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Get a life

Aberdeen, MD

#61 May 7, 2009
Resident wrote:
Why am I going back and forth with those of you who clearly think the rules don't apply to you? I'd have to be nuts to care what you think. I'm just glad my situation has been resolved. Now I can enjoy the little time I plan to remain here...next stop SF home.
I admit I was naive to think people would voluntarily follow the rules of the community. By your logic we should all be able to paint the exteriors of the homes all different colors and park pickup trucks on the sidewalk...
Mr defensive, you are not getting the point and you are going being seriously melodramatic with your responses. This blog is for people to discuss their opinions regarding the community and our homes. Not a forum for petty arguments over how much you hate your neighbors. Moving on....

Chantilly, VA

#62 May 7, 2009
Resident wrote:
<quoted text>
you're so juvenile - ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE? People walking around their house sounds like stomping and the dog running around sounds like a racetrack when people aren't in compliance. Why am I wasting my time with you. What a joke...
Yep! Sure am..I'm just observing your controlling nature. You can't even get your point across the first time, you have to go back and rant and rave 4 times before you finally shut up. Another aspect of a controlling person. When did you say you were moving into your SF? Should have done that to begin with..oh wait maybe you didn't have enough money, I guess a lawsuit will help you out with your next down payment...You're so stuck on your own point, you're not even getting it. Nobody is saying the rules don't apply to anyone, the fact of the matter is you want to sue your new neighbors when I'm sure it would have worked out on it's own. And guess what, from your posts - it did! Patience is a virtue, Mr./Ms. Big Shot...you should probably use that advice in your next neighborhood.

Clinton, MD

#63 May 31, 2009
Does anyone know when the pool is opening? Last meeting I attended they stated it would be open by Memorial Day. Now I see the sign out front saying "future home of pool" but no update. Pool looks done but maybe they are just saving fees until enough residents move in? Silly since $30 of our association fees go towards the pool maintenance and I've been paying for them for over a year. Obviously, I didn't gripe in the beginning since I knew the deal but now the deal has changed.

United States

#64 Jun 1, 2009
The pool is supposed to be shared between both developments right? Seems a little on the small side for the projected 450 units. Either way it will be a welcome addition in my book, considering what we pay in HOA fees.

Clinton, MD

#65 Jun 1, 2009
Resident wrote:
The pool is supposed to be shared between both developments right? Seems a little on the small side for the projected 450 units. Either way it will be a welcome addition in my book, considering what we pay in HOA fees.
It is shared and it is small. However, I'll take what I can get. Just thought that after telling us it would be open for Memorial Da the least they owed us was a notification of a revised date versus just slapping up a "Future Home" sign. Par for the course unfortunatley.

United States

#66 Jun 2, 2009
I'm just hoping when it does open my annoying neighbors decide to use it as often as humanly possible.
Avoided a big mistake

Hyattsville, MD

#67 Sep 18, 2009
Came out and looked at the model homes in August.
After reading this blog. looks like I made the right decision not to buy in this neighborhood. Doesn't look like it's the peace, quiet and civility I was looking for.

College Park, MD

#68 Sep 20, 2009
The neighborhood itself is very quiet and civil, I have no complaints with people outside or noise from cars. Noise between the units themselves (especially if you're the lower unit) is another issue however. Every situation is different, there's no real way you can know unless you spend some time listening to how good or bad it is.

I would rate my experience here overall around a 7/10. If it wasn't for the poor soundproofing and loud neighbors I have above me, I would seriously rate it a 9/10. I'm that happy with everything else.

I take it as a learning experience. This was my first purchase and it obviously won't be my last, and ultimately I like to view this place as a stepping stone. I know I will most definitely be purchasing a townhouse or hopefully a SFH next time around.

I think we're pretty much nearing completion for the development anyway, I believe they're finishing up either the last or second to last building, and I remember them telling me once they're roughly 12 months out from filling the last lots, they'll re-convert and look to sell the models.
Happy Ryland Homeowner

Clinton, MD

#69 Oct 9, 2009
I love living in Ryland. It's peaceful out here away from the traffic on Route 15. There's only one neighbor who we ever had problems with, and it appears that they are moving out. Yay!!! They complained about everything. I am happy living here and will be even happier when I see their tail lights leaving for the last time! We have made great friends here and everyone (except for the previously mentioned people) is very friendly and courteous.

Clinton, MD

#70 Aug 10, 2011
So, seeing as how the last post on here was in 2009, I'm curious as to if anyone has any updates on their living situations. Who has sued who, who has worked out issues with their neighbors, and who can even name more than 10 of their neighbors? The dog doo stations have been a great investment into the community. I'm also curious to know if anyone has applied to refinance their home since March of 2011,...or if anyone has attempted to sell their house since March of 2011 and found it to be difficult to sell. I found out today that there is a pretty good reason for that! The condo association has let the FHA agreement lapse and now if you currently have an FHA loan, or if anyone attempting to buy your house has attempted to get an FHA loan, it will not go through. The agreement lapsed in March and now I feel as if we are all being screwed in the process not being able to refinance or being able to sell to someone that can't front the 10% downpayment. Anyone know who is the head of our HOA who needs to fix this IMMEDIATELY?

Clarksburg, WV

#71 Sep 26, 2011
I put my place on the market for a little bit just recently but took it back off once I realized how much I was going to have to bring to the table just to get rid of it. I've decided that even renting it and losing a few hundred a month will be cheaper in the long run. I haven't tried to re-finance but considered shopping around.

Yes the units have their drawbacks, in my opinion the sound-proofing between units in the earlier buildings and the in-wall AC units. However all in all I enjoyed living there and it's nice to see there are still things down the road the HOA is planning to make the community nicer. I would've stayed longer but some job changes drastically increased my commute and I wasn't able to handle it anymore. If you're considering selling I would advise considering keeping it and finding a tenant instead, Haymarket/Gainesville continues to develop and down the road you'll either be in a better position to sell or will maybe even make some money on the place.
Centreville Crossing

Bristow, VA

#72 Feb 23, 2012
I live in a unit in Centreville. Jamestown model.

Reading through some of these posts made me laugh.. and also made me feel better as I was not the only one who was going what the hell??

It seriously sounds like the people upstairs have peg legs. Didn't know about the hardwood coverup percentage thing before reading through these though so I will give that a shot. I don't think we're using Armstrong anymore.. but now it's SCS management?

Although It's not as bad as the guy who said he could hear his neighbors opening and closing the kitchen drawers I'd say it's still pretty bad. Every single day all I hear is thud thud thud thud thud...(silence)... thud thud..(silence).. thud thud .. you get the picture.

I guess it could be worse, because the people upstairs don't argue, have kids running bouncing balls, or have loud pets. I laughed really hard at post #11 about the guy who yells at the top of his lungs.

We'll see. Thanks for the information. I hope someone else who lives in the Centreville Crossing community can chime in as well? Anyone out there?
Ryland Owner

Herndon, VA

#73 Sep 21, 2012
This thread is a little stale so I thought I'd give a state-of-the-community update and see if anyone else who lives there is still around. I feel like things continue to get better with time.

1) The biggest news right now has to be the construction of the new hospital. I think it will pay dividends for the area once it's opened, since right now your options for in-patient service are either Manassas or Warrenton. Even if you won't be using the hospital it looks good when people are looking at your area. Supposed to open in early 2014.

2) The installation of the kid's playground can always be considered a plus, and it looks pretty nice. I'm happy to see the HOA went through with it and found some use for all that space behind the pool.

3) Nothing on the large lot of land between the two developments. Word went around earlier this year that townhouses will be built this summer, but nothing as of yet. This can be considered either a good or bad thing depending on your situation.

4) Major development nearby: Haymarket Village Center is nearing completion with some stores already open and more on the way. Haymarket Crossing (a future medical office park) is slated to be built just west of the hospital, extending Heathcote Blvd. No real word on that though.

5) VDOT also has two major projects in the works nearby: Widening I-66 to 8 lanes just past Exit 40 and completely re-doing the I-66/Rt. 15 interchange. The former should start next year and wrap up by 2014 and the latter should start in either 2014 or 2015.

All in all things are at least moving forward IMO, and if you have been there since early 2008 as I have it already looks a lot different! Anybody else have any other news or updates?

Lansing, MI

#74 Apr 16, 2013
In response to #70, I was able to refinance with no problems.
Ryland Owner

Clairton, PA

#75 May 12, 2013
For anyone still checks this thread, it looks like someone forwarded a request to re-zone 20 acres just west of the development from A-1 (agriculture) to R-16 (residential). This someone wants to build 316 new units and call them "The Haven at Haymarket Crossing". I'm sure more details will be available once the proposal goes before the county Planning Commission, but it's safe to say at some point in the future Heathcote will be extended further west and we'll have another construction site to add to the neighborhood.
THAT guy

Fairfax, VA

#76 May 15, 2013
Resident (Post #74), Yea, they fixed their issue with the FHA loans by the Spring of 2012 and I was able to refinance with no issues.

Thanks for being on top of the updates with the community and surrounding areas Ryland Owner (Post #73 & #75). I had completely forgotten about this thread, but glad to see that there are positive updates being added. There have been major updates to the community since the early days and the surrounding areas growth has certainly helped. I look forward to the Hospital opening and hope that will help with the values of the homes as they are in close proximity to a brand new medical facility.

The playground was a great addition to the neighborhood. There is only one slight issue that I have seen with it, and have had conversations with parents with small children is the opening on both sides of the platform at the top of the stairs. It presents a danger if the child is playing from the one side of the platform, and then walks to the opposite side as there are openings on either side where they can potentially fall out. If you are there by yourself as a parent, itís a lot of ground to cover if you are not physically standing on the platform with the child. Nothing that has been a major issue (that I've seen) so far, so hopefully it doesn't become an issue in the future.

Also was happy to see the addition of the pavilion behind the playground, should provide some good coverage from the sun/rain/etc. on summer days.

Definitely looking forward to the widening of 66 past Haymarket, and the new proposed ramp situation for the 15/66 interchange. The backups on 66 can get pretty bad in the afternoon and once that is completed, will help out immensely with the traffic situation.

Has anyone tried any of the new businesses in the Haymarket Village Center (Kohl's shopping center)?
Ryland Owner

Pittsburgh, PA

#77 May 17, 2013
THAT guy wrote:
There have been major updates to the community since the early days and the surrounding areas growth has certainly helped.
You can say that again. I remembered right after getting settled in back in early 2008 there were only 3 buildings on the Ryland side including mine and maybe 3 or 4 on the Beazer side. Heathcote didn't even have street lights on it, the part connecting 15 and Old Carolina was woods, the health center was built but not yet opened, and Minnieland and the BB&T bank weren't there. 15 was two lanes and we had to wait to make a left turn onto Heathcote to go home...remember that mess?

There are definitely worse things to be across the street from than a brand new hospital, and hopefully that helps values as you said. There will be a new office building down the road on the Heathcote/Old Carolina intersection which is specifically being built due to the hospital. I also have a feeling that the land for the "Haymarket Crossing" office park which was rezoned back in early 2011 might finally be developed with the hospital up and running starting next year. Combine that with this supposed residential development just north of it (this is all west of our neighborhood) and Heathcote will be getting a lot busier over the coming years.

A lot of people cursed the Wal-Mart coming to Haymarket, claiming that traffic (and even crime) was going to skyrocket. Based on what I've seen neither has happened and it is nice having more options literally right down the road. I haven't been to most of the places in that new shopping center but it looks pretty nice. I am curious as to when the west end of it will start going up (with the Home Depot and other stores).

I think the HOA has done a pretty nice job in managing the community. Landscaping is always taken care of (I think they've gotten better at it compared to the earlier years) and you can't complain when your dues are actually used to enhance the community, like the pool/playground/pavilion. I do think that will pretty much be it though as there doesn't seem to be any space left for anything else, especially with the new townhouses going up in the last parcel of free land we had left.

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