City council newcomer opposes plans f...

City council newcomer opposes plans for new government center in Cottage Grove

There are 21 comments on the story from Nov 17, 2010, titled City council newcomer opposes plans for new government center in Cottage Grove. In it, reports that:

Cottage Grove's proposed government center is under assault - with the landslide election victory of its chief critic.

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Skewed Info

Saint Paul, MN

#1 Nov 17, 2010
No research whatsoever! Where is the info being pulled from? Why don't I see actual City Council Members or the Mayor interviewed? Why is Bob quoting a guy that has a vested interest in his "church" property being sold? I guess that wasn't mentioned in the article. The same guy that has multiple past and current legal issue's.(That is public record and a fact)

I'm sure this will be taken down but do some legit research. What happened to fairness in reporting? What kind of political power does Lehrke think he's going to bring down on the current leaders? Is that a veiled threat in writing? He has no power whatsoever to affect anybody or put "pressure" on them.

This actually hurts our city when you have people that lie for their own benefit.
Skewed Is Skewed

Denver, CO

#2 Nov 17, 2010
The people of CG were not allowed input. That seems to be all Lehrke is asking. In a recession, most of us are seeing great sales around town that we have to wisely pass upon because we just can't afford it now and borrowing is part of what dug us into the economic mess to begin with. I'm happy to see our newly elected council member pushing this issue as we watch the businesses leave us with a ghost town worth of available spaces.

Saint Paul, MN

#3 Nov 17, 2010
2 articles about this clown by the same author in the last couple of weeks? Sounds like someone has a man crush.

Cumberland, WI

#4 Nov 17, 2010
Seems it would be a good story if a reporter would actually take the time to check this guy out. That's why I am reading the Star Tribune more. Both papers can run the same story and it looks like it's two different situations. And the Pioneer Press typically comes up short.

Saint Paul, MN

#6 Nov 17, 2010
Also. Lehrke has said the "church" is one of many ideas, not the best. Please note Jen Peterson and Justin Olson also claim to be members of the "church".

How about your "vested" interest Officer?
In the Grove

Saint Paul, MN

#7 Nov 17, 2010
Schroeder stated in the article that the citizens want something to be proud of....I'd be much more proud of a new library or rec center! City Hall...Besides the fact that we should have a say in whether to build it or not, what typical citizen truly cares about whether a new hall is built?

Saint Paul, MN

#8 Nov 17, 2010
Really wrote:
First Officer Munoz is under investigation for Conduct unbecoming of a officer.. So quit digging a whole pal.
Second. Is it no surprise the Star is Bankrupt?
Very simple story here. The citizens want a vote, just like we have always had in the past. We're paying for it, we should decide.
Lehrke is right, Myron, Justin and Jen can push this through.. But they will lose there 2012 elections just like Jen lost this year!
I had a good chuckle reading your response. First off, where anywhere in this story does it mention anything about officer Munoz? 99.9% of the people reading this will have no idea what you are talking about. Second, I like how you take a shot at Jen (Peterson) about how she wasn't re-elected this year because she lost the election. I get what you were saying with Jen Peterson losing the House of Reps election but you made it sound like she wasn't re-elected to the city council.

PS And it's digging a hole not a whole. Try a little proofreading next time.

Saint Paul, MN

#9 Nov 17, 2010
Ok so apparently you have to put whole instead of hole or it will be starred out. Disregard my final comment.

Saint Paul, MN

#10 Nov 17, 2010
The point is you know just what we are talking about officer. Is it no surprise that 99.9% of the people screaming for this 22 million dollar project are Officers or City Hall staff?

Saint Paul, MN

#11 Nov 18, 2010
Where did you get this $22 million dollar figure? And I am not the "officer" in question nor do I work with said "officer." Nice try though...

Saint Paul, MN

#12 Nov 18, 2010
6 million cash. 5 million for improvements to land. 11 million dollar loan. 17 million in interest.

Your right. It's closer to 40 million.

Unrelated matter. Did you officers get that pay increase you were fighting for? Everyone else if fighting to make ends meet, or find a job.. Mean while the CGPD demands a new palace, pay increase and attacks anyone that dares to get in the way..

Shut Up Citizens of Cottage Grove.. Just pay the bill and don't ask questions.
Who are you people

Saint Paul, MN

#13 Nov 18, 2010
If you do want to talk about someone being investigated or sued right now, look no further than Derrick Lehrke. Why don't you pull up his criminal public record, his is a fact? What about him being sued for non payment of property taxes in Newport and non payment of campaign signs out of Iowa, DUI, etc?
I think I would be more concerned about how he avoided being challenged on his own criminal record during the election. Maybe it's time.
I'm also a little confused on what "power" Derrick Lehrke or his small circle of friends have to "punish" any of the current elected officials. Derrick lied his way into a local office, he's not a Senator or anything, lol. Give me a break. This guy has NO power locally, none. He's one of 5 votes and no one likes him other than the poor souls who he convinced about our cities horrible spending (we are the 2nd most fiscally conservative city in the metro) so what is he going to pass? His wife will be voted out in 2 years, I'm pretty sure people will figure out her deal real quick.(Not the brightest bulb you know, even with her weak multiple degree's from community colleges or PC Pro or whatever) and he is going to look like crap on a bunch of false promises he made during his Senate Run.(Dang, Keep forgetting it's only City Council) He can't stop anything, period. It's so annoying even listening to the guy in person.
Maybe Derrick should have paid more attention to his personal finances and keeping his rental property up to code instead of running for a $300 a month office. At least for the first time in a long while he has a job, right?
Derrick Lehrke and his friends are like the Cottage Grove version of Deliverance, seriously. A bunch of dirty dudes that drink beer and do circle's with their cars in the middle of the road. Keep on drinking Lehrke, maybe you can get your second DUI before the end of the year. I really like his one buddy that always posted and that claimed to be a "copper" himself. I didn't know 15 weeks and a 95B MOS really put you in that category as a career law guy.
Shockingly enough, I am also not employed by the city or state, gov, etc like you guys think everybody on here is and am completely fed up with this crap too. I've watched you Lehrke little yahoo's attack anybody on her who doesn't agree with you. Your cowards, plain and simple. Tough on Computer, right? Grow a set and try and shut up, your annoying. Find something more entertaining to do like Dungeons and Dragons or whatever real popular fellas like yourselves do on a Saturday night. Get out a little more and quit hijacking every site out there.
Merry Christmas!

Saint Paul, MN

#15 Nov 19, 2010
It's sad that people are being to lose respect for Cottage Grove's finest. Maybe the Chief needs to clean out 2-3 of his trouble makers. Only police officers feel it is OK to shout people down. That is required in their line of work, but when it comes to the rest of the world you have to learn that your opinion is not right simply because it's your opinion. No wonder the officers that disagree won't go public.

Saint Paul, MN

#16 Nov 19, 2010
* Beginning to lose respect

Saint Paul, MN

#18 Nov 19, 2010
Officer. When you're in a hole, quit digging. Again.. You throw out a bunch of attacks, then say to put the above in print is a crime. What you have done is a crime. Publish your name and see if there are any charges filed. Chicken.

And I say again. If you can't dispute the facts of the matter, attack the messenger. I'll wrap up your argument. Derek has speeding tickets in the past, there for we should build a new city hall and should not have a referendum.

Thanks for your input.

Saint Paul, MN

#20 Nov 20, 2010
Feel free to give your real name and see what charges are filed.. It's easy to make up lies when you won't say who you are.

Why do they call them Cottage Grove's Bravest? If you are so proud of the "facts" you have, be a man and give your name.
David Lutchen

Saint Paul, MN

#21 Nov 22, 2010
Some may have assumed or wondered if any of these comments where mine, and let me say they were NOT. For anyone who knows me knows I'm not afraid of a good debate and am certainly not afraid to own up to my and only MY comments. I don't think this constant bickering back and forth and mud slinging is going to help anyone and build anyone's credibility.

City Councilman-elect Lehrke needs to stop the negative engagements and doesn't need to answer back to every comment said about him, slander or not. I expect Thiede to set an example and I expect Lekrke to do the same thing. I'm as pro police as you can get being a officer once in my life and think anyone who is lucky enough to wear the badge needs to also set an example. Yes its only a job like any other job but anyone lucky enough to have it knows as well as this ex officer, its not JUST a job at McDonald's.

For all the other tax paying CG residents like me need to clean up their act and stop degrading the majority vote. City Councilman-elect Thiede said on Facebook, it was a "shame" Derrick got elected. A shame?! For him to say something that that is a shame. Respect the process for the majority who voted. If Derrick lost and TJ won or Jen Peterson kept her seat I would feel the same way.

We need the facts reported in detail easily available for all CG residents to review for themselves, plain and simple. If any of you want to attack me good luck with building your credibility. I don't really understand these little nicknames on here.. Why don't ALL of you use your real names? I can already tell Mr. Lehrke is one of them, so are a few others. Also, if you talk like this on here do you also talk like this at your jobs? With your family?! Good god I hope not.
Derrick Lehrke

Saint Paul, MN

#22 Nov 23, 2010
About 6 weeks ago or so I decided to not post on these links, or the Bulletin, or even others FB pages. It's too easy to get off topic and be censored.

These off topic conversations lead no where good. Like it's been said before, ask a man "How often do you beat your wife?". It does not matter if it's true or not, but now the topic has changed.

As far as negative engagements, I have not been involved in any. In fact even the interview for this was done 2 months ago. I do stand by the fact that there should be a referendum, but it's clear the decision is not mine.(This will be decided before Dave and I are sworn in). All I ask is that if you disagree, contact a member of the council or go up to a council meeting. Everyone knows where I stand, it's up to you to let them know your thoughts.

If you have any questions for me I can be contacted on FB or [email protected]

Highlandville, MO

#23 Nov 29, 2010
"Really", I am curious to know how you know that Trooper Munoz is under investigation for conduct unbecoming an officer as that is not public knowledge until an investigation is complete. Did you file a complaint? I do recall, however, during the campaign "Daisy Rogers" making comments towards Trooper Munoz about wondering if his bosses knew he was on the computer during his shift (which is pure speculation). And Daisy turned out to be Autumn Lehrke. "Really" should be very careful about was slanderous statements are said about Trooper Munoz.

Saint Paul, MN

#24 Dec 3, 2010
Here we go again with more facts. Did you also know that it turned out that "Who are you people" is Officer Munoz?

Speaking of slanderous and illegal comments, we'll see if Officer Munoz continues or just uses fake names for his "honorable" comments.

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