Nice try, sore loser! Stay in Chicag...

Nice try, sore loser! Stay in Chicagoland and rot!

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Lyons, IL

#1 Nov 19, 2012
Just came across this article about this creep named Michael Crenshaw, located at

Nice try, Michael Crenshaw! You are getting NOTHING out of life you sore loser! We intercepted and allready destroyed your stupid letter for that apartment, sore loser, and we know where it was from. It was from Southwest Florida Goodwill Indistries Housing in North Fort Myers, Florida. No way, loser! Autistic shit like you have NO place in ANY society at all! Not in Florida, not in Hawaii, not in Alaska, Wisconsin, New York, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Africa, not Anywhere! And you think you're gonna get a blasted ass girlfriend and then pollute our world with your scummy offspring! Don't you DARE even go there! Stay in Chicagoland and rot. And if you're gonna complain about Chicagoland, let's see how you complain about Stateville! Because you know what, Chicago's social motto is as follows; "He who fails to hook up with a Chicagoland CHEERLEADER belongs immediately in the Electric Chair! No questions asked!" Try to escape Chicagoland again, and we will order a price put on your ugly head so big that you shall flee from every single woman WORLDWIDE as if fleeing from an exploding mortar shell.

Cicero, IL

#2 Nov 19, 2012
Well, looks like somebody's complaining about January, February, and March! Somebody who does not know how to properly bear and carry his cross! In addition to what your mailman said above, I got more news for you, Mr Crenshaw! Complain about January, February, and March, Chicago's long, cold, brutal winters, and having nothing happy during those months, and we shall gladly see how you complain about Hell! Because Hell is where ALL complainers WILL end up, ESPECIALLY those who complain about nonstop and continuous tribulation. You think 3 months of having nothing happy at all is long? In Hell, there is nothing at all happy to look forward to FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! Hell is nonstop torment, weeping, and gnashing of teeth that NEVER ends at all. You better take a hard look at Matthew 16;24-25! "Then Jesus said to his disciples; If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross. For whoever wants to save his life will lose his soul to eternal torment." You need to carry your cross like a STRONGMAN!!! Anyone who carries it like a weakman will PERISH!!! And unless your righteousness EQUALS that of God Himself, you will be cast into Hell!(Matthew 5:48)

La Grange Park, IL

#3 Nov 21, 2012
You really are quite mad aren't you?

Cicero, IL

#4 Nov 21, 2012
Arthur_Treacher wrote:
You really are quite mad aren't you?
Ha! ha! ha! ha! He! he! he! he! hee! He will never leave Chicagoland! Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! He will remain isolated from all society and is never to breathe our fresh air at all! Autism is heavily contagious, it's viruses can survive up to 15 hours in the air regardless of temperature. What society really needs is to either execute autistic scum or build completely airtight institution buildings for them. And if he EVER gets another bloody ass letter from Florida, he will be arrested, charged with first degree blasphemy against the proud and beautiful metropolitan area of Chicagoland, and publicly executed by crucifixion and burning! We are NOT kidding AT ALL!!!

Cicero, IL

#5 Dec 13, 2012

Fear not those that kill the body. The body is but temporal. It is of Satan. In fact, the entire physical dimension, including the Earth, is Satan's domain! It is NOT full of God's Glory, as the Roman Catholic Church portrays it as! And do NOT like the world, as it is Satan's domain! That includes but is NOT limited to the trees, the forests, the rivers, the oceans, coral reefs, fish, animals, canyons, mankind, dancing, lusting, marriage, and every single activity including sailing, boating, bicycling, things that spin, and such! It is ALL of SATAN!!!

But you are to fear he who has the power to throw your ugly ass right into Hell for eternity! I warn you! Even being nailed to a cross by your hands, feet, forehead, and abdomen right on top of the South Pole is a Picnic On The Beach Compared To Hell!

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 20, 2012
Think some of you need some serious, serious, serious help. Most sane people would think this was a nice puff piece in the Suburban Life.

Man you get all kinds on this forum.
Cicero Mailman

Cicero, IL

#7 Dec 20, 2012
We even noticed this nasty male whore we're dealing with might have been suspectedly bothering ladies at nightclubs down in Fort Myers, too. Buffdaddy, in addition, autistic/mentally handicapped shit really has NO BUSINESS even being within less than 50 MILES of ANY nightclub, bar, tavern, strip joint; in fact, mentally disabled shit really ought to be forbidden by INTERNATIONAL law to be within less than 75 MILES of a strip club!

Chicago, IL

#8 Dec 20, 2012
I'm curious, what is your definition of metally handicapped?

Also who is "we"?
Cicero Mailman

Cicero, IL

#9 Dec 21, 2012
"We" are the mail and Post Office staff of the Town of Cicero. We are the people who screen, pick up, and deliver mail throughout the Town of Cicero.

Our definition of mentally handicapped is the same as what it is defined. And mentally handicapped people have ZERO business being part of society! Mentally handicapped people NEVER keep their SLIMY ASS hands off other people! They are way overaffectionate, and if we were President and Congress of the United States of America, any form of public display of affection would be a FEDERAL Felony, punishable by 90 years to life in prison. In fact, one of our mailmen even says that once he was in Texas and he saw an autistic man stroking a cheerleader on her neck, and the first thing he wanted to do was blow that autistic man to pieces with a bazooka. And we don't blame him. Not one single bit!

Chicago, IL

#10 Dec 22, 2012
Well it is obvious you are fixtated in this particular individual.

My suggestion is to contact the person who wrote this article and present all your evidence that this person is evil and that he and all other mentally disabled people should be removed from society. I would really love to hear this person's response.

Frankly your psychotic rants on the mentally disabled leads me to believe you are also part of a group of people that are labled as "mentally unbalanced". Plus the fact that you are a government employee drawing a paycheck and pension with my tax dollars scares me even more than your accusations.
Arthur Treacher

Evergreen Park, IL

#11 Dec 26, 2012
Forget that, keep writing! This is hilarious.

Cicero, IL

#12 Jan 5, 2013
And by the way, Stateville Prison is Nothing! NOTHING!!! compared to Hell!

Cicero, IL

#13 Jan 15, 2013
Mailman wrote:
And you think you're gonna get a blasted ass girlfriend and then pollute our world with your scummy offspring! Don't you DARE even go there! Stay in Chicagoland and rot.
Somebody better also teach Michael that marriage is Idolatry! It is All there, black and white, right in 1 Corinthians 7:1, 1 Corinthians 7:8, and Matthew 19:12. ANYONE who marries At All lives in a Continuous, Nonstop State of Idolatry! And no Idolatrer or idolatress will Ever inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!

Man has ALLREADY proven himself, again and again, as a Complete Moral FAILURE! In the beginning, marriage may have been a holy covenant. But when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, that covenant was immediately and permanently FORFEITTED!!!
Cicero Mail Department

Cicero, IL

#14 Feb 12, 2013
What the hell?!!

We just learned from a woman named Shannon that this creep we are dealing with is on freaking Facebook! Yes! Facebook!!! How disgusting! How terrible! How cracked! How creepy!

We are defaming this creepy ass retard until nobody shall EVER be friends with him on Facebook! We are going on Facebook and we will bring this creep to his knees! He's probably using Facebook to stalk and harass every single woman in the world!

What a stinking RETARD!!!
Cicero Mail Department

Cicero, IL

#15 Apr 5, 2013
Michael has really contaminated MASSIVE parts of society with autism! He has contaminated practically every nightclub in the Fort Myers, Florida area. He has contaminated at least one Hooters restaurant and two Tilted Kilt restaurants with autism. And worst of all, he has contaminated Morton West High School with autism!

Autism is a heavily contagious psychotic viral disease. It is far more contagious than the flu, even being able to survive for up to 8 MONTHS on indoor surfaces, and only powerful chemicals, such as sulfuric acid and turpentine acetone ethylbenzene is capable of killing the autism virus. Autism directly attacks the brain and central nervous system, and turns otherwise normal people into psychopaths!
Cicero Mail Department

Cicero, IL

#16 Apr 5, 2013
P.S. Michael has also even heavily contaminated the Oak Park Conservatory with autism, too!

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