Fred Brito fired again for using a fa...

Fred Brito fired again for using a false name

There are 34 comments on the Metroblogging Los Angeles story from Mar 8, 2007, titled Fred Brito fired again for using a false name. In it, Metroblogging Los Angeles reports that:

Fred Brito admitted that he was dismissed for "not disclosing his full identity." Representatives at the Academy were hesitant to comment on the situation, citing that Fred Brito has threatened to sue them for ...

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Fred Brito

Las Cruces, NM

#1 Mar 13, 2007
This story is in error. David Markland states that I was fired for not disclosing my true name. Please be advised that I have "legally" changed my name on December 10th, 2006 from Fred Brito to Fred Gomez de Maria. I applied for this position (as a volunteer) in that name, and when a google search was done they found my picture and the different name. I was not allowed to explain... and was fired. Keep in mind, that I was volunteering, and was paid $500.00 per month. Not quite a real job. So your information is incorrect.

I am now suing the organization.
Dirty Sanchez

United States

#2 Mar 26, 2007
Wait - you "changed your name" in December, but you were hired a few months before this. And you just said "they found my picture and the different name. I was not allowed to explain... and was fired."
You're contradicting yourself Fred.
Fred Brito

Las Cruces, NM

#3 Apr 2, 2007
Obviously you are wanting to play a game of semantics. What you are doing is rehashing the past. I am into the present. You can stay in the past if you want. I am moving on.

Judge me all you want. But remember one thing... we are ALL guilty of something. Even you. So look in the mirror. You are not perfect. No one is. I am sure that if allowed to dig into your closet, I would find something that you are not quite proud of. We will never know will we?

I know the real me and I alone have to live with myself. You know you, and you have to live with yourself. That is all that matters. So if you want to get on your soap box and thump your chest in an attempt to look "perfect," I wonder what you have to hide. Most people who do this, are so eager to put others in the spotlight, as to keep the focus off themselves. I know what you are trying to do. Have at it. I could care less.

The human thing to do is to call me and discuss it like a human being instead of casting judgments. Trust me, you do not know the entire story. Only and if you did, then you could be pompous and have others believe that you are perfect.

Until you have walked in my shoes, I don't think you can judge me.

Key point... writing crap here is all well and good. People know the kind of person that you are. The right thing to do is to have human contact and try to understand what actually happened in my life. Until you and others do that.. you are just spinning your wheels. But go ahead, talk all you want about me. YOU do not know me, and that says a lot.

I am here if you want to do the human thing. Kicking a person while he/she is down is not very smart. What do you want to prove?

Exactly... you want to thump your chest proclaiming how "perfect" you are. I have heard all of this before... but if it make you jump for joy... carry on Mister and I hope you have lots of fun!

I am always available to discuss this with anyone concerned enough to discuss it like a human being naturally would. You know where to find me. I am all over the internet. Go ahead... just do the right thing.

Fred Brito
Las Cruces, NM

Plano, TX

#4 Apr 25, 2007
Doth protest too much. Fred.

Plano, TX

#5 Apr 25, 2007
You phony!
Kim C

Stockton, CA

#6 Apr 25, 2007
Hey People,
If a person can do the job well, regardless if their education is from the "School of life" or what name they choose to hire under, then let them do it, or perhaps you'd rather some "mindless" College graduate or corrupt thief occupy the position....
and I'm not implying all graduates are
mindless, however those that are, are seldom "raked over the carpet" and held responsible for their ineptness which costs taxpayers and stockholders billions..
Remember when you accuse Fred and others such as myself, you point one finger at us and have three pointing back at you...
who doesn't have skeletons in their closet ?
and Jesus Christ was the only perfect person to walk this Earth !
Have a great day !

Los Angeles, CA

#7 Apr 25, 2007

I noticed that you were wearing a shirt from the Human Rights Campaign, does this mean that you are homosexual also?


Since: Mar 07


#8 Apr 26, 2007
Very Funny. No... I just wear it because I support Human and Equal Rights. Along with my HRC watch, HRC hat, and most importantly my HRC underwear.:)

Let's put it this way. Am I a Happy Con... you be the judge.
Dan wrote:
I noticed that you were wearing a shirt from the Human Rights Campaign, does this mean that you are homosexual also?

Los Gatos, CA

#9 May 17, 2007
You are amazing! I can't believe that you have survived all this time, pulling the same scams you pulled in Evansville, IN. I was hoping someone had made you into a Cell-Bitch by now. I can't believe after all of the self-created situations you have been in that you have the nerve to play the victim. Maybe you should confess the indiscretions you had with the Reitz Highschool students, or explain the way you ruined the lives of employees while you "pretended" to run the biggest hotel in the city. Maybe you would also like to explain the the Business Degree you said you held from Cornell? There are alot of details you seem to be leaving out. Your scams have not been isolated to New Mexico and California. I wonder what would happen if Dateline had researched you just a bit further. I'm sure that they would have found a lot more to substantiate the Child Molestation charge that you claim was "dropped for lack of interest".
Be careful, Mark Gomez, there are a lot more skeletons in your closet than you might want revealed.

Geneva, FL

#10 May 21, 2007

Everyone admits you are good at what we know you have done and you seem addicted to the attention and hype that goes with this.

I feel truly sorry for you when you cannot distinguish between morality and benevolence. Your purpose in doing good somehow always attracts attention to yourself and eventually leads to some more benefits of a personal nature.

With your skills you need to concentrate on starting anew - not defending the wrong you have done but using that skill and energy to invest in building a better future.

You have no right to pretend to be what you are not and not everyone has something to hide. Yes we all have regrets about how we lived parts of our lives but not every needs to hide what they have done. I make this point because the positions that you keep 'requesting' are position that affect those peoples lives. And once you accept those privileges you are accountable to those of us who are affected.

You are very fortunate and its time to be yourself and let others get to know the real you, smart and creative but just you.
Smoke and Mirrors

Loma Linda, CA

#11 Sep 17, 2007
It is very easy to hold the mirror facing away from you and tell someone to look at themselves. Kind of like a magician. A Street Magician. You act like you have a right to do this to survive. Crimminals feel like they have a right to steal to survive, You have no right to do anything that hurts someone else. The constitiution gives us the right to pursue happiness, it doesn't give us or you the right to infringe upon the rights of others. I hope that one day, you come across someone just like you and they con you. Remember the movie The Sting. You wouldn't even know you were being conned because you are too busy believing that everyone else believes you. Attention, even bad attention is making you famous. But there are alot of famous people who are pariahs. Maybe you could start a club of them and call yourself the founder. I hope the original author of the book you plagarized sues you. Good luck with your lies because there is One you cannot con and you will face him on judgement day.

Orono, ME

#12 Sep 18, 2007
I find it VERY HARD to believe that you will not come out as a gay man. Anybody who knows your background, i.e. living with Paul Lynde (for quite some time according to you "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity"), your little fagala dance during the filming of a wedding when you were Phony Father Fred, shows just how swishy you really are.

I don't give a shit if you are gay or not, but I suppose you being honest about your sexuality is another stretch of the imagination.
Fred Brito wrote:
Very Funny. No... I just wear it because I support Human and Equal Rights. Along with my HRC watch, HRC hat, and most importantly my HRC underwear.:)
Let's put it this way. Am I a Happy Con... you be the judge.
<quoted text>

Escondido, CA

#13 Sep 20, 2007
I saw on dr.phil, that he thinks lying on a resume is Not illegal..who is he kidding.. he may need to become aware of the State laws that are in place in regards to this issue.
I am surprised that noone has pressed charges against him for this alone,..


#14 Sep 24, 2007
The Dr Phil segment with Fred Brito just aired in Las Vegas. Fred was actually trying to outwit Dr Phil! It seems that Fred has some meglomania/sociopathy happening. I recognize his dishonesty because I lived with it until my son received a life prison term.


Since: Jun 07


#15 Jan 25, 2008
Joey Alizio Jr

Chireno, TX

#16 Jul 11, 2008
Freddy... Freddy...Freddy ....when are u gonna learn?
These people are tired of retired 10 time losers like urself...
Hey man didnt do a few months in Jail...we're talking 10 yrs time prison dude.
Con Artists Create Victims where ever they go...You cant give back what you took Freddy.
One question: Why is there never a mention of any women in ur life?
This hasnt been the career of a Boys Town "Counselor" has it Freddy?
One New Tool just for you Kid: Baby Fresh-Alyzer... Just Blow the Tube Freddy.
Ill send you one when I get a chance...Until then...consider urself BUSTED.

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Apr 4, 2011
IF I had the money of the world would set off a goal of conning Fred Brito big. Please contact me if anyone want to do something like that...I would like to play a role on it. [email protected]
Appalling hauling

Covington, KY

#18 Mar 6, 2012
Fred Burrito lives like a yo-yo.He rolls out spinning & is yanked back by force.He doesnt roll out again until someone lets him out on a thread yet he always gets yanked back.

Fred,you have indeed racked up your fair share of frequent flyer miles via HUA (Head Up Ass) however,should you fail to hear the POP! soon it will be due to the fact the sense of hearing you once had has failed you & being the self made legend you are,you will make history in the medical books as the man who self asphyxiated while embedded in himself or simply because the thread you spun out on for so long has been neglected & worn out out either leaving you dangling & knotted up or it will break leaving you a victim of gravity,crashing & shattering on the floor only to be swept up by a custodian.The irony is,you'll be looking up to a worker who you have looked down on as being a lesser species than yourself.

Do the world a favor & go imersonate a burrito at Taco Bell so that some disgruntled customer will have the "honor" of tossing you into a trash can.

Coming soon to a landfill near you-Fred Burrito
Gnod Retaeb

Keller, TX

#19 Sep 21, 2012
Fred Brito died on September 5th, 2012 in Anaheim, California from a fatal heart Attack.

He can't do anything to anyone now.

RIP Fred Brito.

Lenexa, KS

#20 Sep 29, 2012
He just got busted out in kansas city kansas!

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