Jennifer Moore
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J to the O Y

Somerset, KY

#1 Apr 14, 2010
What can you tell me about her?
Who is she really dating? I have seen her with someone I knew personally, and I was just wondering if they are dating now.
She was dating a guy named Zack idk for sure if she still is. She is always with strange dudes, so if anyone could tell me who she is dating this would really help me out.

Hindman, KY

#2 Apr 14, 2010
Uhm for one its none of your business.
But for the record she is with Zack has been for forever. DO NOT START A THREAD BOUT JEN... Hazardous to your health. U could simply just call er up and ask her...

Whitesburg, KY

#3 Apr 14, 2010
She A Great Person & YES She is dating zack and if you something bad 2 say put ur name on here so i can beat your head in mmkkk :)
J to the O Y

Somerset, KY

#4 Apr 14, 2010
Ok she is dating Zack? Then why don't I ever
see them together? From what everyone I went to WCA with says she has turned in to a Miss Hot pants! So don't get mad at me for asking! If I knew Zack would dump her, I would ask him out in a heart beat. He is so cute! We didn't like each other that much when I went to WCA but ah he is cute. So oh well.
Another thing, Jenn and whoever you are kicking my butt! Ha! That is so funny.

Whitesburg, KY

#6 Apr 16, 2010
Lmfao JOY?
What a friend You are? Huh...
Your pathetic, and much needed to see Jenny Craig.
And Lil Miss Hot Pants (: Blah Your just mad cuz Jen is gorgeous, shes got everything you've ever wanted or wished for.. and dont be mad if shes hangin around Kenton, their just friends, Im sure he'd love to be more (:*& Whats it to you what Jen is doing and not doing? Nothing, correct? Aha. Mind Yer Own Business.. and Im sure I could whip yew Bahaha.. Your too fat to keep up with me (: Run circles around you.

Oh And why not just call er up and ask er this and that?? Exactly, she'd go off on you

London, KY

#7 Apr 16, 2010
ha ha ha.. miss hot pants thats funny yea shes hott hot for me lmao..
ur stupid idc if were were broken up ha i would never go out with you. "if this is who i think this is", but me and jen are better than ever.. and as far as kenton i will beat his ass if he ever trys anything..
lol but i im glad some one thinks im pretty besides jen lol..
the real flippin JOY

Lewisport, KY

#8 Apr 19, 2010
Okay, so whoever is acting like me on here needs to grow up.
Ive changed alot since I went to wabaco, but not enough to talk about my jen on here.
Jen and I are nowhere near as close as we was, but I still love her to death... and id never talk about her on here,so grow up...and POST UR OWN NAME!!!!!!!!!!
And as for her hanging out with kenton, I dont care who she chills with....I like to think that we are all franz....Kentons Happy with hillary,Jens happy with ZACK! and im truely the happiest ive ever been before.And for the record I dont like zack thats just funy!(:

You people really make me laugh with all your stupidness!

Chesterfield, MO

#9 Apr 20, 2010
whoever is startin stuff on here needs to jus stop! joy is a good person with a good heart and she dont deserve this drama. she tottally didnt start this and whoever thinks she did is a retard. id like to see any of you try to touch her. at leas she aint a bitch like the rest of you. and to the bitch who called her "fat", your the real pathetic one, comin on here and sayin crap when the only real insult you have is to call her "fat". you have a friggin ugly personality, and karma will make you its bitch one day. but until then, i can only say eff you to all of you idiots who think joy would do this.
Goes to school with Jenn

London, KY

#11 Apr 21, 2010
I know Jenn all too well, she is a wild ass! We have hung out many nights and she is a site! She is kinda jealous of me though pretty sure of it, but oh well she is awesome! I can't help it if I have better skin and a better butt! She thinks shes hot with those big saggy melons, she walks like a duck sometimes, and isn't that pretty. So Jenn you better thank God you got some melons cause honestly with out them, you would be so low on the pole. Keep dressing sluty and keep the floppy jugs in a push up cause with out both you are lost! One lost DOG! As far as Zack, he is way too hot for Jenifer Moore! He could get a way hot chick if he wanted, I watch him at school and he has it all, good looks, nice butt, pretty eyes, great smile, good hair, and is a total clown he is always making me laugh! He is awesome! He can be a jerk at times but ah what guy isn't. I would jump his bones in a second! Whatever he see's in Jenn I will never know, unless he's just a man who like melons. So that counts me out cause I only wear a 32C ): But I am way hotter than Jenifer Moore! I know I am! I got the BUTT that she wishes she had! Zack in case you think about it, I talk to you everyday at school. The color PINK should be a big hint!
Goes to school with Jenn

London, KY

#12 Apr 21, 2010
Oh and too bad you aren't at school today, cause I love seeing your sexy ass! I hope you aren't sick!!

Elizabethtown, KY

#13 Apr 21, 2010
J to the O Y wrote:
What can you tell me about her?
Who is she really dating? I have seen her with someone I knew personally, and I was just wondering if they are dating now.
She was dating a guy named Zack idk for sure if she still is. She is always with strange dudes, so if anyone could tell me who she is dating this would really help me out.
Quit being so darn nosy.
Goes to school with Jenn

Eubank, KY

#14 Apr 21, 2010
It was nice seeing you for a few minutes today Zack when you came in and then left again. Break up with skank Jenifer and get to know me a little better! She is probably all wallered out boy! She's been with like 5,000,0000,0000,0000 guys already and girls!

Vilonia, AR

#15 Apr 22, 2010
Jen Is my Friend and you really dont need to be talkin smack, Everyone Is just mad bc her and Zack are Happy together n No one can have a chance with ither one! So just Drop this bull shit and get over it! There happy, Ur jealous, and You cant stand it!
Loves Zack

London, KY

#16 Apr 22, 2010
Hey Zack I can see you! You should leave Jenifer and come sit with me! You are so flippin hot! You look really good in those jeans too by the way.

Milan, MO

#17 Apr 22, 2010
this is stupid. cause i was at school for about 10 mins and i picked jen up and talked to some of my dude friends and the only chicks at school were.
2 ugly fat chicks and some chick with an 80 year old women and just a few others but none of them would say any of this..
ha saggy boobs...ur stupid....
jen has the nices set ever and ur just mad cause whoever u are u have srivled up little raisins.
but idc what you think about jen i love her with every thing in me.. soo ahh fuckaaa you..
im a girl and jen is hot

Whitesburg, KY

#18 Apr 22, 2010
im bi
and yes i think jen is hot
zach you know she loves you & h o e s
are just jealous cause jen is beautiful

Hindman, KY

#20 Apr 23, 2010
Is this how WCA teaches you to talk and act?

Campbellsville, KY

#21 Apr 24, 2010
grow up

Lewisport, KY

#22 Apr 24, 2010
simple as my name is...grow up and leave everyone alone...
topix is gay, and people who bash people on here are just lame plain as that...
And from what I know of Joy she isnt the type of girl to talk about someone on here....if she has a problem with someone she'll go right to the source.

London, KY

#24 Jan 26, 2013
Jenn gives good head I tell ya ur butthole is tight she's a big slut

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