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Greenbrier, AR

#23 Sep 22, 2010
I have been to her a lot in the past. Karen is really good. I took adipex for months without any problems, although you do crave them and withdraw if you dont taper off of them. I heard now she draws your blood on your first visit to check for any problems you may have. Most Insurance companies wont pay for it because they say now weight loss clinics are mainly used for cosmetic purposes. But Dr. Murad in Chavies can bill your insurance if he puts you on them for health reasons.

Vilonia, AR

#25 Sep 23, 2010
I have been to her and she is good, but I went to a place in Johnson City that is really good. It is called weight Loss Success. You get 60 pills and the total cost for visit and pills is 80.00..I know it is kinda far to go, but if you have a friend that wants to go also then you can drive together..share the cost of gas and take turn about taking each others vehcles..It is cash, but you also get vitamins and b12. You are required to lose 4 lbs a month..They ask for family medical history and check your heart and bp and also check ankles for swellng...They are really good...The good thing about this clinic is that it is right across the road from the mall so u can shop while you are there...

Kittanning, PA

#27 Sep 23, 2010
to advise anyone my doctor told me that all these medications are a joke that they really are not doing anything it's all in your mind she said if you reduce your calorie intake and exercise that you will see improvement these pills cannot be good for you sounds like they are addictive, that they can cause a lot of problems, and that they can make your weight worse when you get off of them I'm staying off of them I bought some Jillian Michaels Caloric Substitue at Walmart for like $30.00, took them to my doctor found out that basically all it is, is caffeine pills and can get them cheaper also she said drink coffee if you can in the morning and it'll make you that way and also instead of like lunch drink any kind of milk but if I'm meant to lose weight I'm going to have to work at it and that don't mean use drugs to do it with I want to be able to be proud and say that I did it without any help! Good luck and hope you can say the same with this drug!
fat girl

Williston, SC

#29 Sep 24, 2010
Well I tried the adipex from dr kimsey they did not work for me, I stayed hungry the whole time I was taking them, all I wanted to do was sleep and eat while on them. I will never take a diet pill again if thats all they do for me. The best weight loss proagram is eat healthy, exercise, & plenty of sex, lol, if it is meant to lose weight then I will by following a healthy lifestyle.

Harrodsburg, KY

#30 Sep 25, 2010
i took these pills and they made me tired i lost around 20 pounds in 2 weeks though. im thinking of going back on them but they make me feel awful i just need a boost on losing the weight or i never will =[

London, KY

#31 Sep 26, 2010
she is a good doctor

Green Forest, AR

#32 Sep 28, 2010
i hope wrote:
<quoted text>she is located in hazard across the hotel that was super 8 but the hotel changed their name.if you know where the hospital is you can find it easily.com ing from 80 turn where the hill going to the hospital is you will see where they sell mobile homes then the hotel you will see where they sell headstones on the left turn into there and go to the back and she is on the right (not good at directions but you can find her)you need to find her number so you can call for appointment she stays busy.would hate for you get over there and not get to be seen...i wish you the best.i was there and loved her to death she is a great person and great doctor..if the pills dont work do you think about lapband surgery.i did and lost over 90 lbs and still counting down it is not a bad surgery and you get to go home that night and believe me you will feel good about yourself....
Ummmmm, it was NEVER Super 8. It was formerly Days Inn. Super 8 is an insult. lol
Dont get it

East Bernstadt, KY

#33 Oct 20, 2010
daisyrn wrote:
As a nurse and someone who has lost over 80lbs on Adipex, I'd advise to stay the heck away from it. It's not worth it to lose the weight for your health and damage your heart from the pills. Eat healthy and exercise. I did Jillian Micheals Master Your Metabolism and it has done wonders for me. Cost me ten bucks for the book on Amazon. I don't know anything about Dr. Kimsy, but adipex is sooooo dangerous. I have been a cardiac nurse for a long time and I have seen many a patient with valve replacements from this stuff. Once I personally built up a tolerance to the adipex, it did not work for me. Once I went off of it, I gained alot of wieght back. If you are going to use this your only means of weight loss, and aren't planning to change your eating habits long term, and exercise, then it will not work for you in the long run. Best of luck. Losing weight is the most challenging thing you can do.
Finally someone else who these pills don't work for.I thought I was the only one everyone ,has raved about them the only thing they do is give me a dry mouth and blurry vision and not even that so much anymore !I dont see what the hell everyone sees in them. Ive been on them a month and a half, i follow the script to the T and have lost very little weight.Just don't get it.

Williston, SC

#34 Oct 20, 2010
if dr. kimsey cared about your health she would not prescribe adipex to you. they can make you have significant weight loss because they do curve your appetite. i'm currently taking adipex and have lost 50 pounds and i don't eat NEAR as much as I used too and i never sit down. they ARE addictive. i am currently addicted, unfortunately. i am actually supposed to take two a day but only take one and if i skip a day...oh my god. i don't have the energy to even raise up, i STARVE all day long...it's like a fat person DT or something. they are extremely bad for you but if you are really overweight i am not the one to tell you NOT to take them because they really helped me lose my weight and i'm back to my normal size. but there is one thing that i do know for sure and that is..once i'm off these i'm going to gain every bit of it back because of the effects it has on me when i go without it.

my advice is to buy a wii and do the wii fit and count calories and stay active. don't eat past 6 and cut out the pop! you will lose a miraculous amount of weight just by doing that.

Cleveland, GA

#35 Oct 21, 2010
People need to be careful.
tyrone biggums

Whitesburg, KY

#36 Oct 21, 2010
wow, cheap dope, adipex is the same as low grade crank!! i hope noone taking that stuff on here is ever put down a drug addict cause FYI thats the same sh!t as speed!! merry xmas

London, KY

#37 Oct 21, 2010
I took them and gain weight.

London, KY

#38 Oct 21, 2010
You can take the pills all you want and lose 50 pounds but when you stop 50 pounds and more comes back on. Believe it's not a fix.
I know

Greenbrier, AR

#39 Oct 24, 2010
listen wrote:
You can take the pills all you want and lose 50 pounds but when you stop 50 pounds and more comes back on. Believe it's not a fix.
Because it's not for alife time you have to want to make the change for the better.
Wayne B

London, KY

#40 Jan 29, 2011
Gracie wrote:
I took them and gain weight.
Here’s the deal. I have been overweight all my life; I have tried more times than you could image to lose weight. I have had some success but I have always slid back to my old ways. It's really easy for someone who's never been in my shoes to tell me how I should lose weight without any medical aid. Nothing is a quick fix, prescribed medication, OTC medication, Shakes, Points, Fasting, Bariatric Surgery, Lap Bands... none of those work without dedication and conviction. There's one problem with this, willpower goes away after you have starved yourself for 2 weeks, and willpower goes away when you stop losing weight. Trust me, I know better than most why we lose weight then gain it back so fast. One reason for is because we ALWAYS go over the top and over-limit ourselves on a diet, our body thinks we are starving and it goes into survival mode; therefore, everything we eat, our body starts to store it as fat. Something as simple as a bowl of cheerios becomes hardcore fat. So the weight lose slows then eventually stops, we become discouraged and we backslide; once we backslide we start binging. Because our body has gone into survival mode it starts storing everything as fat and therefore, it comes back FAST and we gain more than we lost and so the cycle continues. OTC diets don't care if we give up and backslide, as long as they sell you 3 or 4 bottles of diet pill, they have made their money off you. The only thing I have ever found that I have been confident in is Adipex. The reason why is simple, it curves my appetite and speeds my metabolism and that is what I need! Even with that being the case, I still have to work out and practice restraint. This medical aid makes it easier though and increases my chances of success. Regardless of what many think, food is an addiction and of course a habit; if we don't have something to assist in taking that out of our thought process then we are doomed. Food to an overweight person is 10X worse than Cocaine is to a crack head. The reason why it is worse... A crack head can live without crack but a food addict can't live without food. If a crack head had to have his/her drug 3 times a day to live, they would never kick the habit of being an addict. Its simple, Gracie and others like you, I have an assumption as to why you didn't lose weight while using the Adipex. You may have been expecting to take the pill and not have to practice some self restraint and probably did no exercise. If I am wrong I apologize, as I said, it was an assumption. The pill is a tool, it is an aid in your weight lose journey... it's not a miracle cure. I hope you find what works for you, I know more than anyone that it takes hard work and if we set on our sorry ass and never work out and never say “no I don’t need that” when our body all but hypnotizes us into floating to the refrigerator, then we are surely doomed. Good luck and God Bless Karen Kimsey, she has given me a new lease on my life… I have now lost 73 lbs. and going strong, I still have a lot to lose but at least I have the tools now to do it.
Just wondering

La Center, WA

#41 May 10, 2011
I'm overweight slightly and I hold my wait well (meaning that I don't look as heavy as I am) but im still unhealthy and I was thinking of going to doctor kimsey. I'm terrified of adopts but I want to be healthy. I'm physically able to exercise because I have severe asthma and crippled leg and weak back. Should I take this drug? If not then what are my other options?
Adipex works

London, KY

#42 May 11, 2011
Adipex works if you work with it. It curbs your appetite so that you can stick with a healthy diet.
While you're on it, learn to eat healthy meals and exercise if you can.
I went off of it because I could no longer afford the payment to Dr. Kimsey every month. She is wonderful!
If you think Adipex is dangerous, think of this. Being morbidly obese is very dangerous too.
Little Miss Knowitall

London, KY

#44 Jul 2, 2011
It dont matter what medicine you take whether it's ovc or prescribed everything can cause you hame &/or get you addicted. It's really up to you if you want to succeed or not. I've been over weight pretty much my entire adult life. I have tried various diets, diet pills (never adipex) diet plans & surprisingly I found out you got to get off your rump & move. Unless you're convined to a wheel chair, bed or disabled some how you should be able to get up and walk. There's no quick fix, not even gastric bypass. Every short cut has some kind of flaw/side effect. Sure if your a diabetic you cant have sugary foods. Duh but if you limit to yourself to small servings & never tell yourself that you CANT have this or that. Chances are you'll start seeing a difference. It could be a few days later to a month before you notice it. I've found the WORST thing to do is weigh yourself, except once a month. Your clothes will be the biggest give away. Plus you can either weigh yourself nude (best before showering, body skin holds in the water) or with the same clothes or similar clothes. Like tshirt and shorts each time.
I love Adipex

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#45 Oct 21, 2011
I took adipex about four years ago. I lost 45 pounds in three months, and still ate a lot of the things I like, just smaller amounts. I was never hungry, forgot to eat most meals, and was full of energy. I did have dry mouth, but no other side effects that I can remember. I got pregnant, so I haven't taken them since(they boosted my sex drive tremendously). My son is now 3 yrs old and I have been thinking about going back to Dr. Kimpsey becaues I am at my heaviest weight ever (261 pounds, and I am only 5'6"). I am miserable and none of my clothes fit. For someone who is this overweight, it is worth the risk because severe obesity has many health risks too. Just my opinion.

Since: Feb 11

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#46 Dec 2, 2011
Love Dr Kimsey and her whole staff. Its too bad it didn't work for some of you but it is working for me. You do have to make changes to your eating habits and exercise. The pills curb your appetite so you are not starving and you can make better food choices when you are not hungry. The pills dont work by themselves. You still have to have will power and discipline and continue working out when you no longer take the pills.

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