Colin McEnroe, Diane Smith Laid Off B...

Colin McEnroe, Diane Smith Laid Off By WTIC-AM

There are 273 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Dec 30, 2008, titled Colin McEnroe, Diane Smith Laid Off By WTIC-AM. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Afternoon drive-time talk show host Colin McEnroe and Diane Smith, co-host of Mornings with Ray and Diane, have been laid off by WTIC-AM, the station confirmed today.

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avid reader

Brewster, NY

#77 Dec 30, 2008
Colin was the best thing they had on Tic. I didn't get to listen too much because I'm usually in the office when he's on the air. But I did enjoy his show when I happened to be in the car during the afternoon. Now Diane (and Ray for that matter), please. Ray with the banalities and Diane with the "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh." Holy cripe. But the worst, absolute worst, Rush clone, copy cat, brainless gets another hour. Jim Vicevich. Nothing original, same right wing idiots call in, Jim always agrees with them no matter what idiocy they spew. My guess is this is about money. Colin probably refused to take a cut in pay, Ray would gladly take a pay cut to keep his job (what else would he do?), and Vicevich most likely agreed to work the extra hour for no raise. Advertisers can't pay in this economy, heads have to roll.
Quit Whining

West Hartford, CT

#78 Dec 30, 2008
Dave Ramsey is right-wing. He has written several christian conservative books. His column was also dropped from several newspapers after it was discovered he fabricated emails "sent" to him.
Nemesys wrote:
Folks, this has nothing to do with ideology... it has to do with ratings. WTIC is not CT Public Radio... if people don't listen, then you can't keep them on the air, from the left or from the right.
Love him or hate him, Rush will always get the ratings so he'll stay on the air.
Dave Ramsey is right wing? Put down the crack pipe, Simzbury. Just because he hates credit cards, that does not make Dave evil.

Orange, CT

#79 Dec 30, 2008
Ding Dong...Colin's Gone.

We will all tune in tomorrow to hear his last day on the air.

I am sure all the libs will stop from 3-6 pm to bid farewell. Probably half of the liberals and his pals at The Courant will be outside protesting like they protest everything else.

Andover, CT

#80 Dec 30, 2008
RIch wrote:
I think WTIC is making a terrible decision here if they want to get rid of someone get rid of Jim Vicevich his program is just horrible the right leaning political views he spews make me sick. Colin was some of the only intelligent programming on the station. also if they dropped Lush Rimbaugh they would be doing the whole state a huge favor his program ran its course a long time ago. WTIC was one of my favorite stations now i will view them in a different light. perhaps the management should be canned and not the on air personalities.
The demise of these on-air 'talents' is simply a manifestation of the invisible hand of capitalism. If they don't attract an audience, they don't pay the freight. Low ratings = low ad rates and revenues.

Unlike your favorite liberal radio station NPR (I'm right, aren't I...?) which only stays alive because the Democrats in Congress keep the American taxpayer on the hook for the subsidy, stations like WTIC actually have to make a profit. WTIC is a business, not a charity. Get over it.
Educated Idiot

Colchester, CT

#81 Dec 30, 2008
Smith will not be missed. I tuned to the morning show for news, weather and traffic. Nothing more...nothing less.

Vicevich is unlistenable. Giving him an additional hour is baffling. He is dumber than a box of rocks.

Limbaugh syndication is going nowhere. Can you say "Cash Cow"?

The loss of McEnroe is somewhat disturbing. The station has definitely lost it's balance. Although he had become somewhat arrogant, he is smart and was always well prepared. I enjoyed listening to him.

Oh well. I'll probably be flipping to this station solely for traffic reports going forward, so I can avoid all of the knotheads in this state. Other than that, I don't see any real reason to be tuning to 1080 anymore.

Andover, CT

#82 Dec 30, 2008
Milt Friedman wrote:
I'm no fan of McEnroe's politics, but I think this will prove to be a mistake. AM radio is getting defined as being just conservatives, much as public radio and the network news is just liberals
Public radio is liberal? Are you sure about that? Who'da thunk it.

If the political pornography put out on the NPR airwaves wasn't subsidized by the US taxpayer, they'd have been off the air decades ago.

Danbury, CT

#83 Dec 30, 2008
"I'm no fan of McEnroe's politics, but I think this will prove to be a mistake. AM radio is getting defined as being just conservatives, much as public radio and the network news is just liberals"

That's a good point, but have you ever thought about why it is that conservatives are successful on talk radio while liberals can't hold an audience?

It's because conservatives love to argue with each other, and with liberals, and people love to listen to the drama. Rush's best calls are when he debates with people who disagree with him. He (and most other conservatives) don't get nasty, but they enjoy making intellectual points against each other on the issues.

Liberal talk show hosts hate for anyone to disagree with them. Their shows mostly consist of people calling them to agree with them, which is pure boredom. When they do allow an occasional disagreeing caller on, they trash them by ridiculing them, not proving them wrong, and viewers tune out from that kind of stupidity.

In the papers, public radio, and network news, liberals don't allow for any disagreement, but simply promote their opinions as if they were facts, which is just the way they like it. Much of America these days has recognized that and doesn't care anymore what CBS, NBC, and the NY Times have to say any more.... they're thinking for themselves, and listening to Rush.
Im Colin and I S U C K

United States

#85 Dec 30, 2008
My name says it all. The best part of his show was the news, sports, weather, and traffic. Heck, even the commercials were better that the dillusione, unkempt, bombastic storm of negativiity that I currenly am. How I miss WTIC 1080 in Hartford, Connecticut, when Bob Steele was on. Ever since the station has decided NOT to play music and gone to an all talk formula, it has gone down hill. Ray was good in the beginning, but no more. Diane, I could take her or leave her. Jim Vicevich has a grip on reality, something Rush really didn't have, and Colin definitely DIDN'T have! Too bad about Stan Simpson also, he was another voice of reason, albeit a couple of Saturdays a month.
doityourselfweat her com

United States

#86 Dec 30, 2008
WTIC is just dumping the dead wood (Simpson ... bore, McEnroe ... sophomoric and Smith ... catty) and hopefully soon Dunaway ... inane kiss butt. WDRC should do something about Brad Davis too!
Tip for Vicevich: lose the "er, ah, er, ah" stuff, the ego crap and give the listeners a solid hour of just CT political news(like the Radio Hall of Famer Howie Carr does with Mass.). Let's start utilizing that blow torch to give the people of this State a voice and exposing the dirt under the carpet!
Leftist Avenger

Manchester, CT

#87 Dec 30, 2008
Who wants to bet Jim Vicevich's Wikipedia page was written by Jim Vicevich? What a self-satisfied piece of right wing sludge.

Years ago, friends and I overheard Vicevich at Cavey's in Manchester bragging about his intimate knowledge of jazz, knowledge which was in fact non-existent. The "I Hate Jim Vicevich Club" has been meeting regularly ever since.

Danbury, CT

#93 Dec 30, 2008
I keep tuning into WTIC to listen to Bob Steele... where's he been lately?

I used to love to hear him do the "no school" announcements.

Orange, CT

#95 Dec 30, 2008
Diane Smith was the biggest Mistake that WTIC made by letting her go. I think The Morning Show with just Ray Dunaway will struggle without Diane being there.

As far as McEnroe goes They tried him with a partner then on his own so now he needs to find a new gig. Maybe he can break into sports like That Liberal Loser Keith Olbermann.

Maybe Colin should idolize Olbermann, another anti Lieberman piece of monkeys**t.

Danbury, CT

#96 Dec 30, 2008
"Mega Dittoes !!!!

You are a dolt."

That's where "Mega dittos" came from... Rush got tired of hearing nonstop agreement, so "mega dittoes" gets it out of the way quickly to move onto the point of the call. Otherwise, it's boring.

Al Frankin never got tired of getting his behind kissed. I suspect you never do, either.

Orange, CT

#97 Dec 30, 2008
ppg wrote:
What will all of the conspiracy theorists and Cynthia McKinney, Ned Lamont loons do without their Colin?
Move out of Connecticut I hope!!!!
Umm ummm ummm

Klingerstown, PA

#99 Dec 30, 2008
Colin deserves to go. His constant stuttering and use of the word "Ummm" made him hard to listen to. Also his psuedo intelectual phraseology reminded me of some aging philosophy proffessor trying to sound cool to the undergrads. You knew you were listening to a left wing pacificist windbag as soon as he opened his mouth.
Air America is gone and now so is Colin. It really isn't their fault, no one told them that Americans are sick of being told what a rotten country they live in every day.
Good Riddance....
ballsacrosstheno se

United States

#100 Dec 30, 2008
Glad to see Colin get canned. He was an incessant prick who is getting his just due.
Alfred E Newman Esq

New Milford, CT

#101 Dec 30, 2008
Oh no! Say it ain't so!! McEnroe gets the can again, after his pathetic show was brought back from the dead for the second time. Even after Bruce Stevens was sent back to WPOP, the big Mac couldn't save his Kumbuya leftist hand wringing call in show. All 200 of his listeners must be besides themselves tonight. Not to worry, folks, there's still Al Jezera, or re-runs of Rev. J. Wright's speechs to console you. Alas, Bruce and Colin, we knew them well. And to think, Vicevich's ratings are going through the roof!! I guess the market place works after all. Perhaps too well, for Democrats and leftists, who don't trust the people to decide for themselves what they want to listen to. So, in order to insure that Air-America McEnroe stay on the air, they will institute the "Fairness Doctrine", for our own good, don't you know. Ah yes the "Fairness Doctrine" as Orwellian as it gets. Can't have those smelly, God loving, gun toten conservatives upsetting the game plan now, can we? Next thing the Democrats will want to do is prop up failing papers like the NY Times and our own, beloved Courant, whether we like it or not.

Since: Nov 08

Bristol, CT

#102 Dec 30, 2008
Two of the most intelligent choices on local radio are being canned. Who did Colin, Ray and Diane tick off?

Andover, CT

#103 Dec 30, 2008
I am sure McEnroe will stay at the Courant and appear on Behind The Story so you Libs can quit your whining.
Im sure Colin will be around as long as The Tribune stays afloat.
Two more months?

If the Courant board had an ounce of intelligence they'd also can McEnroe and find someone with a more moderate voice. That might help forestall the avalanche of cancellations from people who are tired of the continual stream of liberal bias that permeates the paper. While they're at it, they should consider sacking Rick Green, Stan Simpson, Susan Campbell and Helen Ubinas. If they haven't figured it out yet, about the only reason people keep buying this fishwrap is for the ads. When the advertisers (capitalists all...) figure out a different way to reach their target consumers, they'll give up on the Courant too.
3rd World Man

Manchester, CT

#104 Dec 30, 2008
I didn't always agree with either of them, but this is a very unfortunate consequence. I enjoyed listening to both Colin AND Ray/Diane (yes, both sides of the political spectrum) because THEY MADE FOR GOOD RADIO. So many people get wrapped up in "he's liberal, he's conservative" game that that's all they think about. It isn't black-and-white, people. To all of you extreme (a) left-wingers who are lamenting their (especially Colin's) dismissal simply because of the disappearance of leftist opinions from WTIC, and (b) right-wingers who are rejoicing in this news because of the (now) predominance of conservatism on the station, your opinions can be easily dismissed. Anyone on either side of the spectrum who is so intolerant of the other side's opinions cannot be taken seriously. "He's a dirty, rotten liberal." "He's a backwards, stodgy conservative." Shut up with your partisan whining. Colin, Ray, and Diane have their political leanings, but they acknowledge the "other side" and concede its good points. This is why Jim Vicevich is the one who should be axed. And while you're at it, mass media, work on doing the same thing with Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly.
I'm independent and moderate, and damn proud of it.

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