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Hillary Clinton Is The Best Democratic Candidate!

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#1 May 29, 2008
In case you didnít know where to look... All of the links below are texts and should load well if you are on dial-up.

Here are the issuesí sections of ALL THREE of the candidateís web sites:

Hillary Clinton


Barack Obama


John McCain


Here is the April 16th Democratic debate text from the NYTimes (faster to load than ABCís)

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/16/us/politics... ?

Here is the Democratic debate text Done in February before the Ohio vote. It includes NAFTA, and both candidates discuss it:


Here are two Democratic interview texts Courtesy of PBS, done shortly after the Ohio debate:

Clinton PBS Interview 080227

Obama PBS interview 080317

For me Hillary Clinton is the candidate of choice. Perhaps these links will help you to decide.

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#2 May 29, 2008
Senator Obamaís record on NAFTA appears under-discussed. See the Ohio debate part one... Clinton:

[MR. RUSSERT: I want to ask you both about NAFTA because the record, I think, is clear. And I want to -- Senator Clinton. Senator Obama said that you did say in 2004 that on balance NAFTA has been good for New York and America. You did say that. When President Clinton signed this bill -- and this was after he negotiated two new side agreements, for labor and environment -- President Clinton said it would be a force for economic growth and social progress. You said in '96 it was proving its worth as free and fair trade. You said that -- in 2000 -- it was a good idea that took political courage. So your record is pretty clear.

Based on that, and which you're now expressing your discomfort with it, in the debate that Al Gore had with Ross Perot, Al Gore said the following: "If you don't like NAFTA and what it's done, we can get out of it in six months.

The president can say to Canada and Mexico, we are out. This has not been a good agreement." Will U.S. president say we are out of NAFTA in six months?

SEN. CLINTON: I have said that I will renegotiate NAFTA, so obviously, you'd have to say to Canada and Mexico that that's exactly what we're going to do. But you know, in fairness --

MR. RUSSERT: Just because -- maybe Clinton --

SEN. CLINTON: Yes, I am serious.

MR. RUSSERT: You will get out. You will notify Mexico and Canada, NAFTA is gone in six months.

SEN. CLINTON: No, I will say we will opt out of NAFTA unless we renegotiate it, and we renegotiate on terms that are favorable to all of America.]

Ohio Democrat debate text including discussion on NAFTA:


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#3 May 29, 2008
Part 2 of the the Ohio debate including NAFTA-Obama:

MR. RUSSERT: But let me button this up. Absent the change that you're suggesting, you are willing to opt out of NAFTA in six months?
SEN. CLINTON: I'm confident that as president, when I say we will opt out unless we renegotiate, we will be able to renegotiate.

MR. RUSSERT: Senator Obama, you did in 2004 talk to farmers and suggest that NAFTA had been helpful. The Associated Press today ran a story about NAFTA, saying that you have been consistently ambivalent towards the issue. Simple question: Will you, as president, say to Canada and Mexico, "This has not worked for us; we are out"?

SEN. OBAMA: I will make sure that we renegotiate, in the same way that Senator Clinton talked about. And I think actually Senator Clinton's answer on this one is right. I think we should use the hammer of a potential opt-out as leverage to ensure that we actually get labor and environmental standards that are enforced. And that is not what has been happening so far.

That is something that I have been consistent about. I have to say, Tim, with respect to my position on this, when I ran for the United States Senate, the Chicago Tribune, which was adamantly pro-NAFTA, noted that, in their endorsement of me, they were endorsing me despite my strong opposition to NAFTA.

And that conversation that I had with the Farm Bureau, I was not ambivalent at all. What I said was that NAFTA and other trade deals can be beneficial to the United States because I believe every U.S. worker is as productive as any worker around the world, and we can compete with anybody. And we can't shy away from globalization. We can't draw a moat around us. But what I did say, in that same quote, if you look at it, was that the problem is we've been negotiating just looking at corporate profits and what's good for multinationals, and we haven't been looking at what's good for communities here in Ohio, in my home state of Illinois, and across the country.

And as president, what I want to be is an advocate on behalf of workers. Look, you know, when I go to these plants, I meet people who are proud of their jobs. They are proud of the products that they've created. They have built brands and profits for their companies. And when they see jobs shipped overseas and suddenly they are left not just without a job, but without health care, without a pension, and are having to look for seven-buck-an-hour jobs at the local fast-food joint, that is devastating on them, but it's also devastating on the community. That's not the way that we're going to prosper as we move forward.

Ohio Democrat debate text including discussion on NAFTA:


How do you evaluate the Differences between Clinton and Obama?

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#4 May 29, 2008
Montana Voting Information


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#5 May 29, 2008
April 5, 2008
Hillary's Remarks at the Montana Democratic Party Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner in Butte, MT


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#6 May 29, 2008
Hillary Clinton

Press Release
New York Farm Advocates Hit Big Sky Country Touting Hillary Clintonís Rural Record
Rural Development Team to Discuss Clinton's Effective Solutions to Issues Facing Rural Montanans

Billings, MT - Urging Montanans to vote for the presidential candidate who can best expand opportunities for rural Americans, a rural development team set out across Montana on Monday to promote the success of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-NY) rural and agricultural initiatives in New York State.


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#7 May 29, 2008
Hillary Clinton's American Indian Agenda for Montana

Topics include: health care, diabetes, economy, energy efficiency, housing, Headstart, College support, law enforcement.

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#8 May 29, 2008
Hillary Clinton Reinforces Commitment To Montanaís Indian Country


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#9 May 29, 2008
It hasnít worked from the beginning. You canít make something work when you donít fund it properly. You canít make it work when you bleed money out of public schools to feed semi private ones. Adding money now wonít fix the problem.

So Much for No Child Left Behind
School test scores rise as more low-scoring students drop out.
By Margaret Downing
Published: April 10, 2008


Senator Clinton proposes to end ďNo Child Left BehindĒ. Hereís what she recommends instead:


Senator Obama wants to reform the act. Here is what he proposes:


I donít believe that our schools focus should remain solely in that of math and science. While these are important, as is reading and writing, we must return to a more well rounded education. At a time when counties and cities are losing tax base due to the downward spiral of housing, more effort needs to be put into a unified approach.


Iíve worked in the construction industry for years. Every year I find fewer people able to read ever more complicated instructions for the likes of deck coatings, VOC or Non VOC compliant aerosols, or cement plasters. They are unable to imagine shapes and cut them properly out of sheet metal and roofing felt. We arenít just losing the tech war. We are losing our base.

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#10 May 30, 2008
I read the Iowa Independent and enjoy itís journalistic effort. One thing thing that they have been very good at following is the delegate math in the presidential race. However, Iowa does have a dog in this hunt. The Independent reflects that desire to remain first National Caucus.


The argument over uncommitted MI voters is furious.


You can see that crossovers are part of the problem.

Add to the fact that states like Iowa are very close to a tie in possible delegates, and places like Guam are currently tied with one uncommitted delegate. It seem perfectly right that this is a serious fight that must be resolved. The DNC rules have not been adequate to the task.

Obama took his name off in Michigan. His claim that Florida votes shouldnít be counted is specious. Name recognition problems would have applied to him at the beginning of the race, no matter how hard he campaigned. In fact, he did have national add which were distributed across state lines into Florida and were deemed legal.

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#11 May 31, 2008
Washington Post

Clinton Remarks on Trade From Pittsburgh
Monday, April 14, 2008; 1:24 PM

Excerpt, see full remarks in link:

[QUESTION: My name's Glenn Dunaway (ph). I'm president of United Steelworkers Local 735 out of (inaudible) Ohio.

In 1992, Bill Clinton told us that he would sign -- he would not sign NAFTA unless it was amended to include worker and environmental rights. It wasn't. Not only did he sign it, but he fought for it.

Already, the media is saying that your tough talk on trade is just rhetoric. How can you assure us that we won't be tricked again?

(APPLAUSE) CLINTON: Well, you know, as smart as my husband is, he does make mistakes. And...



And I think that we've now had, you know, 15 years of experience with NAFTA. And the evidence is clear that we have to change the basic provisions of NAFTA.

CLINTON: And I am committed and I'm the only candidate with a very specific plan of how I will fix NAFTA because I'm more interested in fixing the problem.

And what I will do is to tell our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, that we have to renegotiate NAFTA or we will pull out of NAFTA. And I am on record of having said that because...


... I believe that we will have a process that leads to renegotiation.

And here's what I want to do: We will put the labor and environmental standards in the core agreement. They weren't a side agreement. And unfortunately, that side agreement was viewed as not as instrumental or enforceable as it needed to be so we've got to get it into the core agreement.

I will end the provision in NAFTA which I have criticized where foreign companies get to come and sue us over our labor, environmental and health and safety rules.


I am not going to let that continue.


We do a much better job in protecting our environment. We have spent a 100 years coming up with health safety rules. And we also have strong labor protections. So from my perspective, I'm not going to let some foreign company looking for advantage do it by trying to tear our structure of support for workers apart and for our environment. So I'm going after that.

I'm also going to do more on enforcement.

You know, it's not only manufacturing that I worry about. And I told some of you this story. We share a border between New York and Canada. And it's the longest peaceful border in the world, and that's wonderful. But I have to say that a lot of my constituents have a difficult time getting their products into Canada. You know, I have dairy farmers and apple farmers and small businesses who can't get across the border. So I commissioned a study, as a senator, to try to figure out what was going on. And the evidence was pretty clear that there are so many layers of obstacles and barriers that are not really visible that prevent us from getting our goods into Canada. And I'm going to end that.

Because I complained to the U.S. trade representative. Told him what I had found: that, you know, my folks couldn't get apples, or dairy products across the border while people coming from Canada sure can get into our market. That was like talking to a wall.

So we're going to have a trade policy, backed up by strong trade enforcement, carried out by people who want to make sure our trade agreements are pro-American -- pro-American worker trade agreements. And we're going to start with renegotiating NAFTA.]


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#12 Jun 1, 2008
Clinton is projected winner in Puerto Rico based on exit polls!

In case anyone is interested in the actual precinct reporting for Puerto Rico here is a link:


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#13 Jun 1, 2008
Press Release
17 County Commissioners Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Commissioners Represent 15 Counties Across the State
SIOUX FALLS, SD - In a clear display of momentum two days before the primary and on the heels of multiple visits by Hillary, Chelsea and President Clinton, the Clinton campaign in South Dakota today announced the endorsement of 17 county commissioners. These commissioners, who are endorsing Hillary because of her commitment to South Dakota, have been helping the campaign's efforts in their counties and spreading the word about why Hillary Clinton is best prepared to be President.
"I am honored by the continued support that my campaign has received across the state," said Senator Clinton. "As I travel to communities big and small in South Dakota, I have listened to the voices of so many who are ready for a President who will fight for them, return to fiscal responsibility, honor our veterans and invest in alternative energy production right here in South Dakota."
The list of commissioners who have endorsed Hillary is below.


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#14 Jun 2, 2008
Louisiana Democratic Party Chair and Automatic Delegate Chris Whittington Endorses Hillary

Louisiana Democratic State Party Chair and automatic delegate Chris Whittington announced his support for Hillary Clinton today.
"Hillary Clinton has what it takes to turn around our economy and rebuild the middle class," Whittington said. "There is no question that she is the strongest Democrat to go toe-to-toe with John McCain in a general election. It is our responsibility as automatic delegates to choose the candidate we believe best fit to beat Senator McCain. That candidate is Senator Clinton."
Whittington was elected Chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party in January 2006, after serving as the Partyís Legal Counsel, as a member of the Democratic State Central Committee and as a member of the Democratic Party Executive Committee.


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#15 Jun 2, 2008
The following can be found on the following link:

Other info with a slant on Senator Clinton, especially the remarks on RFK.


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#16 Jun 3, 2008
No matter what. Get off the computer and vote!! She fought so hard for you to have a say. Your vote is what matters! If you think she is right, but by chance she does lose, your voice will carry weight beyond what happens today! Go Hillary!!!

Here is the latest news:

Short version- no video

Clinton Says She Will Not Concede Tonight
Carolyn Lochhead


Long version includes video, but not too bad a load to get to the text on dial up.

Clinton not ready to concede race, her campaign chair


[There are not enough pledged delegates at stake in Montana and South Dakota to put Obama over the top, but a rush of endorsements by the remaining undeclared "superdelegates" could allow him to claim victory when he takes the stage in Minnesota Tuesday evening.]

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