Good gurl

Owensboro, KY

#22 Dec 3, 2008
ok look everone is different and I want you to know that by you ppl getting on her talkin bout them makes you know better. I know them and if you have been through what some of them have you would party too. I think that this is b/s that you can talk shit bout this ppl and dont even know the half of it so before you go judging them you need to think twice. These ppl r the best!!

Since: Dec 08

Lebanon, KY

#23 Dec 3, 2008
i'm voting for Bart.

Since: Jul 08

Harrodsburg Kentucky

#24 Dec 3, 2008
Phil Collins wrote:
i'm voting for Bart.
Well it may be against all odds, but it's the chance I gotta take.
They suck

Midway, KY

#25 Dec 4, 2008
The south africans have brought nothing but trouble with them..i have been to one of their parties and yes they do drugs! When i was there many people were engaging in illegal activities while little children were running around! I think this is a disgrace
1 of the south africans

Clarksville, TN

#26 Dec 4, 2008
yea we heard abt this site and wanted to check it out,,and wow u guys r a joke on here besides the ppl who like us!!! would love to knw where u get the idea of us doing drugs,, do we look in need of drugs to make us happy!!! jst sounds like a good case of jealousy,,, yea and u all got fuck up when u tried shit,, oh yea and they took ur women,hahaha!!! get over urself,, go do sumthing useful like fix ur common diesel trucks!!! and wuld be great to meet u Phil collins,haha

1 of the south africans

Clarksville, TN

#27 Dec 4, 2008
none ya wrote:
the south afircans are Freakin GAY!!!!!stupid retards need to go back where they cam from
gay u say,,, would love to knw why we have all ur women then ,,haha!! kick ur ass 2 in a heart beat,,, oh wait bet on of our girlfriends would kick ur ass,, dick

Danville, KY

#28 Dec 4, 2008
i've been up to cobis several times, i've never once seen them do any type of drugs. yes, they party - just like anyone else does. who cares anyway what they do? isn't that their business? i believe so. i've always had fun around them, they are some of the most welcoming people i know. i just believe most are jealous. i'm sure your girlfriend has been there a time or two also, thats probably why your mad. you just want what they have. cobi, you better not go back to where you came from (as a few are saying)! lol keep your ass in the states.
brittany and shana

United States

#29 Dec 5, 2008
wow!! they r really nice people yall r just jelous cause they dont like you, get over it...

Danville, KY

#30 Dec 5, 2008
As I have already said, I know Cobi, Rion and Tonya personaly and they are good people. They are as good as people as alot of you that have been around this town all there lives.Yes they party but most all of us do. You cant blame someone for having a good time and from what I have seen and heard there has not ever been any drug problems around there. They stay at there home not bothering anyone so everyone should leave them alone as well. I do not refer to them as the South africans, I refer to them as friends.
Tha One

Lexington, KY

#31 Dec 5, 2008
The south Africans are cool as hell but they cant come to town thinking they run it, i have no problems with any of them and think there alright people but no one moves to a town thinking they run it!
Jerad Carrier

Danville, KY

#32 Dec 10, 2008
back the f*@$ off of cobi, rion, tanya, sabastian, and all of the other south africans i dont really consider them as SOUTH AFRICANS i consider them as FRIENDS.

Nicholasville, KY

#33 Dec 11, 2008
they need go back where they come from!
someone who knows

United States

#34 Dec 13, 2008
Riaan is a very good lay... i heard Cobi is too...
Here i am

Macon, GA

#35 Dec 13, 2008
This is where they came from!!!!!

Nicholasville, KY

#36 Dec 13, 2008
then y u all call them south africans?!
the one


#37 Dec 14, 2008
i dont know the people and really dont want to from what i hear the get messed up and pull guns on people ya ther really bad huh lmao

Lebanon, KY

#38 Dec 14, 2008
I like there cute acsent.. and they havent done anything to anybody... these rednecks are just jealous cause they are taking their ladies away from them and making up shit.
Rock Star

Owensboro, KY

#39 Dec 15, 2008
I'm totally down for meetin these nikka's cuz i love, effing love to drink, and party.. and you redneck asses are just pissed off every time something different comes around and totally jacks "your" girls, maybe if you didnt spend so much time "strokin" you could be....nvm, im not takin it there, all i know is, these guys sound pretty kool...maybe if you fiddle diddles would learn how to spit game, like a rock *, you wouldnt have to be so upset at someone who does....
Rock *
~The Bad Ass~
Rock Star

Owensboro, KY

#40 Dec 15, 2008
btw - what "drugs" are they supposedly doing?
because #1 - i know a shit load of people who were doing shit harder than pot before they even thought about moving here,like COC and LSD, Meth,Shrooms and X,so i swear to god if your talkin about dope...
#2 - weed isnt even a drug...

and i dont even know these guys, but honestly. knowing this town, they probably dont do shit, except talk to ur women with more respect than you ever thought about, or drink and are young... cuz god knows in this town if your young and party your a damn druggie 2... your small town mentality blows my effing mind... please take a trip to a big city..... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
and educate urself.... Dumb asses

Mount Sterling, KY

#41 Dec 15, 2008
yeah... you rednecks that think youre bad just realized how lame you really are once Riaan and them got here. how? because they party hard and all you guys do is "aye, bo... you wanna go up to dairy queen and waste a little gas sittin in the parkin lot. sounds like a good ol time ta me, by god."
you guys are retarded. gtfo.
learn how to suck it up and deal with the fact that your little redneck charade will only be cool while your in high school. that doesnt work outside the walls of graduation.
--> The Heart Throb

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