniel Parks


#1 Mar 11, 2006
I currently have a book in production entitled, "Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man," due to be released later in the year. In one of the short stories in the book, I mention a man that escaped from the Pitas Insane Asylum in Porum, Oklahoma.

Is that alright with you nice folks there in Porum?

Thanks and Have a great day!

Daniel Parks
"Gold River Canyon's Dead"
"Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man"
"The Laptop"
Bill Driggers


#2 Mar 12, 2006
Yes, I care. We don't want you to use our town's name in your stinking book, even if it is a best seller and Porum, Oklahoma becomes a household word all over the world. So get our town outa your lousy book!!!


Bill Driggers
Mayor of Porum, Oklahoma
Chief Veril Cotlan


#3 Mar 13, 2006
Mr. Parks, I'm Chief Veril Cotlan, Chief of police here in Porum. I want to just reinforce Mayor Driggers statement. We don't need no bad plubblicity from some outsider book writer. If you proceed to publish your book with our towns name in it or the name of our Asylum in it, then I'll have you arrested for bunco and fraud. Be advised, I already have an all points bullitin out for you in case you come through Porum.

Have a good day,

Chief Veril Cotlan
Dr Harland Pitas


#4 Mar 14, 2006
Mr. Parks,
I read your posting about your book that included a mention of the Pitas Asylum for the Criminally Insane here in Porum, Oklahoma. My name is Dr. Harland Pitas and I’m the founder and chief administrator for the Asylum and, while I haven’t read your book yet, I don’t believe a mention of our Institution or Porum, Oklahoma would do anyone any good. You see, even though our inmates at PACI are probably some of the most vicious perpetrators of terrible acts of violence, we still believe their dignity and privacy are worth protecting. So I, for one, would be opposed to you using the name of our revered Institution or the City of Porum in your book.


Dr. Harland Pitas PhD, LCSW, LP.A, M.A., MSW, BCD
Chief Administrator, PACI
Daniel Parks


#5 Mar 14, 2006
Dear Mayor Driggers,Dr. Pitas,Chief Cotlan;

I can understand your concern about the content of my book,“Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man,” and I assure you the Village of Porum is only mentioned in passing in the short story,“The Tale of Greer Pond,” contained in my book, and then only as it pertains to the Insane Asylum and one of its patients.

My wife and I have been through Porum on numerous occasions and find it a very lovely village and most hospitable. I had even eyed one of your unused buildings as a place to open a book store in the future. I don’t think Porum has a book store at this time do they?

I hope you will reconsider. I could change the name of the town in my story to Los Angeles, Oklahoma or Chicago, Oklahoma, but it just wouldn’t sound right. Perhaps if I sent you a copy of the short story and the accompanying poetic work,“The Monster in Greer Pond,” it would help.

Thank you for your consideration,

Daniel Parks, Author
“Gold River Canyon’s Dead”
“Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man”
“The Laptop”
Mayor Driggers


#6 Mar 15, 2006
Mr. Parks;

I appreciate your interest in our fine community, but I must object to you using the name of our town in your book,“Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man.” The title of your book, especially the word “Doggerel” has a negative sound to it and those not familiar with the word might think our lovely town is somehow doggy. I have instructed our City Attorney to advise you about your considered use of the name of Porum, Oklahoma, and should you use it, we will be obliged to initiate a law suit against you.

Thanks again for your interest,
Mayor Bill Driggers, Porum, Oklahoma
Shanny Fultz


#7 Mar 15, 2006
Hello Mr. Parks. My name is Shanny Fultz and I own the Porum Snore-um Bed and Breakfast. It's just off the main highway going through Porum. I've been reading the posts on the Porum Forum and wanted to say something about your book, the Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man. I think it would be great to have Porum and the Asylum mentioned in your book, as long as it's in good taste. I know Mayor Driggers and Doctor Pitas are not wanting to have our town and the Asylum mentioned, bit I think it would help bring in some tourists and we need tourists. My bed and breakfast isn't doing too well now days with the oil thing. I'll talk to both men and see if they will at least read your book before they decide.

Come to Porum and stay at the Porum Snore-um. We treat you right.

Shanny Fultz
Helen Wellington


#8 Mar 16, 2006
I saw where you wanted to open a book store in Porum. I already have a book store in town. I don't think we could have two book stores. The town just isn't that big. But I would love to sell your books in my store. Oh, by the way, my book store is on Main Street, just up from the highway. It's called the Porum Emporium Book Shoppe. It's in a green building on the right side of the street as you're going east.

I though maybe you would have a book signing at my shop and all the people in town could come by and meet you and some might even buy your books. I see where you have other books too. If you will have a book signing, I'll bake up a whole passel of cookies for everyone and have some coffee and tea. I think it would be a lot of fun.

I'm 87 years old and still open my shop every day escept Sunday. That's the Lord;s day and I won't interfer with the Lord. If you're in town on Sunday, come by the First Baptist Church and worship with us. Our services are at 10:00 and 6:00 in the evening.

Oh, my name is Helel Wellington. I've lived in Porum for all my life. My husband,Bud died last year and I miss him so much. I hope we see you and Mrs. Parks soon.
Daniel Parks


#9 Mar 16, 2006
Thank you kind ladies for your nice comments. I feel like I'm already getting to know you folks there in Porum and I'm feeling right at home. Mrs. Wellington, now that I know you have a book store there in town, I won't try to open one of my own. You're right about the town not being big enough to support two stores and you were there first, so we'll leave it at that.

I'd love to have a book signing at your shop. I know your cookies would be great. My wife is a tea drinker, but I'll take some coffee myself.

And staying at the Porum Snore-um would be ideal while we're there. I can certainly add some sound affects to your bed and breakfast, Mrs. Fultz.

Thank you both for your thoughts,

Daniel Parks
Derkin Elder


#10 Mar 17, 2006
Good morning Mr. Parks;

My name is Derkin and I’m a third grader at Porum Elementary School. I’ve been following the posts on the Forum and you’ve got me interested. What’s the genre of your book and could you include a synopsis? I do a lot of reading and especially enjoy mystery novels. I also like math and I’ve been doing some high level computer programming lately, trying to break into that area of study.


Daniel Parks


#11 Mar 17, 2006
Hi Derkin.

You seem like a bright young man. I appreciate your interest in my book, "Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man." The genre of the book is poetic and short stories.
Below is a synopsis.

Thanks again for your interest. Keep up your studies and I can tell you have a great future ahead of you.

Daniel Parks


Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man is a collection of poetry and short stories all based upon a real person, place or incident that the author found interesting or intriguing. The various works were written over a period of years and spanned forty decades of his life.

In his travels as a contract engineer, he often found subject matter in out of the way places from the swamps of southern Louisiana to the deserts of southern Arizona. He wrote of gun fighters from the old west to the ghostly image of a long departed woman in search of her brother’s killer as she nightly stalked the dirt streets of an old West Texas town.

The book also contains light hearted poems about wayward banana trees and the great cat fish water show in Oklahoma; as well as patriotic themes honoring our great American spirit and the men and women that have paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom.

All in all, it’s a book about all of us and this great land we live in.

United States

#12 Jun 13, 2006
Ok, I am from Porum. There is no mayor named Driggers, There is no Police Cheif. The only two cops are Jackie and Kent. Unless there is another Porum Oklahoma, then I am missing out on something or There is a Lyer on this thing. All I know is some is not right!
Daniel Parks

United States

#13 Jun 29, 2006
R D S wrote:
Ok, I am from Porum. There is no mayor named Driggers, There is no Police Cheif. The only two cops are Jackie and Kent. Unless there is another Porum Oklahoma, then I am missing out on something or There is a Lyer on this thing. All I know is some is not right!
RDS; Thanks for your response. I've been trying to find out if anyone objects to me using the name of the great city of Porum and the Pitus Insane Asylum in my book,“Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man,” and I thought the mayor and chief of police had responded. Now you’re telling me the mayor’s name isn’t Mr. Driggers and there is no police chief. Where does that leave me?

Some of the other people in Porum seemed to like the idea, except for the founder of the asylum, so I guess I’ll move ahead and use the names.

My book will be out in about six months. Currently I have a book coming out in about two months entitled,“Gold River Canyon’s Dead.” I’d like to come to Porum and have a book signing at the local book store.

Thanks for your response,

Daniel Parks


Agra, OK

#14 Jul 4, 2006
Porum has an insane asylum? Didn't know that!?
Daniel Parks

United States

#15 Jul 27, 2006
Good morning Miss Misty;

I've seen the asylum there in Porum, but I've never had the pleasure of being there.

Are you a Porum resident and if you are, do you object to me using the name of your nice town and the asylum in my upcoming book, "Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man?"
Joan Lockwood

United States

#16 Jul 27, 2006
Dear Mister Parks;

I grew up in Porum; however, I now live in Hollywood, California. I work in the movie industry as a supporting actress for various situational television productions.

I'm interested in expanding my horizons and getting into screen writing and production capacities and your book sounds very interesting. Would you consent to sending me an advanced copy of your manuscript so I could evaluate it for possible inclusion into a new series that is currently being constructed? We are working on a made for TV series that will take short stories and develope them into an hour long TV movies that will air weekly.

I can't promise you anything, but your material sounds promising.

Best regards,

Joan Lockwood, executive producer

Crestline, CA

#17 Jul 27, 2006
Hi Dan,

Someone told me of this messageboard so thought I'd say hello. As you might be aware, I'm banned from you-know-where and can't post.

Good luck on your book.
Daniel Parks

United States

#18 Jul 27, 2006
Brenda, is that you and why are you banned from I-know-where?

Crestline, CA

#19 Jul 27, 2006
It's me. I made a reply to someone about another message board, saying they were not all bashers, that we're in a business and we need to investigate everything. I was promptly banned and told I had to apologize to the powers that be.

Crestline, CA

#20 Jul 27, 2006
I refused to apologize.

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