Old men, and young girls on Liberty St.
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Mount Vernon, KY

#43 Oct 2, 2012
Tell them coon what what brother Tim.
All talk

London, KY

#44 Oct 2, 2012
Imposter wrote:
<quoted text>Is your name "all talk"??? Is it?
Tell me your mane coon, and I'll tell you mine. Don't you ever think for a minuet that I'm scared of you or any other of your kind. We WILL take OUR country back. We don't need you, your kind, the beaners, the Haitians, Cubans or any other kind of yellowblack slant-eyed dogs in this great country... Land that I love....
A shotgun, and a .45, a country boy can survive.
You'll trade dope to the wrong mans little girl for
sex one of these days and get exactly what you
deserve, you low-down ,greasy black dope-
pushing dog.
You're a freakin moron! I'm a blonde haired, green eyed 35 year old white woman, moron! I just don't like cowards who preach hatred just because their ignorance makes them hate people simply because of the color of their skin. People like you are the reason that so many wars are started and blood shed for no good reason. You sound like a psycho! As for the comment about the "little" girls, I hate nasty old men, ack OR white, but trust me, there are just as many WHITE men trading drugs for sex. He'll, you prob would if you had a chance. Also, this girl in question isn't a little girl. Shes in her 20s, and old enough to know what she's doing. But a few posts back you were talking crap about her for screwing a black man. You're just an idiot who's all over the place, as long as you can act all big and tough. AND if I was threatening ppl and spouting hate like you, yes I'd put my name out there. But I'm not, you are
and you're too big a coward to do anything but
hide behind your screen. And IF you were man
enough to stick your TINY gun in somebody's
face, black OR white, they'd prob stick it up your
ass and pull the trigger and they wouldn't spend
a day for it because YOU threatened them! You
see, the days of ppl getting strung up or
murdered just because some white man says so are over. Why cant ignorant ppl like you understand that? More ppl are tired of hating someone just because of their race or color of skin. I love ALL people, no matter what color, race or in your case, lack of intelligence. And just so you know, the KKK's numbers are down by less than a third than they were 30 years ago. And they're falling all the time. Don't believe me? Check it out. And it's because more and more ppl are learning that hatred and violence against other ppl for no good reason is just ignorant! But people like you are just plain stupid! You don't even have a good reason for your hate. Just because they aren't like you. But DAMN who the he'll would wanna be like you?! Because you ARE a cowardly little weasel, sitting behind a commuter, using a fake name. You'd piss your pants if one of these big muscular black men found out your identity and decided to make you put your money where your big mouth is. LOL I'd love to see it!
Tweedle dee

London, KY

#45 Oct 2, 2012
Tell them coon what what brother Tim.
Yeah right. Like anybody can't tell you wrote that. It's pretty easy to tell your ignorant, uneducated bad grammar and spelling. It's doubtful there's two of you on here that stupid.

London, KY

#46 Oct 2, 2012
Sounds like Candice and Alex. She uses him for money And pills. Trades him sex for it. Lots of girls are doing it to support there habbit

London, KY

#47 Oct 3, 2012
Jane wrote:
<quoted text>
Is he a Vietnam Veteran who goes around calling black people the N Word behind their back? If so, I have heard about him. My sister used to live in Gorman Hollow, and she said that when she did, Two of Her Then Neighbors told her stories about him Driving Up And Down The Street And Aggravating Young Females. He sounds like SCUM.
This man works on the RR and drives what color truck?

Eubank, KY

#48 Oct 3, 2012
Fred wrote:
Sounds like Candice and Alex. She uses him for money And pills. Trades him sex for it. Lots of girls are doing it to support there habbit
Name them! Call them out!

London, KY

#49 Oct 3, 2012
Need any help with your little girl just let us know.
Hazard Woman

London, KY

#50 Oct 5, 2012
Jane wrote:
<quoted text>
Is he a Vietnam Veteran who goes around calling black people the N Word behind their back? If so, I have heard about him. My sister used to live in Gorman Hollow, and she said that when she did, Two of Her Then Neighbors told her stories about him Driving Up And Down The Street And Aggravating Young Females. He sounds like SCUM.
If you're talking about the same guy that I'm thinking about, he IS certainly scum. He flirts with married women AND men and he has been caught with hookers. He only gets women because of his money. Yuck.
The Cold Hard Truth

Panama City, FL

#51 Oct 5, 2012
You may not like this but your daughter is a pill whore and it's HER fault, or is it?

Men were made by God Almighty himself to pro-create. Meaning, God gave man the urge to screw. And not only did God give man the urge to screw, God gave man the urge to screw young women. It's how the human race and every other animal on the planet goes on, generation after generation. Young women have babies, old women don't.

Your daughter screws whoever she wants to. Nobody is forcing her. What's more, she probably likes the screwing as much as she does the drugs. Any red bloodied animal that says they don't like to screw is either one fucked up individual or a liar.

It seems to me that your problem isn't that your daughter is screwing old men. The problem is your daughter is a drug addict. It don't make a hill of beans difference who she's screwing. Screwing ain't bad. Drugs are bad!

If you want to fix your problem, stop blaming other people. Your daughter is a drug addict and that's bad, and it's totally 100% her fault, or is it? It's not bad because she likes screwing. It's bad because she likes pills. Truth be told, she probably blames all her troubles on you and her father. That might not be a bad place to start looking for answers.

I read somewhere that 3 out of 4 young girls are molested by the time they turn 10 years old and over 85% of the time it's a family member that does the molesting. I'm not saying that all drug addicts were molested as kids, but if what I read is correct, you can bet your sweet ass that a lot of them were. Why don't you try being a LOVING mother, and try to see what's REALLY going on with your daughter. It seems to me that would be the right thing to do.
Mountain Man

London, KY

#52 Oct 6, 2012

Green Forest, AR

#53 Oct 7, 2012
Concerned mother wrote:
Williams thats his last name.
he is not old!!

Gary, IN

#54 Apr 13, 2013
your daughter will get drugs anywhere if not him age has nothing to do with it...no ofence but drugs are the problem..Im old and don't sell drugs

Gary, IN

#55 Apr 13, 2013
I know about drugs look where I live ask a young girl/woman to leave my home because drugs and partying meant more than friendship good luck.

Lexington, KY

#56 Jun 30, 2013
Concerned mother wrote:
Williams thats his last name.
Somebody needs to f*^K him up. I'm tired of these sad and sick stories here, take care of this.

London, KY

#57 Jun 30, 2013
wake up wrote:
<quoted text>i mean no disrespect to you, but your daughter is a grown woman,with kids,shes not a "little girl" and it doesnt sound like shes being raped. if shes at THEIR apartment then shes going to THEM,not the other way around. no red blooded man is gonna turn it down.this is not the case of some naive little teenage girl getting taken advantage of. shes taking just as much advantage of them. ive seen these young girls rob men blind for pills or,like yours is doing,go offer them time with a young girl for money. so how is she being taken advantage of? she knows what shes doing or she wouldnt keep going back. and for somebody not to make sure a man wears a condom in this day is crazy! if shes gonna go up there and offer herself to these men for money and then not use protection! shes lucky she didnt end up with something worse! i know shes your daughter and you love her,but shes not a big victim here. theres prob some kids out there talking about this girl taking advantage of their dad,coming up to his house every day,giving him sex and taking all his money.and if shes doing this with a bunch of guys,she can give them std's just as easy as they can give them to her.i knew a girl like this who was always having sex with old men for money or drugs.every day she'd be there,sometimes theyd even give her their last dime because she was a young girl.she'd catch them asleep and steal from them,show up at their door at 4 in the morning. your daughter knows what shes doing and nobody's forcing her,so im sorry but i dont have much pity for her.
Do you think that this young woman could clean up her life, get an education and become a productive member of our community??
60 yr old wrinkle men

Jackson, KY

#58 Jun 30, 2013
your daughter is not the only one up there with a older man. a friend of my sisters lives up there and she has a 62 yr. old white man after her (and she's white too) and she has 2 kids. not all but most of these girls wants these older men to support them so they got to work. i recon this man claims to be a christian and he has raised one family already and divorced his wife after he got the best out of her so it happens to everyone not just one.
old man

Macon, GA

#61 Jul 2, 2013
i date a younger girl up there and she's younger than my baby girl. she in her mid 20's and she knows what she doing. i'm white and so is she and i think i can trust her. i don't never think that she has been with a black man. i'm up there alot and i see alot of stuff but it's their way of life so let it be.

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