I have a neice and two brothers buried there in that cemtary, and mine folks that live in Harrisonville ,try there best to take care of the 3 grave sites,the problem is the care-taker of this grave yard is so unfair with everybody there. We put flowers and Flags on the graves and this old sucker takes them off.There were new Flags put on there memorial Day and today The folks went back and the Flags are already gone. Matter a fact there wasn,t any thing out there no Flags no flowers he had stripped every thing, he doesnt wait for them to fade .Our caretakers here in Ark. don,t do that ,why an,t some of you people that,s got folks out there doing any thing about this.Flower cost money there was $60.00 spent today ,and they probley want be out there 2 day,s till he,s got them throwed away. Anyone else feel the way I do about this