Kelly Wilson
Willie Granville

North Kingstown, RI

#101 Nov 22, 2012
tdv: Not only did this one cop search my car (with his partner) and (tore it up), but they called in 2 more units who done the same. Then told me to go to a drug lab down the road with them. Inwhich they vacume the floor, car seats, squab the arm rest, steering wheel, and what did they find? Nothing, only said Mr. Granville you are clean. I said H. I told you that to start with. Colorado is about the same as Texas.
The Democrats you speak of were nothing but LOW CLASS GEORGE WALLACE DEMOCRATS who wanted to get a PAY CHECK and BECOME HIGH CLASS REPUBLICANS, a man by the name of MR.NIX (who has passed on now sent me the new paper article of those who switched parties. Betterton & Flower were among them LOL.
There are still some BIG FISH in high offices that know all about this KELLY WILSON case, and YES they could be brought to trial, for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. The BIG FISH COULD FRY ALONE WITH THE LITTLE FISH IN THIS CASE. I am not sure,but I don't think there is a STATUE OF LIMITATION on MURDER ( IF THE BODY) IS FOUND.
tdv: I just rolled in from New Hampshire, worked all day and until 11;00 p.m. I must get some rest. I feel like Mitt Romney (BEAT) Happy Thanksgiving.

Natchitoches, LA

#102 Jan 5, 2013
On this day in 1992 a very pretty and sweet girl was lost. Miss her so much.

Gilmer, TX

#103 Mar 27, 2013
Thought about Kelly again today.
I watch a lot of those true crime shows - the ones that are usually an hour long and show real life cases.
Today there were 2 different cases of high school girls who were killed. Both had to do with a high school boy with a girlfriend who had sex with another girl. When the other girl got pregnant and told the boy, he killed her in order to not 'ruin his life' or have his steady girlfriend find out.

One buried the girl under a pile of wood on a cousin's property. Something no one would have ever found out about unless certain details came to light.

I recently found this website that must have been made by someone last year:


Gilmer, TX

#104 Jun 4, 2013
The more I think about this, why has Joe never been the suspect? He's guilty of child pornography, so he's a great guy??

Gilmer, TX

#105 Jul 31, 2013
He obviously had to be considered at the time, as he always said that they closed NTV together. I think I have written possibilities in prior posts. I would have to think that Gilmer police at the time would have explored all avenues.

He still runs his burger store on the square. I'm sure he can see NTV if he looks out his front door.

I still say, since there were no cell phones at the time, check the NTV phone records. Check Kelly's parents phone records. Joe's phone records. Boyfriend, etc.. Of course, they were also a lot more payphones then, too, so if they wanted to hide a call, they could have gone that route. Since Kelly's tire was slashed, I would think she would have to use the phone to call her house, call someone to get a ride, walk home, ask Joe for a ride, ask her boyfriend for a ride or someone else...and other possibilities.

Lafayette, LA

#106 Sep 10, 2013
I knew this family decades ago. They went to our church....the kids were little. Those kids were very sweet, very smart. Such a nice family. This is so sad for all involved.
I only know what I've read. I don't get why someone higher up in TX government never got involved. If the Gilmer Police Dept. couldn't handle it, then why wasn't the FBI or someone else involved? Hmmmmm, this stinks to high heaven. Files stolen from the police one has EVER spent time in jail for all the sexual abuse that happened to the Webb's children....their own children accused their parents and others of it. All of this is connected.
What was going on and is going on in Gilmer, TX? Who is covering up and whom are they covering up for?
This is terrible for Kelly's family and close friends. I hope someone can pursue this and see if there is ANYBODY that will bring this case and all those sexual abuse cases there to and end. This has gone unsolved and unresolved for way too long.
So who will be the champion of Kelly and these sexually abused children of so long ago?

West Chester, PA

#107 Oct 11, 2013
A COP wrote:
Whoa! Simmer down buddy! Ahaha! Damn, you're going off! That's one serious-serious complex you got there. All that person said was someone they know asked a local cop about the case and the cop stated he or she didn't know about it. Then they ended it with "its so sad". Of course the case is sad. Poor girl. But here you come throwing a fit, having a temper tantrum because it's clear how YOU took it. You took it so personal as if the person was suggesting it's "so sad" that the cop didn't know the case and putting down coppers. But someone like myself, WITHOUT A COMPLEX (ahaha) didn't read it that way AT ALL!

If it don't apply, let it fly. You're complex suggests it DOES apply.

West Chester, PA

#108 Oct 11, 2013
There is information about Kelly Dae Wilson all through there. In fact, some of this is pretty disturbing.
This is from The Office Of The Attorney General:(I'm copy/pasting so don't hold me accountable for how it turns out)
The results of our investigation is as follows:
Sgt. James Brown of the Gilmer Police Department had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of
Kelly Wilson. He is innocent. This is not a case in which there is just not enough evidence to reindict. The
evidence that we have uncovered and evidence that was available all along, demonstrates Sgt. Brown’s
Further, there is no physical evidence whatsoever to support the allegation that a satanic cult was involved
in Kelly’s disappearance.
The allegations of Sgt. Brown’s involvement and the involvement of the other defendants were the
product of an overzealous and inexperienced special prosecution team.
Our review of the Lyford team’s
interviews of witnesses indicates that their methods of interrogation were overpoweringly suggestive. Our
review also shows that the Lyford team overlooked strong evidence which contradicted their theory that
Sgt. Brown and the other defendants were involved in Kelly’s disappearance. They failed to follow
through on evidence which demonstrated the innocence of Sgt. Brown. Further, the Lyford team did not
use the full resources of local law enforcement and were publicly critical of the Upshur County Sheriff’s
Department and Gilmer Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies. The reputations of
Sgt. Brown, local law enforcement and the Upshur County community have been damaged as a result.
Our office has closed our investigation of the allegations of Sgt. Brown’s involvement and the involvement
of the other formerly indicted defendants in the disappearance of Kelly Wilson. With these matters re-
solved, the Office of the Attorney General can now rededicate its manpower and resources, in coopera-
tion with local law enforcement, to what has been tragically thrust aside, and that is, who is truly respon-
sible for the disappearance of Kelly Wilson? Make no mistake, the investigation will resume at full strength.
We will also, in the aftermath of this miscarriage of justice, evaluate the damage done to the pending
sexual-abuse cases and prosecute to our fullest ability those cases which remain viable, with the best
interests of the children always foremost in our consideration.
We hope the actions taken today by the Office of Attorney General and the Upshur County Grand Jury will
allow the Upshur County community to reunite, heal its wounds and reclaim its dignity. And most impor-
tantly for Sgt. James Brown, to reclaim his good name.[End quoting.

West Chester, PA

#109 Oct 11, 2013
The following interview with Marie Kerr, the eldest Kerr daughter, took place on May 19, 1995.

Rick: Can you comment on any jewelry that you have seen Geneva Kerr wearing?

Marie: Yes, I’ve seen Geneva wearing a ring that was green and oval shaped, and had two diamond sets
on each side. And I asked her where she got it and she said Eugene had found it when he was metal

Rick: And when was this?

Marie: It was in December 1993, or January.

Rick: You know better than I the history of the Kerrs. And, I understand you’ve been pretty outspoken
about some of the abuses and things. I don’t know how comfortable you’ll be sharing some of those things
with me or with our readers, but now would be a very good opportunity to get into print whatever it is you
want to say, because I will print it and it will go to Gilmer, Texas.

Marie: I will say this. I was sexually abused by Eugene, Geneva, which is my parents, and two of my
brothers, Wendell Kerr and Floyd Kerr. That went on from the time I was 3 years old until I was just over
16. And that was on a daily basis, or every other day basis, and it went on for several hours and I would
have to get up. They would keep me in the room until three or four in the morning, then I’d have to get up
to go to school the next day. There were also uncles involved, and cousins involved. To my knowledge,
I remember on one occasion, there were animals involved.

Rick: Dogs?

Marie: Yes, dogs.

Rick: Were these things videotaped ever?

Marie: I remember Eugene having an 8mm camera when we were growing up, and I believe they were. I
remember candles being in the bedroom where they kept me at and someone was taking pictures, but I
don’t remember who.

Rick: Were there physical restraints. For example, were you handcuffed or tied or gagged?

Marie: I was tied.

Rick: With a rope?

Marie: Yes. And I was also shocked by a car battery.

Rick: How exactly were you shocked?

Marie: There in my private area, on both parts.

Rick: Well, that’s similar to what happened to Kelly. Now, were you witness to any violent activity against
any children, babies, or any of that?

Marie: No. Whenever I was out there on several occasions, I kinda stayed kinda remote from them.
Geneva had some kind of power over me, like trying to get me out there to cut her hair, do things for her,
and just to talk with her. It’s just like she had some kind of magnetic force that kept drawing me out there.
And she knew how to con people into doing things for her, just to get them to come out and visit, or talk,
or some odd excuse. But, it would be at her convenience.

Rick: There must be something in your memory about some strange activity in that house.
Marie: Yes, there was. There was an odd odor. I was out there at one time, seeing my sister, Donna and
we smelled a rotten foul odor smell and we asked them what it was. They said it was probably an animal
up underneath the house that was dead. And the dogs acted strange when we were there.
Wendell would always go in the back of the woods while we were there, on several occasions. He tried
to get me to go and I wouldn’t go. They just acted real, real funny.

CONTINUED:(Kelly Dae Wilson is coming up)

West Chester, PA

#110 Oct 11, 2013
Rick: Did you ever find out what that was?

Marie: No, I did not because it made me real spooky and I just got up and left.
On one occasion, this was in January, I believe, of ’93 or ’94. I was out there because Geneva had
wanted me to come out there to cut her hair. She had told me that they were searching for Kelly. This was
on a Sunday. I told her where they were searching. She said,“Well they’re searching in the wrong place.”
I said,“Why do you say that?”
And she said,“Because they’re just searching in the wrong place and they’ll never find her.”
I said,“Why?”
And she just clammed up and shut up and I got real scared and willy. I just left. I didn’t think nothing else
about it because she always rambled on like that and she said she’d always get even with people and she
knew how to do it. She can cast spells on people. And she always tried to talk with her eyes.

Rick: You’re living in Gilmer now?

Marie: Yes, I am. I’m ready for the truth to come out.

Rick: Are you still living with Geneva?

Marie: No, I haven’t seen her since the day that she—about a week or two prior to her being arrested in
’93. Me and my husband went on vacation in New Hampshire. And we had just gotten back and my two
oldest boys were sitting out here and they told us that Eugene and Geneva and them had been arrested on
child abuse charges. I was real glad and I said,“I’m not really surprised.” It was about time it all got

Rick: Are you in touch with any of the other Kerrs?

Marie: Just my sister, Donna and my youngest brother, Ronnie. Other than that, I haven’t talked to any of them.

Marie: Ok. At one point in time, me, Donna and Ronnie went public because we was waiting on the AG
to do something, whenever the AG came in on it. And we got tired of waiting on them because Lisa Tanner
told me that she felt Danny [Kerr] was a serial killer. She had no doubt in her mind. Well, we got tired of
waiting on trying to find out what was going on and she said she’d be in contact with us and what-have-you
and we never heard nothin’. So, me and Donna and Ronnie went public on national television on #56
News and explained what we went through when we were childs, when we were growing up, and about
the hat floating and everything—and our response to the Attorney General. And Donna’s had threats. I’ve
had threats. Ronnie had threats. And we said that we was going to do something. And she said,“Well, I
can’t stop you from doing anything but, I’d rather you didn’t. Well, we finally went forward and she found
out about it on national TV.

Rick: Who found out?

Marie: Lisa Tanner. She found out that we went national in public.

Rick: Who is Lisa Tanner?

Marie: Lisa Tanner is with the Attorney General’s office.

Rick: Now, about the gag order?

Marie: Right, she called us up and she was very mad and upset because me, Donna and Ronnie went
public and she told me,“Don’t say anything else. Don’t talk to anybody else,” because there was a gag
order on us that we could not talk to anyone.

West Chester, PA

#111 Oct 11, 2013
CONTINUED: (Relax, I'll be back to add the rest)
mustang sally

Garland, TX

#112 Dec 25, 2013
My attorney at the time (now deceased) told me that he was the attorney for Kelly's boyfriend. He told me the boyfriend did it. My understanding is that the boyfriend died of cancer a few years after she disappeared.
mustang sally

Garland, TX

#113 Dec 25, 2013
Courtney Bolton wrote:
Kelly Wilson was my aunt's stepdaughter. My aunt and her husband (Kelly's dad) have always believed that Kelly's boyfriend had something to do with her disappearance because of his behavior immediately after she disappeared - that, and the fact that he somehow ended up with the jewelry Kelly was wearing that night.
Also, someone threw Kelly's car keys into her mother's front yard at least a day after she disappeared, where they were found by either her stepdad or her brother.(I can't remember which one found them.)
Another question is who made the video store's deposit? It was Kelly's car, but video surveillance doesn't give a clear shot of who was driving the car. If her tire was slashed, how did someone drive her car through the night deposit at the bank?
There are too many questions and no good answers. The big problem was that this investigation was botched from the beginning - handled by an officer who had no experience with disappearances/murder investigations. The state police should have been involved from the beginning and they weren't.
I believe someone knows what happened to Kelly. I just hope that she will be found so that our family will have some closure.
The boyfriends attorney was my divorce attorney at the time. He is now deceased. He told me the boyfriend did it. I believe the boyfriend died of cancer a few years after the disappearance?

Gilmer, TX

#114 Jan 18, 2014
mustang sally wrote:
My attorney at the time (now deceased) told me that he was the attorney for Kelly's boyfriend. He told me the boyfriend did it. My understanding is that the boyfriend died of cancer a few years after she disappeared.
Did he give you any more details than that, like evidence, etc.?
Now that both are dead, if someone knows, then why not bring the truth out into the open?
mustang sally

Garland, TX

#115 Jan 19, 2014
tdv wrote:
<quoted text>
Did he give you any more details than that, like evidence, etc.?
Now that both are dead, if someone knows, then why not bring the truth out into the open?
No and that attorney had his own moral issues I soon discovered so I don't know how much of that is true. I just know the subject came up and he told me he was his attorney.

United States

#116 Jul 28, 2014
mustang sally wrote:
My attorney at the time (now deceased) told me that he was the attorney for Kelly's boyfriend. He told me the boyfriend did it. My understanding is that the boyfriend died of cancer a few years after she disappeared.
. The person who died of cancer was not her actual boyfriend at the time, he was a friend that she had had an intimate relationship with while cheating on her actual boyfriend but your attorney that is now dead was full of $#it if he said that the guy with cancer did it. Did he actually TELL YOU that? The only attorney that is dead that had any connection to "cancer boyfriend" was P.P. and he was only his attorney for a child/parental rights case-- the cancer boyfriend never had to have an attorney for anything related to this case so if PP told you that he did it and told you in a way that made you believe that the boyfriend had confessed it to him, he wasa liar. There were also lies of a deathbed confession-- not true. There were lies and lots of rumors surrounding this case. To the step- relative that said the keys were thrown in the yard a couple of days later--- WHAT!!? I'm pretty sure that her keys were NEVER found. Her purse was still in the car but her keys were never found. My imagination imagines that she got in her car, she and joe said good-bye and she went to make the deposit. It probably wasn't deflated all of the way. Just enough to make the deposit and then she realized it was flat. She parked back at the store and was going to run in and use the phone (the reason her purse was still in the at but keys were missing) them she got out to run back in (they used the back door located on the side of the bldg) but someone pulled up and she never made it into the store again. I have wondered if she willingly got in-- like they offered a ride buti feel like she would have grabbed her purse if she was hitching a ride. Her window was left down with her purse in it. Anyway, there are things I've been wanting to comment on as I've been reading this long thread and now I can't think of everything . I will say that Willie is correct that there are cover ups for sure within our town or at least the help of some higher ups for some reason. Yes, the evidence did get stolen. Stolen from the damn police department. Now, how the hell did someone break in and steal evidence? And WHY? It was an inside job. The police tried to find a scapegoat and even tried to convince Kelly's parents that they (two guys) had done something even though there was absolutely not one single piece of evidence to say so. And letting MB off (the guy who slashed her tires) was refutation mistake. They try to always say he was justa kid involved in some mischief on thewrongnight. The tires that got slashed days earlier (mentioned incorrectly by the step relative earlier) were not Kelly Wilson's tires. The tires that got slashed were Kelly S's (her coworker) and I've always felt that MB slashed the wrong Kelly's tirest the first time and had to go back a few days later for the rt car. MB was not a 12 year old boy skateboarding by --- he was the same age as Kelly(maybe one year younger) buttoo old to b let off as a kid in the wrong place at the rt time. Also, I can't state thisas a fact but I'm pretty sure he has a connection to the Kerr family and an older ex boyfriend of Kelly's also has aconectionto them. A boyfriend that was almost ten years older than she was when she very first came to Gilmer.
Oh, and I did know Kelly. I knew her well and I hate that her parents have no real closure to her disappearance. And to the person that said her mother was planning her funeral just 24 hours after herdisappearance has untrue information. And if R and W told you that they are full of it too. Her mother did no such thing.

United States

#117 Jul 28, 2014
Also, kelly came up missing in 1992. the boyfriend with cancer died in 2004. Much longer than just a few years after she came up missing

United States

#118 Jul 28, 2014
Clint Wimberly
Jerry Hadaway
Scott Dykes
James Dixon Graves, Jr.
Mexican Cindy
Do some research.......
mustang sally

Garland, TX

#119 Aug 11, 2014
Tgaw wrote:
Also, kelly came up missing in 1992. the boyfriend with cancer died in 2004. Much longer than just a few years after she came up missing
Yes it was PP and like I said he had some moral issues himself, and that's an understatement.

United States

#120 Oct 10, 2014
Gbgb wrote:
Clint Wimberly
Jerry Hadaway
Scott Dykes
James Dixon Graves, Jr.
Mexican Cindy
Do some research.......
You say research I have and and nothing pops up.

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