Natalie Morino & Joshua Kolden both social workers in Cass Cnty for Mo Dept of Soc Serv went to bat FOR child abuser Christina J Coffman. While the mother of the 4 yr old victim begged for help, and Childrens Mercy ER hotlined the injuries, Natalie & Joshua failed to investigate the hotline properly. They were less than truthful in court in their attempts to defend the abuser. In spite of this, the allegations of abuse were proved in court. The childs guardian ad litem investigated and found that the child was physically abused on more than 1 occasion. The childs counselor also appeared in favor of the child. It cost the mother $6000 to protect her child from the abuser & the Dept of Soc Serv., Natalie Morino & Joshua Kolden. Their supervisor Stehanie Davis was also aware of the Departments actions. I have all documents to prove this. What a waste of Mo taxpayers money!!!!!!