New jail info

Manchester, KY

#21 Sep 29, 2013
I wonder if the other 47 cameras are fixed now.

London, KY

#22 Sep 29, 2013
The DOC needs to install twice that many cameras and moniter them since that jail has a history of trouble.

United States

#23 Sep 29, 2013
Will there be a effort for the county and Hickman to place all the guilt on Howell? He is from out of county, not related to the judge or board members, and may be a way to salvage some political careers. Food for thought or paranoid what do you think? Oh and Howell was denied a reduction in bond recently does this put in peoples mind he must be the most guilty he can't get out. They both need to be convicted and sent up for time. The family needs to file suit and fill there pockets with money cause there is civil and criminal justice.
Top dog

London, KY

#24 Sep 29, 2013
Remember, Larry Trent's death is not the omly death that's occurred at that jail!. We should be reminded of that. This also should arrouse suspicions of what goes on there.

Pella, IA

#25 Sep 29, 2013
So easy to monitar your home or office,etc. from a remote pc/i-phone etc. there sould be a remote system installed in this house of horrors that is call a jail , just to try and keep these hired thugs closer to being honest.And for the safty of both male and female inmates, wonder what has been done to these female inmates( your daughter,sister,wife,) out of camera's view, go to jail get raped by a Creep with authority ?
So wrong and don't try and tell me the nurse,Kilborn guy, or Denny Ray don't hear this stuff.
I am surprised someone who has heard about a violation of daughter,sister,wife has not made a house call on these guys,but didn't a guy tried to make a hit on Denny Ray at a gas station in chavies and it cost another guy his life.??
Library card

Hayward, CA

#26 Sep 29, 2013
I've heard those guys beg for Damon to stop beating them he has been doing it for years . They used to abuse women too .

Pella, IA

#27 Sep 29, 2013
Library card wrote:
I've heard those guys beg for Damon to stop beating them he has been doing it for years . They used to abuse women too .
By beating on the women ?? or sexually assaulting , So many people know of abuse and don't work there i find it insulting for the kilborn guy, Denny Ray UN-NOBLE, and a female nurse who is the person the female inmates told of the abuse thinking she would help, I have this group taking a female inmate out to the library and 4-5 guards waiting, I bet some of the idiots even used their video camera's on phone to record if i was a attorney i would sure be getting those guards phone information and video's , what does the guards wife's think, uh not my guard husband !

Georgetown, IN

#28 Sep 29, 2013
Who was the medical personnel that ran their mouth and blamed the jail nurse? Was it pcaa staff or arh staff? Was the nurse to blame?
Oh Please

Manchester, KY

#29 Sep 30, 2013
I am not a medical personnel, but I do know if a licensed medical personnel comes upon an accident, they r suppose to stop & render aid. If they do not, they could loose their license. I think this is the reason most people think the nurse who was on duty is very much in the wrong for not checking on Mr. Trent. When it comes to some ones life, a nurse should use her own judgement not listen to someone who has nothing to loose.

Somerset, KY

#30 Oct 1, 2013
The person that said that Trent was alright should be just as guilty because He probably could have been saved if He got immediate medical treatment, but no, they wanted Trent dead!!!. It's just as simple as that. THEY WANTED HIM DEAD PERIOD!!!.
Cool hand Luke

Hindman, KY

#31 Oct 1, 2013
I was a trustee at krrj for about 8 months.I know all about the jail cameras not working and I know about the files being placed in the way of the holding cell camera.I have been there and seen them do it.I have also had to clean the blood up after Damon and Curt and the rest of them have beat the shit out of people.Some probably deserved it,like the child molesters,but not the ones who are there to sleep off a night of drinking.I can not wait to see them all in prison including that bitch nurse that did what ever the guards wanted her to do.She don't have any sense.I guess she forgot the oath she took.

Manchester, KY

#32 Oct 1, 2013
Curt is a sweetie. I dont believe that he would intentionally hurt someone. He is so kind and gentle.

Manchester, KY

#33 Oct 1, 2013
If Trent was your close family what would you do??

Somerset, KY

#34 Oct 1, 2013
Curt beeing kind and gentle, I sure as Hell don't see how!!!. Now a " Kind and gentle" man does not kill a man over nothing and maybe that man had a family to feed.. And Who else killed Larry Trent?. He sure as Hell didn't beat Himself to death!!!. Those guards don't have a kind and gentle bone in their bodies. They both need to be sent off to be made kind!!!.

Somerset, KY

#35 Oct 1, 2013
The jail needs to have their guards trained, just like Sheriffs have their Deputies trained!. Those Guards acted very unprofessional. An occupation like police officers, sheriffs deputies and prison guards need to meet a strict professional standard!. People's lives are in their hands, an occupation that causes you to have a certain control over a person should be trained in a strict, professional manner, you should ales have ethics training too. Those Guards involved in Larry Trent's death did not have aney training at all, which makes that jail pathetic in its hiring!!!.

Somerset, KY

#36 Oct 1, 2013
Kurt a sweet and kind man? People like u who say something like that need held down and beat just the way he did the trent man that way u can see just how sweet he is u flaming idiot, I swear it's people like you who put the true definition of moron into place.
Taxpayer and a voter

Gray, KY

#37 Oct 1, 2013
Watch closely, my fellow countrymen to see how politicians and law enforcement "fold over" the facts, postpone the courts, and eventually wait until this hailstorm blows over. I tell you the truth, I'm going to do my best to vote the "ins" OUT! If someone in office is doing an exceptional job and is transparent and HONEST,(looks like Fitz Steele is honest and transparent),I don't know 100%, but it appears so.) I will vote for them again, but failing that OUTTA HERE! Also, why are we paying two people to run the jail??? I think Tim Kilburn is a good man, and probably be elected jailer. That's the way it is SUPPOSED to work!

Somerset, KY

#38 Oct 1, 2013
When is the trial date?

Ashburn, VA

#39 Oct 1, 2013
Why hasn't everyone else that was working that shift not been fired and charged?If your present when someone is murdered and know it and do nothing they usually charge you also.Anyone trying to cover it up and done nothing is as guilty as the PUNKS that done the beatings.May those involved get what's coming to them,legally or illegally.It's a total disgrace to the law enforcement agencies in our community.Larry's family should sue everyone they can for his being took by a few PUNKS that would run crying like the pussies they are if they had to fight without some back up.These kind of people who are meant to protect us and don't shouldn't be allowed to live in peace without the people beating their asses and giving them the same treatment as they do.Some good old hillbilly justice needs to be served on these corrupt,crooked cops and officials in our community.It's a sad state of affairs when the cops are more crooked than the supposed criminals.
fudge pocket

Liberty, KY

#40 Oct 1, 2013
You people need to do some reading the jailer isn't even allowed in the jail without Tim allows the in its a state run detention center all the jailer does is transport inmates and callthe jail to check on inmates. This position is usless, and yet we still have it and pay someone to do it. Its the best gig in town. You all need to read more and blame less!

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