Comrade Winston's Problem

Comrade Winston's Problem

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“People Need To Chill”

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#1 Apr 10, 2013
1. He thinks hes better than everyone.

According to the Scriptures, God loves each and every person on the face of this planet equally. God does not always love our actions, but He does love each and every person exactly the same. He is not like some dad who ranks his kids from greatest to least. He is not like that at all.

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ came here, in the form of a man, to pay the penalty for mankind's sins for all time. Jesus said that this was true love; that One laid down His life for those that didn't love Him. He loved us first, and He loved us all the same.

As a Christian, I am not better than you, and you are not better than me whether you are a Christian or not. We are both people placed here by God, for His purposes, and He loves us both equally.

2.He Judges People For Their Opinions

If a Christian ever told you that you were going to hell, you might hate Christians.

How does anyone know what kind of person you are? How does anyone know where you will go, or what will happen to you after you die? How does anyone own the right to tell you what is going to happen to you?

Some Christians like to run around and inform others that they are going to go to hell. In my own opinion, I highly doubt that anyone in the last 2,000 years was converted to Christianity because of this move. Think about it; sometimes we can be prideful, sometimes we can be arrogant, and we definitely DO NOT like to be told what to do.

Did Jesus walk around telling everyone that they were going to go to hell? Then why would we do it? This is what Jesus did; He went around developing a loving relationship with others. He desired mercy and not sacrifice. In fact, people came to Him because of the kind of person He was. Jesus was definitely a people person, and we should be as well. If we walk around telling people that they are going to go to hell, eventually there won't be many people around. Jesus didn't push people away, He invited them into His life.

3. He Mistreats Anyone Who Doesnt Agree With Him

Okay, with this one we can go back again to how Jesus treated people while He was here. Did Jesus scream at people who didn't like Him or get along with Him? Did He show hate towards anyone? Did He argue, slander, ignore, or use people? Then why would we do it?

I would love to argue my point all day long just as much as the next guy, but what is that really going to solve? Arguing in relationships may be a good thing when they get resolved, but arguing about spiritual things solves nothing. Lets stop wasting time, and move on to more important things.

Name calling, fighting, and displaying hate through words; why do it? Doing things like this will only push people away from you, and is in no way showing love to others no matter the situation.

Think about how you are going to act, or what you are going to say before you actually do it. If you are not displaying love, then you might as well not display anthing at all. It's the second greatest commandment; love your neighbor as yourself. Are you doing it?

“People Need To Chill”

Since: Mar 08

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#2 Apr 10, 2013
4. He Thinks He Is Superior Above The Poor.

You might hate Christians if they have made you feel like less of a person.

Christians are not superior to anyone else. We have no right to look down on someone else because they are not a Christian. We have no right to make them feel low, as if we were in some position of authority. The disciples, on more than one occassion, tried to figure out which one of them would be the greatest out of all the disciples. Jesus told them that such a thing was not to be. If we wanted to be great, we must be able to do the things that no one wants to do; we must be able to serve.

Jesus told us not to seek the places of high authority, power, and control, or things that corrupt, but to serve others and to love them as He showed His love for us. How would you feel if someone talked down to you because you simply didn't believe what they believed? Why would you do that to someone else. Hurting others pushes them away, and we are called to invite others with love. Before you talk down to anyone, or act as if you were in some great position, remember why you really are where you are.

5.He Doesnt Practice What He Preaches.
This is probably the biggest one in the whole list. Hypocrisy is a horrible thing, and it is no stranger to Christians. If you are a Christian, and you are telling others to do things, you better be darn sure that you are doing those same things as well. Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to be around a hypocrite. Nobody will even listen to someone who doesn't practice what they preach.

The message of Jesus Christ is a message of love, and if we are not showing love day in and day out, then there is a problem. The apostle Paul said that if we had all things except love, we would be like a banging cymbal. It's just noise, and no one wants to hear it. If you are going to preach a message of love, you better be living it. Get connected to the Source, and make sure that what you are showing is love. Love conquers all. Don't try it any other way.

6. Thinks He Can Do What He Wants.

Again, I am no better than you, and you are no better than me. I have no right to talk to you in a way that I would mind being talked to myself. If you feel like you have any special rights over another human being, then you are sadly mistaken. If you respect others, most likely they will return that respect.

Jesus did many great things while He was here including; curing the sick, curing the physically impaired, feeding many without much, casting out demons, raising the dead, etc... However, He only did that which God(The Father) wanted Him to do. He said that those who do the will of His Father in heaven are His brothers and sisters.

Are we doing the will of the Father, or are we just doing whatever we want to do? People notice these things, and if we are just doing whatever we want, and acting as if we have some special authority, not only will we be wasting our time, but we will be getting in the way of that which God wants to do through us.

“People Need To Chill”

Since: Mar 08

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#3 Apr 10, 2013
7. He Doesnt Care About Anyone But Himself

It's true that Jesus told us this world is passing away, and that we should make sure we store up our treasures in heaven, but we are here for a reason and He didn't tell us to forget about this life competely. There can be such a thing as too focused on the next life. We should be focused on that, but not to the point where we neglect things that need to get done here.

If you are focusing on the next life, while not being concerned with your neighbor, your community, your environment, and things of that nature, then you are strictly forgetting about what needs to be done here. Jesus did leave us with several things that we can do while we are here; spread the Good News, love God, love others, as well as doing other works that He did while here.

We are here to take care of this planet as much as possible. We should be concerned about what goes on here, as well as being mindful that this world is not it.

Normally I dont get involved in much discussion here in Topix because they all end the same. No one wants to discuss on a civil matter and it always ends up in name calling and now it has gotten so out of control we have Comrade calling people "child molesters" and "playground perverts" and people like John Doe and a few others think this is funny.

Jesus loves everyone, even those who feel unloved, and those who feel like lesser human beings. He also calls us to love them as well, and give as we are able. There are many Christians doing just that. It's sad in society that we have more doing the opposite than living the life Jesus told us how to.
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#4 Apr 10, 2013
Class of 81,
I enjoyed reading your posts & I wholehartedly agree with you & with Jesus' teachings that we should love one another. I believe Jesus even said "we should love our neighbor as we do ourselves". I also agree we are to show each other respect & not think we are better than others.

In your writings, you also mentioned that one of the things Jesus taught us was to spread the GOOD NEWS. Did you know that the definition of the GOSPEL IS - THE GOOD NEWS?

Yes, in addition to all of the things you mentioned above - Christ also taught us to "Go into all the world & teach/preach the GOSPEL.

But, in order to do this - sometimes, you will be accused of making someone feel they are going to hell if thy don't do what you're saying.

When in reality, you are only trying to teach them what the word of God demands of them in order to be saved.

This is the same thing that Jesus (himself) and his apostles & deciples ran into when they were were trying to teach the Gospel to the Jews & Gentiles. Lots of them didn't believe them & rejected what they were trying to teach.

We run into this same problem today when we try to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lots of people will not accept the FULL WORD OF GOD. They take bible scriptures out of context & twist the meanings around to suit their own needs & wants. And thay is why we have hundereds of different churches & faiths.

But, we must remember that Christ told Peter, "Upon this rock, I will build my church" He didn't say CHURCHES. The bible teaches us there is but ONE CHURCH, ONE FAITH & ONE BAPTISM...

So, if we are truly to LOVE A PERSON, not only must respect him & treat him with kindness - but we MUST put his soul's salvation uppermost in our minds & try to teach him the WHOLE WORD OF GOD - THE GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST...
JL Trumbil

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#5 Apr 10, 2013
You can't console with someone that's out for hatred and spite. From what I've read Comrade is exactly what 81 posted on another thread. Narrow minded and selfish. Judgemental on everything if it doesn't suit him. 81 I think you nailed it when you said he doesn't have many friends. How can anyone be a friend to him when you're looking over your shoulder to see when he'd going to stab you in the back?

Springtown, TX

#6 Apr 10, 2013
Sounds like comrade has a few fans out there.Man i thought i,d seen some one hammered before but not like this one.Com rade must have the fortitude of a rock.

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