Pine Branch Coal

Louisville, KY

#22 Mar 19, 2011
I don't care what they do as long as I get my coal check every month.
John Doe

Mount Vernon, KY

#23 Mar 21, 2011
Bunch of damn busy bodies.. worry about your damn self! No life having head up in A$$ people!

Whitesburg, KY

#24 Mar 22, 2011
who are the men cheating then?

Vicco, KY

#25 Mar 23, 2011
They are not going to list names but if you know anything about these men well then you already know that 99.9% of them are good family men. There is the normal stragglers like bdc (who is divorced) and hw that do chase that cheap tail but everyone knows that already no big news here!
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Booneville, KY

#26 Jan 24, 2012
yeas this is not going on at pine branch honey i'm the only hussy thats every come past that area and i turn any man down i'm short and stocky and twice as sweet and you better bet i keep the lights on i'm sweet as honey and smooth as silk don't you mind this talk we womens know when our coal depo is low ththeeeheheh the only thing a man love more than his wife now i'm talking bout a coal miner is his coal not the ho but the coal the truth of the matter is dis is a lie
True Facts

Somerset, KY

#27 Jan 25, 2012
I Know For A Fact Of 1 Man In Particular Who Works At Pine Branch Who Has Been Cheating On His Wife For Months Now...When He Goes Into Work & When He Get's Off He Has A Woman Meet Him...They Go Do What They Do Best Then He Goes & Has Sex With His Wife...I Can't Stand A Liar Or Cheater! He Needs To Either Get A Divorce Or Stop Seeing The Whore So He Can Still Be With His Wife And 2 Kids!!

Manchester, KY

#28 Jan 25, 2012
Who is this so called cheating man with two kids and where does he live?

Manchester, KY

#29 Jan 25, 2012
Maybe you should tell us where they meet at and maybe the wife could settle this problem herself!

Somerset, KY

#30 Jan 26, 2012
This should be between the cheater, his wife, & the tramp. I respect "True Facts" for not mentioning any names because it's not his or her place to do so. People should just state things on here without mentioning names, alot less trouble would get started that way!

Manchester, KY

#31 Jan 27, 2012
Then again sitting and spreading rumors about hard working family menis not right either.

Hazard, KY

#32 Feb 25, 2012
all the men that work at pine branch are very nice and don't flirt or cheat with anyone everyone needs to leave them alone and no they don't mess with any of the girls at CFM i work there and i think i would know so you all find something better to do and leave them alone all they do is work there butts off!
Truth is

Middlesboro, KY

#33 Feb 25, 2012
The truth is that yeah they are several of them that do cheat and are seen out meeting women other then then their wife...Thats a man for ya.. and its not just pine branch its everywhere. Pine branch need to be more aware of the drug problems they have with their workers then the sex... more that half of them use drugs, but this is perry co so what esle can u expect??? Heck where we live we have a whore who walks the road waiting on the workers to get off so she can make her some drug money or get drugs...You wont miss a little peice but youll miss that paycheck when its gone..pine branch needs to drug test their workers without telling them 2 weeks in advance, maybe they would have better workers.

London, KY

#34 Feb 27, 2012
They have all kinds of good workers, and yes maybe you are right a few of them do need to be tested! On the other hand most of them are good guys and work hard to take care of their families. My husband works there and I wouldnt care and niether would he if they tested! If this happened all it would do is prove that big mouthed people like you dont know half of what you think you do! Leave these guys alone and let them do what they do and that is WORK!!

Du Bois, PA

#35 Feb 27, 2012
I think it sad when a man with kids cheats on his wife now a days who knows what he will pack in on his wife im not saying all pine branch men cheat because i dont know i do know for a fact that there is a couple that do ive seen it myself all im going to say is if your a pine branch wife and your man has a close buddy on the hill then there is the two i seen with my on eyes whats sad is you see these men out with there wifes and they look so happy....
Truth is

Middlesboro, KY

#36 Feb 27, 2012
Aww.. they dont care as long as these men keep handing over the money..they will still be seen out with the Other Women.. Gettin thier dope. If you have such a good man why are u on here worring about it anyway??? Go keep that good man of your happy!!! Theres not many good men out there, either are manwhores or druggies.. that just the plain truth.
just saying

Du Bois, PA

#37 Feb 27, 2012
Not all men do cheat at pine branch but im sure some do all men will....just because u work at pine branch dont mean your a good honest hardworking family man JUST saying.....
Truth is

Middlesboro, KY

#38 Mar 4, 2012
Yeah I know HW that use to be the parts runner has been seen several times at the old win dixie parking lot meeting a woman. He is married and was married at the time I saw him do this. Hes not the only one either. Just the one I dislike the most because he thinks hes gettin away with something. Its a shame that men cant keep their pants up when they have a good wife at home waiting on them. I think next time I see this, Ill snap a picture. Maybe gain something.. Hes on the jobs time running around, he can afford it. And no pine branch sure aint the only place, it happens everywhere. People will do anything for a pill now days.
I want ONE

Hazard, KY

#39 Mar 16, 2012
Having fun wrote:
Them Pine Branch Coal men are whores! Most of them are married but that hasn't slowed them down any. They have been picking up women at the store they like to stop at and tell their wives they are working late. What a bunch of sh*t. I hope you all get caught and your wives catch you. This is a small town so I'm sure it is only a matter of time till everyone knows what you are doing.
Well if people like you would keep your mouth shut their wives wouldn't know about it. Pine Brancher's need lovins too. I sure can't wait til warm weather sets in so I can take another trip on my little Pine Branchers Harley. Just exactly which store are you talking about? I got enough love for two or three Pine Branchers. Let one of them good ole boys buy me a meatloaf dinner!

Greenbrier, AR

#40 Mar 25, 2012
why are a bunch of idoits on here running good decent hard working men down must be awful bored in your life to get on here put this garabage on here pine branch is the only coal company is still working must make some people jealous

London, KY

#41 Mar 29, 2012
lmao this is all so funny a bunch of women on her acting like they dont cheat that only men do hahaha thats so funny whats all pine branchs mens women doing when there at work all day? ive seen a few out playing also so dont blame just men...women cheat also but yeah i do know for a fact that there is 2 pine branch men that cheat i never would have guessed but i ran up on it so needless to say was i shocked all im going to say is if u work at pine branch like i did u will know who im talking aboout "BADFUEL" go figure wonder if the wifes know about this?

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