Ekvc , were are the nurses going?

Little Valley, NY

#22 Jan 19, 2011
docholliday wrote:
Probably because the nurses this day and age are NOT nurses. Go ahead and argue with me on this one but the nurses these days seem to think they can and will do very little and still call what they do a job. Bah is all I can say about them.
They could care less about their patients and lay off all the work on the aides. And no, I am not just talking about the nurses at the VA. I am talking about most every where.
I totally agree with you. I don't know when this happened but it is very true. If you want to find the laziest nurses, registered that is, go to Hazard Psych Center, these are the laziest bunch of people. Eat,sneak and sleep,complain,take one to two hour breaks,they lay everything off on the lower workers so they can sneak and go grocery shopping or hang out with the guards. Not all of them are like this just a few are really bad if they have to lift their finger to one thing they complain to high heaven. Some of them sure need to be brought down to earth. The job of a nurse is to take care of a patient and I think many of them have forgot this.

Hindman, KY

#23 Jan 21, 2011
docholliday wrote:
I agree. I actually know quite a few who went into nursing when they were laid off from their previous jobs just so they could continue to receive their unemployment. I sure hope they go some where other than here because I wouldn't want someone like that treating me.
Must be talking bout the sewing factory girls...lol

London, KY

#24 Jan 21, 2011
EKVC has the worst nurse aids. They could care less aboiut the residents. They let them get by with to much, they take breaks every hour.

London, KY

#25 Feb 21, 2011
Were are the bosses?

Bussey, IA

#26 Feb 21, 2011
Jax wrote:
<quoted text>
Must be talking bout the sewing factory girls...lol
No, actually I was talking about a bunch of them boys who got laid off from a strip mines a few years back.

I hadnt thought about the girls from the sewing factory. But hey, I would rather have them as my nurses. At least they know how to work.
someonewhoknowsf orsure

Manchester, KY

#27 Feb 21, 2011
I have you to know that if it wasn't for the nurse aids at the EKVC those men would not be taken care of they do it all while the nurses do nothing but pill pass and that is it. They do their daily baths,feeding,changing,turning every hour and take them on appointments,they do the vitals,help with their daily activities and for the breaks honey they do pull camera's and check to see who is out more than they should be..Those men are taken care of first there is alot of times those girls don't even get a lunch do to the care those men need and get!!! So until you know for sure and you have been there 24/7 watching all them HUSH!!!

Irvine, KY

#28 Mar 22, 2011
Everyone is leaving because of the admin.They are awfull and never take care of anything.Unless your freinds or have slept with them then you will get the shaft.All everyone does is bitch or screw each other.As far as drugs missing, they have gotten rid of some but they are a ton more left taking patients meds.They keep loosing nurses,aids,and everone else because if the admin isnt screwing them Clinton is,lol.Some of them better learn to walk on ice because they are alot of stuff people know on all of them,they need to think of that

London, KY

#29 Mar 22, 2011
I was a RN at EKVC. I can tell you the nurse aides there were wonderful. They helped me out so many times and they are great to the residents. I'm sure there are a few that may be a little lazy at times but we are all guilty of that. Tiredofitall is right on the money about administration. If you stand your ground with a "higher up" about any given thing and won't bow down to them they will hound you so much it's either quit or your work life becomes miserable. It's either kiss ass to be in the click or you're screwed.

London, KY

#30 Mar 24, 2011
going, going, gone

London, KY

#33 Mar 26, 2011
Yes Bulldog it goes from top administration all the way down to the lowest on the totum pole. I will say not everyone there are cheaters and pervs. Lets see Nursing administration, nursing, security, some nurse aides. Well hell that don't leave many. I will say very FEW of them have NOT been in each others pants.

Bolivar, MO

#34 Mar 26, 2011
Looks like a great use of state money

London, KY

#35 Mar 26, 2011
Don't misunderstand me, the veterans are treated very good but if you are a employee and not in the "click" you pretty much get treated like dog shit.

East Bernstadt, KY

#37 Mar 28, 2011
Well Bulldog he used to walk around acting like his shit don't stink. He thinks he's the best looking thing that ever walked the halls of EKVC. I never did care for people that acted that way.

East Bernstadt, KY

#38 Mar 30, 2011
Yea there are alot that walk around like that and nothing gets done.Like Clinton S. he has and is sleeping with about everyone including the admin.He said some things to me awhile back so I went to the admin,I was told to change shifts.Then I found out why Denise K. did nothing to him,guess why.All they do is run around wrecking people.He was all hot with another nurse for the past several months,then coming over here and talking to others.His wife knows but does nothing.Its really screwed up!He said some things a few weeks ago to me and another girl,going to the admin is a joke..what is someone suppose to do.The vets are great,the admin and so called co workers...i wonder about.These guys have alot of nerve

East Bernstadt, KY

#39 Mar 30, 2011
Let me ask you something someonewhoknows? Are you in the"click" Well by reading your post I don't think you are so let me give you some advice. You better leave Clinton alone if you want to keep your job. He's been caught up in so many things at that place but he still has his job. He's a favorite of D.K's If you start making trouble for him or start taking up for yourself about stuff you will lose your job or you will quit because they make your work life so miserable.

Harrison, AR

#40 Mar 31, 2011
Sounds like a lot of them needs tested for STD's

Harrison, AR

#42 Apr 1, 2011
GOOD! It's about time one of the has to answer for the things they do. Sooner or later all of them will have to answer for the way they have treated people.

Manchester, KY

#47 Apr 5, 2011
Ekvc's reputation proceeds itself. Yes Bulldog, ARH rejects and new nurse graduates are all that will work there now because a nurse with a good reputation and good work ethics don't want to be associated with that perverted bunch.
donttellno lies

London, KY

#48 Apr 5, 2011
I do not know why everyone is always downing Clinton. He seems to be able to do anything and come out smelling like a rose. He is not the only one fooling around over there, but nobody has the balls to tell it all. If it ever did all come out there would be lots more divorces from there. There are a lot of good nurses and nursing assistance that work there because they have to work for a living and they truely do care about the Veterans. Too bad they can not seem to get rid of the man whores and all over there.
justmeandmyopini on

London, KY

#49 Apr 6, 2011
For those of you who like to drestroy the reputation of this place and there workers need to get your facts together first instead of rumors. NOT everyone is over there having an affair they are there cause they need a job just because one apple is bad in the bunch dosn't make them all bad does it.I have met some very nice Nurse's and Nurse Aid's what time my family member was over there and let me say something those Nurse Aid's work their butts off for those Veterans if it wasn't for them they would be in a world of hurt. You say only newly graduated ones will work there that is wrong I have talked with some that has been there since the doors open 9 maybe 10 years ago.I really liked this place for my relative cause he got the upmost care from them girls and would have not wanted any other way..I would like to know how any of the Aid's have time to do anything when all they do is run from the time they come in til the leave now for the others I really don't know the Aid's is the ones we always delt with..So thank you EKVC Nurse Aid's for all that you do to make us and our relative feel like family!!

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