Words Reopen Scars At CCSU

Words Reopen Scars At CCSU

There are 329 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Feb 8, 2007, titled Words Reopen Scars At CCSU. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

February 9, 2007 By MATT BURGARD , Courant Staff Writer NEW BRITAIN -- Sarah said she couldn't keep her knees from buckling and the tears from welling in her eyes when she picked up a copy of the student ...

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Hartford, CT

#23 Feb 9, 2007
Heres the article that was published in my school paper for all you who havent read it. I'm glad so many of you feel the way i do as this article is discusting and has stirred memeories many of us would like to put behind us and forget.
"Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It"
Most people today would claim that rape is a terrible crime almost akin to murder, but I strongly disagree. Far from a vile act, rape is a magical experience that benifits society as a whole. I realize many of you will disagree with this thesis, but lend me your ears and I'm sure I'll sway you towards a darkened alley.
If it weren't for rape, Western Civilization might not exist as we know it today. When the Romans were faced with a disproportionate ratio of women to men in the early kingdom, they had to do something, lest their flidgling society die for lack of sons. To solvetheir little dilemma, they did what any reasonable man would do: they threw a festival for their little dilemma, they threw a festival for their Sabine neighbors, and then stole and raped their women. It's quite logical; in fact I don't understand why the settlers at Plymoth didn't do the same to the local Indians--it certainly would have saved on shipping costs.
Obviously, in the case of the Rape of the Sabines, rape was a tremendous help to society. The Sabine women, for their part, didn't seem to mind so much, as they threw themselves between their brutish old Sabine husbands and their charming new Roman ones to prevent bloodshed when the Sabine men came to relaim their wives. Yet even when society was totally against a rape, the raunchy act has benifited society too. Where would the Romans be, after all, if it weren't for the Rape of the Lucretia infuriating the people to the point of overthrowing their last king, Lucius Tarpuinius Superbus? If it weren't for that event, the world might have never had the Roman Republic for a pristine example of a flawless government.
Rapes glorious advantages are not, however, exclusively found from 2,000 year old examples. In actuality rape advantages can very much be seen today. Take ugly women for example. If it wern't for rape, how would they ever know the joys of intercourse with a man who isn't drunk. In a society as plastic-conscious as our own we are really to believe that some man would ever sleep with a girl resembling a wildebeest if he didn't have a few schnapps in him? Of course he wouldn't--atleast no self-respecting man would--but there in lies the beauty of rape. No self respecting man would rape in the first palce, so ugly women are guarenteed a romp with not only a sober man, but a bad boy too; and we all know how much ladies like the bad boy.
Ugly women are not, however, the only people who benifit from rape--prisoners enjoy as many perks too. What, after all, could be possibly be more boring than spending years of your life confined to some tiny cell 23 hours a day? Then answer, of course, is spending years of your life confined to some tiny cell 23 hours a day and never getting some hot action. With rape, prisoners never have to worry about that. Instead, they merely need worry about treating their rapist with enough love and respect to earn a quick reach-around.
But if there is one bread and butter reason for why rape should not only be accepted, but even endorsed, it is because our news editors are in dire need of interesting stories for our front page. Bookstore stories? Fossils? One dollar coins? Please. Now, some saucy circle-jerk rape action? Yeah, that's the ticket.
Margarita Rivera

Sandy Hook, CT

#24 Feb 9, 2007
Some faculty members attended the protest but did not spoke; the president stopped short of taking any action against the editor or the newspaper and the first page headline was about students losing their Social Security numbers. I really think there's something missing in all these!

“Fallen Angel”

Since: Jan 07

New England

#25 Feb 9, 2007
Of course the rape article was disgusting and offensive and sick. Considering these college students are basically still adolescents they have to be regarded as people who don't appreciate the reality and depth of the poison ideas they are playing with. So they rightly exercise their free speech rights and now they will rightly get reactions that are an education in what's wrong with their thinking. That's what's happening now, as it should.

Editors in the USA have the free speech & press rights to publish Nazi propaganda too, and they SHOULD have that right. The proper way to deal with offensive and outrageous ideas is to allow the speech and to then ANSWER it with a patient and systematic rebuttal.

The many critiques of the offending CCSU article should also be published and then we will have the kind of public debate that allows everyone to sort it out and deepen their own thinking on what is right and wrong and why....
a middle-aged moderate

New Britain, CT

#26 Feb 9, 2007
These young men obviously need sensitivity and diversity training. I think that this country has gone far in being "PC", but violent crime is an issue which shouldn't be satirized. Besides, I read the peice and didn't see any brilliant satire displayed. Kids make mistakes, but in the interviews I saw w/ the student-editor, he appeared to be plain arrogant. Would it be so funny if these boys' mother/sister/girlfriend was a victim of rape?

Shelton, CT

#27 Feb 9, 2007
I am truly disgusted by the article that was printed in the Recorder. Free speech or not-- that was just BAD TASTE...

Hartford, CT

#30 Feb 9, 2007

For those of you who would like to read the entire article, the above link will bring you to the latest issue of the Recorder. I believe the article is on page 7.

New Britain, CT

#29 Feb 9, 2007
Now having read the editorial in its entirity, I find it excessively and decisively un-American. These boys have not only offended but are guilty of unbridled literary hate crimes against the people. They should be taken away for re-education before their demented sense of humor infects the weakened massses necessitating a declariation of martial law and a secret police task force to weed out any closet sympathizers.

(just kidding)
Appalled Sibling

United States

#31 Feb 9, 2007
My sister who was a student at CCSU in the early 1990’s was raped after someone drugged her at an off-campus party during her freshman year. The event was so traumatic they she left the University and was hospitalized for terrible depression. She was deeply affected by the event for many years and probably still is.

Thankfully, she now lives out of state and will hopefully never hear about this article, because I am sure the events of the last couple of days would bring back all the pain and anguish.

My heart goes out to past rape victims who have had scars ripped open by this disgusting article.
97 Alumni

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#32 Feb 9, 2007
The backlash in response to this article is well deserved. The writer and editors made a huge mistake. The article should not have been written or printed. The super majority of people agree with these sentiments.
However, accountablity lies with those individuals. To make harsh remarks about the the state, the school, its students, alumni, faculty, and administration is absurd. The institution is a huge benifit to the state of Connecticut and society as a whole.
Let's make this a lesson for the students and the community about what is acceptable to society. I also think just as much attention should be given to the positive economic and social benefits that CCSU has provided to over the years.
It always dissapointing to see the media latch on andd highlight negative stories so often, when ignoring so many of the positives stories from CCSU.

Hartford, CT

#33 Feb 9, 2007
This article is part of a larger issue on the CCSU campus. The fact that sexual assault victims only have 90 days to report an assault and the state has a 5 year time frame is a major discrepancy. Victim’s rights are not in the student handbook and the judicial officer himself said that he tells victims their rights as he finds necessary is plainly wrong. Not defining sexual assault as it is by the state of Connecticut on the CCSU campus is wrong. Prosecuting the victims for “misbehavior” because she was drinking at the time of her attack is wrong. This is an every day issue and this one event, as horrible as it is, is only one small instance of the ignorance on the campus. Changes need to happen, especially the judicial office. Petroski is now the poster child of the larger issues on this campus, look beyond the poster to see the real problems.

Oxford, CT

#34 Feb 9, 2007
Rational people would be appalled at this literary hate crime. The sad truth is that that are a few who look at this as a justification of their warped beliefs. Look at some of the previous comments. They actually aggree with the premise that rape doesn't hurt! Perhaps they are just trying to antagonize. If not, its unfortunate that these degenerates can't be placed on a sex offender list.

Selinsgrove, PA

#35 Feb 9, 2007
Having been given the opportunity to work very closely with college students, it is been made apparent that they are very sensitive and confused individuals at times. I too was a college student not too long ago and know what it is like. If i were have read an article about Rape in any form, I would take it seriously. Rape is not something that should be made the butt of a joke or written satirical. Society has recieved no benefits from the harmful and degrading act. All we have received from it is a population of people who have been hurt and in many cases live in fear of having loving and caring relationships with others. The writer and editor should be punished for publishing a distasteful piece. I respect the right to freedom of speech, but that article clearly crossed the line. It went beyond trying to prove a point. It hit home to many individuals who experienced that trauma and myself who know many people that were raped. Yes the public wants sensationalism, but at the same time we want respect, dignity and privacy. We want compassion and concern for those who are victimized and traumatized from such a horrible act. I send my apologizes out to every individual who read that and was affected by it, because at least you can have a sense that someone out there cares for you!
Mark Phillips

United States

#36 Feb 9, 2007
The jerk who wrote that story accomplished the only thing it was intended to do:

Get people upset for no good reason.

Ignore the twerp and he'll scurry back to the cave he lives in.
SoWhatAreYaGonna Do

East Hartford, CT

#37 Feb 9, 2007
I read the article. I suppose I understand the attempt at satire. But it's like the hockey puck that flies over the barrier into a 5-year old girl's teeth. It wasn't intended to do any harm, but it did so for harm or distress that it actually caused, I believe that apology is warranted. My only tangible recourse is to let all of the advertisers (MetLife, Big Sky, Another Bookstore, Quinnipiac University, College Nannies and Tutors, Sun Splash Tours, and STS Flight Finder) that their advertisements are now associated with supporting distasteful jounalism. Furthermore, the other journalists should know that they share space with writing that is not consistent with their jounalistic skills and standards. Perhaps their work will be read less for the inclusion of something like this.
Incidentally, the comic Cyanide & Happiness was, in my opinion, a companion to the rape article, unless, of course, you assume that she was asking for it...

Virginia Beach, VA

#40 Feb 9, 2007
I find the article offensive. As one who works with survivors of sexual trauma this article has dishonored them in their path to recovery. It clearly indicates the thoughts of an individual who has no idea the depth of pain sexual assault causes a person whether it be a man, woman or child. It is truly a sad commentary on the desensitizing that our society has encountered over the years through the media whether it be t.v., radio or print. Mr. Petroski I challenge you and the rest of your collegues to walk in the shoes of woman who has been raped. I challenge you to feel the pain, shame, self-blame, nightmares that effect most sexual trauma victims. You could not because if you had you would not have written such a debasing painful editiorial. Would you engage in writing a parody about a wounded soldier returning from Iraq? Would you write a parody about the death of a loved one by a drunk driver? You have no honor, you have no conscience. This is not journalism.

Rome, Italy

#41 Feb 9, 2007
i have read the article, and it isnt funny at all......to anyone who has experienced or knows someone who has, or anyone who is an educated person would know that the article was neither appropriate for a school institution or funny in any way at all
e allen

United States

#42 Feb 9, 2007
For God's sake, get a life and quit barking about a satire piece in a student newspaper. It's not Mein Kampf.
Lisa HLeone


#43 Feb 9, 2007
Dear CCSU,
CCSU is my Alma Mater and I am proud of the fact that I graduated from this university.But today my heart was saddened at the fact that once again the Recorder has overstepped its bounds with its unacceptable article about rape and its benefits throughout history.The fact that they are excusing their behavior by attributing it to a style of writing, namely satire, or declaring it a freedom of speech is a secondary slap in the face of all rape victims.What is even more shocking is that these two men and they are men as they are in University level studies, believe that what they wrote is justifiable. Not only should they be removed from the Recorder but I think as an educational learning tool, these two students Petroski and Rowan should go to visit the counseling center where Karen Engwall and other counselors assist rape victims on a daily basis. Let them hear in person from victims what the emotional pain is like long after the physical pain has subsided. I believe that will be enough to educate them and lead them to the side of humanity that considers rape an intolerable crime, not a topic for a "Satire"

Boston, MA

#44 Feb 9, 2007
brad wrote:
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the piece? Of course the Courant doesn't link to it and I can't find it on the school's website, presumably it was taken down.
Richard Bristol Ct

Hamden, CT

#45 Feb 9, 2007
This belongs is the same genre as the Yale sex showers. Some students will go to any length to insult common decency. They may find the same humor in the ashes of 9/11 or the holocaust. Where was the academics we pay to oversee the students? Do they agree or see this as an expression of free speech? My generation used free speech to attack the war and civil rights. The intelligency should seek a higher ground. This "journalist" will be writing for some supermarket tabloid shortly.

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