Another inmate dies in Cass County

Another inmate dies in Cass County

There are 38 comments on the story from Apr 7, 2008, titled Another inmate dies in Cass County. In it, reports that:

For the second time in a little more than a week, authorities are investigating the death of an inmate at the Cass County jail in Harrisonville.Today, jailers found a 27-year-old Raymore woman unresponsive in a ... via

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Liberty, MO

#22 Dec 27, 2011
Sherriff hefernan - what county? Year? Any other details?

Kansas City, MO

#23 May 15, 2012
Scott wrote:
Scott/ anyone,
A PI I spoke with believes he can dig up Judge Collins DUI incident - anyone have any additional info on Collins that would helpsupport this effort or any additional issues concerning the guy.
years ago. i actually smoked meth with judge collins. My now ex wifes whole family is the old heads of the gooses. collins frequented these spots.

United States

#24 May 30, 2012
I was charged with two crimes that I did not do. I was in lawenforcement for a long time I had a comission for 14 years i ran against the So called sheriff and he came to my home and sent his ass hole deputies to arrest me they did i beat them in court two times. in the sheriff statements and deputies they told my attorney I DID NOT DO ANY THING WRONG, But they still arested me, and charged me they even went to collons the judge and cook the other judge and got a warrent on NO Evidences at all But they got one, this show how much crooked they are. I was even undersheriff in another county years pryer, so I new what they where doing was crooked. after beatting them in court I tryed to sue the sheriff office and even my attorney said we would not lose, well guess what two days before I was going to court my lwyer called me up and told me that I should drop this case. I believe with all the evidence that I had I would not lose, i was wrong I have no proof that koster the attorney general put the stopos to my case koster is very good friends of Sheriff dwright diehl in cass county and the are good friends of the Supreme court judge.Well at the end of everything going ,My case was thrown out. I tryed to take my attorney to the disciplinary board and we ,my witnesses and my self. the board would not even let my witnesses speak. So the board said I could appeal my case I have never been contacted to this date NOT A WORD. It was covered up Even in the computer you can't fined that the cass county D A's office never filed this case BUT I do have everything that went on. YES the cass county sheriff office is very crooked even the deputies that was on the stand testifying against me LIED. I have the proof. The case was conaway V. cass county missouri sheriff office. To this date I talk to everyone telling them That the people of cass county Missouri should Vote these crooks out. Koster when he was D A's office let his people run wild no supervision at all all he wanted to do was run for Attorney general Now I have heard the he wants to run for governor of missouri How god help missouri if he make it. I of all this I have said I have a lot more to say. I wish someone that is running against Diehl would email me at

Lees Summit, MO

#25 Jun 5, 2012
Scott wrote:
Scott/ anyone,
A PI I spoke with believes he can dig up Judge Collins DUI incident - anyone have any additional info on Collins that would helpsupport this effort or any additional issues concerning the guy.
If you are still out there Scott or anyone else who has concerns or information about Judge Collins behavior, please email me at: We need your help to keep him from being elected circuit judge.
Arron Fowler

Lexington, KY

#26 Jul 4, 2012
All you cass county people can go straight to hell.

United States

#27 Sep 2, 2012
First off!!!!!!
Cass county is a very beautiful place to live. No all of us Cass county people will not go to hell, thx we will all pass. As far as our law enforcement goes. Back off of all of them. They protect and serve like they should. They are humans that have to show a meaner side due to all you criminals. Yes do the crime due the time. Stop blamming others for your crappy lives. Man up or woman up and shut up. Do you idiots actually believe Mr Collins did drugs???? LMAO.......... UGH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Moron please read: um duh he's a judge, drug testing, background checks, OMG he deals with thief's and drug dealers, nuts who say OMG I don't wanna live. Well stop and think; if poor judge actually watched every crybaby who is a criminal anyway who didn't wanna live, who do you think pays for that?????? US THE TAX PAYERS. SO JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE TOOK THEIR LIFE DOES NOT MAKE IT ANOTHER HUMANS FAULT. PERIOD. These folks are not in a daycare OK. Yes it is very sad people take their lives because they are loved by someone somewhere. But this is not a sheriffs fault, nor a judge, and definitely not Cass county. Cass county is a wonderful place to live and yea there are good old country folks but if you don't like it move to Jackson county where violence is horrible and see what you then think of Cass county.

Grain Valley, MO

#29 May 6, 2013
I too live in Cass County, Missouri. I grew up here not knowing the scandals or having a clue as to how "unjust" this area is. Now that I have kids; I wish we cld leave here and start anew. Let the crooks argue with the crooks, I guess cuz if you live here you are stuck (yeah lets call the law on themselves?) right?that gets you no where! But crazy then they really f*** with you. I'm totally sick of being "sick" and I'm glad to see others finally showing some concern. This county is sraight on the path to putting their name on the map, by corruption. Who can help? The citizens who are still honest hard working (good people) need to examine and listen to what's going on here, take note, and change what's happening here. B4 its too late to make the postive changes we need and want around here. I don't want to give up on my community, but this just goes beyond ridiculous! You cannot tell me other acency's dont notice the scandals! I mean a judge that smokes meth. Come on, really. Sounds like too many officals like to party around here! Please help end the nonsense!

Warrensburg, MO

#30 May 7, 2013
Hollywood wrote:
who really cares if they kill there self. The take the chicken shi! way out instead on facing what they done
Who cares? There should be a lot of people who cares. What if it was someone like your family? They are human beings that you don't know what all they might of been going through or had done to them. That is a horrible statement.
Dwi CRT member

Chicago, IL

#31 Aug 29, 2013
I'm in the DUI court in cass county, everything on here is so true....Collins is a fag who Skeems money from funded to the county, they don't keep track of payments received for dwi program, he's moved over let this homo rumley take charge, he's a crooked mofo too, known for partying with young girls,,, they use to swear people into dwi program in open court, now they do it in closed session so the community can't see the crooked deals going on, oh ya and collinsbuse to make us exit out the back of the courtroom during voting season, he said people were trying to take pics and expose people in the program, he really didn't want people talking to media, these are crooked coke heads, the officers aren't doing there job, there was a girl that had a warrant, was in dwi court, came to court with a warrant, got to go home and the next time she came to court they realize she had came to court with a warrant and slipped rite out without a sheriff, judge, p.o, or anybody realizing, if I would like to know more about these small town hustlers, leave a comment and I might leave an email to get in touch, fuck cass county and the judges
Dwi CRT member

Chicago, IL

#32 Aug 29, 2013
If I catch a case in this county, do ur time don't invest money with these folks, u will be on there time schedule and they will fuck u around if they think ur gonna spend money to stay outta jail, I could of done a few months and been done and off probation , instead I invested and joined dwi program and been getting fucked ever since, this county and there probation people will tear ur life apart until u have nothing but change left, I know Collins personally and have partied around him, and know a lot more about these greedy people, be careful in cass, oh ya and he used all his people that had comm service to do, he puts people at the community days carnival in belton to do there community service in exchange for votes during that last voting season, sorry man shouldn't have fucked me around Collins, I know it's only business but I got a life too

Chicago, IL

#33 Nov 7, 2013
Good ol boys down there
Concerned Citizen

Kansas City, MO

#34 Jan 9, 2014
I know that a motion to supress and dismiss a case was submitted to Judge Collins and the little Cass County Court System had never had just a private individual do this in Cass County. The were not sure what to do with this motion. I told them to just give it to Judge Collins. According to the law he was supposed to answer this motion. He chose to ignor it and so did Judge Meryl Lange. Hmmmm. That seems scary to me that elected officials can get by with anything they want.

Stockton, CA

#36 Nov 13, 2014
So, that's two innocent until proven guilty people dead that Cass County is responsible for.

Did you know that Cass County Jail is only partially completed? Apparently they lost federal funding.

Do you think that this has anything to do with the fact that poor people are being charged $66.50/day to be incarcerated there?

Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that the Cass County prosecutor is running so many cases through that system that trials get set back over a year? That public defenders are so crushed with work that they can not properly represent their clients in a timely manner? This means that indigent people who can't come up with bail money, but who are still innocent are kept in a jail cell running up a tab.

Then prosecutors offer plea deals that include the agreement to pay costs.

So, let's say that you spend four months in Cass County Jail waiting for trial:

That's 120 days at $66.50 a day. Which means that the inmate who cannot afford a good lawyer or bail becomes responsible for $7980. Money that must be paid to the Cass County "Help us finish our jail" fund.

Of course, we have not discussed travel expenses. That is 75 bucks per trip to court from the country jail... Yup, that's Cass county charging a group of inmates (10-20 per day five days a week) to travel about a hundred yards to the court house. Each inmate every two weeks gets an additional 75 bucks added to their bill. This while they are waiting for the court to clear it's docket enough to get to hear their case.

Gee, I wonder why it's so hard to get a speedy trial in Cass County?

Now keep in mind if you are innocent of the charges, there you sit in Cass County jail waiting for a trial, missing family and work. It's about this time that the prosecutor offers a plea "bargain" which puts even the innocent person to the test. Should I accept a guilty plea and pay for the building of Cass County Jail, or should I go to court and fight the charge and take the risk in front of a jury?

And the longer someone sits in jail waiting on the courts, the bigger the liability for the indigent becomes. Keep in mind this delay is the court's fault, and has nothing at all to do with the behaviour of the accused.

This is implicit pressure to accept the plea bargain offered, but only for the indigent people that can't afford bail or private attorney.

The vast majority of indigent people take the plea, without much regard for their innocence or guilt, because they are already being confined just for being charged.

And when you sign the plea deal, you'll find at the top of the list the requirements the agreement to pay court costs, housing fees, and travel expenses.

Justice is expensive in Cass County jail.

Oh and they charge you for medical expenses too.

Unless they let you die from lack of care...
Smokey mc smoke

Antioch, TN

#37 Jan 23, 2015
Ya it's a money game and if u don't like paying them they will gladly send u to jail or prison, U should see the dwi court , now the weekly sessions are"private" and the public cannot sit in on them, talk about spending an extra couple thousand to stay outta prison, join that program and u will be wishing u were in prison, they were using Midwest adp's councilor and putting people thru extra phases that are 350-800$ each because they felt like some people weren't moving along fast as others, the trust behold, turns out they were stealing our money outta the program, it was on the front page of democrat, after that happen there was lots of people getting penaltys in there so they could make some revenue, so basicly alot of participants had to make up for what was stolen by there workers at court house or u can happily sit in jail, two ways out, pay or prison

Belton, MO

#38 Dec 10, 2015
Judge Collins at corruption again.

Butler, MO

#40 Jan 8, 2016
Nice spelling wrote:
<quoted text> I do not know what law enforcement agencies that you work (or worked) for, but with the grammer and spelling that you used I can only imagine that it was not of a high caliber. Remember... Do the crime do the time.
stop the silence

United States

#41 Nov 3, 2016
Nice spelling wrote:
<quoted text> I do not know what law enforcement agencies that you work (or worked) for, but with the grammer and spelling that you used I can only imagine that it was not of a high caliber. Remember... Do the crime do the time.
It doesn't matter who investigate the death. they're going to make it the inmate problem. I was in Cass County Jail and I saw all the wrong doing on both sides that place is Shady as hell and they make money for people being in there so they want to keep people in there .this is ridiculous. Cass County Jail needs to be shut down immediately and the judges need to be dealt with.

Kansas City, KS

#42 Nov 29, 2016
Tax Payer wrote:
Why is the Cass County Sheriff office investagating the death in the County jail. When it happened in the county jail. The FBI should be investagating the crime that happened in the county jail. The county could and wood cover it up. Now their has been two deaths, WHY, We will never find out what really happened. I have been in lawenforcement for a long time and you just don't let the same people investagate there on crime. OH, I for got the sheriff of Cass county missouri said, he can go to any police department and tell them what to do. My cooment on this county sheriff in cass county back off, the case and let someone else that will tell the truth about what happened. There should of be a watch on this person at all time. The sheriff office is to protect the inmates from hurting themself and from letting them kill themself. All this shows is that the dupties and the sheriff is not doing there job. Cass county needs to kick this sheriff out of office, because he will violate your Civil rights. He does it all the time on the inmates that are in the county jail. Just look at the civil rights case that this county have been charged with. Go to the Federal Court filing and you will see what is going on in that county. I am sorry to say the sheriff of Cass county is one of those GOOD OLD BOYS, that lets there duputies do what ever they want to do. Again the FBI should be looking in to these cases not the sheriff of cass County. I just can't wait to see if one of the Cass County officers answers this comment. I wonder how many people are being filed on that did not do the crime, But, are still charged with a crime. And the citizens have no money to fight it. Come on the citizens of cass county can you pay more taxes because of this county sheriff. Just wait tell you are charge for a crime that you did not do, then it is to late.
This is old. However, you're an idiot who is very disgruntled. You do not have your facts straight, you have misguided the truth. You are just trying to retaliate. Sure, we should trust everything you say, misspelled words, bad grammar, oh and punctuation issues.*yawn*

You're a disgruntled troll. Still are.

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