Gymnastics with Vernetta
Studios Unlimited

Vilonia, AR

#23 Jan 29, 2011
Vernetta Cole has a facebook it has pictures and info about Studios Unlimited.
Word of caution

Manchester, KY

#24 Jan 29, 2011
She only works with certain kids and at least 15 minutes of the time you're paying for is spent with her taking up money. Pay close attention to some of the girls that work with her too. If you want your money's worth this is probably not the best place to go. Just pay attention and you will see for yourself.
Studios Unlimited

Vilonia, AR

#25 Jan 29, 2011
Really....... Why don’t you come see for yourself!! She may be taking up money the first 15 minuets but I assure you there are at least 4 other coaches starting and coaching class. After all the important thing is NOT who’s taking up money nor who’s coaching but your child getting adequate attention and learning the skill of gymnastics and not just flipping over, there is a difference.... DID YOU KNOW THAT?

Lancaster, WI

#26 Jan 29, 2011
I love Vernetta!! She's awesome!!!
Cheer Mom

Doniphan, MO

#27 Jan 29, 2011
Vernetta has a strong personal background in power tumbling and is a certified coach. If you feel your child is deserving adequate attention you should say something and Vernetta will be more than glad to accomodate you and assess the situation. I sit there and watch the kids and usually it is that a child tries to duck out of line or doesn't stay where they are told to take their turn. There are a lot of coaches there and everyone stays busy!
Cheer Mom

Doniphan, MO

#28 Jan 29, 2011
Vernetta has a strong personal background in power tumbling and is a certified coach. If you feel your child isn't deserving adequate attention you should say something and Vernetta will be more than glad to accomodate you and assess the situation. I sit there and watch the kids and usually it is that a child tries to duck out of line or doesn't stay where they are told to take their turn. There are a lot of coaches there and everyone stays busy!

London, KY

#29 Jan 30, 2011
I don't even have kids interested in gymnastics but it seems like the studios unlimited posts are immature I probably wouldn't give them a shot just b/c that. If people have something negative to say about a business, and their not slandering but merely expressing their opinions dont get on here & make such a big deal over it. Just view it as constructive criticism and don't make your self look, well, kind of pathetic. You don't have to prove people wrong, if they like you they do, if not, tough luck.
Studios Unlimited

Vilonia, AR

#30 Jan 30, 2011
That is true Lisa, if someone does have an opinion your right they have the right to express it. But I will not tolerate setting back and watching someone post FALSE information about Studios Unlimited, And that LISA is what’s pathetic.
Tumble and Cheer Mom

Richmond, KY

#31 Jan 30, 2011
I have taken my child to different instructors in the Hazard area and feel by far the Studios Unlimited Staff is excellent. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have I know from observing that Vernetta and the other coaches are passionate about their job. My child has learned so much after changing to her classes. The facility is clean, centrally located and just a pleasure to be involved with. I don't understand people and their negativity.....:( it's sad. If you can't say something good don't say it. Yes, Lisa you and others have freedom of speech but use your freedom to say positive things not harmful and incorrect things about people and their businesses. You must have been like me, just merely reading a post, but why would you have to make a negative comment when you don't have any involvement with the program? That's what I don't get?? But, I'm sure your intensions were not harmful.
God gives each of us a talent in our life time and he meant for each of us to use it. Vernetta has s talent for working with and loving children. She loves the sport of gymnastics and her coaches have grown up in the sport. I know she helps each child and each families financial situation. I've been there to witness all of the statements I have made. I know each of these things to be true. As far as the lady who made the comment about her taking up money the first 15 minutes of class....well whoever is posting under the name if Studios Unlimited well, they told you just how it is. I'm just adding the fact that she had surgery last year and is just now working her way back in the classroom. It was a shoulder injury and all of us know the recuperation time from a shoulder injury is quite lengthy in time. I know she has been very troubled at not being totally hands on in the classroom and had been doing more paperwork and tramp and double-mini trampoline. Someone has to do it. If u work at a job you want to be paid right? Well in order to pay coaches and rent, etc. You must collect fees. She is back to spotting because I watched her and the other coaches last week in class.
Enough said....just remember God loves each of us the same and wants us to treat all of his children with respect and love. God Bless each of you.
Studios Unlimited

Vilonia, AR

#32 Jan 30, 2011
Thank You,Tumble and Cheer Mom Well Said.
Tumble and Cheer Mom

Richmond, KY

#33 Jan 31, 2011
You are more than welcome! The truth stands when nothing else will :)

Morehead, KY

#34 Jan 31, 2011
I happen to know that Vernetta Cole and her sister Angie are both hardworking and passionate people. Vernetta has a gift of amazing work with children, and she has for many years.
I was a student/gymnast for Studios Unlimited many years ago, when they were located in Morehead/Olive Hill, and I was NOT a star gymnast, however I was on the competition team for several years, and Vernetta and her whole family, as well as the other coaches, became like family to me.
It did not matter that I was just a beginner/novice tumbler; Vernetta picked me up, dropped me off, took me to meets, let me spend the night at her house, made sure I had everything I needed always! I mean, she pretty much had a hand in raising me!
I am not really in touch with her anymore, but I just had to say this, when I saw this on here, because I think it's fair to say that I have a pretty good idea of what kind of person Vernetta is. I think Studios Unlimited is a great place for kids to learn, they will not be viewed as income or just a "job". This is what Vernetta has dedicated her life to doing, and she's good at it.
Just my opinion.

Campbellsville, KY

#35 Feb 1, 2011
She's great with the kids

London, KY

#36 Feb 1, 2011
My little girl quit for softball because she was literally in gymnastics for 5 months and couldn't do a cartwheel. How great can 1 be if they can't teach a cartwheel in 5 months, or better question how much can one care? And I do agree that some kids get more turns in line and are treated differently, i dont know if they are on her team but I definitely noticed that from day 1. Being the sports junkie my little girl is she decided to give tumbling another try and she actually learned a cartwheel, roundoff, forwardroll, and has been working on her backbend walkover with my niece. And it's been maybe 2 months!

Greenbrier, AR

#37 Feb 1, 2011
Glad to hear your child has fianlly give gymnastics another try. Some kids are not ready when pushed into something they are not ready for. Its not the coaches that can make one flip, only they can teach how to perform the skills. Its all in the child whether or not he or she is actually interested.
My child is 3yrs old and has picked up very quickly, she loves gymnastics. Vernetta and her girls do a GREAT job. I Have yet to see them make a difference between any child. It is crazy that people would post such a thing, the last thing I would be doing when watching my child in gymnastics is counting how many turns a another child takes.
Hazard cheer mom

Richmond, KY

#38 Feb 2, 2011
Well SERIOUSLY.....maybe your child was not ready the first time you enrolled her in gymnastic classes. Why would you just take the child out without talking to the coaches? Were you practicing with her at home? Were you there weekly? Was she wanting to learn gymnastics or was it social time for her? There are many factors in why your child did or did not learn her cartwheel. Did you ever stop to think that the training that she had prior to her taking with your NIECE may have just clicked with her and it just happened to be sometime later when your niece was doing gymnastics with her. There is no MAGIC coaches.......there are coaches who teach technique and coaches who care about your child and their ability to learn the sport. It sounds like you're just trying to bash another gym because your child didn't pick up quick enough on a skill.
I don't understand you people.....I guess it's easier to set behind a computer and type away with negative comments.....why don't you be mature and handle the situation like an adult or a professional? It's actually what people did prior to electronics! It's called communication!

Hindman, KY

#39 Feb 2, 2011
Good God- Cheer Mom AKA Teresa! Yes ur child gets plenty of attn from the coach BC u give her more money than she deserves. She cheats the kids. We go to another coach now who is far better than
Vernetta. Can Vernetta do a cartwheel???? I bet not.
Hazard cheer mom

Richmond, KY

#40 Feb 2, 2011
You're not worth commenting to lol lol the lack of knowledge is pathetic for some people, bye bye now!!

London, KY

#41 Feb 2, 2011
She cheats the kids REALLY? Is that the best you can come up with. You people are PATHETIC. Let me guess, you were probably one of those parents whom never paid on time and or probably left owing money. As far as a better coach, you cant get any better than Vernetta. To you a better coach is probably someone you don’t have to pay to baby sit your child.
Tune what ever coach you may taking your child to can NOT work miracles its all up to your child whether or no she or he wants to do it. Feel sorry for the coach who has you, because you are CRAZY.

Harrison, AR

#42 Feb 2, 2011
I use to go to her when I was younger. She always told me I would never have my full. N I left n went to Nicole n had my full within 2 weeks.

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