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Oklahoma City, OK

#63999 Mar 25, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
<quoted text>
Is that your fantasy? You're pathetic.
It's sad that you have to play pretend.
I couldn't be more bored... since you only come here looking for a argument,
don't you Drama-Queen? You Lose, lol.
That's all you have....DISMISSED

Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#64000 Mar 25, 2014
Agnostic wrote:
<quoted text>
That's all you have....DISMISSED

Ooops... since very few are buying into the Obamacare Scam, the deadline has moved from March 31st to April in hopes they can get more people interested in the scam...

There you go Karen Janbaz, shows you how well it has been accepted, lol.

Sherwood, AR

#64001 Mar 25, 2014
Ethics committee gives update on Mullin

Ethics review of Oklahoma congressman
Updated: 3/24 5:26 pm Published: 3/24 10:33 am

WASHINGTON, D.C.- All six members on the Congressional Ethics Panel voted to take their review of Rep. Markwayne Mullin and move it to a formal investigation.

They could have dismissed it entirely.

The ethics panel is questioning Mullin’s involvement in the family's plumbing business. Mullin appeared in radio, t-v and internet commercials for the companies, which aired on local stations including Cox Media Group owned FOX23 and KRMG.

For weeks, he's avoided answering our questions.

The committee unanimously found, "substantial reason" to believe Mullin exceeded the outside income limit for house members.

Mullin talked with Newstalk KRMG. Mullin said after getting elected he consulted with the house ethics committee to make sure he was not breaking any rules.

The alleged violation is that Mullin made $600,000 last year from the family businesses.

It's against the rules for house members to make more than about $27,000 a year outside of Congress.

In a statement the congressman said he will fight to stay involved in the plumbing business.

There is no timeframe for when the committee will conclude its work it could take years

Sherwood, AR

#64004 Mar 25, 2014
Packing Heat and Hobby Lobby seys put an aspirin between your knees.

Sherwood, AR

#64005 Mar 25, 2014
The cases are:
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.(13-354)
Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius (13-356)
The plaintiffs: "Inc." and "Corp." do not have a religion.
They are Incorporated and a Corporation respectively, they are not People.
If you disagree with me, then I ask you this? Do "Inc." and "Corp" also have a race?

I am looking forward to SCOTUS telling them to stay out of a woman's personal business.

Sherwood, AR

#64006 Mar 25, 2014
The larger issue is just why we permit a business structure to be given equal rights as human beings.......

Stop the buying of our political elected representatives!
Limit political contributions, including the OK Legislature and Failing Fallin!

Sherwood, AR

#64007 Mar 25, 2014
Everyday I meet people in Public or see a politician on TV, or see the lies of Packing Heat and I stop and think, if only they're parents had of used birth control.

Sherwood, AR

#64008 Mar 25, 2014
They ruled that corporations are considered people where campaign contributions are concerned, why should it be different where religious values are concerned?

Maybe if Hobby Lobby funds the right politicians' campaigns they can get their way.

Sherwood, AR

#64009 Mar 25, 2014
And why should Texas treat them any differently when capital punishment is concerned?

Sherwood, AR

#64010 Mar 25, 2014
The Hobby Lobby Case Is About Spreading Lies About Contraception

Conservatives hope that if they call birth control pills “abortion” enough, we’ll all be stupid enough to believe them.

A has commentary from Dr, Lin-Fan Wang about the Supreme Court case that I think is absolutely necessary. Dr. Wang isn’t really weighing in on the merits of the case—she supports the HHS in this, but that’s not her focus—so much as she’s denouncing the way many media outlets are treating religious myths and scientific facts regarding contraception as a “both sides” issue.“The news coverage of the birth control benefit has been riddled with inaccurate statements, in particular, the allegations that the law requires coverage of abortifacients (medicine that causes abortion) or that the science is unclear on whether the FDA-approved contraceptives are abortifacients,” she writes, making it absolutely clear that none of these claims from Hobby Lobby or their lawyers are true. Here are the actual, scientific facts:

FACT: The ACA requires new health insurance plans to cover the full spectrum of FDA-approved forms of birth control. It does not require coverage of abortion or abortifacients.
FACT: No FDA-approved forms of birth control – including emergency contraception pills or the IUD – cause abortions. Emergency contraception pills and IUDs prevent pregnancy, not disrupt pregnancy.
FACT: Pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining. After implantation, that’s when a pregnancy test turns positive. Even among women not on birth control, not every fertilized egg implants. Therefore, the possibility that the copper IUD could inhibit implantation does not make it an abortifacient. This is not an opinion. This is the shared consensus of the medical and scientific community, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
I will add, because this is also a myth that’s getting traction, that there’s no reason to believe that female-controlled hormonal contraception works by killing fertilized eggs. It works by suppressing ovulation, and research testing if it’s possible that emergency contraception has a “secondary” effect of killing fertilized eggs shows that it does not. The fact of the matter is that fertilized eggs die on their own about half the time, and so a woman on the pill is actually going to lose far fewer fertilized eggs than a woman not on the pill, since she has few, and often no, fertilized eggs in her system ever at all. If you really cared about fertilized eggs and their deaths, you would want all women to be on the pill.

Sherwood, AR

#64011 Mar 25, 2014
But you know what? None of this actually matters when it comes to the merits of the case. The argument isn’t about science, but about religious belief and whether or not providing a compensation package to your employees that they may use in ways your god disapproves of is a substantial burden to your religious belief. Right now, the argument is limited to health insurance, but the principle—that how you use your compensation after you earned it should be limited by your employer’s religious beliefs—could be extended to your paycheck, as well, using the same kinds of legal arguments. But the point is that it doesn’t matter what the religious belief is, not really. Your employer could argue that he thinks insulin gives you demons and that would be a reason he doesn’t want to be “complicit” by signing a check to an insurance company so that part of your pay goes to you in health insurance and you then use that pay to pay for your insulin. The actual content of the belief doesn’t seem to matter, under the law that Hobby Lobby is suing under. The only thing that matters is that the person—or company, in this case—demanding religious accommodation is exhibiting sincere religious beliefs that would be substantially burdened. If the sincere belief is that insulin is demonic or birth control pills are somehow secret abortions, it doesn’t matter if the science proves definitively otherwise. The whole point of faith is that it’s impervious to things like facts.

So, I ask you, why are anti-choicers so intent on hammering at legally irrelevant myths such as “birth control is abortion”? Well, I have a theory and it’s that this case is about more than just getting the contraception mandate overturned or giving your boss rights to force you to abide by his religious dogma by manipulating your compensation package, though those are also important agenda items for the right. This case is also about manipulating the media, specifically to warm the mainstream media up to the idea that contraception is “controversial”. Like I argue at Daily Beast today,“the next move is to start disparaging contraception directly, building up more political support to find new and innovative ways to make it harder for women to get, just as the right made abortion harder to get.” The idea is to get the mainstream media sources to say,“One side says birth control is abortion” over and over and over and over again, until the idea “birth control=abortion” is considered a normal one in American culture. And since abortion is controversial, then, they hope, they can make contraception controversial, too. Once contraception is “controversial” like abortion is, then it’s a hop, skip and a jump away to convincing Republicans it’s politically safe now to start passing laws restricting access to it. Unfortunately, there’s a good reason to believe that repeating a talking point over and over can start to convince people it’s true, even if it’s utterly and completely groundless, as this one is.

So while the lie that birth control is abortion is legally irrelevant to this case, that lie has great political importance, because, if it takes, they can start to expand the war on contraception. It might not work, since contraception is so politically popular. But the right has also, with abortion, perfected the “chipping away” strategy. Now that the idea that contraception is “controversial” is getting traction, then it might turn out to be surprisingly easy to start restricting access, especially for marginalized women like women living in poverty. Indeed, if they get the contraception mandate struck completely, a lot of women who live paycheck to paycheck will stop being able to afford their birth control. So, in a sense, it’s already working.

Sherwood, AR

#64012 Mar 25, 2014
The idea is to make contraception seem icky and slutty, to soften the public up to arguments in favor of making it harder to get. Keep that in mind whenever you see a reporter blithely use the “both sides” narrative, without mentioning that one side is just making shit up and the other side is arguing from facts.

Sherwood, AR

#64013 Mar 25, 2014
Hobby Lobby has no problem dealing with China which has a one child policy which means that a second pregnancy almost guarantees an abortion. It does however have a problem with a woman's doctor prescribing medications or procedures that may be necessary for allowing her to live a normal life or treat a serious condition. No one is insisting that the owners use birth control; why do they get the right to deny such medications and procedures to their employees? What's next, breathalizer tests for employees of Mormon businesses whose owners do not want the money they pay their employees to be used for something forbidden by their religion? Health insurance is part of the compensation women receive from their employers; once the women have earned it; the employer should have no power to determine how that compensation is used. Paying for health insurance does not sanction or condemn any procedures offered under the plan. Will a Christian Scientist be allowed to refuse to offer health insurance because his belief system prevents seeking medical attention?

Sherwood, AR

#64014 Mar 25, 2014
Hobby Lobby should be ashamed of themselves. Birth control is used for much more than just "birth control" these days. My IUD saved my life. Many women are able to use birth control to help them live more normal lives. We lose fewer days to being sick because of the advances that have been made have made menstruation, less painful, shorter and lighter. Seems like that would be a win win for Hobby Lobby as an employer. Too bad they can't see the light at the end of the vagina

Sherwood, AR

#64015 Mar 25, 2014
the ignorance displayed by the Christian madrassas indoctrinate crowd would be fine if it didn't adversely affect the sane voters of this country. next Jehovah witness employers will not cover blood tranfusions. if the scotus rules in our favor, u can rest assured that this issue will be added to overall obamacare, gay marriage, and abortion to gin up the rightwing nuts to the polls.

Sherwood, AR

#64016 Mar 25, 2014
It's part of routine medical care that is covered by health insurance. Without insurance it's expensive, duh. Not covering birth control pills is stupid!

Sherwood, AR

#64017 Mar 25, 2014
Spoken like someone who has not taken birth control. And many who want to prevent access to birth control , or in this case, the paying of the birth control, claim " it is readily available and cheap", or even" it is free" . They shout from the mountaintop, YET it is only accessible cheap and free at Planned Parenthood and similar clinics. Your neighborhood Rx is not handing it out cheap or free, and the irony,...... wait for it.... wait for it, is those same folks decry Planned Parenthood and want to defund and close this vital resource for women, esp women of limited means. If you offer health care as part of your compensation package then you shouldn't be able to discriminate in your offering, for religious beliefs or any other reason.

Sherwood, AR

#64018 Mar 25, 2014
How much does Viagra cost?

By Melman's logic, why am I making my insurance payments for some ancient limp dick to get a boner?

Please shut up now and take your Viagra, old fart, but pay for your own sluttiness for a damn change.

Sherwood, AR

#64019 Mar 25, 2014
$50 for birth control or gas to get to work. Women should not have to make that decision.

Sherwood, AR

#64020 Mar 25, 2014
I'd pay good money to see Hobby Lobby circumcised.

Barring that interesting ceremony, I'd like to see Hobby Lobby's baptism or Communion records.

How one dresses a building in a lacy white dress is another question.

But yeah, this is otherwise totally about demonizing birth control.

Or even more likely, giving Republican politicians another "slutty women" argument to run on.

(Interesting factoid: Abortion didn't become a Republican politician thing until the end of the Cold War.

With no more fear of Godless Communists With Their Fingers On The Button! as campaign fodder, Republicans suddenly took up Abortion as The Biggest Issue Ever, Which Somehow We'd Managed to Ignore Up to Now.)

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