Too bad about these no votes. Vermont Yankee would be, or will be, the source of next generation's energy.
I have done a complete reversal from opposing nuke power to now understanding it is the best option we have for the future...better than oil or coal in cost and environmental impact, and far more plentiful than the eletricity we will get from solar and wind.
If new alternatives come along, then great. And, if we create truly clean coal then great. If solar and wind can be maxxed on their contributions, then great.
Nuke is much closer to be a `magic bullet' for our energy needs than it is to being Frankenstein up in his castle.
Nuke isn't nearly as dangerous as it is made out to be. There's a lot of fear of Frankenstein out there about nuclear. Moreover, we're killing our planet with our current energy sources in the here and the now.