Sex offender preacher, 73, charged again

There are 20 comments on the ABC2 Maryland story from Mar 28, 2012, titled Sex offender preacher, 73, charged again. In it, ABC2 Maryland reports that:

HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. - They're neighbors, yet business owner Dennie Workman knows very little about the church next door on Market Street in Havre de Grace, except for the obvious.

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Havre De Grace, MD

#1 Mar 29, 2012
The little girl is lying and everyone knows it. Her own aunt even told the investigators she was a huge liar. I don't want to argue that though I want to tell Madison something and I hope she sees this.
Karma will get you and when it does you can beg god all you want to let you see some peace but he wont. You will live with this for the next 50 years knowing that you let your family put you up to this. I know the attention and the drama is so much fun right now. But 20 years from now when you look back you will die each time inside knowing what you did. I frankly do not believe you will get the forgiveness you seek. You are at an age where you know what you are doing is wrong and you are still doing it. God doesn't forgive that.
Ps Madison, stay away from my father, i don't want him to end up in the same place Frank is in. If I even catch you 100 ft in front of him, I will be the one in jail. Stay away from all the men in the church, but him the most because honey, you don't want to lie about him. If you think real hard you will know exactly who i am talking about. My daughter was right when she said you had mental problems.

Newark, NJ

#2 Mar 29, 2012
Joelly are you insane this man is a registered sex offender in Maryland . He did the same thing to his 9 year old granddaughter ! You don't plead guilty to something so horrible if you are innocent. Where there is smoke there is fire . The person that you should be worried about is the victim not the offender. I know Frank Small personally he is a sleaze ball that has squeezed unsuspecting people by posing as a preacher for years . This is not a good person and his sons are worse than him . Your children should be safe at church not molested.

Havre De Grace, MD

#3 Mar 29, 2012
No, I am not insane. There were witnesses there that night. She threw a fit until she was able to go with him in that car and then nothing do her but the other lady be taken home first. She is lying and everyone knows it. You can think what you want and yeah, maybe he is a sleaze, who knows. However, I do know that Madison is lying and she knows it too. Whatever, she is the one that will have to live with it. I seen how she hung all over those men at church and all I have to say is she better stay away from my Dad or me and her are going to have problems. She can only lie for so long before the lies will start unraveling. All we have to do is sit back and wait. I for one can't wait for her house of cards to fall. Also, make sure you know whole stories before you comment. I do know what happened that night. He never hid the charge from anyone, we all knew about it.
Girls can come up and say anything and everyone believes it. Case in point, the girl that cried the guys at Duke Lacrosse raped her. Everyone believed her and then ooops, it didn't happen. It only takes one person to make one false accusation and the next thing you know your done. Madison lied, believe what you want, I really don't care. But I will not stand by and let her be called a victim, because she isn't and frankly it is insult to all the girls and women that have been molested and raped for real. She made up a fake story to get a man in trouble because a family member was mad at him, plain and simple. It happens a lot and unfortunately for the men it happens to their whole lives are ruined. I wouldn't protect anyone if I thought they honestly hurt a women or girl. I have kids and I would never wish that on anyone but Madison is lying and I wont stand around and let the community, that knows nothing about what happened and what had been happening for weeks crucify a man that didn't do anything. If he did, hang him on the cross and kill him, I would help. But he didn't do it. End of conversation.

Columbia, MD

#4 Mar 29, 2012
The difference here is the duke lacrosse team were not sex offenders breaking the law by being unsupervised with minor children . I know frank Small he is a professional con man . This guy is not a good wholesome man being lied on he is a REgistered sex offender in the state of Maryland you can't get around this fact He Plead Guilty the same thing already . What was he doing with a 15 year old girl in his car he could have said no I won't take you home or paid for a cab for the girl . He was not to be around minor children alone

Havre De Grace, MD

#5 Mar 29, 2012
He wasn't alone with her. There was another lady in the car with him. She threw a fit until he had no choice but to drop the lady off and the lady let everyone know that. Not only that but she threw a fit and begged to go with him. What he did before is irrelevant to this situation. You are allowing your prejudice to cloud your judgement. The girl is lying and it will come out. Watch and see, when it does I hope you will use it as a lesson that not everything is what it seems.
Also, if he had maliciously molested her then why did she go back to church not once but twice and hang around him. Think about that.
It is shame that girls like her can have all these people believing she is telling the truth. Also, it is girls like her that give the girls that are telling the truth a hard time. Again, what he did in the past is in the past. It has nothing to do with this. He didn't do it and I can't wait for it to be proven he didn't. I am just waiting to see how hard her lies fall around her. Agian, if I honestly believed he did it I would be the first in line to crucify him but he didn't. Plain and simple.

Hurst, TX

#6 Mar 30, 2012

Columbia, MD

#7 Mar 30, 2012
You are a fool if you believe this man is innocent . The fact is the people in this church were and are being duped. He is a monster that molested his own mentally challenged grandchild . Remember this is a child she doesn't have anything to gain here. I know this for over twenty years he has stolen money from elderly people , him and his sons have physically threatened and harmed numerous people , all while sadly claiming to be a preacher. The fact is you don't get placed in prison without bail unless there is proof of a crime . I am saddened to see the turn his life has taken but I can't say I am surprised . He is no good

Newark, NJ

#8 Mar 30, 2012
Plus this is a public forum you shouldn't use the little girls name she is still a minor .

Havre De Grace, MD

#9 Mar 30, 2012
Here's the deal Bob, you weren't there and we were. We saw exactly what happened before and after. This girl hung all over every man in the church bawling around and gaining sympathy from them. Anyone will tell you the girl is an emotional wreck. She REFUSED to get out of the car when she was asked not once but THREE times. Then she was told another THREE times to allow him to drop her off before the lady. She agreed. Then while he was taking her to Wal-Mart she REFUSED to get out of the car until he took the other lady home, which caused an argument between her and the lady. Would I have all this information if I didn't know what I was talking about. This is not a big church, it is one tiny room. NO ONE could touch someones butt without someone seeing it. It is like a sardine can in there. She knows she lied and she knows exactly who put her up to it. Her OWN aunt even said she was a huge liar and that they had problems with her ever since she was little. You WERE NOT there so you have no idea what you are talking about. Also, if the girl is able to make grown up claims then she should handle her name being out there. I only said her first name, not her last. Their is no crime in that. Everyone involved knows who she is anyway. No one believes her because we all KNOW her and as for his granddaughter, where you there? Do you know what really happened? No, you don't. I will tell anyone that listens that this girl is a liar. That girl needs help and they better get it for her before she destroys herself or someone else. It is already unraveling on her, I know this for a fact. It is only a matter of time before it comes out. I for one hope they go after the person that put her up to it and not her because like I said she has problems and I don't feel she understood the ramifications for what she is doing.

Newark, NJ

#10 Mar 30, 2012
This is obviously a sad situation but the facts are facts . I have known him for over 20 years . He duped me just like he is duping you . Don't be fooled wake up he is a seriously sick person.

Denton, MD

#11 Mar 31, 2012
i no this man and his family since i was a little girl ..... i have never none this man to be anything other then a good man ... to his wife and his family.. everyone has ups and downs ... in any family.....but i do want to address said u no this man and family for 20 years then u should no they have dune a lot of good .. and you are talking about bringing up the girls name and u brought up this mans sons that are probably going threw alot right now and you are talking about people that are Innocent are so self righteous setting back talking about something you have no clue about the way Madison is 17 almost 18....she also has been pregnant 2 times in one year buy 2 different men...oh and she has a drug and drinking problem..thats why shes been taken in to get some help..shes been around the horn bob a few times and what u dont no she is best friends with someone who wants to get back at frank..and i dont need to tell u why but friends and family no why..thats why there is no truth to this...if this little frail girl got so much dune to her why did she wanna ride with him home? why didnt she scream the 2/4 room down and say he touch me! why didnt she go to the paster or his wife or a elder and say ive been touch... no she wanted to go to walmart !....come on now ..i dont no if u go to church bob but if a preacher touch u and u was 17 and pregnant and u no all about the facts of life u would no it was really wrong to have someone grab ur but .. if u were scared u would tell someone right then and there becouse ur not in a dark room your not alone ur in a church filled with people to help u... but then u ask for a ride home from the same man that dune this to u... NOW COME ONNNN whos sicker u or her??? please i think u have sat back and lick your lips like the devil his self to here what eles u can here about him u need to go to church in the morning and say a few hail marries your self and pray for these people and dont drag them down no more ...
just me

Smithsburg, MD

#12 Apr 1, 2012
Some one was hot to trot

Elizabeth, NJ

#15 Apr 2, 2012
Jackie if you have known this family for as long as you say you would know that they have scammed people coast to coast with their fortune telling religion they peddle . These aren't good men they are thieves , adulters , bullies , and life long liers . The organazitions that they were with no longer recognize them and most of all there family or friends no longer want anything to do with them . Why ? Because of the things they have done to people who have trusted them . As for this situation time will tell the truth but you can't change the fact that this guy is a convicted child molester not a wonderful guy who has done the great things you speak about . It is a shame to see how far he has fallen but you reap what you sow . This man has terrorized people for years threatening them with bodily harm all while playing the organ in church and claiming to be a preacher . He is a sleazy man

Elizabeth, NJ

#16 Apr 2, 2012
As for me talking about his sons I never said there names .

Ruston, LA

#17 Apr 2, 2012
He will burn in hell mr frank small

Shrewsbury, PA

#18 Apr 3, 2012
Aint nothing wrong with the way mr frank gets down i think hea cool som bitch everyo e just needs to stop haten. One love
a sinner

Washington, DC

#20 Apr 4, 2012
Dont you loveit wene men stand up point there finger at you tell you how in touch they are with god. And just how wrong and lodown you are. And look at you dead in the eyes and at the same time your thinking im going down becuase you been convinced that your are. all wile the same time the preachers that telling you theae things are 10 times more out of touch with god than you are heres how simple it is. God said who ever .now thats covering everone in the whole world belive in him and call upon his name shall be saved its that simple you dont haft to be preached at pointed at or lied to just call on his name. And as for this topic no body can judge this man but god so stop judgeing unless you want to judged in the same manner thats not coming from no preacher thats coming from a sinner one thing is for shure everything thats done in dark shall be brought to light piece out bitches
Unworthy Wretch

United States

#21 Apr 5, 2012
@ a sinner- You are correct in stating that after a person is saved they no longer need the finger pointing condemnation message, what is needed for the congregants is for the simple Truth stated in Scripture to be proclaimed. The Truth will set you free. As for judging, it is our job to judge those who proclaim they are spokesmen for God as they are living the life of an unregenerate person completely devoid of the Holy Ghost working sanctification in their life. Yes, as in John3:16, God died so that whoever believes (repents&trusts in His finished work) will be saved. But remember that the eternal life is limited only to those who believe, and not to them who continue in a lifestyle of sin. So remember WHOSOEVER are only believers, and only those who can believe.
a sinner

Washington, DC

#22 Apr 5, 2012
I stand corrected . I whould just like to ad this they should put an age limet on viagra. im just saying
a sinner

Washington, DC

#23 Apr 5, 2012
I stand corrected. I just wanna ad this they should put an age limet on viagra .

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