Messianic Jews say they are persecute...

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

There are 72083 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 21, 2008, titled Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel. In it, Newsday reports that:

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family.

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Schaumburg, IL

#48559 Feb 4, 2013
HughBe wrote:
<quoted text>
Rabbi Boteach, believes that Jesus lived. Listen to the video. =Km9Up16oa7AXX
It's still going over your myopic head. The coin minted by Christians proves nothing.

Kingston, Jamaica

#48560 Feb 4, 2013
Eric wrote:
<quoted text>It's still going over your myopic head. The coin minted by Christians proves nothing.
"myopic head" is interesting. Here is a secret, it was one of a series of posts to prove a point. In addition, any honest and moderately intelligent person who reads their comments on the matter would not take it to mean that they believe that Jesus was a work of fiction.

Kingston, Jamaica

#48561 Feb 4, 2013
Eric wrote:
I have never stated that Jesus didn't exist.
I have only stated that an undated coin in Greek coming from a time after the Christians took over Europe and the Middle East does not prove it. The site only states that the coin exists; not that what it says is true.
Pay attention to CONTEXT of a discussion. Also pay attention to what others write e.g. if the rabbis at the Library felt that Jesus did not exist they would NOT, in my mind, have written the article without expressing an adverse opinion on the matter.

Schaumburg, IL

#48562 Feb 4, 2013
HughBe wrote:
<quoted text>
Pay attention to CONTEXT of a discussion. Also pay attention to what others write e.g. if the rabbis at the Library felt that Jesus did not exist they would NOT, in my mind, have written the article without expressing an adverse opinion on the matter.
You know that old saying about "assuming" Hugh. But in this case it's just YOU-U

Oh, what happened to showing that the Messianic age had come into fruition? Isn't that what Maimonides was waiting for--the Messiah and the Messianic Age?

United States

#48563 Feb 4, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
Your post is very circumvent, what are the Signs that some sect or denomination has "Put their trust in God and not a man".
Every sect and denomination claims that "It is guided by the Holy Spirit"
You are right, Satan attacked the Word from the very beginning and there was not much which one could do.
The First one whom Satan mislead was this St. Paul and thru him most of Christians were mislead, so much so that this St. Paul has become the "voice of all Christians".
They know Jesus thru St. Paul and not the other way around.
So I do not know, what is the way for Christians to come back to true path and to true teachings of jesus?
Have you any solution to this problem?
If any christian is seeking to find the true teachings of Jesus then they should take All inspired teachings of Jesus into account, not just those of one person.

Many hang their christian hat on st. Peter, and even say God has started and built Hid church on Peter.

I believe that anyone can take the verse these people use to prove they are right, and simply look a few verses further, to prove they are not.

Qatif, Saudi Arabia

#48564 Feb 4, 2013
Which “Sword” the Prophet Used against his enemies: Part-53

Enemies of Islam represent our prophet as a very cruel and blood thirsty man, who would kill his “opponents, enemies and any one who disagreed with him” at “the drop of hat” and all his adversaries would be “terrified” at the mere sight of him.

The picture is far from true, let us look at some incidents from the life of prophet, as what was “this sword which killed the enmity for ever”


This case also refers to the journey which prophet took during his flight from Makkah to Madina. When prophet decided to migrate ha and his close friend Abu Baker, took their flight during dead night, they first stayed for thee days in the cave of AL THAUR, located 2-3 miles from Makkah in the direction of Yemen.

When the morning came and Makkah people found out that prophet and Abu Bakr had left their houses and would certainly head towards Madina, they went on looking for them in all directions. They even came very close to the cave where prophet had taken refuge…..this incident is very beautifully described in the following verse of Quran:

“If you do not help (Your leader)(It is no matter) for Allah did indeed help him, when the unbelievers drove him out: he had no more than one companion: they two were in the cave, and he said to his companion “Have no fear, for Allah is with us”: Then Allah sent down His peace upon him, and strengthened him with forces which you did not see….”(9:40)

When Makkah people could not find his, they declared a booty of 100 camels to any one who would bring the fugitives back to Makkah or provide (certain) information about their whereabouts.

SURAQA was living in a village, between Makkah and Madina, he also heard about the declaration of Makkah people. One morning he was sitting with some people, when some one mentioned that he had seen two people going on camel near the sea. SURAQA immediately surmised that they might be the persons who were wanted….but he did not want to share the prize with others, so he dismissed the person, saying that they could be such and such.

But when people had left, he took his horse and went in the indicated direction as fast as his horse could take him. After some distance he saw two camels ahead, and at the same time, his horse took a wobble. SURAQA took his arrows of divination to check about its mission, it came negative, but he perceived his course.

When SURAQA came very near to the camels, front feet of his horse went deep into the sand upto half their lengths, he again look for divination, the answer came in negative. So he was convinced that he would never succeed in his mission. He called in a loud voice for peace and assured that he meant no harm.

SURAQA went to prophet and related his story, he assured prophet that he would not have to fear for any one approaching from this direction as SURAQA would take care of it. SURAQA then asked prophet to give him a written assurance of protection.

Since prophet did not know how to read and write, Abu Bakr gave him that deed and SURAQA went back happy. A booty hunter to a Protected man in a few moment! That is sure a very effective sword!

Source: Companions of Prophet: by Talib Hashmi

Mumbai, India

#48565 Feb 4, 2013

"He neither begets nor is born."


This line from the Quran also reveals the non-human nature of the minor archetypal being, Allah, who unlike mortals has neither parents nor is it destructible like all the other eternal supraphysical beings who are Allah's rivals and who may be its equal, inferior to it or superior to it. The other interpretation of the line from the Quran that I'd alluded to in my previous analysis of the Quranic chapter is this - the deeper meaning of the line under analysis from the Quran refers to the principle of conservation of energy/consciousness. Not a jot of energy or consciousness can either be created or destroyed. The form is destroyed but the consciousness and energy underlying the form remains. Now, Allah is your typical anthropathetic being as seen from its 99 attributes and its relation with Muhammad which indicate that the being, Allah, is a form of a particular grade of consciousness-energy of the 7th cosmic plane, the Illumined Mind Plane, and as such in the final analysis it can be concluded that it (Allah) despite all the boast of being eternal is subject to dissolution into its seed elements and these seed elements in terms of the released consciousness and energy can be further dissolved into the primal state and withdrawn by the cosmic causal mechanism that inheres in the unified field of consciousness-energy in manifestation.

Mumbai, India

#48566 Feb 4, 2013
The word should read as ANTHROPOPATHIC

Mumbai, India

#48567 Feb 4, 2013

1) Nature being evolutionary as seen in the various epochs, in terms of the innate information content that's been and is being progressively manifested in the mind-matter matrix, thus all talk about the second coming of Jesus or of the arrival of a messiah like the Maitreya or any other is futile.

2) The final perfection of the earth nature and of the extraterrestrial and supraphysical realms up to overmind is a long way off - perhaps, billions of years from now.

3) As the emergence of a particular grade of an involved consciousness-energy with its innate laws and faculties takes place in matter, the evolution goes a step forward and this evolutionary process will continue until the universe in all its gross and subtle dimensions vibrates in perfect unison with the source and so in this superior state the manifestation/universe need not be withdrawn and simply stays.

Bedford, MA

#48568 Feb 4, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
It is incredibly naive to think that we, as a nation, can just turn our backs on the rest of the world and expect them in turn to ignore us. It doesnt work that way.
That doesn't mean we have to invade Iraq, but it does mean we need to establish the minimum amount of deterrence and relationships abroad in order to protect our interests at home.
Support for Israel has nothing to do with oil. Israel has no petro supplies, and obviously if oil was our major concern we would be allied with the muslim nations not Israel.
Aid to Israel has decreased. Thats why I posted the links.
Did I mis-read? Page 1 talks to an increase in aide and Israel receiving the most aide in history. Maybe I mis-read. I was not referring to oil in Israel. I know that there is very little there. It just happens to be in the middle of many other countries that have an abundance of oil and other natural resources. So, the interest has got to be strategic location. Or it might be that we just want to be nice and helpful to our neighbors and allies who tend to spy on us a lot? Relationship of convenience.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#48569 Feb 4, 2013
no one no where wrote:
the messianic jew can always move to jordan, syria, iraq, iran, or turkey for more freedom of religion.
But they are unwelcome in Isreal.... I think they should remove the title "Jew" from their names and live in any country of the world.

Mumbai, India

#48571 Feb 4, 2013
The highest form of salvation is physical.
rabbee yehoshooah adam

Denver, CO

#48572 Feb 4, 2013
01Justsayin wrote:
<quoted text>
Nor in yours. lol
rabbee: man! you are delusional. everything i say, is confirmed in TheTorah. is this the best you can do, is to prove that you are an absolute liar?

Mumbai, India

#48573 Feb 4, 2013
Escapism from the plane of matter where the difficulties encountered on account of the extreme inertia of the physical substance and due to the inveterate pessimism of the subconscious into the lower subtler states of existence is for spiritual pygmies like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and Muhammad.

Mumbai, India

#48574 Feb 4, 2013

1) Instead of artificial barriers like nations and geo-political boundaries that create conflict, racism, rabid notions of nationalism bordering on bigotry and the unequal distribution of wealth, skills and natural resources, the world should be carved out into special ecological zones devoid of physical or political boundaries.

2) Each eco-zone should specialize in its main strength(s) derived from its store of natural resources, climatic type and human potential and all the zones should then distribute their specialities.

3) Various competitive currencies should be introduced and people should select any one to deal with the others or be given the option of using all the available choices. The pros and cons of a single global currency should also be looked into.

4) Militaries and industries specializing in weaponry should be disbanded and a global security force should be put in place to supervise law and order.

4) Laws should be secular, eco-sensitive, pro-eugenics to weed out undesirable traits, unnatural procreation methods like incest and hypogamy should be banned, efforts should be made to promote advanced technologies of breeding like invitro and cloning that can yield designer life forms and besides the authorities should take into consideration the key features of the various personality types so that the mind-matter capacities in individuals are developed to a high degree.

5) A united world body should supervise the administrative and functional aspects of the various zones and should work to minimize socio-educational-economic deficits everywhere through judicious planning and implementation of policies based on the above ideas so that a symbiotic system arises in which each zone is required for its unique contributions and is at the same time dependant on the other zones for its sustenance and progress.

6) A mingling of the various natural and human currents would augur well for harmony, peace, pluralism and prosperity.

Mumbai, India

#48575 Feb 5, 2013

1) Most Jews, Zoroastrians, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and agnostics will take to the new one world order based on secular laws without much protest since religion is not such a big issue with them as seen in the decline in the old and perverse ways as rational thinking takes over.

2) Islam/Muslims will resist since they cherish abnormal beliefs and have dreams of converting the whole world to Islam as desired by that lunatic and pedophile, Muhammad.

3) If the Muslims resist, they should be left out of the global order and should be left to fend for themselves and no help in monetary or technological form should be given to them.

4) If despite the boycott they refuse to mind their own business and spread their religious garbage like cancerous cells then a bold plan should be drawn out in advance to mass sterilize them using biological or EM weapons with the last alternative being eliminating them from the face of the earth.

Mumbai, India

#48576 Feb 5, 2013
Growth in consciousness and technology will soon spell the end of religions everywhere. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Mumbai, India

#48577 Feb 5, 2013
The unveiling of covert technologies that tap into the mind-matter matrix will be the next revolutionary trend in the world. It won't take too long before such radically new tech is made public....

Mumbai, India

#48578 Feb 5, 2013
Consciousness is one, Energy is one. They form a unified field of Consciousness-Energy that in manifest form shows up as numerous gradations.

Mumbai, India

#48579 Feb 5, 2013
Creation from nothing is fiction.

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