Mount Vernon man charged in shooting

Mount Vernon man charged in shooting

There are 40 comments on the story from Nov 23, 2008, titled Mount Vernon man charged in shooting. In it, reports that:

A Mount Vernon man remained in the Wood County jail Friday on $1 million bond, charged with the death of his girlfriend's mother.

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United States

#246 Nov 12, 2010
You know coming from someone lacking punctuation, grammar and the basic skills needed to communicate. You're so right I feel really "dumb". You know you're so convinced I got away with murder, I couldn't be that dumb in your estimation.

Why would you "conversate", or rather converse perhaps, on here to begin with when you don't know an f'n thing? Some half assed friend of his that in the time him and I were together I never even met?

Honey I never need talk to myself there is always someone to listen to me. But I assume that was a clever jab on your part. Uh, bravo! You must feel like Trey's hero!

Anyhow I'm glad you're done conversating with me, or conversing you know whatever word makes you more comfortable. Prior to this I don't believe we've ever conversed but hey whatever. Short and sweet works for me.
real realist

Denver, CO

#247 Dec 2, 2010
yea loser re-read what I said, hit the pipe, and then properly google what you are trying to say because you make no sense! Have a good life, alone, no mother, and no kids! ALL BY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!

Carpenter, WY

#248 Dec 6, 2010
K, honey maybe you haven't heard but I'm raising his kid with a good man he knows as Daddy. He is almost two and beautiful. Thanks I will have an awesome life. Already do.

Wichita, KS

#249 Dec 12, 2010
really! i heard u had him taken from u and ur BROTHER is raising him and u live @ hours away from him with only visiaation like ur other two kids is he lying or u.

Cheyenne, WY

#250 Dec 13, 2010
Really, where did you "hear" that from? Funny that he's eating an egg sandwich at the table right now. I have custody, have always had custody and will always have custody. My brother has HELPED me from day one, was there to watch him be born. Get your stories straight or maybe don't get your stories at all......

Wichita, KS

#251 Dec 13, 2010
thats nice but who cant really believe anything that you say. i have heard that from the horses mouth so to speak where "your son" is, so im glad you still are in the habit of lying. oh did your new man pay for your new tat? white trash fallin wasent it? nice to warn others. but you should be worried about the thousands of dollars in back child support that you owe to your ex oh but you cant get a job with your linences suspended can you? but im not being truthfull am i? you always tell the truth.

Wichita, KS

#252 Dec 13, 2010
so i will leave you be to tell your lies to anyone that believes you but "honey" i think your bout out of options. you can only trick people for so long then they realize the real you. its sad that the biggest lie you have told is to yourself. i hope you have a nice life but everything that goes around comes around and "honey" you arent any better than the rest of us.

United States

#253 Dec 24, 2010
YAWN.... k honey.... my license is valid you want the TX number so you can run it? I actually got pulled over the other day and got a big fat speeding ticket.. 9 over the limit 80 bucks worth of ticket. tsk.. tsk.. lol... It seems rather redundant to keep this up when it's rather clear you have gossip, slander and bullshit on your mind. You definitely don't have any brains in there. Do you not own a computer that has spell check or do you just really enjoy making yourself look ignorant? In more ways than one.

You should have probably checked out if that horse actually had a mouth or if you were suckin ass. Oh and the tattoo, rather beautiful isn't it? You should check out Eminem's newest album and you might get the point of White Trash BALLIN, I'm the epitomy. As for the cost, the best tattoos are free and done by someone who wants that on your body for a purpose.

Broaden your perspective a bit and focus on your own shit. Cuz I know you've got plenty to handle, obviously, or the venom wouldn't be leaking this far. I can smell what you're spittin from here and it stinks.

Lies...smies... I'm an open book always have been always will be, if you knew me you'd know. You don't know me.

Also "realist" why the covert actions? Afraid to be you and let someone rip into you a bit? So now I'm just rambling trying to think up something useful, uh with one l, which wouldn't really work for you. You want drama-rama. SOooo batters up, your play.... Buh bye now...

Wichita, KS

#254 Dec 26, 2010
I know I said I wouldnt say anymore but I will make this one exception. WOW you are really full of yourself arent you, and excatley what everyone who has known you for YEARS have said about you. I know you have no idea who I am but I know excatly who you are and so its ok if you talk about me it only shows your real ignorance cus you know its the truth and im sure you are racking your brain trying to figure out how I know all of this. but its ok "honey"- where you got that from who knows but it isnt becoming when you say it constantly- I will let you keep guessing and its ok this is the last of my comments so now you dont have to read anymore of my horrible spelling problems or feel you have to defend yourself or put another down to make yourself look better. I am human I make mistakes and I admit mine, so how does it feel to be perfect? cus I will never know, thank God. Dont feel like you have to comment back because I wont anymore, i was told that trying to reason with you is a waste of time and they were right. It does no good because you are always the right one no matter if it is so very obvious that you are wrong. I believe that has a medical name for it and since you have been hospitalized for a mental breakdown and still speak to a shrink im sure you already know that dont you? So have a wonderful life!

United States

#255 Dec 30, 2010
Um Mandye Dooley I've known who you are for a whiiiilllleeeee. So let's get a little personal if you want you want to bring up driving illegally? How exactly did you get to your boyfriend's in Kansas? How did you get to where you are now, ILLEGALLY. In more ways than one including that little girl you'll have to bring back to Oregon.

Here's the difference I didn't feel the need to EVER attack you. I respected you as my children's mother, I supported Greg in being with you. I didn't talk shit or start shit. I am not obsessed with you the way you are with me honey. You actually don't know me at all, AT ALL. You have never taken the time. It seems you were "told" an awful lot and still know very little.

To be exact I've been hospitalized three times, and yes I do see a shrink and two separate therapists. I do these things for my HEALTH and I'm not ashamed to need help. When have I ever denied my mistakes??????? Don't be such a hypocrite little lady.

Believe me all the talk about you isn't real good either but I don't care what OTHER people jack off at the mouth about. I think you've given me enough material just on here to tear the fuck out of you if that's what I wanted to do. Sooooo once again you'll reply or you won't and it won't matter either way.

Conroe, TX

#256 Jan 24, 2011
This is to Lauren. I think you are a liar and one day you will get what is coming to you! Too many people have confirmed how nuts you are. And let's not forget, you are the only one that benefits from this. Looks like it got you out of the state. I have a few friends in law enforcement that would love to chat with you, my dear. Shame on you!

United States

#257 Feb 13, 2011
So I have a question, Why do you have an arrest warrant out for you Lauren? DISCLAIMER - Cheyenne, WY - Official WebsiteFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Jan 7, 2011 ... SCHONBACHLER, LAUREN 082683. What's it for?

Since: Feb 11

United States

#258 Feb 20, 2011
I have been quiet on all of this. I'm not here to start and argument, and I know I will PISS a lot of you off even Lauren herself. I don't like the fact all of you are dogging on Lauren. She IS my kids' mother. I'm NOT here defending her PERIOD, but what gets me is ALL of you think you know her so well and if you do how? Were you the one married to her for 7 years? I think NOT it was me. You know the fact is it has been 2 years that this has happen just let it go. It seems to me that ALL and I mean ALL of you are so freaking obsessed with this that you are bound to find the guilty party. There is an old saying "Give them enough rope and they will hang them self" and it seems to me that rope is getting SHORTER every day. The Good Lord will bring the guilty party to justice. He has is way and his way only. And I'm also not saying she is innocent or guilty and I'm also not saying that about Trey they both have a LONG HARD road ahead of them "IF" they done it together or alone. But there isn't any of us here that are cops. That is WHY we have the law enforcement and they have people CALLED investigators that look into the cases they will find a clue sooner or later. Mandye, you NEED to stop worrying about it this is NONE of your concern anymore and if you and Lauren have a problem with each other then do it face to face anyone can sit here and talk crap on the computer. And yes I will say I have talked shit about Lauren but there is a reason I have done it. She walked out on the kids and me, oh wait something like you did. So there for you and her have SOMETHING in common you say you aren't like her but look you are in that category. None of you knows her LIKE I know her, and yes I have my theory what happened that day, and yes there is A BUNCH of things that DON'T add up. But I can't prove it and neither can any of you. I do have to give Lauren prompts though she signs on UNDER HER OWN NAME, while most of you go under a SCREEN NAME. I do find that odd. Do you have something to hide? Why don't you put yourself in her spot and see how you will deal with this. So what if she is seeing a counselor, I think that is good that is real good for her. But when you all are talking your crap do you realize that this also hurts her brother. They might have their differences but she is STILL his brother. Just in case you are wondering I still have close contact with him and we talk about the whole situation. I just can't believe how some people think on here. Think you know something and anything, but you really don't know shit about NOTHING. I'm not saying I know a damn thing so you can get that thought out of your head. Like I said I'm here saying something for one, because of my kids she is their mother and I won't tolerate someone talking crap about her when they don't know shit. Two is I've been quiet for quite a while now. You all don't know how hard it was for the kids and I when she pulled the crap she did, and I had SO MUCH hatred towards her for the longest time and I am now learning to deal with it because NO matter how much I hated her she is still my kids' mother and for that I am GRATEFUL for. She is MISSING out on a LOT of things with them, so see in a way she is getting pay back for her actions. As for Trey I respect the guy for the crap he went through doesn't mean I like the guy and I do think he needs to know his son. Oh and Interested why are you so concerned that really ISN'T ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS have you ever had a warrant? See what I'm talking about it isn't my business what you do or happens to you. Like I said I'm not here defending anyone just here to speak my mind because it's been a long time coming I have said it. So why don't all of you MOVE ON. And if I pissed you off I'm sorry but you have the same pants to get glad in too.

United States

#259 Feb 21, 2011
People have an interest in this because the damage she has caused to soooo many! Sorry she left her own children, that is very sad! But what about her lies that led to Trey missing out on parts of his childrens lives due to her lies? Their is no obsession here, just waiting for justice. His kid huh? Did you run a DNA on that baby? No, I didn't think so, so why should anyone believe that he is his when she has lied to so many including you and her children!???! Noone cares for or about her, just watching and waiting for the day the law inforcement and "investigators" Find that clue to lock her up and put her through what she put sooo many others through! I am sure noone uses their real names because we have witnessed her attacks towards others, generally the same ones over and over, lack of grammar and vocabulary, and misuse of puntiation. Okay well this is a topix forum, not my job, I am not worried about any errors on here! It is funny how the "innocent" can never address the issues regarding that terrible night that hurt so many, but try and attack others as if she is in middle school, where i can see her mentality is. Her brother probably is destroyed, having to have a monster in his family, and still be civil to her, very sad for him, and he is in my prayers too! Again I feel terrible for you and your children, I can never imagine abandoning my children, or my spouse. i hope all of you are managing just fine.

Since: Feb 11

Louisville, CO

#260 Feb 21, 2011
I realize she has lied to EVERYONE. Like I said I wasnlt defending her I was on here because of my children and that is the ONLY reason why. she is still their mom and that is the best part of her are the kids. I realize Trey has missed out on his kids and I do feel bad for him but that was his mistake he should have looked at what her and her mom were doin to the kids and me. And yes I would like justice too that was my kidsl grandma that was murdered. DNA? have you seen that child? Looks JUST LIKE Trey. There is no mistakin him. I never said she told the truth. I was justsaying my opion just like you and everyone else is. I just stated that I felt like everyone was saying that about my children thinkin is a little on the sensitive side when it comes to this part of my life.I have PLENTY of reasons for it. I NEVER said she was innocent OR guilty. So if I upset you I appoligize I never really intended to piss anyone off but I wanted everyone to hear what I had to say

Cheyenne, WY

#261 Feb 25, 2011
So there is a lot of talk about me again. As usual. Everyone is allowed their own opinion I suppose. But you know what they say about opinions.

Really who have I ATTACKED on here? ou really have no idea whats going on here do you? I've never even tried to defend myself on here let alone attack anyone. That shit with my ex's girlfriend is just her trying to start shit. Yeah I wanted to attack her a bit but I kept the claws in.

Yes I walked out on my husband when I wasn't happy in the marriage. I did not walk out on my kids. Logistics have out me in a place where I can't see them as much as I should and I hate that. I have to do what I have to do to take care of myself and the son I'm raising.

As for a DNA test on Jax, I don't need nor want one. I didn't even put anyone on his birth certificate. I've never needed to make anyone his legal father. He's well taken care of with his family around him. He will never know Trey unless the TWO of them want it.

Oh and Mandye I'm glad you made is to La. should feel good to be back down there with little minds. I'm sure you feel nore at home. I'm glad you're sooooooo interested. It's for missing a court date on a traffic fine. Nothing serious your mind can rest now.

One more thing, "Really" my brother says he doesn't need nor want your prayers. So pray for yourself if you believe that shit and think it can do a damned thing.

Anyway, I'm done on here. The subject is dead. There is no point in repeating the same shit over and over. I'm sure I missed some point someone was trying to make but I don't really care. I hope everyone who devotes time to this and thinks they know anything just moves the fuck on. There are way too many things that are good to devote time and interest to.

Katy, TX

#262 Sep 11, 2012
Trey wrote:
I want to thank all of my family and friends for the support and prayers that kept me going. are very loved and supported!
Justin from Silver Spur

Dallas, TX

#263 Mar 25, 2013
Lauren, Not sure if you remember me, but I have always wondered how you were. I hope good things have happened in your life. I just wanted to say Hello, AND miss you.

Rock Springs, WY

#264 Apr 2, 2013
Of course I remember you Justin!! We had some good times for sure.. I sent you a request on fb.. I'll fill you in on my life there a little better than here lol..

Mckinney, TX

#265 Sep 8, 2013
Guess people that find trouble always will. I heard that trey has hooked up with another trouble maker that has been convicted of several things. Do a search on Michele L Whipple and you can see for yourself. Hope he doesn't get taken for another ride but I bet he does!!

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