More Advice On Acura TL Transmission ...

More Advice On Acura TL Transmission Failures And Recall

There are 334 comments on the Hartford Courant story from May 29, 2007, titled More Advice On Acura TL Transmission Failures And Recall. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Q: I read your article and I felt a knot in my stomach hearing about the Acura TL with transmission problems.

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Hesperia, CA

#216 Apr 6, 2013
I bought my 2000 TlL used from an Acura dealer in 05 w/55k miles. At 102k a/t failed. Dealer said it was covered up to 100k. LOL
They back logged the mileage to 98k and replaced it for free. It failed again at 207k.
I paid $2300 to have it rebuilt at a local shop. I am at 265k. I anticipate another rebuild around 300k. I don't mind.... It keeps me out of a car payment.
This has been the best car I have ever owned. Other than the tranny problems... I haven't had any other significant issues. Other than Basic service (oil, plugs/timing belt/water pump/shocks/struts/brakes/tire s etc...) it had been trouble free.
Recently got multiple misfire codes. Did a valve adjustment myself. Had to replace 1 coil. Runs better today then the day I bought it.

I love this car.

Harvey, IL

#217 Apr 8, 2013
DavisMD wrote:
I have a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL, 183k. The car is in great shape but is experiencing some vibration when you get between 45-55mph and then she smooths out. I recently had the front and side motor mounts replaced. Aside from the vibration it a beautiful car to be 9 years old. I am debating rather or not to fix or sell it. I am afraid it may be the transmission after reading all of these posts. I absolutely love this car and she has been very relable up until now. May consider a serious offer if anyone out there is interested in this vehicle.
Dave , I read a comment that you posted on September 2011. I,m currently experiencing the exact symptoms with my 1999 Acura TL that you had with your 2003 . Were you able to find out the reason why the car transmission shifted funny ? Thanks

Harvey, IL

#218 Apr 8, 2013
joe wrote:
My 2001 acura tl 3.2 transmission died this weekend at 181k. It felt as if something just dropped from under the car. I've had the slippage from gear 2 to 3, downshift from 4 to 3 for no reason, sometimes stuck at 3 before it goes to 4 and the 2 to 3 gear "crunch"
No more honda or acura for me...
I'm having the same slippage problem that you had. How long did it slip before it died out ?
Boston 2003 Acura TL

Arlington, MA

#219 Apr 14, 2013
americannegr0 wrote:
Does anyone want to sell their 99 - 03 TL? I'll take it in any condition (preferably with bad tranny). If so, contact me at
Are you still buying Acura TLs? I have a 2003 in great condition.

Johnson City, TN

#220 Apr 15, 2013
Boston 2003 Acura TL wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you still buying Acura TLs? I have a 2003 in great condition.
Depends on the color. I'm looking for the blue type S
phoenix from Renton

Kent, WA

#221 Apr 19, 2013
a dealer sold me a 1999 acura TL knowing the transmission is already shot and I will be demanding my money back or suing, dealers do have so rules about selling used cars that are safe for the road. As soon as took it on freeway going over 50 miles the tranny showed its true colors, and this was three miles from dealership the day drove car home. My son research that the Japanese acuras were better made and that is why I saw many saying they love their Acuras online with no issues, but the ones made in America were the ones with the most mechanical (tranny) problems. I too tried calling Acura when I saw their website call the transmission extended warranty a recall letter 2002. Recall to me does not mean warranty and I argued till I was blue in the face regarding that vehicle since its history showed it had the tranny already overhauled in 2005. A repeated issue to me makes the car a lemon especially when the car only had 156,000 miles on it with the tranny going out twice. My Honda Odyssey when I had it, they fixed the ignition over three times since it stopped running while on freeway since it can kill I am disappointed when I told them the Acura came close to getting me and son killed and they acted like they didn't care. Many of you should get together like others do and find a lawyer willing to sue Acura..a so called warranty letter is a bail out by Acura so they don't have to do a real recall, Consumer Protection or some agency dealing with cars should have pushed for it. Maybe for Acura it is going to take the death of a child to make them do anything that is fair.
Ex Acura Lover

Reynoldsburg, OH

#222 May 5, 2013
I had no idea that the Acura tranny problem was an epidemic. I own a 1998 CL 3.). at the time I had 147,00 miles on it and it totally blew out. the gears were slipping all over the place. had it fixed for $950 (tranny-650/mechanic-300).
I haven't had any problems with it for 3 years now since I had it repaired.

But I test drove an 2009 Acura TL earlier this week and as I entered the highway, the tranny starting acting up and it was slipping like crazy, I was afraid fr my life because the car was even jumping a little.

I ended up making it to the berm safely and then I had to let the car cool completely off before attempting to drive it again..thankfully I was around the corner.

When I told the dealer what had happened he didn't act surprised at all. I'm probably not the first one that this has happened to in that car and he's still trying to sell it.

I wish there was someone to stop this madness, and bring the tranny failure epidemic to the light.
mr boyd

Warrenton, VA

#223 May 7, 2013
I am 156,727 so far so good still on second transmission without no major problems and still loveing the smooth ride of my TL sure hope I can make it to 200,000 K

Tacoma, WA

#224 May 7, 2013
I own a 2001 Acura TL purchased from a Honda dealer in 2004 when it had 44,000 mi on it. It had been a lease car. I drive my Acura 6 months every year and it sits in the garage the other 6 months. My vehicle now has 79,980 miles on it. Yesterday while in D4 and accelerating from a stop the transmission felt like it was slipping or "chugging" during gear shifting...the worst was at about 20-23 mph. Now, this morning no problem at all. Reading on the Internet I see transmission problems are inherent in the early Acuras. Do you know if my Acura qualifies for a recall transmission replacement? If not, any suggestions?
mr boyd

Bronx, NY

#225 May 7, 2013
Take your car to a Acura dealership and see what they say,if they wont repair for free ether replace the transmission or just trade it

Pineville, NC

#226 May 7, 2013
mr boyd wrote:
Take your car to a Acura dealership and see what they say,if they wont repair for free ether replace the transmission or just trade it
Thanks for your suggestion.
yellow boy

United States

#227 May 11, 2013
Sharon wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for your suggestion.
because when my transmission went out they gave me a brand new one and pay for my rental car good luck

Mount Kisco, NY

#228 May 14, 2013
My 2002 Acura TL Type S had its transmission replaced under the recall at 30,000 miles. With only 69,000 miles on my regularly serviced transmission (99,000 on the car) it failed just last week with all the usual symptoms everyone here reports (slipping, flared shifts, etc). It was suggested I contact Acura customer care and perhaps they could provide some financial support even though it is just out of the warranty for the recall. Had to bring it into the dealer for a diagnosis. After being at the dealer for 2 days I was informed they could do nothing because of the age of the car. Imagine that.... the Acura luxury car we all bought and the transmission can't even make it to 70,000 miles. Acura customer service offered nothing; will not even acknowledge the problem. The dealer wanted $4500 which went up to $6000 once customer care was involved. They wanted to replace the computer (which does not have a problem). They offered a 20% discount but that would be $4800 +tax. Acura is ripping us off while they made the mistake. No integrity or accountability.

Getting a replacememt transmission from Willow Creek Transmission in South Carolina. They have figured out what the issues are and offer a superior rebuilt transmission along with a heavy duty torque converter, transmission cooler and external inline magnetic particle filter for a reasonable price shipped to your mechanic or you can go to them if you are in the area. This seems the way to go if you want to get some longevity out of this transmission.

Bellevue, WA

#229 May 22, 2013
I am looking to buy a used 2004 and newer Acura TL. The information you have posted is very useful. Are there similar problems with 2004 and newer TLs? Which year is when Honda did something about it and fixed the issue? Appreciate the help.
Kevin Butler wrote:
For accuracy's sake, I should say that the TL transmission issue was not repaired under a recall from Acura. Acura issued a "warranty extension" that covered models within a defined range of Vehicle Identification Numbers. The difference is that a recall would have automatically allowed a TL that's VIN was included a transmission replacement. The fact is that Acura would not replace the transmission unless there was a problem to begin with, even if your TL VIN was listed as covered. The warranty extension is good for 7 years or 100k miles from original date of sale, whichever came first. All 1999-2002 TL were covered. 2003 TL models with the last 8 of the VIN 3A000001 to 3A019558 EXC Type-S. 2003 Type-S models included 3A000001 to 3A019061. All 2001-2002 Acura 3.2 CL were included.2003 3.2 CL models included ended in VIN 3A000001 to 3A005203.
Link to info:

Des Plaines, IL

#230 May 27, 2013
I have a 2001 Acura Cl Type S
My transmission fluid leak all over the highway, my gears were slipping then smoke can out underneath the car, do i need to replace the Trans or can it be saved with some rebuilt parts ?
Old School

Boston, MA

#231 Jun 5, 2013
Zonker wrote:
Honda has had tranny problems for years. The Odyssey is notorious for blowing the tranny after warranty expires.
mostly the newer V6 models accord though. I have yet to see a 4 cylinder accord have any tranny issues outside of someone totally driving the car insane. I remember I bought a 2001 Cl-S. bad car, very fast and sporty. One day all the lights came on and car was running funny. I thought it was tranny, I was pissed.(bought the car used in 10') and so I called acura in CA. They said I would be stuck if it was tranny cuz miles were too high(132), luckilly for me it turned out to just be 2 misfires and just needed to replace spark plug coils or whatever. I love those Acura TL, Cl's,etc but buying one used is a big risk. Honda 2.4 liters are good to go. Stay away from V6's

Toronto, Canada

#232 Jun 26, 2013
JoeJoe wrote:
Former employee of American Honda USA who was responsible for managing transmission inventory for Acura transmission failures. I am the original owner of a 2000 Acura TL with 108k miles. The vehicle did fall within recall parameters and had the update when vehicle had 56K miles which only prolonged trans slipping/failure for another 50k miles...Honda/Acura really need to step up especially when owner is able to provide invoices of routine scheduled services and I maintained my vehicle religiously.
I'm looking to buy a Audi A4 Quattro 2003 or a Acura TL, but im scared cuz of the TL tranny problem. Do the 2004-2007 Acura Tl have transmission problems as often as their previous generation ? and ive heard that the manual Acura TL doesn't have transmission problems is that true ?

Belleville, IL

#233 Jul 4, 2013
Have an 04 TL with automatic that has 261k on it and am just having first trans issue. Feel lucky compared to the stories I am reading here. Looking for a reasonably priced rebuild trans source. Any help will be appreciated.

Saskatoon, Canada

#234 Jul 15, 2013
My 2003 Acura TL has had 3 transmissions. The first was replaced on a recall. That one,after a fight, was replaced with me paying for the labour and they supplied the parts. Now the third one is going and I am on my own for it. Each one seems to last about 3 years. The car only has 170,000 km (107,000 miles)Car in great condition except for the transmission.

Newport News, VA

#235 Jul 16, 2013
Sandra wrote:
My 2003 Acura TL has had 3 transmissions. The first was replaced on a recall. That one,after a fight, was replaced with me paying for the labour and they supplied the parts. Now the third one is going and I am on my own for it. Each one seems to last about 3 years. The car only has 170,000 km (107,000 miles)Car in great condition except for the transmission.
What color is it?

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