Dominion Valley - Toll Brothers

Dominion Valley - Toll Brothers

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Montgomery, AL

#1 Mar 28, 2008
I am thnking of building at Dominion Valley, by Toll Brothers. What is it like there? Are people friendly? What type of incentives are they offering?

Silver Spring, MD

#2 Mar 28, 2008
DV is a nice neighborhood, but you should really spend an afternoon in the area one weekend to see if you would enjoy living in DV/Haymarket as it's probably not for everyone. There are a lot of friendly people, but with any small community comes gossip and the Jones', not to mention a ton of traffic on 15 everyday. So, spend a weekend in the area and if you think it's a good match for you and your personality/needs then by all means DV is a good place to be.

Wilsonville, OR

#3 Mar 30, 2008
"Anon" sounds like a Tol Brothers Sales person to me ...

Wilsonville, OR

#4 Mar 30, 2008
Comment from "anon" sounds like a Toll Brothers Salesperson to me ...
laughing as toll crumbles

Bronx, NY

#5 Mar 30, 2008
I purchased a property from toll brothers and I have not been able to move in due to toxic mold. Toll Brothers has refused to fix the property almost two years later. They used weathered material to build the property with. We where not the first owners on the property.

This is not the first property that toll brothers has built with toxic mold.

Toll Brothers does not stand behind there property. They have refused to fix the property to make it livable. And there customer service is down the toilet. They say anything to get you to close and then do not do as they say they will do. Once they get your money you can forget it.

And the only arbitration company they want to use is Construction Arbitration Services that refuses to follow the contract that you sign and there own web sites information.

Our property the anchorage is missing in some areas loose everywhere, washers are not big enough they either are missing or inside the sill plate. The upgaded cabinets are defective. If you have lights on and a radio the lights dim. The wood floors are cupping cracking and buckling, there are missing emergency shut offs for the bath tubs. Broken heat system, front wall shakes when door is shut,(brick exterior), the basement floor has over 29 cracks in it, basement windows were not installed till after closing, and I can go on and on, I think you get the drift.

You are better off buying a resale, then buying new construction.

We have been paying two mortgages and the up keep of two property's. Plus lawyer fees and expert fees. if you can afford to do all of this god bless you. And if you could why should you.
laughing as toll crumbles

Bronx, NY

#6 Mar 30, 2008
This is an article on the net type this in google to search for it, tried to copy and paste but the article was to long.

It's every homeowner's nightmare
Slab under Tuscany home crumbling, family says
[email protected]
Publication Date: 01/20/08

Also check out the truth about toll brothers, Homeowners against defective dwellings (hadd)
check out toll brothers complaints, HOBB homeowners for better builders, also search for the boston globe article on toll brothers.

All of these article will tell you just what you will be getting into.
laughing as toll crumbles

Bronx, NY

#7 Mar 30, 2008
also type in google toll brothers misses interest payments, this is about a joint venture with other builders in Vegas.

Now if toll goes belly up and your home is not constructed or near complete what happens to your deposit. You may lose it. As other homeowners did when Kara builders went under. Search Kara homes and see articles on them to see what happen to money and property that was in contract for. also check out hadd for the articles on Kara it was a while ago may a year. But google should pull it up for you. Just becareful of what your are doing and what company you are doing it with.

And if there is an arbitration agreement in the contract if they do not remove it don't buy it, you have better luck buying a car that is a lemon even a toaster you can return with new home construction good luck.

Search every where, go to other developments that are complete and talk to some of the homeowners and see what they have to say.

I have family members that brought from other builders and have had no issues, and they did not buy from a luxury builder.
laughing as toll crumbles

Bronx, NY

#8 Mar 30, 2008
This is an article about toll brothers at moody's should also read this. What happens to your money and is going to cost you more then your deposit to get it back if things go bad

Moody's may cut Toll Brothers' debt rating to junk
Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:09pm EDT

Falls Church, VA

#9 Mar 31, 2008
well, google any builder and you'll get pissed off people. Every builder has faced lawsuits, bad construction, shady superintendents, etc. I have had many friends buy Toll Bro's houses, and they are content. Want it built right? Do it yourself. Judging by laughing, when you open his front door a 500 pound sloth pops out of the ground and starts grinding your brown eyed daisy.
laughing as toll crumbles

Bronx, NY

#10 Mar 31, 2008
I have dealt with other builders and have no issues. Because they stood behind their products. It just happens to be that the luxury builder is the one that does not stand behind their product. And I know people have purchased from the luxury builder and would never buy or recommend them.

Most company's have issues, but is the way they handle the issues. No one would have to sue anyone if people just did the right thing. But then that would cut into profits. And god forbid that, it may take away from their bonuses.

Hope you enjoy your job with toll, for as long it may last. And for doing there dirty work you will properly, be rewarded at the end of your life. Remember we all have a choice, we were given the ability to choose right from wrong.

Falls Church, VA

#11 Apr 1, 2008
you're a tool laughing, i don't work for toll, you enjoy your job with Beazer and your endless posts to, well, it looks like I'm the only one reading them. Good work. sorry bud, but your 'everyone is great except toll' line is juvenile. but now that you have picked a fight with me, i'll continue to mock you.
the truth

Bronx, NY

#12 Apr 2, 2008
You can mock whom you choose, but at least some of us know the truth about toll brothers. And are not afraid to say as much.

Other people just need attention, so they join sites that have nothing to do with there interest.
Just to have someone to converse with. You appearnantly are lonely. As other toll customers and employees have been at the site and have had concerns about toll's quality and ability to do the right thing.

So as you may think someone may stand alone, the person that does would be yourself.

I wish the best as an employee of toll, and I wish you the best in finding a friend
jeff wrote:
you're a tool laughing, i don't work for toll, you enjoy your job with Beazer and your endless posts to, well, it looks like I'm the only one reading them. Good work. sorry bud, but your 'everyone is great except toll' line is juvenile. but now that you have picked a fight with me, i'll continue to mock you.

Haymarket, VA

#13 Apr 2, 2008
double golf clap for knowing the truth. triple golf clap for not being afraid to say as much, you got more balls than dahmer's freezer. but do remember, we got you to close before we installed your basement windows, whose laughing now eh? defective cabinets? how did you miss that one on the walkthrough. I do believe I gave my guys bonuses for that one. amateur. and this is your "interest"? you must be kidding, or laughing, at whom i have no idea.

passes ball behind back to laughing who will most likely miss the uncontested layup.
the truth

Bronx, NY

#14 Apr 3, 2008
Actually there was a punch list of items that needed to be completed. The fact that people are trusting is not a fault, if they believe what the sellers are saying to be true.
the fact that a seller states in letter form that they will complete all items with in a certain period of time, why would someone not believe or trust that to be true.
Trust is a good thing, and the fact that someone would take anothers trust and steal from them is just inmoral.
The fact is some people can not get anywhere with out lying, cheating or stealing from people to better their self interest.
And you may have sold me a lemon that is uninhabital, but I still cost you some sales, and who's looking for the government to bail their butts out now, oh that would not be me, oh that is right that would be you.
So at the end of the day I still chuckle over the fact that I have sent many people to other builders, or resales. Because of the way toll brothers treated our family no one else wanted to even look at toll brothers. So you can chuckle all you want and I will chuckle on my end.
But again I am not the one looking to the government to bail my butt out, that would be you while your CEO drains the funds of the company with his bonus plan. And forgets about the people that actually help him get to where he is today.
And unlike toll brothers I can speak for myself. The brothers have you doing there dirty work, so I guess they have you there lacky,lol
the truth

Bronx, NY

#15 Apr 3, 2008
Also I thought you did not work for toll, you need to make up your mind, you do or don't, lies or truths, I guess you choose to lie, as someone I know would say liars are thieves.

Falls Church, VA

#16 Apr 3, 2008
of course i work for toll, they have tasked me with discrediting you. we have an office of discreditation see, and I'm am senior VP of discreditation, have a plush office and everything. I actually bought a gold plated snow globe with the money we made off of you. Your posts were causing sales to go way down, and we just couldn't have you chuckling about it. We have an in house clairvoyant who foresaw all this which is why we built you a shit house to begin with. i'm no lackey, i'm senior vp biatch.
the truth

Bronx, NY

#17 Apr 3, 2008
when your job comes to end I hope you can resell the globes, no one really likes gold plated material they perfer the real thing, and apparently toll does not pay you enough to buy the real thing, as stated before you are just a lacky for toll, and you can not discredit the truth.

Since I am not the only customer that toll brothers has screwed, from all the other sites about toll brothers, and articles posted in papers and court filings can tell the truth about toll brothers.

No you're a lackey who every time you wake up and work for toll, you sell your soul to the devil.

Thank you for informing me that I am toll's number one thought when they wake up and when they go to sleep at night. That your poistion is only there because I am so important to toll brothers. What will happen to you when I bet toll brothers, oop's you better start ebaying your globes now

Montgomery, AL

#18 Apr 14, 2008
Yikes! This post has turned into a big cat fight.

I think some of those problems probably occured due to sloppiness by all builders (not just Toll brothers) during the contruction boom. Hopefully the slowdown has helped them get back to quality building.

Royal Oak, MI

#19 Apr 14, 2008
I have enjoyed my home since purchasing it in 2004. Iown a Tournament in the main gates- one of 8 on the golf course- and my neighbors are the same since then and WONDERFUL! True, if I want to go out I head to Fairfax or Tysons bc that is where I am from, but I LOVE coming home to my peaceful abode every night! If you work in the city the VRE is awesome as it saves you gas and aggravation- with the price of gas that's the way to go! Anyhow- I am sure there are horror stories galore and everybody's experience differs- but I am so happy I moved here!
the truth

Bronx, NY

#20 Apr 14, 2008
My thing with toll brothers is that they do not stand behind their product as they say they do. If they did I would not be here. Or I would not be informing the public to becareful when purchasing a toll home.

I have dealt with another builder and I have to say that they did stand behind there product.

They had a case of mold and they moved the people out of the home and did what had to be done. They had another case of mold and they took care of it.

Were my dealings with toll brothers they run and hide. And try to blame the homeowners for the weathered material that was used in the construction of the property. Instead of just say I am sorry for what happened, and let me properly repair the premisis so you and your family can live in it. They run and hide. And think that because they are so big that people will just cave or do as toll wants. Sorry not me, I will not endanger my family for them or anyone else.

Or they send some idiot who thinks that he can speak to you like you are an idiot until you show him you are not, and shut him up fast, and then he becomes silent.

All I ever asked them to do in the beginning was the right thing, and I am still only asking them to do the right thing years later and we still have never lived in the property. And they still have not offered to do the right thing.

I am still waiting for them to give us what we paid for and that is a home.

The lay out of the property is beautiful, it is the quality of the material that was used in the construction of the property, that is the issue.

I am very happy for you that you got the home of your dreams. I hope that you will live there happy forever.

I could only say we did not even get a home from toll brothers that they were paid for.

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