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#108 Oct 23, 2010
Bitekle wrote:
The reason is because most people dislike being startled with gun fire next to them. Am I making any sense?
maybe aim her way then. give her something to bitch about

Camino, CA

#109 Nov 3, 2010
i dont know if its me or the smoke, but does anybody else hear a locomotive train horn. i have never seen any tracks around hear. i think its my mind taking over when (the children with guns) start shooting my mind covers the sound up with a more country outdoors sound.

Mckinleyville, CA

#110 Nov 3, 2010
Why wrote:
James from New York if you have seen or heard from him please let him know his family is looking for him and to have him call his mom .
Have you heard from him and what area was he it in the pines its a big place .Hope he called family is good too have.

Washington, DC

#111 Nov 4, 2010
There are two people in the area that have train horns as toys. But its partly the smoke as well. ;) I also hope that they have heard from James; I have done my disapearing act in the past and I know now its not fair to the family. Especially in woods as deep as ours!
Just Saying

United States

#112 Nov 5, 2010
People PLEASE...

Realize this. Now is not the time for Americans (Californians) to be battling each other, specially in areas like the Pines. There are far worse enemies in the world and at some point, we will need to help each other and come together as a community.

All of us at the very core- whether you grow pot for a living or not, want the same things in life. To be safe and live in peace, and enjoy the time we have here.

We all have our constitutional rights, including the right to keep and bear arms so lets keep it. Lets not abuse it and give those who would take it in a heartbeat the ammunition to deny us that right.

Please keep your animals in control. Shoot at times that are respectful to your neighbors. The same goes for playing loud music.

That fact is if none of the above is respected, this place is not going to be good for anyone. It will ruin it for the families here, and growers will become nothing but a target for law enforcement, and the IRS- remember Al Capone?

We need to wake up and stick together folks. The world has some serious problems and it could get worse. It's not entirely unconceivable that places like the Pines could be one of the safest places to live in times of economic collapses, or issues with power grids going down for weeks on end.

Then you will see some REAL problems become a reality in populated cities, and hit the average person right were they sleep.

PS... Linda Poe was not terrorized for cryn' out loud. She had a known heart condition and smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish probably did not help. She was a strong willed woman, and a sweetheart.

Be kind to each other and help out your neighbor.
hip pie

Marysville, CA

#113 Nov 9, 2010
Well said to the post above, realize we are a community and need to work together to become prepared for the future. We need to get along out in The Pines and realize what we have and not take it for granted.
day breaker

Tracy, CA

#114 Nov 17, 2010
enough is enough. tim smith has got to be run off the mountain or put in a padded cell or hung by the neck until ? tim has lost it, word is out that he beats his girlfriend often, who is a minor, uses her food stamps for himself and whats left of his friends.after this harvest there will be another dozen or two people who will get burned. a retired attorney has documented tims behavior.i have seen this will turn your stomach to see such savage behavior. tim fired the two workers who gave 7 months of dedication to tims illegal number of plants. tim has been a snitch for the feds and this will be proven in the next 2 months. and for the guy with washington plates that goes to tims. beware your time is short. nothing at that place is ever what it seems. and to the new guy that tim hired to run the show and get fucked. stay where you belong.this mountain will change you and not in a good way. honesty and loyalty are not our way up here.

Tracy, CA

#115 Nov 18, 2010
i just want to congratulate day breaker for a job well done. i am sure there will be many who have something to add.

Los Gatos, CA

#116 Nov 18, 2010
Well let's see where to start.. I am an Adam in the pines, I am a pine Ray and proud and for the vietnam vet crying about his head that I kicked, I respect our vets but that aside I will do it again if I have to. To all you peaceful people, get out, god left you, and the pines to the hostiles so deal with it. All the people that died this year that you claim we had our hands in. Keep ur pen out of company ink and you can save yourself, I have no guilt no remorse and no respect for anyone but my own, you should t either.

When my time comes I will still be in the pines, still crackn good neighbors upside the head, still merkn vets, but as a ghost so fuck y'all

Cheers to my brothers in arms townies and woodsmen alike.

Hilmar, CA

#117 Nov 18, 2010
Q trac not for you wrote:
Nut!<quoted text>
I will simply reply to the name you posted under.

You are correct, q trac is not for me. I liked the pines better.

So I have decided to rent my place to a nice black family from LA.. For FREE, cause I am such a nice person.

I truly wonder if they will be as kind as I to your trespass.

Have a happy turkey day

... ;)
To Adam

United States

#118 Nov 19, 2010
Are you freakin' insane?

Do everyone a favor and STAY up in your hooch and the hell away from people OK?

That way YOU won't have anything to WORRY about.

United States

#119 Nov 20, 2010
Any info about the fire last night on red bud road in trinity pines last night would be great .Was it a grow house? And was anybody hurt?

Sacramento, CA

#120 Nov 25, 2010
bud wrote:
Any info about the fire last night on red bud road in trinity pines last night would be great .Was it a grow house? And was anybody hurt?
was a fir

i think as usual you have been misimformed. there was a fire last friday night but it was not on red bud. it was on a piece of property thats address would be on westridge road near the cross street of evening star about 2 miles from red bud.

United States

#121 Nov 25, 2010
shesamess wrote:
<quoted text> was a fir
i think as usual you have been misimformed. there was a fire last friday night but it was not on red bud. it was on a piece of property thats address would be on westridge road near the cross street of evening star about 2 miles from red bud.
Thanks i take it no one was hurt saw nothing in the paper .Please let me know more if you get any on this.

Oakland, CA

#122 Dec 6, 2010
Feds are heavy on the 36. Just got 4 cars yesterday.

Turlock, CA

#124 Dec 7, 2010
caution wrote:
Feds are heavy on the 36. Just got 4 cars yesterday.
Get used to it. The dream is coming to an end.
bite me

Grass Valley, CA

#126 Dec 13, 2010
can't we all just get along

Turlock, CA

#127 Dec 14, 2010
Take a drive around the Pines and see if what you see doesn't make you sick. Lots of properties turned into garbage dumps. Some fine examples of shameless human greed.
the new yorker

Brooklyn, NY

#128 Dec 15, 2010
newamericanpioneers shut up if i want to move over there and grow weed i will do so and theres nothing you or your "several" friends could do about it talking about snuffing people out iill come over there and make you move out of your own neighborhood what do u think about that ill come there and run that fucking place if i want i hate people like you that try and act like your somebody i dont care who you are who you thinink you are who you know or who you think you know you watch what happens over there in the next 5 years me and my people will be moving in and doing what we please it doesnt matter if you like it or not you can either get down or lay down

Sacramento, CA

#129 Dec 16, 2010
Don,t buy the bull sh-t .The growers know they got a good thing going .And will manipulate this blog to keep it that way .There was so much money pulled out of the pines last season .Its not small business anymore .And yes in some cases they will trash a lot to bring down the value of neighboring lots to force a sale all part of the game .

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