Its absolutely disgraceful that the 3 incumbents stayed in council. Practically nobody voted (1400 of of 7500 person town) and while our historic buildings are being trashed, there's still a boarded up Wendy's where the old movie theater used to be, main street has stores that nobody wants to go to, we voted for the team that says that Hatboro's great and they're not going to change anything - oh no wait - they're going to put in nice crosswalks - that'll help our property values. Meanwhile, the team that was interested in developing main street with viable business, adding some simple green/sustainable practices to our parks, reaching out to Ambler to identify learnings from how they turned their main street around and appointing a separate Police Chief & Borough Manager (right now one guy is doing the same job in a town that has some of the highest taxes in the county). Just such a shame that we have 4 more years of this towns potential not being reached.