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There are 60 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from Jul 4, 2007, titled Local & State News - Tampa Bay's 10 - tampabays10.com. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

Independence Day is a time for Americans to celebrate freedombut there's another battle for freedom that still sparks fireworks today, other than the holiday.

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Marie Nixon

Keystone Heights, FL

#1 Jul 4, 2007
While the Confederate flag may be a part of southern history,I think we all know what those who fly it are saying by doing so!
Ubangi Lipscomb

Franklinton, NC

#2 Jul 4, 2007
I proudly fly the Confederate Flag and I wear a Duke lacrosse shirt.

Holiday, FL

#3 Jul 4, 2007
Marie Nixon wrote:
While the Confederate flag may be a part of southern history,I think we all know what those who fly it are saying by doing so!
I'm not saying I disagree with you, but in making this statement, it really make us no better
It is indeed a part of history... do I agree in what it stands for, for many people? No
But this country is based in freedom of speech and demonstration
I say let them fly the flag if they want
northern exposure

Tampa, FL

#4 Jul 4, 2007
The south lost a long time ago......I'm part German, so why can't I fly a Nazi flag?

“It is what it is”

Since: Jun 07


#5 Jul 4, 2007
You know that flag represents a very bad thing, It stands for the worst the south had to give, some people say its their "heritage" are full of crap!!
It makes so many Black Americans feel bad and I’m from the south and I’m white.....let it go....the south lost………......Thank God!!
Tampa Joes

Fernandina Beach, FL

#6 Jul 4, 2007
"SCV members hope to wave a third on a 100-foot pole in Hillsborough County near the Interstate exchange at I 4 and I 75" Commissioners need to make a law where you can not put up a confederate flag within so many mile of the interstate, I know for one I would like to encourage companies to move here, I lived in Jacksonville (Neckville) for several years and saw what small minded red necks can do to scare away jobs that pay big money.
ms theo christon

Tampa, FL

#7 Jul 4, 2007
It's true that the confererate flag is a part of American history. But, it's just about the saddest, bloodiest, most tragic time in our history. Brother against brother, American against American, and, at the end, the assination of a great president. I am not southern born, but I have lived in the south for over 21 years. Those poor men were fighting for a cause and a way of life that had to end. The confederate flag should be part of the past and not proudly displayed today. The civil war ended in 1865. All that flag represents is the attempted division of this country. The confederate flag belongs in a museum, not waving in the breeze. It's time has come and gone.
Jimmy Shirley

Boynton Beach, FL

#8 Jul 5, 2007
All of the above naysayers are speaking purely out of ignorance and bigotry. What the Southern States sought to do in 1860-61, was to establish a new nation based on the Constitution of the United States. How many of you naysayers said the division of the USSR was a bad thing, the division of Czeckoslavakia, Yugoslavia?
The United States was founded as a free nation, a slave nation. For this is the mainest contention you all have against the CSA. The fact is, the Black race had so very few friends in the whole of the USA back then. Most abolitionists, while being against owning humans, neither did they want Blacks living among them. They were very satisfied that the Blacks were in the South. The President of the United States, abraham lincoln, was a White supremacist, reflecting the attitude of appr. 95% of all Americans.
Neither was secession Treason. Most assuredly, the colonials who fought against Great Britain were guilty of treason. While the Southern patriots of 1861-65 were not, because of the 9th & 10th Amendments to the Constitution. Moreover, the following quote from lincoln in 1848 reflects the thinking of most Americans in those days: "Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit. More than this, a majority of any portion of such people may revolutionize, putting down a minority, intermingled with, or near about them, who may oppose their movements." ~ Lincoln January 12 1848.

As you naysayers should be able to plainly see, those of us who know far more on this subject than you, acknowledge the nobility and the honour of their cause and we shall continue to honour their memory much the same way the Sons of the American Revolution, and, the Daughters of the American Revolution, continue to honour the memory of those who founded a nation based upon liberty.
Deo Vindice!!
Teri Flowers

Saint Petersburg, FL

#9 Jul 5, 2007
I LOVE the confederate Flag just as much as I LOVE the American. I am proud to be both a true blooded Amercan and raised here in the South.
C Marietta- NPR Florida

Tampa, FL

#10 Jul 5, 2007
To divide is to conquer. If our nation was divided into sectors of different ideologies, how strong would they be? And there is no guarantee that future wars would not ensue. No! The answer is that a battle was fought and one side won. It is long past the time that these wounds should heal. Flying this confederate flag is just keeping these wounds inflammed. Stop promoting the hatred. Let the souls of all the dead, rest in peace! "One nation, under God". If you are an American, your "alliance", means just that. One flag represents ALL of us!


#11 Jul 5, 2007
I support the flying of the confederate flag.I'm so sick of the double standard. If you're a minority you can say and do anything you want, and no one says anything!


#12 Jul 5, 2007
I support the flying of the confederate flag! I'm so sick of the double standard!!

United States

#13 Jul 5, 2007
Wow, all the animosity. I am pretty tired of the old line, the south lost, get over it. Why can't people respect each others hisotry and heritage and stop knocking it? Tampa Joe says the flag makes so many blacks feel bad....did you do a study, or is that just what you believe? If you are worried about blacks feeling bad, then why don't you worry about the feelings of those descendants of Confederate soldiers who are proud of their heritage?

As for Ms. Nixon, you are racist and bigoted and stereotyping those who fly the Confederate flag by "assuming" to know what those who are flying it are saying. There will never be any respect if we ALL don't respect one another and our rights to be mondful of our heritage.
Jimmy Shirley

Boynton Beach, FL

#14 Jul 5, 2007
""To divide is to conquer. If our nation was divided into sectors of different ideologies, how strong would they be? And there is no guarantee that future wars would not ensue. No! The answer is that a battle was fought and one side won.""

So, again, the old USSR is divided, Czeckoslakia, Yugoslavia. Where is the war?

All the Old South wanted was to withdraw in peace. But caesar lincoln would have none of it, claiming the right, as he said in his first inaugeral address, "...to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion -- no using of force against or among the people anywhere."

So, basically, he caused the deaths of some 670,000 American soldiers and civilians just in order to collect "duties and imposts" - taxes. A bloodletting just to collect taxes.:sarcastic: HAIL CAESAR
Larry Fafarman


#15 Jul 5, 2007
The Civil War is by far the greatest legend of American folklore. Censorship of Confederate mementos is cultural genocide.


Since: Jul 07


#16 Jul 5, 2007
I am starting to question why i agreed to move our family to the south! SCARY
Marty Hudspeth

Tampa, FL

#17 Jul 5, 2007
The Civil War is a part of our history. I am from the south as are all my relatives. I have anscestors who were killed or wounded in that war which for them was about state's rights since none of them owned a plantation or slaves that I'm aware of. Don't cheapen their sacrifice.

Shreveport, LA

#18 Jul 6, 2007
The South is about more than racism. If all the Yankees don't like it, they can return to where they came from. This ain't the north. And our history is important to us. Forget the "we're all Americans" stuff. We don't all talk through our nose and look down it at others. I find Yankees offensive!
Spark Conversation

Gainesville, FL

#19 Jul 6, 2007
Dream on, especially now, they don’t even fly the U.S. flag. If they do fly the U.S. flag, I bet the Eagle is backward on the flag pole. Also, in the midst of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Confederate Patriotism is the L.O.S. They are not Southern History. Native American, Spanish, English and Black History of Florida should be foremost.
Jamey Creel

Tallahassee, FL

#20 Jul 6, 2007
If the War was fought over slavery, why didn't Lincoln free all the slaves instead of letting the ones in the north continue being slaves until after War was over and he was dead? And why in 1866 was a ship flying US color captured carrying slaves?

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